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Ubisoft Officially Confirms Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date

Today, Ubisoft announced that record-breaking open-world action game, Watch Dogs, will be available for the Wii U system from Nintendo on November 21 in the UK and November 20th in US

Watch Dogs will take full advantage of the Wii U specific hardware with a detailed and interactive map of Chicago displayed on the Wii U GamePad. The game also features Off-TV Play, letting gamers continue playing Watch Dogs solely on the Wii U GamePad.

The development of Watch Dogs on Wii U is being led by Ubisoft Bucharest, in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal.   

Watch Dogs tells the story of Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt his family, players will be able to monitor and hack their enemies by manipulating everything connected to the city’s Central Operating System (ctOS). Watch Dogs lets the player use Chicago as their ultimate weapon and exact their own style of revenge.

Watch Dogs is currently available for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.

145 thoughts on “Ubisoft Officially Confirms Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date”

    1. If it released when it did for the other systems, I would have bought it on day 1. Instead, I’m saving my money for Bayonetta and Smash Bros. I’ll buy WD when it’s $15-$20..

    1. Damn! Oh well.. Can’t wait for the game! I haven’t rented it for any other system. I’m sure i’ll be at least a little let down from my crazy high expectations. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

      1. I respect the woman, I don’t like her jokes. Don’t need to be an over sensitive bitch and tell people to die. It’s kinda hypocritical kiddo.

  1. Too late ubi everybody already know its a bad game. Now when wd sells like ass on wii u… its not because of whatever excuses you already have ready made up.

      1. I don’t care. Lol. I changed my mind anyway. This will be a game I get for my PC. I’ll try it after the price goes down though. My hype for this game has dropped tremendously ever sinceI started my savings plan for a PC. This doesn’t even come close to some of the games I want.

        1. Just make sure they fixed that crippled PC port or else you’ll get pissed about its unresolved glitches, not to mention having to pointlessly sign up for that lame ass “Origin” like Uplay garbage for online play.

          1. Fuck Origin! I hate that shit! Always prevented me from playing NFS online unless I had a damn account… And Uplay is pointless too. Kill both of these pathetic services already.

                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                  Don’t worry. EA loves money so bad that they’ll sell off their best IPs before bowing out just to make money off the industry one last time.

                  1. Yes that one. The one that still has fans and is still being bought. Sure it can be compared to COD bc its a rehash, WD for being over hyped, or other MMOs bc it is super expensive, but its a series I like and something I buy. All gamers are different and that’s what makes them interesting, what you call trash I call a treasure and vice versa.

                      1. No need to be rude. :P DehJ only cares for Sims since its one of her favorite series. Not EA in general. Pretty sure she could care less about them. Lmao. Just like how I like Assassin’s Creed but the only way I can get it is to deal with Ubisoft, so I can’t allow them to die. Otherwise, one of my favorite franchises would be gone…

                        1. If so, then another franchise will take over as a successor that doesnt cut features as full priced add ons for later which is messed up and the fans needs to stop letting EA take advantage of them like for every game and make a full game at reasonable price for one.

          2. I’ve already lost trust in Ubisoft. Unless they prove everyone that Watch_Dogs U takes advantage of the Wii U hardware. Right now, I don’t see that Ubisoft Bucharest will take full advantage of the hardware like Platinum Games have done with Bayonetta 2, Nintendo EAD Tokyo with Super Mario 3D World, and Monolith Soft with Xenoblade Chronicles X.

          3. Did not Ubisoft promise that one of the reasons of the delay was to fully utilise the gamepad technology to give a very unique experience?

            The map on the screen is not that.

            What s that Ubisoft? You lie to us, you blame us, you delay the game for us, and you will try to sell this old game at full price? Lol

          4. Oh… I’ve misread it already. NINTENDO is publishing Watch_Dogs for the Wii U. “What a twist!” – M. Night Shayamalan.

          5. What would make me trust Ubisoft again is if this version of Watch Dogs was better looking and better performing than the PS4/Xbone versions of the game.

            1. No. What should earn your trust again is that Ubishut cuts the crap of delaying and gimping ports while blaming us for their BS and only making more garbage party games saying we don’t buy nor want mature games which is, of course, crock of shit.

              1. For both thinking this piss port is gonna be anywhere like the others and even thinking about giving Ubishit another chance after they fucked up twice intentionally and stated stupid BS about the fans being the blame for their lazy ass nonsense and lies.

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          7. I shall await a play through and an actual showing of this game running on the WiiU. Also if they can utilize the game pad like Square Enix did in Deus Ex director’s cut I shall buy it day one. Ubisoft, pray that Nintendo releases smash bros. for the WiiU in December or January, because watch dogs shall be canibalized.


