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Original Wii Sold 1 Million In First 38 Weeks In UK, PlayStation 4 Achieved 1 Million In 42 Weeks

UK trade publication MCV has revealed that the PlayStation 4 sold one million consoles in 42 weeks which makes it the second fastest selling games console in the United Kingdom. The fastest selling console in the United Kingdom is the original Wii which sold one million units in 38 weeks.

“We have certainly seen PS3 consumers come across quite hard and fast.”

“But a very significant proportion are people we have never seen on our network before. And from their behaviour and the types of games they are playing, it’s fairly clear that a big chunk of those have come across from Xbox, which is tremendous to see.

– Sony UK MD Fergal Gara

153 thoughts on “Original Wii Sold 1 Million In First 38 Weeks In UK, PlayStation 4 Achieved 1 Million In 42 Weeks”

        1. I only really played Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii, Where as i’ve played Mario Kart 8, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Windwaker HD and when they release Smash Bros For Wii U, Zelda U, Starfox Wii U, Splatoon and more. Plus I can watch lag free Youtube on the Wii U Gamepad and Pixel Drawings for my 900+ Followers on Miiverse. Wii U is way better than the Wii…:D

      1. As much as I disagree that’s it’s “casual Filth” as I enjoyed the Wii a lot, but I do think Wii U has the better games.

      2. Virtual Console, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime trilogy, Twilight Princess, Brawl, Mario Kart 6, Conduit, Kirby Epic Yarn, Skyward Sword, Xenoblade and even Madworld says hello. :3 Wii has it moments and deserves its success. Wii U does too but it needs help. Stop hating on Wii’s success story just because its not powerful but stil pwned the shit out of PS3/360 regardless of the power popularity contest.

          1. Are you kidding? Like I said, it did its job thanks to the marketing and games which is where Wii U is failing. Nintendo needs to stop snooIng around and advertise more heavily like the Wii and PS.

            1. Wii was severely underpowered, lacked tons of features other consoles had, controller was good for motion control games but bad for pretty much every other, no HD, horrible online, missed out on basically every AAA title that came out, etc. Wii U although it does not have as many features as the other current consoles can do a lot more in features. Internet browser, Netflix, etc. Wii was good when it released, but over time as technology started to grow, it’s really nothing special now. Wii U is what the Wii should’ve been from the start. I’m not necessarily talking about the Gamepad, but I mean in terms of everything it can do. HD, more power than PS3/360, online capabilities, and all that other stuff. Sales wise, I can’t say for sure that it would’ve sold as well as the Wii if that’s how it actually was when it came out. But one thing is for sure that if it was, people would not be calling Nintendo “kiddy” because it would’ve showed that they actually want to compete.

              1. Half of the things you just said are incompletely false.

                Wii being underpowered? That didn’t stop PS2 from selling 156 million and becoming the top selling console in history with DS 1 million behind it and oh, DS was “underpowered” and still became the best selling portable console. So, WRONG.

                Lacked tons of features? LMAO You’re hilarious. Wii had the basic functions of online interactivity like voice chat, FREE ONLINE PLAY, friend messaging and even DLC for some games and if you’re gonna say it lacks achievement system, let me say this: WGAS? Achievements are pathetically easy to get that even a 2 year old can earn and nobody cares or even bothers to look at those same achievements plus they’re so much of an afterthought that you would just say “screw it” and be done.

                Controller only being good for some games? Actually, no. Wii Remote can be used as a standalone NES-like controller for some VC and Wii games and even so, Wii sports a lot more controller options so it has gameplay variety so calling it terrible elsewhere? Nice try. lol

                No HD? Again, that didn’t stop Wii from being a 104+ million sold popular console and on top of that, look at Super Mario Galaxy, Monster Hunter 3 and even Metroid Prime 3? Now that’s how you push systems to its limits despite the hardware make up and most 3rd parties don’t even try, period.

