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Here’s A Bayonetta 1 Wii U Vs Xbox 360 Comparison Video

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded a comparison video comparing the well-received Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta to the recently released Wii U version in Japan. The edge could go to the Xbox 360 version, but I will let you make up your own minds. Which version do you think looks the best?

125 thoughts on “Here’s A Bayonetta 1 Wii U Vs Xbox 360 Comparison Video”

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Hmmmm… it’s very difficult to say

    To me the graphics look vastly different in terms of contrast, Xbox being darker while the Wii U looks very light, but in me eyes it looks as though the Wii U version is running faster in terms of speed…

    1. The capture of Wii U has fucked up gamma ratio, should not be a problem of the game, but rather the settings that this is being rolled with.

    2. the xbox looks over saturated in colour and the blood splatter looks blurry because of that. also it looks more like a video game on xbox – the wii u version is more refined like a movie.

            1. I have a hidden “panty detector” embedded in my brain due to secret Japanese spy testing. You see, the Japanese have a secret plan to steal everyone’s panties and sniff them in unison. The force of the combined perversion would therefore be enough to cause every single feminist and social justice warrior to blow up, causing all of Tumblr and the surrounding Internet to implode upon itself, doing irreparable damage to the very fabric of comment threads and blog posts themselves.

              In other words, I have x-ray vision.

  2. YouTube videos never do justice to comparisons do the video doesn’t matter in my opinion, having said that I’d say the best version when it comes to technical specs is the 360 version because the game was built specifically for that console, I’m pleased with the WiiU performance though and the new costumes will me a reason to play the game again.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      Agreed, we are looking at a remade version that is amazing that it could be so copied.

      But graphics have never been an issue for me, if it plays good and is exciting, I don’t care how mundane the graphics are.

      (to a degree of course)

        1. It is literally just a port. They did that specifically so they could sell the game for free (or in Europe’s case, at a discount). If they took more time with the game, then they would have ended up selling it for more money

          Honestly, the game that people are buying for $60.00 is Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 1 is just an added bonus and the fact that it came to Wii U at all is a huge bonus for those who never got to play the original, because they never owned a 360 or PS3 version.

          So no one should be expecting Bayonetta 1 to be some amazing redone version of Bayonetta 1. They obviously cut corners with this version of Bayo 1 to conserve costs and who can blame them for that?

          1. Yeah, it is a port with minimal improvements, but a still the visuals looked a bit sharper as far as I could tell and if the framerate has really improved, we could talk of an enhanced port, in other words, better than the original.
            I don’t know what you mean with obvious corner cutting, but yes, it is essentially the same game, and as PG said itself, nothing has been removed.

            1. Cut corners, as in, just get the game running on Wii U. Usually Platinum takes the time to polish a game as much as Nintendo likes to polish a game. With the Power that the Wii U can output, if Platinum were “REALLY” porting Bayonetta 1 over to the Wii U for an actual profit, they would have taken there time, polished the graphics, the framerates, etc.

              They are “cutting corners” in a sense, but it’s not a “bad” kind of cutting corners. They are doing it to get the game out to as many people as possible.

              1. You can find multiple sites stating that the wii u port has smooth fps nothing on graphics do an online search scan first 5 pages and you can’t say much they give you bayo 1 and 2 for $60 while The Last Of Us was $50 remastered (Great Story! but multiplayer didn’t last long for me) and Zelda wind waker was 50 at first I Believe (but was free with Mario Kart 8). Too me that’s a deal.

          2. @strangablog, he’s 100% right with what he said. It’s just a port, nothing more, nothing less. It looks visually the same and to say otherwise would just expose your bias towards nintendo.

          3. Actually it is not a straight port. Platinum games said it was remade besides if it was a straight port it would have no game pad features and the nintendo character costumes would not be in it.

            1. It’s a straight port in terms of graphics. They slapped in some Nintendo costumes to give it that “Nintendo trademark,” but they didn’t want to spend tons of time and resources putting the game on Wii U, when they have the sequel to worry about.

