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Devil Survivor 2 Break Record Is Alive And Coming To Japan In 2015 (Trailer)

Atlus has announced that the long-awaited Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is alive and well and is coming to Japan on January 29th, 2015. The company also released a brand new trailer for the 3DS game which you can view in all its glory, above. There’s currently no word regarding when we can expect the game over here in the west.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

14 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2 Break Record Is Alive And Coming To Japan In 2015 (Trailer)”

  1. I still have both Devil Survivor 2 DS & Overclocked on my back log, & I got them @ or near launch. Damn… Time & tide wait for no man.

  2. How does it play? Is it top view perspective and you can see your characters? Or is it first person perspective like a first person shooter?

    I am thinking about getting Devil Survivor Overclocked or Soul Hackers for my 3DS and for both games some videos that I saw the first one looks like it’s top view perspective with some parts of the game and for Soul Hackers shows first person perspective like you can’t see your characters.

    1. Overclocked is more a Strategy RPG, so the top-down view you’re seeing is unit placement. But when engaging in battle, it switches to a 1st person view & plays more like a traditional RPG.

      I played Soul Hackers. Kinda dated & kinda tough, but I enjoyed it. Anyway, traversing dungeons & battling is in 1st person, basically the entire game is. The battle system is a traditional, turn-based RPG affair. Of course, friending demons, using them in battle, & fusing them makes it more than just that. & the remake provides a few helpful additions to offset its somewhat dated & difficult nature. You’ll still be grinding, though.

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