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            Check it out :D thank you

          9. i have a honest question.
            will someone buy that game?

            1 .
            the hype is over, a lot of peoples has or haved play the game already.
            because most Wii U owner has a ps3/ps4 or a 360/one

            the game is not that good like everyone expected.

            3. i guess the game dosent look bether
            then the ps3/360 version.

            so… who gone buy this?

            yes there are a few…
            but more then 1000 games they wont sell.

            1. Im in the number 1 category i had it on my ps3 i was initially going to get it on wii u but i was fooled and decided i have to have it day 1. after finishing the game in three days i never bothered with it again, i May get it if it has the online open world and 4v4 death match as ps3 version didnt have those modes

          10. I originally had it on the xbox one and beat the game and never bought no dlc. But the only way I buy this game on my wii u if they include some free dlc and drop the price from $60 to$ 40 otherwise ubisoft can kiss my ass

          11. It’s about time!!! Can’t wait to play this game. Yeah it sucks that it’s late but I’ve been really looking forward to this game so I will definitely get it.

          12. I’m certainly getting the game. I’m sure with all this extra time, the Wii U version must be exceptionally more polished than the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game…


          13. I’m glad I’m in print to track my views on Watch Dogs: Here’s me on why I think my obsession should not be a barrier to reviewing it (I stand by that argument thoroughly); here is the review itself (I also stand by that, but would blunt some of the joy involved).

            It means anyone can call me out, can point to where I’ve let marketing break the lens of reality so I view broken products as whole.
            But, after giving the game some distance, finally reading other critics (I don’t read other reviews until I’ve written mine), and replaying it, there is a hollow sense where fulfillment used to be.

            The hue of adoration has been diluted by this distance into monochrome appreciation: It’s a good game. Not a great game. Not a remarkable game. Merely good.

            I want to examine what happened in my perception and why I think Watch_Dogs’ failures are more unsettling in what it tells us about our culture and community than what it says about the game itself.

            Aside from “is this a game?”, one of the stupidest questions often fumbled around in game discussions is “Does it match the hype?”

            By definition, a game will not.

            Hype is an image of the game bloated by marketing, filling your attention with loud sounds and screens, blocking your view of the game’s contours. Hype is the conclusion of marketing, not the developers; and, as gamers, our focus should primarily be with the product of the latter group. We use the same senses to engage with the shiny new product, but it’s a false thing: it’s not the game itself, but the product resembling the game, concocted by a powerful, million-dollar marketing team. People who are trained to elicit emotions of yearning and want from potential customers.

            Most of Watch_Dogs’ existence, it seems, was hype. It lived nowhere else except on tracks laid down by advertisement, going exactly where marketing needed to go – over heads and into wallets. It was even introduced in a semi-false way (gamers, even on high end PC’s, do not have out-the-box access to the graphics displayed at E3 2012); it was delayed for nearly half a year, missing the next-gen console launch that so many (including myself) had invested into specifically for Watch_Dogs.

            Promises of life, of dynamic gameplay, of variety, of living cities, proved if not false then hollow. Because of course: that’s the promise of hype, not the game. We didn’t have the game yet. We weren’t buying the game; we were buying our hope, our expectation, and a tiny bit of a myth.

            Myths aren’t about truth, in some sense. They’re about teaching us something more, about entertaining notions that often resound with common humanity and identity. Hype is myth – badly done, slippery from snake oil, myth – but myth nonetheless. We learn what we want, what we hope, what we dream. Games become this before we have them. The best “games” are the ones we never have, the ones we look forward to obtaining, the ones that are always about to be released. Watch_Dogs’ marketing was a master at this. We never got that game.

            Instead we got its pale, sick twin brother.

            Enough has been written about Watch_Dogs graphics to fill university libraries, with as little importance as most English Literature departments’ theses. The short and only important version is: the graphics are not impressive, there is no real sense of the “next-gen experience” that was pegged to Watch_ Dogs, and little is seen resembling the beauty of E3 2012’s reveal.

            I need to make it clear that I do not blame Ubisoft entirely for this. Instead, it’s a number of other powerful factions: the creators and maintainers of the hype machine, of which we are power and marketing teams are the drivers. Our hopes provide the energy they need to steer. Without our expectations and adoration and love for this magical entity, they’d be stuck. We are to blame, which is why I’m writing this, as someone who was part of that, to my fellow enthusiasts bleeding fuel for the dream.