                Horrible online? I guess you were sleeping when PSN got hacked too many times and Live isn’t as “perfect” as it claims to be since its basically the same shit as PC but with its ridiculously pointless $60 charge for free online play you can get everywhere else. As for Wii’s online, its basic but it works and never, not even once, has the infrastructure ever been compromised by outside hackers. So again, you lose that argument. lol

                Wii missed out on every AAA 3rd party title? Does it look like I give a crap? Nintendo AAA game quality > 3rd party’s half assed repetitive work and buries them a million times over. Most of their games on Wii are just shortcut party favors that nobody’s interested from the start. Not even a single exclusive 3rd party game that justified their “laughable” efforts. The only worthy 3rd party exclusive that did a fantastic job on Wii hardware pushing that I can think of is “The Conduit” from High Voltage Software which I bought and enjoyed.

                Sorry but your “debate” on Wii’s success is as dried out as 360’s original hardware breaking down within weeks. lol I can only agree on one thing: Wii did cater to a different audience but that’s how it worked. Now Nintendo needs to focus on advertising the shit out of Wii U, pump out as much great games and support as possible. They dropped the ball on Wii U not because of hardware but because of the marketing or lack of marketing. That’s it. If Project Cars port on Wii U looks, runs and feel exactly like the others, then there’s your smoking gun proof that Wii U was never weak to begin with and that the 3rd parties who said otherwise were always full of shit and you idiots happily fell for it.

                1. “Wii missed out on every AAA 3rd party title? Does it look like I give a crap? Nintendo AAA game quality > 3rd party’s half assed repetitive work and buries them a million times over. Most of their games on Wii are just shortcut party favors that nobody’s interested from the start.” I stopped right there. LOL see you don’t care about these games, but 80+million PS3/360 owners do. You’re in the minority. Not everyone in the world only wants to play Nintendo games.

                    1. @Stranga Not trying to be funny or anything, but do you actually know the difference between 720 and 1080P? I hope you aren’t one of those people that just read the internet and see an Xbox article saying 720P and believe it. Whereas you probably wouldn’t even know if you hadn’t read about it. Lol. And why is resolution that big of a deal on consoles anyway? PC has 1440P. Damn near twice the resolution of PS4 and games are still playable at a higher frame rate. XD

                    2. Also, the only way for you to tell the difference between project cars is to get a PS4 and an Xbone and put them side by side next to the Wii U version. If you don’t have these consoles and compare them this way, then your opinion is invalid. Don’t tell me you can see the difference through a crappy Youtube video. Lol.

                      1. Actually all of the new systems are 1080 P at the moment and they all have a 60 FPS max. I read an article, and I haven’t seen PS4’s YouTube but Wii U’s was decent.

              2. The Wii came at a cost though: a low life-span.
                (There’s no support for the system now, even Nin stopped deving for it.)

                        1. Ok, i have to admit you’re good yoshida and you’re funny too.
                          Maybe right now im the flip flopper.

                    1. Absolutely!! I’m one of (I feel) many ps3 owners who are putting off ps4 till I’m ready, and not sure if I just won’t go pc instead. I’m thinking that the Wii U I bought recently is turning out to be an excellent move.

              1. Only because the console is still supported, so that isn’t nothing to brag about. That’s like a wrestler of today bragging about how he’s won more matches than Andre the Giant, making him better than Andre.

            2. Yes, but they needed to let it go. Dragging Wii into the next Gen is like tying a ball and chain to the WiiU’s reputation. The Wii was allowed to live far longer than it should have.

              1. on rails shooter and not 3rd person: Garbage. Goldeneye, I almost forgot about that one. XD That’s good. Zack & Wiki, never tried it so no comment. Resident Evil Chronicles: More BS on rails but those are an exception..sorta.

                        1. I can back it up. Let’s go back a few articles long ago in an article that I don’t remember the specific name of but I do remember the comment.

                          From Yoshida: “I have two Wii U consoles, which means I’m a bigger fan of Wii U than you. So my argument is more valid.” Even though that argument made no sense nor did it have any relevance to said subject.

