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Koji Igarashi Puts His ‘Dream Game’ On Hold

You may remember that Koji Igarashi, the co-director on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, teased a new project during the Mighty No.9 panel at this year’s PAX event. Well it turns out that Igarashi’s new game is currently on hold as he focusses his attention on his new job working for a mobile developer and publisher. Igarashi says that the aforementioned game was his idea of a “dream game” that fans of his would ultimately lap up. That project is on hold, but Igarashi has struck a deal with the company that will eventually allow him to continue work on his project. Here’s what he had to say to IGN about the move.

“It’s kind of an unusual agreement. I have a special carve-out that allows me to work with another publishing partner or find other routes to fund my dream game.”

14 thoughts on “Koji Igarashi Puts His ‘Dream Game’ On Hold”

      1. True, but this is a safe position that he’s got. A kick starter is only good for a game and then you’re basically toast. At least this way, he can still conceptually think about his game while he runs to the bank and eventually he’ll have time for both. Kind of like me and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. At first I would have to go to a safe area to look at the map and now I deal with bosses while looking.

    1. Jobs shouldn’t interfere with realistic goals anyway. Look at me! If I want a slice of pizza, I’ll just get it after work. If my next goal is to walk for 15000 steps on Saturday..I’ll just wake up an hour early! It’s all in how you pace yourself and look at the things around you. I’m sure that he’ll still be able to accomplish other goals in time.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Not a bad idea actually, I’m sure High Command would atleast listen since they cannot afford any more mistakes right now…

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