              Yes it is compatible with the gamepad, but that would be like saying multiplatform games are never straight ports, because they have to take into account that each system has a different controller. To me, making Bayonetta work with the gamepad is no different, in a sense, than making Bayonetta utilize the PS3 or Xbox 360 controller.

    1. Honestly that’s a very biased fanboy opinion. Bayonetta on the PS3 ran terribly, bad framerate, crashes, etc, even though PS3 was a more powerful system than the 360. So the Wii U version MIGHT be in the same situation, like how Ubisoft ported AC 3 (though they ported Black Flag well). I don’t really know, I’ll just wait till Digital Foundry gives a solid report

          1. They tested MK8 framerate, only concluded to be 1FPS drop and completely exaggerated about it. That’s being ridiculous and why DF needs to consider calming the fuck down and test the games more thoroughly and with better tools on top of that.

      1. PS3 had the cell architecture to work with, thats why early games in that gen were better on 360, it was easier to develop for. Meanwhile the Wii U is powerPC just like the 360

      2. Didn’t digital foundry already stated that the 360 version ran better? I might be wrong though, but I hate how all these reports are coming out specially since the average gamer seems to think that the comparisons are between Bayo 1 on 360 and Bayo 2 on Wii U. I hate how they never really make it clear to the average idiot and just say its Bayo comparison.

    1. NO! How Could You! You Are Suposed To Say Both Looks inferior to the Ps3 version xD jk – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

  3. The videos popping up on youtube depicting this are so stupid. The Wii U version is just a port of the 360 Version… there isn’t going to be a difference, and if there is, it is because the videos were filmed with different cameras, or the gamma level needs to be adjusted on the t.v…

    1. actually platinum said they reworked some stuff in game even the framerate, they added extra stuff as well( such as the costumes) so its not just a port

      1. True…it CAN’T be “just a port” given they had to change some things.
        So, maybe not a significant upgrade, but not just a port either.
        That said, it’s free, and will be at least as good as the first release, with new costumes and gamepad integration. What more could we want with a free game? :D

      2. Platinum never said they reworked anything in the game. The only difference between Bayo 1 on the Wii U and Bayo 1 on the 360 is that the Wii U version can use Nintendo controllers and has exclusive Nintendo costumes.

        Everything else is straight up ported right into the game.

  4. I’m sad that I own a weak console…im sad Nintendo is always being compared to last Gen console I’m sad that Nintendo don’t understand western people I’m sad that Nintendo don’t listen to fan…i hate you Nintendo…all games we got are 720p only wind waker was 1080p even dk county a sidescroller was 720p you don’t satisfy the fans right…you don’t deserve our support. 😞

        1. Ugh! It sucks but I won’t be so concerned with the wait of Friday to come today since I’ll be too busy enjoying WWE’s Night of Champions. Then there is Raw the following night that will keep my mind off Hyrule Warriors, as well. Oh & Main Event on the WWE Network Tuesday night! For Thursday, I’ll be more concerned with Haven & Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Wednesday is the only day that I won’t have anything to keep my mind off Hyrule Warriors. I guess I could play a lot of Mario Kart 8 to keep me occupied. Maybe I’ll crack open Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper again, so I can re-familiarize myself with the gameplay & difficulty of higher difficulty settings.

        1. As Nicolas Cage said in Face/Off: But it’s cool! We’re gonna deal with it. Oh yes! We’re gonna deal with it! *makes a weak, short psycho laugh* lol

    1. There isn’t really a difference between 720p and 1080p if the graphic designers are actually good at their job.

      DKCTF looks beautiful and you wouldn’t even notice a difference if it ran at 1080p.

      Nintendo doesn’t understand the West because they live on the other side of the world… Kind of like how Westerners don’t understand people from the East. It’s a two way street.

