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Engadget Wasn’t Completely Won Over By The New Nintendo 3DS

Technology publication Engadget went hands-on with the new Nintendo 3DS at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. However, the site went away relatively unimpressed. Engadget Senior Editor Mat Smith says that there really wasn’t a noticeable difference between the new console and the current Nintendo 3DS XL with regards to handling. Smith also took the opportunity to say that there’s no current games that make the most use of the new C-Stick. But he did acknowledge this could change in the future.

“If we’re honest, there really wasn’t much difference from my now-obsolete 3DS XL at home on initial handling,” Smith wrote. “There are no games that appropriately make the most of the analog stick (at least, not yet). Here at TGS 2014, with Monster Hunter 4G, the right stick was assigned to camera duties, a role it shared with the d-pad and, er, about a third of the touchscreen too.”

76 thoughts on “Engadget Wasn’t Completely Won Over By The New Nintendo 3DS”

    1. The review sounded pretty good, it just wont have its own games for a while, but developers looking to get more out of their graphics, and developers looking to make FPS, or adventure games well have better luck on this new system.
      My hope is that they focus on bringing other Wii and gamecube games over.

  1. Why not? unlike smart phones these days, every aspect of the 3DS has been improved from additional shoulder buttons to improved battery and NFC support. All these improvements for a dedicated gaming machine is a huge sign Nintendo actually listen to us even if it does take a while to see it in action.

    1. Actually, it’s good that they think this. It’s showing people that have older 3DS’s not to freak out and think that they need to buy this immediately. I used to be worried about it too, but I’m perfectly fine with my Black XL now. Glad 3D is improved though.

      1. Exactly hollow, the new 3ds isn’t worth the upgrade since it’s nearly identical to the current 3ds,s, not to mention that none of the current 3ds games take use of the new ram/cpu so what a waste.

          1. It’s the same 3DS but with better specs, extra buttons, and some exclusives. There’s no reason to rush out and buy it day one especially when the exclusives haven’t gotten solid release dates yet.

        1. But games like resedent evil, monster hunter, and smash well all use the c stick, and the faster CPU well cut down time switching from one game to another, as well as loading times. As well the faster CPU well make all web excperinces better, such as browser (now with HTML5), eshop, Netflix, YouTube, miivers, online gaming. For customers buying amiibo the NFC built in makes the system more portable.
          And ALL games could use that better 3D screen.
          Their are plenty of reasons to upgrade, if nothing more then to finally have a 3DS for core gamers. When Miyamoto said they were ditching casual gamers they were right, here is the proof, a 3DS made for real gamers. Not to say real gamers dont have a 3DS, but this is a better all in one option, with better battery, C stick, better 3D, and new buttons that well allow for more ambitious games and more FPS and 3D adventure games. Also for players looking to upgrade to a bigger screen, this is worth the wait to buy

  2. Every year there are more people that will buy a 3DS that never had one… young and old. It is completely fine to have an improved machine that is not that much different than its predecessors. Much like a cellphone from generation to generation.

  3. Sounds more like a typical hate comment about new 3DS I keep reading in Youtube. lol HTF would Engadget say its “hardly different” with a straight face and on top of that, called 3DS XL “obsolete” merely because of one fucking game being “exclusive” to the newer model when his dumbass self should’ve realized that the Wii port exists? Boosted CPU, double memory, changeable plates, improved battery life, NFC, second stick, improved 3D? I dont think that’s “hardly different” at all Engadget and this statement is by far the stupidest one you’ve said so far, next to Patcher’s buttload of anti-Nintendo BS.

    1. You always damage control anything that isn’t positive about nintendo. Just face it, the new 3ds is a cash grab that isn’t noticeably different from it’s predicessors.

      1. 1. I don’t do damage control like Xbox One sheeps. 2. Engadget, based on this statement, is as casually as a Youtube troll comment and even someone with a damaged mentality as yours should know what trolling looks like on screen since you do it on a regular basis like a no-life.

        If the new 3DS is a cash grab (not) and not an optional upgrade (which it is), then annual video games like COD, all phones, all computers, all tablets, all cars, TVs, blenders, even fucking toothpastes are considered cash grabs for updating their products on occasions. Grow the fuck up and get your brain back. You’re an embarrassment to consider yourself a sheep or a white knight of the Internet.

          1. Trololololololooool! XD Man the troll rate here today is nuts. I guess you guys are also the same Samsung trolls hating on the new iPhone launch overshadowing Malware..sorry, “Android” again. lol Youtube’s that way fools.

      1. The DSi wouldn’t be counted as an example because it doesn’t hint of “replacement” or whatever people think the new 3DS is because it still plays ALL DS games and there was only a very few games that used the hardware like the camera but nobody knew they existed plus those games sucked anyway.

    2. I will say that you have a point regarding their “obsolete” comment. That wasn’t called for and was professionally immature.

      1. Like I said, I know BS trolling when I see it and that fits the bill bar none. Plus calling it “barely different” just seals it. I can list all of the changes right off the back of my head.