            The most notable graphical deficiency is seen in the faces – the ones that aren’t repeated a thousand times. Nothing is remarkable about them and some PS3 games, like The Last of Us, look many times better. Flat, lacking texture and depth and character: not only a description of the game itself but characters.

            Also cars seem to have no texture whatsoever: damage is a joke, in terms of display and mechanics. GTA IV and V have responsive, demonstrative fracture physics on the cars. Also as George “Super Bunnyhop” Wiedman points out, shooting the ground displays no response. Seriously?

            This does not mean the game isn’t beautiful. It’s stunning. But the only difference on current-gen is smoothness. Otherwise, this isn’t a game to show off your expensive boxes that you spent months saving for to play said game.

            There’s a reason I made this joke on Twitter. Aiden Pearce is not even a stereotype of a white, male, mid-thirties, gruff-voiced, power-fantasy with a coat that seems to magically hold endless number of guns (seriously, where does he keep them?). He’s not even a caricature, because that would be far too interesting.

            Instead he’s a template; it’s like he’s still downloading a personality but the reception is bad.

            Pearce responds: he responds to his niece’s death, he responds to men shooting at him, he responds to cops chasing him. He never cares, he never has motivation, he never initiates – it’s just an endless series of responses to events that are largely meaningless.

            Little girls’ death are not a motivator: it’s a cheap ploy to start the game’s plot, a rough hotwiring of an engine that refuses to start. “Please react to this!” the game says. To be fair to Pearce, this makes him no different to Batman – who by all accounts makes less sense than Pearce. As Alan Moore pointed out, our response to someone who witnesses his parents’ murder and claims “Time to become a bat!” wouldn’t be cheering. It would be a phone call to a therapist.

            Pearce doesn’t have a story. He has a set of responses, using people where necessary to make sure his response is achieved.

            You might say: “Everything we do is a response!” In a way yes, but usually there are a thousand and one motivators, hidden depths we don’t even know about why we act. It’s a reason to make us care. Not because some little girl we don’t know died, not because the bro we’re playing is angry about this. There’s a mystery that shadows all human motivation, which perhaps unites us in some small way, because we’re all universally uncertain.

            This game is not so nuanced.

            Like many games, you do x to get y to get z, to get to the end credits. But with so many games, there’s blood running through these actions. Watch_ Dogs has no pumping blood – only a trail of bodies and a line in the sand. I had no reason to care and just bloody hands at the end that painted no picture I was proud of.

            Other characters matter even less, except for Jordi Chin. Chin by any measure is a generally interesting character – except for the fact that he suddenly betrays Aiden at the end (for 5 minutes). Clara Lille has a lovely accent but is otherwise unremarkable. “T-Dog” was fun if confusing – and not in an interesting way. “Lucky” Quinn was incredibly realistic in his delivery: it was just unfortunate he was the bad guy, as opposed a bad guy.

            Don’t even mention Aiden’s family.

            Aiden’s sister is so bizarrely ignorant she doesn’t know Aiden is the notorious “Vigilante”, despite news stations reporting him by name. I could understand if, say, your Reputation was high and people were recognising you in the streets – but radio broadcasts are naming you. And yet she is surprised? This is the same person who, when she gets a threatening phonecall, ignores it as if she gets them all the time. Does she? That would be interesting, but we know she’s a teacher – not a spy or cop or anything that action-movie glorious.

            The only other woman character with more than three lines of dialogue is the sex slave, Daisy. Her story might be interesting, though she serves as motivation to start a new line of side quests for Aiden to respond to. Indeed, even the completion of these quests delivers nothing so substantial as even seeing her again.

            So female characters die, betray and get kidnapped. Well done, feminism in games.

            Should we even mention the people of colour: African Americans are gangsters because of course. GTA, Saint’s Row, and other violent games that feature African-American gangsters provide depth and actual character – so far as to make them even playable. CJ and Franklin are two playable characters of colour in GTA games. No, in Watch Dogs, African Americans live in the bad part of town, call each other “B”, and are gangsters.

            A gang leader called “Iraq”? Well there were some hints he could’ve been interesting, but it’s covered by brutality and idiot decisions that degrade the character greatly. His young cousin Bedbug was interesting, though fell into the bumbling large man stereotype as quickly as he’s revealed.

            I felt nothing and feel nothing for these characters, except Jordi Chin. It screams so much of, well, “video games”.

            Compare it to the first 15 minutes of The Last of Us. Within those minutes, we are introduced to Joel and his daughter. We don’t know what Joel does, who he is, what he’s done. He walks in, conveys his exhaustion to his daughter. The banter is fluid, alive, it shows depths of a relationship mined from years of love. She gives him a watch, having waited up for him. The game forces you to learn how to play in her shoes. Then the world goes to hell and she is dead. It’s traumatising, heart-wrenching, beautifully executed. In 15 minutes, I was tearing, I was feeling for her. Even now, I am fearing replaying this game for those opening moments.

