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IGN Gives Us A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS (Video)

IGN has had some hands-on time at this week’s Tokyo Game Show with the new Nintendo 3DS and has captured some lovely footage showcasing Nintendo’s latest handheld. You’ll also notice that the new Nintendo 3DS shown also has some of the new faceplates that will become available once the system launches next month in Japan. The system is coming to the west some early next year.


42 thoughts on “IGN Gives Us A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS (Video)”

      1. One stick is used for movement, the other for camera/inventory navigation or special actions like fighting moves in Smash Bros and even Street Fighter. Thats just how its usually used for most dual stick games.

  1. its designed to be sensitive like gamecubes c stick so precise flicking is doable not the TANK TURRET like feel of sonys JOKE controllers

  2. So the only difference is the c nub. Sorry but I think I’ll keep my old outdated xl and just deal with having to move my thumb an extra inch to rotate my camera.

    1. dear god, look up info before making comments. its not just the C nub. there are extra buttons, more ram, better 3D. its not a required upgrade but dont make it seem like its a useless one.

      1. I is required to play Xenoblade, and fully utilize Smash. And I guarantee other games will follow.

        I’ll get one after it’s been out a few months and the price drops.

        1. Other games will follow, but realistically, most games will utilize the features, they won’t make it mandatory. It’ll be similar to the DSi. A handful of games that require it. Unless this thing is the full on replacement (which I doubt) it won’t have too many games like Xenoblade, that require it to play them.

              1. So far, Nintendo has been great at getting exclusive content on the 3DS, whether first party or third party games. There’s no need for them to start porting a bunch of games on the 3DS.

                I have seen this trend starting to creep up with Nintendo and it’s okay to port things here and there, but hopefully it doesn’t prevent them from continuing to release a lot of good exclusives on the handheld.

    2. It also has face tracking for much better 3D, as well as built in NFC, 2 new shoulder buttons (tottal of 4), has as a new web browser that can handel HTML5, new CPU for better graphics and faster internet connection (Netflix, YouTube, miivers, eshop, online play) well all be faster, it will now take micro SD only, longer battery 🔋 life, and yes the C-stick for camera and FPS games, and with smash bros it well work as smash attack.

      Because of the new CPU it well also be able to have better looking games, and thus well have exclusives, xenoblade well be the first

  3. This is begging to be called something other than “New 3DS”. I really hope they rename it to the Super 3DS outside of Japan.

    1. WOW! Xbox passed Sony and Nintendo just like that? Obviously I’ve been underestimating them up until now! Maybe 20 million by the end of the year isn’t so far fetched after all.

  4. Nooooo Nintendo why the glossy finish again? I love the how my 3DS XL feels. And plus, I don’t get fingerprints all over it! :/ And I really really really really really hope that 3DS XL with the colored buttons comes to NA. That just looks so cool.

  5. Anyone else getting sick & tired of Nintendo giving their consoles a glossy finish!? Minor complaint, I know. Anyway, have they confirmed the New 3DS will come to the US, UK, & other countries outside of Japan early 2015? If so, good. I’m hoping for January myself.

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