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Custom Menu And Background Themes Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Europe has confirmed that you’ll be able to get custom themes for your Nintendo 3DS starting in October. The changes bring backgrounds, icons, folders, music and new sound effects. These will be available for the current Nintendo 3DS models. The new themes will be available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

26 thoughts on “Custom Menu And Background Themes Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Ok

      1) Why is it that Nintendo always announces something but it takes MONTHS to pop up?

      2) This is cool but cant the US get more than this? OMG IF THIS COSTS MONEY IM GONNA…….wtf am i saying, its #Nintendo

      3) the wii u wont get this option for 2 more years, im calling it right now :/

      1. My free 20 games on my 3DS I got for being an ambassador is not free? Or the games I got on club Nintendo? What about the free game I got for buying Mario kart? #Nintendoistheleastgreedy

  1. Aww….there isn’t any custom backgrounds? o-o
    I was hoping to customize it with a non-Nintendo theme….but I guess I’ll have to download (And hopefully not purchase) a theme from the Eshop.
    Meh, that’s alright, The Legend of Zelda one looks cool anyways. :3

  2. Why wouldn’t it be for great old America?I’m sure it’s for all the countries! If anything there will be a free Mario theme and the rest will cost some amount. If i know Nintendo..if being the key word

  3. It would be cool if you could make your own with camera pictures or google images.. I guess a groudon theme will do for me :3

  4. Hopefully, you’ll get the themes from the games you own for free, and only have to pay for themes related to games you don’t own.

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