            Watch_Dogs has nothing like that. We have no people: we have red blips on the screen, we have blue ones. At first, the profiler, which tells you about the individual (“has a disabled child”, “has a clown fetish”, etc.), provides some humanity to the endless faceless thugs usually injected into games. But soon, the quirks are repeated. Can there really be five people with that clown fetish? Is there really nothing else I could’ve been told?

            Again: the game hotwires its way into believability and humanity.

            Again: instead of providing us with actual substance, the game itself uses a hack.

            This game’s message, communicated by saving women and shooting black people, punctuated by bullets and explosions, decorated by “hacking” shows that it’s another in the conveyor belt of male power fantasy.

            Guns feel good, explosions are fun. The weird thing is how much this game doesn’t work: It doesn’t work in general (patches, patches, patches – even though it was delayed to iron out kinks); it doesn’t work as an open-world game; it doesn’t work as a modern day criticism of the surveillance state; it doesn’t work as a family-driven story of revenge (almost none do); it doesn’t work as a character study.

            I hate saying what a game “should’ve” been, but I wonder how much better this works in closed, tight corridors; in places with plenty of hacking opportunities, instead of magicking a shotgun into your hands to shoot other men. The open world adds little to the game, strangely: it’s fun for a while, but considering the resources that went into it, I’d rather they did amazing levels, with smart hacking focus that mitigated the use of firearms.

            “Shooty-shooty, bang-bang, rar-rar, I am man, hear me roar.” We can keep sticking that on nearly every game box art, with its obligatory man holding olbigatory gun in an obligatory morosely way, to summarise the contents. Rejoice I shall not. Why are we limiting our games so much to guns? To men? To revenge? This is a medium that allows you to explore moral choices, what racism feels like, love and hate, to become a paper swan or ghost child. But we are drowning in beautiful polygons made of manly power fantasies, glorified porn for the young desk-bound man. I am one and yet I do not want this.

            We can do better. We should do better. Watch Dogs’ story, character and focus are those that should quickly belong to gaming’s Dark Ages. We can and must move forward, no matter how hard game companies want to keep us mired in their perception of male gamer wants. Gamers are more than that so let’s hope our games can be, too.

          14. in my opinion thats an awful release date there’s a ton of games coming out around that time. who’s going to buy it over smash bros. or captain toads treasure tracker?

            1. Exactly. This is Rayman all over again but this time, we ain’t gonna fall for it..well, only the majority of fans who has a functioning brain that is. Get Bayonetta 2 instead of this empty promises of crap for a GTA ripoff.

          15. So…. it was delayed just to place the map on the Gamepad… *sigh*… really Ubisoft? Nevertheless.. I really want to play this game, I might give it a try

          16. WAY too fucking late and with Bayonetta 2 and even Pokemon releasing in the same week (Sounds familiar? Its just like Rayman delay), NOBODY is gonna even think about touching this crap and worst, Ubiahit already lost every ounce of respect left. So Ubisoft: FUCK YOU and your garbage games

          17. IT BETTER HAVE ALL THE DLCS. If you really want to sell a ton of copies, put in some Wii U-exclusive DLC content (bonus missions, weapons etc.)

          18. November? That’s a rather smart move by Ubisoft, ‘cuz Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be releasing around then, which would probably increase sales for the platform.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              No melee attacks?…

              Incredible, this piece of garbage is even worse now plu that they confirmed months ago that the Gamepad will not have anygreat functions, only map…

              I long for their pathetic sales that will even make the Xbox Done launch in Japan great by comparison…

              1. It’s the only kind of support that Nintendo gets nowadays so we’ll just have to grin and bear it. Nothing more we can do for now and at least Ubisoft is trying.

                        1. Okay. You comparing an overhyped, multiplatform GTA knockoff that released on 5 platforms simultaneously that all together been have a way higher install base (except Xbox DOne) to a Nintendo Wii U exclusive game thinking MK8 performed worse because its Nintendo…

                          How smart…not. lol

                          1. Doesn’t change the fact that Watchdogs did crush Mario Kart 8 in sales and the Xbox Won has already come close to the Wii U’s lifetime sales….you underestimate the console!

                            1. Again, an overhyped POS multiplat GTA knockoff on 5 simultaneous system releases. Thats why its at 8 million which makes it 1.5/1.6 million per platform. MK8 is on one platform currently at 7+ million. Do the math and stop being an idiot about MK8 failing because if Watchdogs was on one system MK8 would’ve destroyed it in the same week.

