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Club Nintendo Europe Maintenance Scheduled, Unavailable From September 10-11

Nintendo of Europe has tweeted to say that Club Nintendo for Europe and the UK will be unavailable this week. From September 10 until September 11, the website will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable for registering games, conducting surveys and catalogue browsing. So if you’ve got your eye on a product in the stars catalogue, such as the newly added and adorable Yoshi plush, you can either order today or you’ll need to wait until September 12 to spend those hard-earned stars.

18 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Europe Maintenance Scheduled, Unavailable From September 10-11”

  1. At this point, I’m starting to think Club Nintendo is stupid. Just put the Yoshi Plush for sale or something. I’d rather just buy these things instead of wasting my time spending tons of money on games only to be rewarded with old games everyone has already played…

      1. This isn’t even worth my time. Even some of the monthly rewards were better than those Platinum rewards for this year. I mean, really? Game and Wario? Mario and Donkey Kong? Where are the actual good ones like Super Mario 3D World? Or at the very least, at least offer some physical Wii games like Super Mario Galaxy or Xenoblade Chronicles. Sigh. I got Mario and Donkey Kong anyways because I wasn’t about to let my Platinum go to waste.

            1. Yeah, the Club Nintendo rewards have taken a turn for the worst. I snagged Game and Wario with my Platinum and I actually love that little game! But every month I look at the eShop games being offered and in almost 6 months I haven’t snagged anything. You can only offer the original Mario and Zelda so much… I was never really in to the physical rewards besides the desk calendars so I’m not affected by those dwindling but if you’re going to replace physical rewards with digital games you think they’d offer more of a variety. Then again, we are going to buy the new games anyway, Nintendo doesn’t have to offer coins or stars for games we buy. It would still be nice to have more variety though..

            2. The artists is one of the ONLY reasons to even use Miiverse. If the fucking admins aren’t deleting them over bullshit, anyway. “It’s too sexual because there is too much exposed skin! SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM SOMETHING THEY CAN EASILY SEE AT A PUBLIC BEACH OR PUBLIC POOL!!!” Could do without the troll comments, though.

    1. You should be spending money on games because you want them, not to try and get more points. Nintendo doesn’t even have to reward you. Time time ago we was never given rewards and saving up points for free stuff.

        1. Luckily someone here cares. I would be very sad, and it would really affect me if it got shut down. I’ve gotten so many free games from Club Nintendo.

    1. Same here. I was all “An entire month!? There better be a ton of new shit if it’s going to take that long!” lol Good thing I read the article itself & not just the bloody title.

  2. Hopefully the Stars Calendar will now finally get rid of the outdated DSi and Wii point cards and replace them with eShop cards…

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