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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Sells Through 93 Percent Of Its Shipment

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has sold through 93.45 percent of its shipment in Japan. Since its debut in the region on September 13th, the hand-held version of the fighting title shifted about 944,644 copies at retail. By comparison, the Wii console’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl sold approximately 819,647 copes at launch and experienced a sell-through of 94.37% of its shipment. It was recently revealed that Super Smash Bros for 3DS surpassed the one million sales mark during its first couple days on sale in Japan.

96 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Sells Through 93 Percent Of Its Shipment”

  1. That’s awesome. But the Wii U version is still the better version regardless of 3DS sales. You just can’t beat HD Smash. Waiting will be worth it.

      1. The Wii U and 3DS versions have different modes so it doesn’t make sense to say it’s missing something that was never there in the first place. Wii U will have its own modes seperate from 3DS version. And you can use many different control options and even the GC controller to play the game the way you want. Not to mention, you can battle with four players locally using whatever controller you want and the Wii U’s stages are completely different from the 3DS as well. And add to the fact that it’s HD, brawling with Nintendo characters will look better than ever. The 3DS version is merely an appetizer for the main course. The Wii U version…

        1. Which modes do you speak of? You really didn’t say anything that changes anything, other then it being in HD. The 3ds has stages that are different from the WiiU …those cancel each other out. I couldn’t care any less about the different controllers other then the gamepad, this is the WiiU after all. I couldn’t care any less about local mp. As far as I’m concerned the WiiU version is gimped.

          1. Not even.
            It can hook up to wired internet for better stability, there are more stages and each stage features more musical options than the 3DS version, there’s more controller options, and there’s certain to be more modes as well as the ability to post screenshots, which the 3DS version cannot do due to hardware limitations.
            Not even including the HD factor, Smash Wii U is FAR from gimped.
            It’s likely going to be the one that the core playerbase chooses for competitive play.

            1. Yea are u guys forgetting that smash bros for 3ds is gonna run at 60fps unlike wii u even with stereoscopic 3d on. Also hi hd graphics dont make a game. and finally 3ds can be taken ANYWHERE. 3ds>>>wii u

              1. And your proof for that is, where?
                The Wii U version is going to run at a smooth 60FPS, too. Don’t even kid yourself.
                3D is nice but not needed.
                And I can take my Wii U to anywhere there’s an outlet, plug in, and play.

                1. I actually used to do that when I went to the train station. Wii U inside book bag and plug it into the outlet while playing on the Gamepad waiting for my train. XD

                  1. I used to take my Wii out to the local coffee shops alongside a small TV, plug all of that in, and play stuff like Smash and Xenoblade in public.
                    It’s grand fun and it’s a good way to meet fellow gamers.^_^

              2. You will have to purchase an ethernet adapter for WiiU. Umm, Fuck that, Nintendo can eat shit.

                More… musical …options? Uh, lol? Not sure if you’re serious or not.

                Basically sreenshots, musical tracks and an option to not use the WiiU’s main controller?

                I disagree. I think the core home console gamers have left Nintendo for Xbox and Sony. ( and no, I don’t mean that every core gamer has passed on the WiiU ) I only mean that you will find the majority of the Nintendo core on Nintendo’s mobile console.

                1. Are you seriously trying to argue that the 3ds version is better than the full-on console version? Besides the fact that you’ve never played the wii u version and have probably only played the 3ds demo at most, you’re either completely out of touch with reality, or you’re just butthurt because you don’t own a wii u and you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re not being left out with your 3ds version.

                  But trust that no one who actually knows anything about smash bros. (other than you) will ever consider the portable side-project version of the game to be better than the main console version. There are just simply too many advantages tipping the balance in wii u’s favor. The discrepancy in hardware capabilities alone are enough to give the wii u the ultimate version of the game. Glad you’re able to enjoy your 3ds version, but you can stop being ridiculous now.

                2. Also, ethernet adapters are incredibly cheap. I got mine for less than $10. But it’s not essential anyway if your wireless connection is decent, so how is this a problem for you? Considering the fact that you believe that the 3ds, which has a much weaker wireless antenna than wii u, will have the better version of the game, implying that you find the 3ds’ internet capabilities to be satisfactory, it’s really comical and hypocritical for you to have such lofty standards for wii u’s internet connectivity capabilities that your response to those capabilities is “fuck that.” Yeah man, the 3ds version is totally better than the version on wii u, which has a superior wireless internet connection over that of the 3ds AND the option to play with a wired connection. Totally makes sense.

                3. Noooooo, you don’t have to do that.
                  You can use the LAN adapter for the Wii on the Wii U and it works just fine.

                  And yes, more music options: Sakurai himself has stated that each stage in the Wii U version will feature more music to choose from than the 3DS stages will, because there’s more room to fit them.

