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Animal Crossing Content Coming To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom has announced that Animal Crossing content will be coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan. The developer says you can dress your Felynes as Animal Crossing’s Isabelle and Mr Resetti in the upcoming game. You can watch the adorable trailer, above.

Thanks, Rafmandx and Fbt

26 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Content Coming To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

  1. Monster hunter 4 ultimate we get Link skin costume, mario and luigi costumes for cats and now we get 2 pets for animal crossing new leaf.
    p.s. i almost forgot we get the master sword and the shield. wow monster hunter 4 ultimate has a lot Nintendo content

  2. Wow! … Nintendo is going All-In with this crossover movement lately. Even Sega is getting in on the action, with the Sonic armor in this game as well.

    Costumes in Bayonetta. Armor in Monster Hunter. 3rd Party in Smash. Zelda and Animal Crossing in MarioKart.

    What’s next? Mario and Metroid DLC for Hyrule Warriors? Animal Crossing stage in Captain Toad? Fire Emblem characters in Zelda WiiU?

    I’m not sure if I like or hate this trend yet. On the ine hand … I’m actually really enjoying some of these crossovers. On the other hand … wtf? Some of this is just getting absurd. I can see this turning to a bitter taste in gamers mouths very quickly, and fir some, I think it already has.

    Careful Nintendo. Don’t over do it.

    1. That said (and typos aside), after watching this video … even though I’m not an Animal Crossing fan (just never played) … this actually looks pretty adorable.

      Like any other item armor or weapon in the game, no one will be FORCED to use it, so … eh … why not?

      Count me Amused.

    2. In the cases of Mario Kart & Hyrule Warriors, it’s okay for stuff like this to happen with them since they are just spin offs, so it won’t harm the canon of the games. For Monster Hunter, it’s just armor & not the actual character, so they can get away with it for those, as well. So I highly doubt they’ll be doing this for canon games. And even if they did, it would just be harmless easter eggs.

  3. …Right, whatever. Just don’t reciprocate it in the next AC game. God only knows that was enough of a pain in MGS: Peace Walker.

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