        1. Unless the 3DS games that are already out start running much better or they make some really AMAZING exclusives, there’s no reason to rush and get this. It’s better in terms of hardware too, but unless they actually use it all and put it to use (like I just said above) it will be more or less the same thing. I think the DSi had some exclusives and better hardware, but I didn’t really feel it was all that better than an original DS. I think this new 3DS is gonna be seen in a similar position as that.

            1. It’s mainly because they wish this is what the 3DS should’ve been from the start. Me personally, I’d have preferred if they made an entirely new handheld that was backwards compatible with 3DS games instead of of trying to improve the 3DS. They should’ve definitely added HD. That would definitely change people’s minds. (Not the NEW 3DS, a brand new handheld) If they added HD to the N3DS, that would DEFINITELY count as ripping off early adopters. That’s why I said for the next handheld. XD

  4. That’s kind of the thing, though. The New 3DS doesn’t have any one stand-out gigantic new improvement. Instead it’s got a lot of subtle and smaller improvements that add up to make for a much better system overall.

    The somewhat larger screen (on the standard size model), the built-in NFC, the new inputs, the improved software (browser), the added power, the improved 3D effect, the new wireless transfer… All relatively small additions on their own, but together they make for a darned worthwhile upgrade from the current 3DS options.

  5. Well, they know they will get more likes saying that they weren’t impressed, because more people are looking for reasons NOT to have to buy a new 3DS than for reasons why they will have to buy a new 3DS.

    I actually expect more articles like these. People need to justify their purchases and articles like these will help people save their money.

    1. But these articles should also inform people of what exactly the latest product is instead of just blindly bashing it like an Internet sheep and put the products at risk of failure unless the policies behind it are engineered to screw the customers like what the Xbox One tried to or currently doing.

    1. I guess that’s why highly requested or wanted characters were added into the new Super Smash Bros was to make more money. Oh wait! In that case, catering to the fans & making money go hand in hand! Same with an XL or this New 3DS. You do realize there were most likely a number of fans asking for stuff like that, right? Sometimes in order to make money, you have to cater to what a “small” group of fans want. I know I’m wasting my energy, though, considering your name screams troll. *grabs popcorn & waits for the possible response* This should be fun to see what it says as a comeback.

  6. we need a real old vs new test…. since there is more ram and stronger cpu in the new…

    1. compare loading times with old and new… games load faster on new.
    2. less slowdown or no slowdown in games that heavily use the cpu/ram
    3. you can enter miiverse with all games, new smashbros you cant with old
    4. loads faster eshop,miiverse, improved internet browser
    5. all buttons from a wiiu controller

    i bet there is many more to find when it arrive and there can be done more tests…

    1. They also throw in a Jab at the current 3DS, a machine that while somewhat weak, is NOT obsolete. Asshole.

      I will say that comments made by HollowG above are correct in that it will subdue fanrage and reduce the urgency to buy one. I probably won’t get one on day one.

      I’m REALLY curious at how much it will cost. That will be a make or break. If it were HD, I would have probably picked it up and took the early-adopter hit, but no way for a “DSi-caliber” update.

  7. They haven’t played it with any actual games made for it so it’s a pretty pointless thing to say. Of course it’s gna b the same as the other 3ds when u play it with games that are already out what do u expect

  8. oddly one of the major improvements is the 3d…even IGN say how improved it is,we will just have to wait and see for a proper preview review i guess

  9. I will absolutly buy it at launch. Read what IGN said about the new 3ds. Thats coming from an unbiased veiw point too. Engadget is obviously butt hurt over the new 3ds like so many others. Engadget probably wrote this artical before even seeing the new 3ds, or at least had it planned. Everyone I have read about on the internet has raved about the new 3d effect. How it is extremely improved. Plus more memory for better looking and bigger games.

    Ignore Engadget. For them to say that the current 3ds is obsolete, right after saying the new 3ds had no improvements, is the biggest contradiction i’ve heard all year.

  10. Whenever IGN criticized something about Nintendo or their games:
    “Can’t spell ignorant without IGN XDDD LOLOL! IGN obviously hates Nintendo, that’s why they’re trying to make Nintendo look bad!!!”

    IGN says positive things about the new 3DS:
    “OMG ignore what Engadget says, they just want to make Nintendo look bad!!! Read what IGN said about it instead, they are so right!!!”

    The hypocrisy is real.

    1. I’ve always respected IGN’s opinion, whether it’s anti-nintendo or not. No hypocrisy here. That’s why I said coming from IGN this is a very unbiased opinion. They believe the new 3ds is amazing, and knowing that they are not nintendo fanboys, I tend to believe them. Engadget said the old 3ds is obsolete, and then said the new 3ds is the same as the old one. Kind of contradicting in my opinion. Think I will take IGN’s word for it.

            1. I first started doing that because I didn’t like how the emoticons on Skype etc. looked like, but I still wanted to use emoticons. So the “reversed” way seemed like a good alternative. It’s just become habit after that, haha.

      1. True. When someone that usually downplays everything a company does, if they are doing a rare “this company’s new product is amazing!”, you better believe them.