      Nintendo does listen to fans, how else would we have gotten that Orcarina of Time remake? Or Mario Kart DLC? Or Megaman in Smash Bros? Or Bayo 1 packaged with Bayo 2 (Platinum said the decision was up to Nintendo, remember that.)? Or a new Star Fox game? etc etc etc

      Maybe you don’t deserve Nintendo????

      1. There’s a big difference between 720 and 1080P. I’ve seen 720P monitors and they look like trash compared to 1080P. I can instantly recognized 1080P when I see it. It’s not the same, trust me.

    2. You were on the mark til you said they don’t listen to fans & had cried about 720p as if it’s an obsolete resolution when it’s really not since most games are 720p native and are merely getting upscaled to 1080p.

    3. Why do you fucking care about graphics so much? Since when we play games just to look at something pretty? No one here really can see the difference between 720p and 1080p or if the game is 60fps. Only a few internet nerds in here, but everyone talks like if they knew the difference just to seem cool and how they like super cool graphics. Gamers are so insecure they need to play only shooters to feel cool and now gaming has become into a dudebro competition of who has the best console with best graphics and biggest power, like if they were comparing the size of their dicks, it’s not about entertainment anymore. Comments like his comment are pathetic and lame, who cares about graphics, sure, pretty is nice, but a little bit more or less of power is stupid and just getting mad at something useless, and all these people complaining about the power of a gaming machine really have no life.

  5. Watch the better captured Wii U version here.

    Dont judge the graphics of the game based on a youtube video ignorant fucks

  6. It’s a great fan service to bring the first one to us as well.
    This seems to be a competent port. That’s more than we expected after the initial reveal. I don’t get why people bitch about things we get as a bonus.
    I’m very happy to be able to play the first one.

  7. I don’t think a 30fps youtube video is a strong source for comparison. Its a brilliant game and the Wii U is an excellent way to play if you haven’t before I just want to revisit it.

  8. I love the damaged control. The 360 version looks better, which is sad because how much older the hardware is. Maybe nintendo needs to make a real next generation console next time.

    1. Exposed @LOL is bashing the wii u the whole time. Where do you see it looking better? Clearly looks the same and this video wouldnt show you the frame rate difference. Plus we are talking about them throwing this game in there with the second one. You must be a fanboy

    2. Bayonetta 1 was not made for the Wii U. Herp Derp.

      Games that run flawlessly on the Wii U are made from the ground up with the system’s hardware or are ported over with extreme care.

      The same rule applies to every home console, not just the Wii U.

    3. News flash, Lol the FAIL. The Wii U is a “REAL NEXT GENERATION” console. It’s a crying shame that you don’t play video games for a living just because Miyamoto’s vision is to see the Wii U focuses on the core market. Bayonetta 1 and 2 are primary examples. The same goes to Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros., Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a new Zelda title coming soon.

  9. The WiiU may be a weak piece of shit, but this comparison video is even worse. I can’t believe MNN used this video as a blog topic.

    1. Did you know there’s this amazing thing called photoshop? It’s like this thing that can change videos to look exactly like something else.

      Just thought you’d know about this.

        1. Yes, it was. However, after recent research, and your butt-buddy ceramicsaturn’s startling wake-up call, I have to edit my previous comment to repair the confusion that I may have caused.

          Adobe Aftereffects can edit video, not Photoshop.

          My apologies for the massive amount of confusion I must have caused with using the wrong product in my example. How can you ever forgive me?

  10. I cant believe they used it either. Watch this comparison video they posted, then go watch another video of the exact same intro that Nintendo posted without comparison video beside it. The difference is night and day. The Wii U version in this video is extremely bright and foggy for some reason. A real low quality video. It does not look like this anywhere else I see video footage. I believe this video has been tampered with. Like someone turned the brightness up all the way on the Wii U version.

