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Dahku Creations Ceases Game Development Efforts Despite Some Success On Wii U

Indie studio Dahku Creations has announced its departure from games development on both Nintendo’s home console and mobile gaming devices. The developer – which brought games such as Chubbins and Soon Shine to the Wii U eShop in North America – has decided it’s the end of the road for their efforts by sharing the news on the studio’s official blog.

Despite the successes of both Chubbins and Soon Shine on the Wii U, compared to Dahku’s iOS development, it just wasn’t enough to propel the studio further in the games market, saying that the “window of opportunity has closed”.

By contrast, Soon Shine on Wii U was a success. Again we got great community coverage, reviews were generally more positive than they were for Chubbins, and the sales have been infinitely better than they were on iOS. And in fact, Soon Shine sold as many Wii U copies in four days as Chubbins did Wii U copies in four weeks. Of course that isn’t saying much, and sadly, it still isn’t enough. Nowhere near it, in fact.

So that’s it. The window of opportunity has closed. Our dev equipment has been returned to Nintendo. If our games turn out to be sleeper hits, or if we eventually have money to burn from some other source of income, maybe we’ll be back to take another stab at game development someday. For now, this chapter comes to an end.

Dahku Creations has said the level of support its games have received on the Wii U, coupled with the fantastic support from Nintendo, was more than the studio ever received on iOS. Whether Dahku will ever return to game development is unknown, but the studio remains humble and thankful for the experience shared. You can check out Dahku Creations’ blog post in full, here.


18 thoughts on “Dahku Creations Ceases Game Development Efforts Despite Some Success On Wii U”

  1. so far to the myth that nintendo isn’t supporting developers – esp. the indie-developers.

    it’s not the fault of nintendo that so many dumb third-party-developer don’t produce for their platforms – I think it’s mainly stupid fanboy-bias.

    1. Incorrect. Nintendo absolutely has a responsibility to sell their own console to increase its user base. 3rd parties need to have confidence that their games have a chance of selling, and when people aren’t buying the console, there is little incentive to support it. The burden lies on Nintendo to market and sell it, in the end – not the 3rd parties.

      1. No amount of users in the install base can improve the sales of third party multiplats when so many of them simply are done wrong or do not have anything made to cater directly to the tastes of the fan base.
        It’s the job of third parties to make their games interesting and to sell them the right way.
        Not Nintendo’s.

  2. Doesnt help that the games they made didnt get my attention. I know when to not buy games and this was one of them. The fact that is a phone app/port wont help them any. That shit looks bootleg.

  3. So he claims Wii U a success for his games, better than mobile itself and yet, he’s backing out because it “didn’t sold enough” without further details…

    Why does this sound strikingly familiar to me?…

  4. That’s too bad , never tried the game or heard about the company until now unfortunately, but from what I see, the game seems decent.

    Really hope they can one day come back to the world of gaming!

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