                      1. Do you remember this:
                        “I have two Wii U consoles, which means I’m a bigger fan of Wii U than you. So my argument is more valid.”

        1. WiiU isn’t getting “Discontinued.” It will get replaced with the next console, despite Patcher’s attention-whore predictions.

          WiiU will be around another 2-3 years, minimum. Knowing Nintendo, it will drag on long after it’s seriously outdated (as opposed to it currently being slightly outdated.)

      3. casuals now playing cod bf madden nba2k assassins creed batman minecraft bad mmos and bad phone tap and runners games… meanwhile 40 million 3ds and 7 million wiius sold to video game players.

      4. I agree on Cod, battlefield are casual games. I mean shoot everything it moves lol. Not only that but I have noticed a good amount swagfags and philistines are the ones I see playing those games the most. But then again, who gives a fuck what I or others think. Play whatever the fuck you feel like playing.

        1. No, Battlefield 2 was awesome! I mean the really old one from 2000’s. The story mode was really strategic and fun, and the multiplayer was revolutionary! But it’s sad that the same company who closed down the original Wii’s online multiplayer in games closed down the online for BF 2 too :( but I’ll always remember rose gaming sessions with my friends in BF2

          1. I mean of course, that was back then. When it was about gameplay and fun if you wanna call it. Now it’s a graphics orgy.

      5. Sasori and the Clergy of the Church of Sasori approve of Sickr’s (what you call troll\click bait ) articles. One must see both sides of the fence in order to get a full understanding of Nintendos faults. You people like your media controlled and smoke screened.

      6. Just to make sure we are on the same page, are we talking about units sold at their respective launched date or since the launch of the PS4? One will be OK news limit useless, the other will be great news but logic since the wii and the wii games are very cheap now

      7. Ya really can’t blame or hate Wii’s success in any way. It did its job to sell itself and present some amazing games like Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 plus Virtual Console on Wii is currently the best one while Wii U is still stuck on the same boring offering and haven’t released a single good game for VC in months since GBA launched.

        1. Wrong. Games like Metroid are not why it sold. Games like Wii Sports were. That game was the best selling on the system. And NSMB Wii was also another best seller. Those games, compared to games like Super Mario Galaxy, are casual. It sold off of hype.

          1. Now you’re simply ass talking again. XD Super Mario Galaxy did not sell out of hype and have you ever played the game or listen to its beautiful music? That game was like if God crafted it. ^_^ Its amazing and deserved its success. Wii Sports was fun at a start and too bad I never played the sequel. And for one who hates NSMB, you’re actually praising Wii’s version? XD

            1. Wii had great games, but that’s not why it sold. It sold because grandma could bowl again. (nothing wrong with that!)

              It was a casual machine that had some epic games, many that were released at the end of it’s unnaturally long life.

          2. Metroid sold like shit on Wii. Anyways I did tell you to go to IGN, lol. You’re starting to get the typical Nintendo fanboy hate around here. Go to IGN! Listen to their podcasts (BEYOND!)! Get to know some great users like BladeSymphony, Indie-Guy, and MetalGearMatt.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  So did the Wii…

                  Just because the Wii didn’t have HD and missed out on the now generic borefest doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it…

                  Graphics is not the most important thing about games, gameplay is and the Wii was all about gameplay…

                  Sonyans will always be targeted for extermination, excluding the pure ones that aren’t graphicwhores and specs fanatics…

                  1. It’s not all about graphics. It’s the games. You yourself just said the games were a “borefest” so you aren’t interested in them. But that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t. Nintendo took out way too many features with the Wii. Why? You act as if a Nintendo system should be forbidden to ever have a lot of power AND have good games. You don’t need to sacrifice both. Would you rather have a console not as powerful as others with good exclusives, or would you rather have a console that’s on par, if not more, powerful than the other consoles, with tons of third party, and exclusives? That’s what the Wii U could’ve been this gen. And that’s what I wanted it to be. Not just limited to Nintendo games only. Sony exclusives imo aren’t as good as the Nintendo ones, but the PS4 pretty much fits that category I just mentioned. Wii U deserves to sell 100+ million. Not the Wii. And if you disagree with me, then you’ll basically be agreeing with Nintendo haters that it should fail. Lol.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I never said they should sacrifice both, but I don’t want them to create a console that costs like the Xbox Done or worse…

