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Sherlock Holmes And Iris Watson Confirmed For The Great Ace Attorney, Targets Spring 2015 Japan Release

iris_watson_ace_attorneySherlock Holmes and Watson – the superb and well-loved detective duo – will appear in the next Ace Attorney game. According to Famitsu magazine scans, yesterday’s rumoured Holmes and Watson will work side by side in The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou. It’s currently unknown how large a part the duo will play in the 3DS spin-off title, however recent translations have confirmed a few details.

Described in Famitsu, Holmes is “The most famous detective in the world. His unparalleled observation and deductive skills see not only the ‘truth’ but sometimes go beyond the truth and become a ‘rampage of logic.’ He resides in London.” While Iris Watson – an 8-year-old girl with incredible intelligence – lives with Holmes and “holds a medical Ph.D. at the age of 8, and wrote the novel series, ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.'”

Additional information is due to be shown during the Tokyo Game Show, so we may get a clearer indication then as to what role Holmes and Watson will play in the title. The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou is due to be released Spring, 2015, for Japan. Make sure to check out the gallery below for the full-sized scans.

22 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes And Iris Watson Confirmed For The Great Ace Attorney, Targets Spring 2015 Japan Release”

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Isn’t this game set in like feudal Japan? Why is a detective from England in a time period in the future there?

  2. God Damn it Japan. Holmes and Watson in AA, but 8 year old loli Watson is just stupid. You just know she’s gonna be all short tempered and hyperactive and tsundere

  3. 8 year old girl living with a grown man…? Where are her parents? Who’s to say Sherlock isn’t a creep? Just weird- man.

    But, I’m loving the Ace Attorney sections of Prof. Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Lot’s of fun.

  4. Why did they make Sherlock Holmes hot?

    and why is his partner an 8 year old girl with pink hair?

    This is not the Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson I’ve come to know…

  5. Please come to the US! Please come to the US! if it does not I promise i will learn Japanese just to play this game! ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!! EVEN IF I HAVE TO KAYAK TO JAPAN! not really but you get the point i want this game!

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