Black Forest Games Announces Giana Sisters 2 For Wii U, PS4 And Xbox One

Black Forest Games has announced that it is working on a follow-up to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The upcoming sequel, which is currently known as Giana Sisters 2, is in the early prototyping stages and scheduled to arrive either late 2015 or early 2016. It is in development for Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The original Giana Sisters can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.


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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I played this game to death on Steam with all the DLC. So much fun.
    Great to know that it’s multiplatform to give “everyone” a chance to play this.

      1. I guess it would depend on tastes, lol.
        I found the gameplay to be somewhat unique with altering the environment and swapping between the two sisters to fulfill certain tasks.

        1. I picked the game up on friday, but only got to play for 3 minutes (and 15 seconds…) before I had to leave for the weekend… Can’t wait to get home 7 hours to play more!

          1. It’s quite fun, and it has a decent story line

            in fact when Lana was first announced I came up with a theory about who she is and it was totally correct.

            I’ll tell you about it after you beat the game to avoid spoilers.

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  3. what a waste of money they should just cancel it on Wii U. because not only can’t the Baby U run the game, but no one will buy the game on wii u

    1. Sonyan Phone Forces said what?…


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    2. Looking at how gorgeous it looks, this game will do well on Wii U better than the other 2 platforms for one main reason: PS4/One mainly focuses on mature shooters and lots of it.

        1. Crash is dead in Activision’s hands so its sales are bombed, Sly Cooper 4 came in so late in PS3’s life and too long after Sly 3 on PS2 I doubt the sales are that good, Jak and Dexter haven’t made a new game for over a decade..nope, no Jak 4 in sight.

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  4. Awesome! I LOVE Twisted Dreams, so it’s great to hear they’re making a sequel. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. sorry to say it but this game is not giana sisters, it only have the giana sisters name slapped on it. if you want to try the last giana sisters game, that still have the quality and continue the legacy of the first giana sisters from the amiga days. go play giana sisters ds from 2011….

  6. This looks gorgeous and has won my vote for another future indie purchase. :) Just worried that this game may be gimped or delayed on Wii U’s time for the other platforms. According to how and what this game is about, I doubt it’ll do well on Xbox DOne or as much on PS4 since both mainly focus too much on shooters. Wii U however has a bigger diversity and indie attach/sales rate so this game, in my opinion, will do well there knowing platformers are more welcomed towards Nintendo players than Xbox or PS.

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