                              As for Xbox DOne, its been 5 months since we last heard it passed 5 million and no public confirmation about it hitting 6. The ONLY thing I underestimated about Xbox DOne is how stupid those same 5 million fool who waste $500 on a failed, forced gimmick that shoved down people’s throats 2 generations in a row and yet, they complain about Wii remotes and Gamepads when they actually have a purpose. Kinect doesn’t and was spawned to steal Nintendo Wii’s thunder and failed hard like PSMove did.

                              1. MK8 still lost :)

                                The Xbox Won is a great console and that’s why well over 5 million have purchased it. Its selection of games isn’t as good as the Wii U’s, but the actual console is clearly superior. The Wii Remotes and Gamepad are pretty sad so while they may be able to beat the Kinect…they’re not much better. (It’s why PS4 beats both) Just remember that the Xbox Won…AKA The Xbox One is a great console and you just underestimate its full power. Why do you think Ubisoft is still releasing games for it as well as all of the other big third parties even though the Wii U install base is slightly higher? Just chew on that for a while….

                                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                      The ONLY reason the Xbomb is getting supported is because it’s nothing more than the PS4’s twin. Same with the Xbox 360 & PS3 before them.

                                      1. The Xbox and Playstation are definitely twins and I agree. Both of them are almost identical, but I always go with Team Sony. It is why I do think the Xbox Won still beats the Wii U though.

                                      2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                        Yes. It must be nice to be winning solely on the back of another company.

                                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                          Not my fault it’s actually true, though, in this instance. If not for having the same infrastructure, one or the other wouldn’t be getting nearly as many multiplats.

                                    2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                      xD Really? That’s like a group of thugs bragging about how they decimated one lonely nerd: pathetic.

                      1. There were a lot of people who thought I was stupid for believing this game wasn’t getting cancelled.

                        Well someone owes me $5 because I fuck’in. Won the bet.

                        I will say, if the game is released with the DLc and open world, I’ll get it, otherwise, nope.

                        1. Don’t bother. This POS is dead before it was announced.

                          They delayed the game over the “taking advantage of Gamepad” excuse and all they did…was cramp a fucking map on screen. They delayed that fucking game for 6 months…JUST FOR THAT?! Listen dude, don’t even buy that crap. Its not worth it anymore and its no longer worth wasting time and money for Ubisoft to do it again with another Wii U game, that is if they don’t pull their stupid asses out of “support” first which we don’t care. They never gave us anything but blood boiling headaches.

                      2. Finally a release date for the US. Too bad I don’t want the game till it’s for sale at 15-20 bucks or used for 15-20 bucks. 60 bucks for a late port isn’t worth it. Especially after the many screwjobs Ubishit has done against the Wii U. I hope the game flops hard along with Just Dance 2014, so Ubishit will finally get the fuck off the console. Take your promises, your lies, & your bullshit somewhere else.

                        1. And if the only thing the Gamepad will be used for is the god damn map after they said the Wii U version was getting delayed to take full advantage of the fucking Gamepad, Ubishit just revealed they were full of shit & delayed the port for NOTHING. Nothing except to railroad their own game’s sales on the Wii U, so they can use it as an excuse to ditch the Wii U. Fine by me. Go away. Go rot on the Xbomb or PS4.

                            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                              I’m changing their nickname! Ubibullshit! Much better, am I right?

                                  1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                    Just like the Watch_Dogs for Wii U port, it’s too late! Ubibullshit it is. “Oh we’re holding Watch_Dogs for Wii U back so we can fully utilize the Gamepad!” And then we find out all they did was use it for the fucking map. All they did was spew bullshit, so Ubibullshit!

                      3. Ok, I know I commented on this post. But I can’t find it anywhere. What the heck?!

                        I wish sickr and/or Alba would make it easier for a person to find all of their comments, and any replies that people might have left to their comment. There’s probably SO many replies that people have made to my comments that I’ve never ever seen.

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                      5. It’s good to know that is still coming. I planning on buy it…however…

                        Pray, Ubisoft that Smash Bros does not come around that time…because I don’t think Nintendo Fans will skip Smash for something like Watch_dogs (considering how you treated us).

                          1. Why? To fuck over people that still want the game? I don’t really care about it anymore, but don’t be selfish, Stranga. :/

                            1. To send a message that we’re (people like me) are not this stupid to take more of this unnecessary punishment on the majority of fans. If you want to be their sucker too, so be it. I really hope this dumbass port (Rayman Legends part 2) to fail so miserably.

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