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Shulk Now Confirmed For Super Smash Bros

Nintendo has now officially confirmed that Shulk will be a playable character in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game. It shouldn’t come as too big a surprise as Shulk was leaked along with a number of other characters earlier this week. You can check out Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles in action in the video embedded above.

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70 thoughts on “Shulk Now Confirmed For Super Smash Bros”

    1. Yea this proves it. I would of preferred to play as the Heropon seeing as he was my lead character, but what are you gonna do. My team was Heropon, Shulk, and Sharla.

    2. It could mean that. Remember, Shulk was suggested and wanted by many players since the beginning. It doesn’t confirm the leak to be real though.

      1. Shulk’s render here is the exact same as the one in the leak. In addition, several attacks used here are viewable in the leaked videos.

      1. Weird name though it’s just called the “NEW 3DS” rather than the 3DS Duo or something like that but still awesome :)
        I like the White one with the SNES European Coloured Buttons :D

    1. And the best part is that it’s exclusive in Japan, and you have to but the newest 3DS model to play it :D

      Every time Nintendo announces even the tiniest bit of good news they have to screw it up one way or another.

    1. Are people still questioning them? Nintendo did NOTHING about the previous leaks but then the most recent one gets actually taken down? Obviously it was real, if it was fake nintendo wouldn’t have bothered

      1. So do what Bayonetta 2 is doing and package in an HD remake for free…

        Nintendo fans deserve more free things, especially when we have to shovel out so much cash to buy things from Nintendo.

        -A new handheld system
        -Amiibo add-ons to get the full experience of a game
        -Now we have PAY-able DLC not free and…
        -A lot of games coming to Nintendo systems “are” remakes in the first place…

        1. We deserve more free things…….. for…. buying things? Oh, whoops, didn’t read the rest of the comment. Amiibos don’t give you the full experience, they just add to it. Buying every Amiibo there is for Smash bros isn’t going to give you more smash bros. Nintendo’s DLC is free on and off. The costumes for Hyrule warriors are free, depending on the retailer, while you have to pay for the rest, new colors for shy guy and Yoshi colors are completely free if you pre-order the super-cheap-but-jam-packed DLC for Mario Kart. I mean, I think they’re a lot more giving than the other companies. I don’t think it’s a ridiculous notion to pay for something you want. None of these things are overpriced.

          …but the new handheld system I’ll give you, that’s pretty rough.

    1. No, I have a doubter I was arguing with on youtube. He still doubts the leak, because he thinks Shulk was “predictable enough”

      Damn… if only we got a Bowser Jr. trailer instead or a Duck Hunt Dog trailer.

      1. Don’t you think his attacks are very similar to Ike’s? The counter, the up smash attack and more. The down smash attack as well. He seems to be largely “inspired” by Ike at the very least

        1. if you played Xenoblade, you will know about the able to see future and can change it hence the counter attack. the up smash doesn’t really looks like ikes. He hits twice upwards and that’s it. ike throws it to do his full ether animation attack.

          1. There are definitely differences and he’s not a complete clone like Lucina, but his attacks are very similar. As Wolf is to Fox or something like that.

          2. no i don t play xenoblade and i never will and i don t care lf shulk can see in the future don t look like shulk can t do they in the game all i say shulk is stll a swordmaster like everyone and he moveset are weak now shut up and shulk is weak

      2. he a swordmaster they are a lot of swordmaster in this game like link marth ike meta kinght mii swordfight toon link robin lucina now we got 9 swordmaster fucking 9

  1. What do you know: Shulk is indeed in the game.

    I’m still taking the other characters posted in the “leak” with a pinch of salt.

      1. yeah, I doubt she is in the game… It’s a shame, because she was my second most wanted character behind Ridley who was my first most wanted character.

        I also wanted Lucina, Pacman, Megaman, Bowser Jr and Miis, So I guess 5/7 isn’t too bad!!!

          1. Actually, we don’t know WHAT Ridley is yet. Just because he was teased during the boss segment of that direct awhile back doesn’t mean a damn thing. This is Sakurai: he loves teasing people. Nothing is confirmed til Sakurai comes right out & says it.

  2. Shulk’s voice sounds really awful. Couldn’t they make him sound a little more “American?”

    Can we at least switch to his Japanese voice in the American version of the game. I’d rather have that then the British accent.

    It’s like nails on a chalk board for me.

      1. Sucks for you, kid. Everyone that loves Xenoblade Chronicles is very happy to see Shulk in Smash Bros. Don’t like it? Well don’t use him. Simple as that.

        1. well suck for you ridley 4 smash because ridley is not going to be playful he is a boss character so suck it to all of you who want ridley as playful suck it because he never never never never never NEVER going to be playful watch the super smash bros 4 direct now shut up

          1. lmfao I watched it. I didn’t see anything that confirmed Ridley as solely a boss. There is a difference between a tease & a confirmation. Now run along, kid. You’re barking up the wrong tree with this subject.

    1. I know right its awesome. The Monado is nothing like the Master Sword by the way, or any other regular sword and as you can see, Shulk also uses physical attacks like punch and kicks besides it.

      1. yea you say it shulk is a another sword charecters and he suck like in any other way what next jedi in star wars are going to fucking playful ha yea right

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        1. Yes but they 100% own the company, which makes them a Nintendo developer like EAD or Sora now, that did make Xenoblade Chronicles, making any characters in the games Nintendo 1st party characters.

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