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Smash Bros eShop Demo On 19th September, Selected Club Nintendo Members Get Four Demos To Share From Today

To make the wait for the launch of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS on 3rd October easier, fans will be able to download a free demo for the all-star fighting game starting on 19th September from Nintendo eShop. As an added bonus, selected Club Nintendo members will receive an email containing four download codes for the demo today, a week earlier.

Qualifying Club Nintendo members will automatically receive four download codes via email. Nintendo encourages recipients to share their codes, as up to three other friends who also own Nintendo 3DS or 2DS systems can play multiplayer together through local wireless even if those three friends aren’t Club Nintendo members. The Club Nintendo demo of the game allows for unlimited play, and features the Smash mode with five playable characters (Mario, Villager, Link, Pikachu and Mega Man), one stage (Battlefield) and the ability to compete in local multiplayer matches with fellow Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners who have downloaded the demo to their systems.

On 19th September, a demo version of the game will also launch on Nintendo eShop. This demo features the same content and features as the demo that select Club Nintendo members will receive one week earlier, however it can be played a maximum of 30 times.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS launches exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on 3rd October at retail or digitally from Nintendo eShop. At launch, smash fans also have the choice to own the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition Pack which is a red Nintendo 3DS XL system with a Super Smash Bros. motif on the front and the game pre-installed available while stocks last.

948 thoughts on “Smash Bros eShop Demo On 19th September, Selected Club Nintendo Members Get Four Demos To Share From Today”

          1. This demo is so awesome! Looks great in 3D. Villager is my favorite so far! I can’t wait until October 3! So much hype! :D

              1. Please. Please. Give me one. I am in dying need of trying this game. :c
                I am a pixel artist I could make you a free pixel art in exchange if you want, This is just… required in my life.

                    1. Listen, I can’t risk putting it in the open because someone else might get to it first. Do you have any other social account where I can share you the code privately?

    1. If anybody has an extra code please float it my way! My little brother if flipping out watching this footage and he desperately wants to try out the game on his 3ds! If you wouldn’t mind making both our days please email me at

    2. From the email:
      “We’re sending this demo to Club Nintendo members like you who achieved Platinum Status between 7/1/2013 and 6/30/2014, registered any Nintendo 3DS product, and chose to receive information from Nintendo at Club Nintendo.”
      Did you meet all of the qualifications?

    3. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Well it did say selected Club Nintendo members with Platinum status, so I’m guessing it’s a total random thing like a lottery. If this was given to certain Platinum Club Nintendo members by way of lottery, sweet! I’ve never won something through a lottery before!

        1. I seriously do. It was my own impatience but they eventually came through. But hey I have invested thousands of dollars into the company so I had a right to be a little hurt but yes this time Nintendo did come through for me. Nintendo is right and I was wrong. Happy? lol

          Sidenote: I’m loving the shit out of the demo. I played it on Wii U at the Best Buy event but man is it great playing it on 3DS as well. Sakurai is a boss no matter what. An absolute master.

    4. “We’re sending this demo to Club Nintendo members like you who achieved Platinum Status between 7/1/2013 and 6/30/2014, registered any Nintendo 3DS product, and chose to receive information from Nintendo at Club Nintendo.”

      that’s why… sorry man

      1. It’s all good. I actually did get the code. My email was just late. All is well and I am LOVING the demo. Can’t wait to buy both full versions of the game. Cheers!

        1. At the next hour mark, which is in a couple minutes. I will post the codes okay? Be ready people. Refresh at the hour mark.

          Good luck!

        1. Welp I’ll be in Smash, good luck people.

          I’ll say it once more before I go, reddit also has a thread for codes, some people only ask that you PM them and they’ll give them to the first three that do. So it would be wise to try both here and on reddit.

          Time to fuck some people up! Or get my ass kicked.. I’m kinda rusty.

  1. I’ll give out my 3 codes later on this article, so look out for them.

    Note: Im pretty sure they are region locked, and Im from America, so only reply if you are from America to show you want one.

    1. Please if you have any to give out still i would really appreciate it, i can’t wait a second longer for this game to come out i am SO EXCITED.

        1. I actually ended up getting the e-mail myself a little while after I typed this in, I appreciate it though, glad to see you got one too dude! It’s pretty badass for a handheld fighter.

    2. Ok so here’s one code:


      Please reply to show you have claimed it. The other one (or 2 if my friend doesnt want it) will be sent through email, so leave an address.

        1. And btw its pronounce Dage not DJ, sorry that just bothers me to be called DJ like a boy. XP

          Hope u enjoy Smash though.

  2. Hey, if anyone wants to throw a code my way, I’d greatly appreciate it. Have been a plat member for years and didn’t get a thing. ._.

  3. I got the email :))))

    Here’s my 3 extra codes, first come first save. Enjoy brothers!


    1. You do realize it is just a code for a demo right? They never cost money. The people asking for the freebies obviously already are going to pay for the real game, and are so excited about buying it that they just can’t wait another week to get the first taste of the game in the public demo.

      1. “Obviously” going to pay for the real game? How about no? Have you heard of people buying demos because they don’t want to buy the actual game? Guess not

        Well then I guess I should call it being kiasu. Go check out the language “singlish” if you don’t know what I mean

  4. Been a Platinum member for the past couple of year and still didn’t get an email. No idea how they are picking who gets them. If anyone has any spare codes they feel like sharing, my email is

    If you do end up sharing thank you SO MUCH. :>

  5. I’ll let you know if I get any, I’ll share them if I do. Obviously to those who deserve it… You know who you are… Muahahahahha!!!!

    That is if I get them, nothing yet in my email :(

    We all know how slow Nintendo is with that kind of stuff sometimes. So I’ll be patient before I get peeved that I wasn’t selected.. been platinum every year for… I don’t even remember… a long time.

    Can anyone at least confirm if they are already sent some out?

  6. guys i just woke up and i cant believe this would happen on my birthday sadly im not a platinum member so can someone ANYONE PLEASE make my birthday wish come true by sending me a NA code to smash today? ill be forever in your debt!

  7. Anyone who’s bragging they got codes, please post one alongside that boast for everyone else stalking the comments section trying to get one xD

    1. Sir, I greatly love you more than a pile of Luvdisc’s arranged into a planet sized heart, more than the amount of hearts that spewed from Yeta and Yeto’s love that encompassed itself into a full piece of heart, more than Kirby eating romeo and juliet at the same time and having equitable superpowers from it without the teen being idiots ending. Thank you :D <3

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  9. Hey guys I’m looking for an EU code. If someone has one to hand out to a poor european fella who got snobbed by Nintenscum, I’d gladly take it… Thanks