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Smash Bros 3DS Double Pack Coming To Europe

Nintendo Italy has confirmed that you’ll be able to purchase a Super Smash Bros double pack for the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll get two copies of the highly anticipated game for a discounted price.


48 thoughts on “Smash Bros 3DS Double Pack Coming To Europe”

    1. “Oh this comes with 2, lemme buy it” wtf why buy 2 SSBs? To loan one out FUKK THAT, to GIVE ONE? To a friend/family member? GET YUR OWN LOL just cuz its cheaper doesnt mean buy more copies, besides im buying digital anywayz

      1. friedriceandkamehameha

        2 Christmas presents for the price of one? Good for parents or anyone who has a friend’s birthday coming up soon, though you have to know that that friend has a 3DS and doesn’t have smash first

        1. My perfect diabolical plan would be to team up with a consumer/friend, split the pay half and half, and we both get smash 3ds at discount!!
          (if it comes to the US)

      2. Just to let you know, for me and my bro this is perfect, discounted price for two games so we can battle it out like the good old days, count me in. physical copys will always be the best.

      1. I think i might team up with a consumer, split the pay half and half, and we both get smash 3ds at discount!!

  1. Two Smash 3DS games in one for a discounted price. I guess it’s useful if friends both want the game or send one as a gift ect. Not for me though :)

  2. Ahem…. a lot of people have two kids who would want to play against each other… I love the hate and the comments and I like to get an idea of what the fan base for Nintendo has to say on this site, but sometimes you guys/girls have your heads right up your asses

  3. If you and a friend both want the game you guys could split the price of this and both of you save money. Or if you’re a parent with two kids who want this game for their own personal 3DS’ (needed to enjoy all the multiplayer together) then you buy this instead of two separate copies and save money. OR, since the holidays are around the corner if you are buying this and have a friend who has a 3DS and loves it but is maybe on the fence about Smash(or they know they want it) you buy this and give one to him/her and it’s the perfect gift. Plenty of reasons guys it’s not that outrageous lol. The fact that two friends could save money is a good enough reason alone…

    1. exactly… it is a deal for what will probably be one of the most, if not the most popular game for Nintendo over the next 5 years… another reason, I might add, that spend so much time perfecting these games and releasing them at the right time so they have staying power, more replay ability and try to make each one fit each system for it’s entire life. Like MK8 (especially with DLC) the game itself and the graphics are perfect and it can be played for the next five years without a sequel.

      1. Nintendo has always been good at that. The games last a long time but leave you craving the new hardware to play the next Kart/Smash/3D Mario(except there were 2 on Wii), etc.

        1. Yeah, I think people miss that aspect… it opposes everything the other companies do, just pumping out retreads and games that resemble each other time and time again… The only real gaming company left will continue to prosper in my opinion despite the negative mud slinging the “others” attempted the first year of the Wii U… which I think was pretty blatantly, “controlled opposition”

          1. If Nintendo just once made competitive/comparable hardware (in terms of power/specs) as the other two big ones, I feel they could practically destroy Sony and Microsoft. Not that I don’t like those companies but most people know that Nintendo IP is some of the most trusted, recognizable and valuable IP in the market and that they have arguably the best and highest selling first party content. If their hardware was the same or better than their competition and got all the 3rd party developers on board, their first party would outweigh the competition’s first party and they could easily “win” the generation, and start to hurt their futures. Most gamers started with Nintendo before the other two systems existed…

            1. Very true… but I think there is something to be said about using the hardware in its best form instead of stretching beyond your best capabilities in regards to implementing the hardware. While I would have loved a more powerful system from Nintendo, I also respect the decision to not try and up the competition in specs alone. The Wii U has flaws, but steady improvement in interface has helped over the past two years and I think it will be a fine system in terms of looking back on it in the history of their hardware.
              But, they would totally wipe the other companies out of the picture if they just pushed the power envelope as far as it could go… my only question is what they would sacrifice to do so.

              1. Yeah… I just mean give the third parties what they need while still doing their Nintendo thing. Their last 3, maybe 4 consoles weren’t developed with 3rd party devs in mind. Regardless I love the company, and have bought every system

  4. I’m gonna buy the two pack and a single. that way I have 3 games. then I’ll ask for a gift reciept and a reg reciept when I buy the single game. then I shall return the single game with the reciept and the extra game from the two pack with the gift reciept!

  5. You and a friend can split the cost. I know a lot of people who are getting the game, so if this was coming to the US then I would definitely take advantage of it.

  6. whenever i had bought a multiplayer/online game, i found myself buying more than 1.. most of the time i would buy one for my sister so we can play together online.. this would actually work out for me.. keep in mind that for Smash 3ds, it will not be the standard availability, its an OPTION, so instead of saying “why would i want 2 of the same game”, you should say “this doesnt work for me”….

  7. I’d get this just for collective purposes. This seems like it could become rare.

    Now they need to do a double pack with the Pokemon games.

  8. They should do this for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire for those that intend to buy both games in order to get both Primal Groudon AND Primal Kyogre. Anyway, this is a great idea. If it comes to the US, I’ll gladly go for this pack if my wife likes the Super Smash Bros franchise.

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