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Nintendo Thinks Mario Maker Won’t Negatively Impact Sales Of Main Mario Games

Mario Maker will not negatively impact the sales of future releases of core Mario titles, according to Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka. Although the upcoming side-scrolling level editor application will contain multiple elements that haven’t been implemented in existing entries in the long-running series, Tezuka assures that unannounced Mario titles will also include new features. Mario Maker is scheduled to debut in 2015 for Wii U.

“I think part of the fun of Mario is how you play and experience a series of courses, with boss battles, too, all of which get progressively harder,” said Tezuka. “Mario developers build up the whole world, making sure the different courses all fit well together. I don’t think the overall fun you can have with an entire Mario game is the same as playing a single course made in Mario Maker, and of course future Mario games will include lots of new features… so I don’t think the two will ever be in competition.”

68 thoughts on “Nintendo Thinks Mario Maker Won’t Negatively Impact Sales Of Main Mario Games”

  1. A tool to create a few single level mario courses < A full game. Yeah, I think it shouldn't effect sales, but this doesn't mean I wan the same old, same old out of the New Super Mario Bros series. And I obviously expect them to mix it up with each new 3D titles.

    1. I really am hoping for a new 3D mario game like the galaxy games, or even sunshine.

      If there’s one title I really hope they don’t do after this game comes out, is another “new” super mario bros game.

      Unless it’s a full 2D sprite animated game. Would really love something more classic like that.

    1. I somewhat agree, but a 2D Mario soft-reboot would be pretty neat. Maybe it could have a different play style or something.

        1. Lol NSMBU doesn’t even come close to Rayman Legends. I would love to see that happen. Nintendo needs to make 2D Mario fun again. We’ve been seeing nothing but NSMB. Time for a change! :D

          1. The NSMB games aren’t really bad, but they have really gotten too… expected. Like you said, time for a change. Time for something new!

          2. Yes. Stop with the same storylines. Bring in different end bosses besides Bowser……….cough cough Wart cough.
            They need to change it up. Stop with the Peach capturing. Bring in Daisy, Pauline, Rosalina. Make Luigi get captured, make Mario get captured. Once you save the person, make them join the party and the game can keep going.

            Also make it bigger and longer. Have the first 6 worlds one part of the story. Have the villain Wart and once you beat him, bam Bowser comes in. Then another 6 worlds happens giving it a total of 12 worlds.

            1. The “Peach capturing” technically stopped with Super Mario 3D World, where she’s a player character. (The Sprixie Princesses were the ones captured by Bowser in that game.)

            2. “Make Luigi get captured, make Mario get captured.”
              That’s hardly a revolutionary change. The problem can’t be solved that way.

              The series needs a gameplay change. You know your series is stale when the original 2006 game (released on a portable console) plays the same as the newest entry, released a year ago on a home console.

              1. Besides, they got captured in the NDS game Super Princess Peach, where Peach is the sole player character rescuing the Mario Brothers (in a sort of role reversal).

    2. Maybe not end, but take a long, LONG break. Like, maybe until a new console comes out. We only really need 1 per console. (If that.)

      1. If we get another NSMB, it better be packed with tons of new content rather than just copy from the last games. NSMBU was basically NSMB with Baby Yoshi’s and Miiverse. At least change the plot! Lol.

        1. Hey, it took 29 years for Peach to stop being the damsel, let’s not ask for miracles. (as great as it would be…)

        2. Don’t forget the music seems to be pretty repetitive. “Pop pop! Dundundundun… dun dun dun. Pop pop! *repeat for the next 30+ levels with a slight change in the theme but the same exact Dundundun… dun dun dun… Pop pop!* UGH!!!

          1. Actually, I like that track (from NSMBW). Lol. I could listen to that all day. Everything else however should change.

            1. Wait, nvm. I saw you said next 30+ levels. Lol heck no! I don’t want to listen to that all day every day! That’s why I love 3D World and its amazing remixes and new music. If only that put that much effort in the 2D games though…

              1. Exactly. Almost all the music in the game is the same exact track but only slightly remixed to sound slightly different.

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    3. I agree, and just give us update every now and then. Say, new Items, tools, enemies, backgrounds, and Music. Of course they wont be free, but that would surely stop the need of more NSMB games.

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    4. XD I had a feeling you would come here saying that. Yes, NSMB should end and Nintendo should start focusing on more innovative 3D Mario while selecting the right 2nd party studio to do 2D-2.5D Mario…maybe Retro Studios? :3

  2. As I remember he said it wouldn’t be just mario levels too but maybe other nintendo games. I watched the treehouse event :D

  3. If this has mario and luigi dream team art style (dream world) then i am sold. But really, who hasn’t wanted to make legit mario levels little big planetstyle?

  4. We really need as much art styles, tools, pieces and characters to I put as possible to make this interesting at least and maybe throw in some content we never seen before in any Mario game. Not only that, this needs multiplayer and I mean DESPERATELY needs multiplayer, off and online.

  5. What he meant to say was “If we let people upload their levels online no one would ever buy another nsmb sequel ever again”

  6. Wait so does this mean boss battles are confirmed? This game is an instant buy if it lets us use boss battles from NSMBU..

  7. Why would it? The level design options are incredibly simplistic (to the point that created levels are going to be terrible) and you can’t share levels with friends anyway.

    1. Isn’t it already confirmed you can share?
      I’d expect there to be feature to “filter” only to levels made by your friends.

    2. The game was too early in development when we were probably shown the gameplay features.

      Of course it’ll be simplistic – the level design features were probably not complete at the time.

      They’re planning on adding a lot more items, the last I heard, and might even include enemies from other games.

  8. Good. I don’t want Nintendo to stop with 2D Mario games. I still love those. BUT I wish they’d stop with the slippery movements of the New series. It makes the game annoying, not challenging!

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  10. Nintendo should ditch 2D Mario games altogether and just focus on 3D Mario.

    They can update and revamp Mario Maker for the rest of the company’s existence.

  11. LittleBigPlanet has a full level creation tool and it was able to make LittleBigPlanet 2 without losing sales. Generally user-generated levels aren’t as good, so in order for someone to enjoy Mario Maker and never want to play again they’d have to be one of those few that are actually phenomenal at making their own levels. Nintendo does tend to add in new things to their games though, so as long as they keep freshening it up it won’t get old. And really the kids that play Mario are probably not going to pick this up, it’d be harder for them to create levels than a teen/adult. I really don’t think this is going to be a HUGE seller. It’ll definitely sell decent, but I don’t think it’ll sell as much as a main game would to begin with.

    1. Exactly. HollowGrapeJ & the others that think Nintendo should never make another 2D Mario platformer after this game releases are out of their mind if they think this game will be the “Be all, End all” of 2D Mario platform games.

      1. You just had to say my name, didn’t you? Lol. Well I actually just want the NSMB series to end. Idk any other 2D Mario that have been released since Super Mario World, so I was mainly referring to that.

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