  11. Bottom line…anyone who calls the current 3DS “obsolete” is a complete moron. Obsolete means something that is no longer supported, period. The 3DS clearly isn’t that.

  12. Engadget is full of Apple this, and Apple that. They bias that goddamn company so much, that they give hardware / software that isn’t made by Apple, lower scores in their reviews. See? Engadget is a POS.

  13. I’m not completely won over by this new 3DS either. It has better specs and stuff and can do things like faster internet browser, faster load times, enhanced 3D effect, more buttons, etc. But those are just side things. I want to actually see if they make better looking games with this thing and what exclusives they will put on it and stuff. I don’t really care about all the other stuff. Games are what matter most to me. I’ve never really been interested in Xenoblade Chronicles and I was definitely not going to get it for the ridiculous price it was going for on Amazon. I think I may try it if I get this 3DS, but I won’t get it for that game alone. I hope they put some more good exclusives and then If a decent amount interest me, I’ll definitely buy one. I bought my 3DS XL about 6 months ago so there is no point buying something only to get rid of it in less than a year. And I don’t have many games for it either. By next year, the chances of me getting one may increase since I’d have had it for a longer time, but there’s way too many other games to be focusing on to think about buying an upgrade to a system I already have. Especially since that money can be used towards games. Simply put, this thing has to have some great exclusives to convince me, otherwise I can just wait for Nintendo’s next handheld.

    1. Or you could go to your local Gamestop & see how good the trade in deal is. If you can get the New 3DS for just 50 bucks by trading in your current 3DS, I say go for it. Oh & make sure they’ll let you transfer any data between the 3DSs in the store if you want to carry over your data.

    2. Thats fair enough. I just finished Xenoblade a few months ago, so that game doesn’t do much for me either. But this is still a day one purchase for me simply for the better 3d effect. I love this effect, but I usually have to keep it turned off becouse of tilting and moving the 3ds. Now, I can literally look at the 3d from any direction, or any distance (to a certain extent) and not lose the effect. That alone was worth the upgrade in my opinion. And I promise you there will be lots “exclusives”. I really believe Nintendo plans to phase out the old 3ds’s and replace them with the new ones. Eventually, you will go to the store, and you won’t be able to even find an older model on the shelves. And thats a good thing.

      In the next two years we will be getting bigger 3ds games with better graphics, better 3d effect, and faster online connectivity. And frankly I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be happy about that.

      1. I’ll definitely trade or buy a new Nintendo 3DS but I want to make sure my purchase is going to be worth it. That’s why I’m looking specifically at the games instead of its hardware and other features. The fact that you say you don’t have to stay in a fixed position anymore for the 3D is great and is a big reason I may get it. I use 3D on most of my games, but I’m hoping this 3D effect is for all games, not just newer ones. I really want to see what Kid Icarus Uprising or Mario Kart 7 looks like with it! But I fear that if Nintendo puts too much focus on this thing and discontinues the old model, they will lose a lot of trust from customers.

        1. If the New 3DS was going to cost alot more than the current 3DS, I could understand feeling like they cheated people when the old 3DS is phased out by the New 3DS. But from what we’ve heard, they’ll cost maybe 10-20 bucks more than the old 3DS which isn’t a rip off at all considering how much the thing could actually go for. The good thing about the New 3DS phasing out the old 3DS is that people won’t be accidentally buying the old 3DS when they wanted the new one or getting confused by the difference between the New 3DS & the old 3DS.

          1. Yeah, that would be a good thing. There would be no reason to buy the older model at this point if you don’t already have one. Unless you plan on collecting one of the limited editions about to come out or you just really can’t wait to buy a 3DS. I don’t expect to get any kind of discount or reward or whatever for already having a 3DS when this new one launches, but I’m gonna be honest with you, it kind of does suck that you get nothing. Lol.

            1. It is nice when we’re given free stuff for our support, whether we like the free stuff or not. But they can’t give us free stuff all the time. We’re lucky we are getting anything at all, though. The video game industry could easily be just like the soft drink industry & only give us free stuff if we can be lucky enough to win a 1 in 1000 raffle type deal.

  14. As negative as they were being in their use of words, this article should calm some of the people thinking this is some great offense to them.

  15. I’ll probably get the New Nintendo 3DS day one, for a couple main reasons: I bought the original 3DS day one. It was great to have and I’d recommend it to anyone. Then the xl came out and my brother bought it and I could see first hand the difference. I didn’t personally feel that the difference was substantial enough to purchase the new console, simply because the original had no problems, and why fix something that isn’t broken? When I first found out about this I was like “whoa this is amazing I’m getting this day one!”

    Can’t we stop all this pointless arguing and just say that those of us who feel that it is worth the money and a great improvement will certainly get it, and those of us who feel that it isn’t worth your time can leave it alone?
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we don’t need nintendo lovers fighting with nintendo lovers. We have xbox and playstation bashing us enough already. Come on guys, the NES was built on a love for gaming, can’t we build this on it too?

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