                      It’s way too expensive here in EU and even worse in other countries so no…

                      And like I said, just because the Wii was underpowered and focused on gaming, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve it, even doctors praised it for helping them with certain things, if that doesn’t deserve anything then this world is beyond salvation, which it is anyway…

                2. No they don’t because they are losing every penny. If they can’t get rid of that $12 billion or whatever that amount is, they don’t deserve one penny because they would lose it anyway due to all that debt.

                    1. It was easy this time round, just make a PC in a box and call it a day. Microsoft would be in the lead if they had exceeded the specs of the PS4 and ditched Kinect.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  I consider it better than the two underpowered PCs, I don’t involve a Wii U because its being what it is suppose to be a game console, not a wannabe PC, so therefore, I cannot compare an apple to an orange.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      Nah, its better this way, competition is what makes the market and quality go round. Sad reality, but its true.

                                      1. Hey, what do you think about Steamboxes? Been wanting to go PC and they are kind of interesting to me to be honest.

                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                          Even though I like the idea, even I have to criticize my Republic for the approach of it.
                                          Because basically, there are a lot of steamboxes out and most of those pre-made steamboxes are not good deals, a lot of them are over priced and have horrible hardware, however, there are actually some that are reasonable, under $1000-$600, and with good hardware and graphics cards.
                                          Its main problem is, they should’ve stuck with one or two types of steam boxes instead of 12 types where the majority of those are horrible deals.

                                          1. I plan on building a PC, but it’s going to take SO long to save up for it. I predict I’ll have it by fall next year. :/ I plan on spending over $1000 on it. :D

                                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                  I get to enjoy the superior third party games, and I can do my taxes, type on mircoshit word, use google, play flash games, use a secret troll alias on youtube, ask hard hitting questions, and go on here.

                                                  1. Do your taxes? Wait, wut? You have your own place? That must mean you’re an adult, right? :P

                                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                      That was more of an example. I can’t say weather I do own my own place or not, I feel that’s more of a personal subject sorry.

                                                      1. I understand. Lol. Anyways, do you know what TF2 is? I’ve heard of it, but I don’t even know what it’s about.

                                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                          TF2, a free to play multiplayer-only FPS. Think of M-rated Pixar movie with guns, that’s what the game looks like basically. Other than that, its quite fun, I don’t play it often, I’m more of a singleplayer type person when it comes to PC games.

                                                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                              Hard choice, if you said all time it would’ve been easy.

                                                              I would have to go with To the Moon, Dust: An Elysian Tale, and Portal.

                                                              1. Nice. I can’t wait to join the Master Race! When I do, you’ll definitely be one of the first people I friend.

                                                      2. “dominated” I had not realized the generation was already over… -_-

                                                        Wii U still has a good chance to catch up and beat PS4. I hope you and all the Sony fanboys realize that.

                                            1. The Wii had the casual audience to help that happen. I hate to say it but if smart phones were as popular back then as they are today it would have had the same sales as the Wii U. The only difference between the Wii and the Wii U is the Wii sucks. Maybe if the Wii U was released back then when it SHOULD have been released Nintendo would t be in such a bad situation right now.

                                            2. I played more world at War than any other game on wii. The wii was good in its time, but wiiu is light years ahead in n graphics!

                                            3. The Wii had the motion sensor gimmick that pushed it SO much. PS4 nearly got there though, only off by four weeks. Too bad the Wii U isn’t selling as fast, hopefully their next console proves those that think Nintendo is dead and will have to go third party wrong. Play Mario on PS4 and XBONE would be so unnatural.

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