  11. LMAO if you see, before you click it says locked at 30 fps then when you start it, it says 60 fps but youtube videos don’t show 60 fps

  12. Actually seeing it first hand I can say… Wii U version is much better because if you have eagle eyes like me you’d notice some slight changes in the textures but a lot amazing effects on the Wii U version that weren’t on the X360 version.

        1. It’s a port with added features. Pretty much just a port. But there is no way the 360 version looks that much better. How come this video footage above looks so much worse than every other bayonetta video on youtube? You can never trust these comparison videos. They are so easy to manipulate. That could very easily be PS3 footage. Then again the PS3 version didn’t even look this bad.

          1. This isn’t Bayonetta 2 though. Bayo 2 looks way better than this. They probably just copied/pasted the 360 version and added the Nintendo themed costumes and different control scheme. *shrugs* I don’t care though. I’m glad it’s there anyways. But I had plans to buy Bayonetta 2 even though I never played the first anyway.

  13. The edge goes to the 360? Are you saying the 360 one looks better? Is this guy for real?

    How the fuck will a 5 year old game look better than the same game remastered in HD in a more powerful console?

    Now I see Sickr is just a troll and just made that comment to start a flamewar in here to get views, of course the 360 one doesn’t look better, but he says it so people get mad and start commenting like crazy. I always new that Sickr was a huge troll, that’s why he has all his troll friends living here in his website…

  14. I think this video is bullshit, during E3 the Wii U version didn’t have that over light effect on it. I can’t even see the video well ’cause it looks all blurry everywhere. WTF!? And why the Wii U side has an effect? It wasn’t like that in E3, FAKE! Still better graphics…

  15. Every game should be 60FPS. It’s way better than 30. Anyone that says they can’t see the difference is lying to themselves. Just take one good look on the internet and educate yourself about it. Once you know what it looks like, you will never want to go back. Notice how smooth MK8 is? Play it with 3-4 players and the frame rate drops to 30. It looked terrible compared to 1-2 players 60FPS. Lol.

    1. Sure, lying to themselves if they are ninjas. Listen here J, not everyone here has eagle eyes like you. Yes, you can tell the difference, but it’s so slight that it’s only noticeable when you actually try to pay attention to it.

      1. It is definitely noticeable in racing games and other fast paced/action game. It’s really not that hard to see. I don’t have eagle eyes either. I found out what it was in 2011. Night and day difference.

        1. You must be lying to yourself, because if you can see that, then you obviously have eagle eyes. Doesn’t matter what game it is.

          1. I don’t have eagle eyes. I’m telling you it’s noticeable! 60FPS is smooth as butter. You do not get that smooth feeling from 30FPS. Anyone that doesn’t notice it probably hasn’t spent enough time looking at it. (I was exaggerating about the lying part.)

      2. Actually I do notice it and I need glasses later on, my eyesight is starting to fail, although when the actually race started I just said “fluff it”.

    2. It doesn’t look terrible, don’t exaggerate over stupid shit. Go with your demanding nerdy shit somewhere else! Could you be more annoying? Crying in a Nintendo news website over how in MK8 it goes down from 60fps when you play with friends. What a loser with no life, no wonder you are here the whole fucking day…

      1. Are you dumb? I am not complaining about the game, I was trying to make a comparison between the frame rate. And yes, I exaggerated about it being “terrible”. Quit worrying about what I have to say and get off the site if you can’t handle what someone says. First of all, I love Mario Kart 8 and I even played it a few hours ago. There you go judging people before you even actually know anything about them. :)

  16. Everyone please stop complaining about your precious graphics -_- Look at Shovel Knight, one of the best games of 2014 of the graphics were horrible! It doesn’t matter about the graphics but about how well the game catches your attention…

    1. You’re right about one thing. Graphics don’t matter on an indie developed, 2D side scroller. Other then that you should start your opinions as IMO, (In my opinion) … IMO.

  17. They had been complaints about Bayonetta’s framerate, even though I thought it was still great to play myself. But man, the Wii U version looks like shit, it’s like the old one, with less shaders and shit.

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