                  Screenshots are a pretty nice bonus and a lot of people are sad that the 3DS can’t do them, the musical tracks are a good thing for the Wii U, and the majority of the players that are anticipating the next Smash on console will be using a Gamecube Controller adapter.
                  And just in case you missed it, there are a LOT of people that have been waiting for Smash to pick up a Wii U.
                  Most of them core gamers.

              1. An option to abandon the gamepad (the WiiUs main feature) is the main reason that the WiiU version is superior, in your opinion.

                That is NOT good!

                1. Im a veteran ssb player and very competitive too, ive put tons of hours into the 3ds demo and sadly it isnt the same. Im sure a lot of people will use the gamepad for me these hands were made to play Smash on a gamecube

                2. Smash Bros was “designed” to be played with a gamecube controller. Sakurai knows this and is specifically skipping over the gamepad in favor of the game cube controller.

                  This means te gamepad was never the primary choice to begin with which means everything is going according to Sakurai’s and Nintendo’s plans.

                  Having the gamecube controller option on the Wii U version automatically makes the Wii U version 100 x better. It’s impossible to play Smash as good as you possibly can without it.

        2. I don’t see how the Wii U ver is missing half of the game when it’s going to have more content that the 3ds couldn’t handle, but I agree with your
          “HD isn’t THAT important.” comment.

            1. Wow do you guys think sakurai is stupid. like honestly he knows about DLC and suprise factors. Sakurai hasnt said anything yet because he has a huge suprise for everyone. There is modes like no other smash has had on the wii u. other than new modes dont assume we wont have event mode , stage builder, special, and tourney returning. those will definitely be there. Smash run isnt Sh%* compared to what is instore for wii u owners

            2. Pinkink. Sakurai has not reveales which modes the Wii U version will have yet. he has been saving them for the pic of the day. He has spent time goong iver the 3DS cersion, but the Wii U’s modes will be revealed in the near future.

              Knowing that the Wii U version “will” have it’s own exclusive modes (As Sakurai has said) and it will simply have more content due to the game being in the more powerful Wii U instead of the 3DS. This all means the Wii u version will be superior.

              We can’t tell you which modes are actually in the game, but we know that they are there.

            3. Hm, your ignorance is big, or your brain is too small. Maybe both. Why do you think they havent shown a Wii U version direct? Because if they do, the 3ds version wouldnt look that good and some people may skip it in order to buy the Wii U version, wich release date isnt too far away.
              Trust me, the Wii U version will have way more content than the 3ds limited version. Yes, limited. You’ll see after the Wii U version is released. Sakurai needs to make the console version way more attractive, and he knows HD isnt enough. How will he? Just wait until the 3ds version is released, then its Wii U time. But I dont blame you, you are acting exactly as Nintendo want you to act. ” OAH the 3ds version way moar cool I buy it no need lame plain hd only Wii U version lol at everyone else…” Then when they present the Wii U version you’ll be drooling like a little dog. I can hear Iwata and Sakurai laughing internally.

      2. I’m sorry. If you replied to my last post could you tell me what it was? I always check this site on my phone so i can’t… you know. I agree btw, on Smash being better in HD. Hugs!

    1. Nintendo IS DOOMED!!! D:<
      Ok… had to do that before those idiots come posting that garbage…
      But yeah it is really impressive that it hasn't been out here and they sold that much D:
      Now imagine when it gets released over here….

      1. Dude, there’s less than a month between the JP and international releases, that’s insanely good. Some of the best games are given more than a year in Japan before they’re shipped to the states and the EU.
        Be grateful.

        1. Sure, but Pokemon sure benifited from having the release dates the same. Smash, has alot riding on it, so having the spoils revealed a month earlier, has the hype diminish, quite a bit. Who would want to play a game about secret only to know all the secrets beforehand? Not alot. Pokemon is a bigger series, sure, but I would argue that Pokemon X & Y saved the 3DS.
          And guess what? IT WAS INTERNATIONAL! It’s hard to greatful for having the game be spoiled, and the only way to avoid the new characters is by getting off the Internet, which is unrealistic.

    2. Really glad about this. I downloaded the demo and absolutely love it.
      Being Nintendo, I really hope they finally buck their ideas up on the online front with this game, especially on the Wii U. Anything online with Nintendo is just painful. Trying to get into the eShop takes ages.
      To digress, I’m a massive fighting game fan and constantly follow the FGC, they hype for this game is high. If they nail this, and by nail I mean, great online functionality and make a plethora of DLC, it could be really great, god knows the Wii u needs a boost. As much as you fanboys don’t like to admit it, the Wii U (Not Nintendo) is in massive trouble.

      1. From the second I press the e-shop icon, til I get on the e-shop is probably 5-8 seconds. Extremely fast for me to get online. Everything on the e-shop is also extremely fast for me too. Add that to Nintendo’s new quick start menu and you have the fastest system out of all the big three. I really don’t know how Nintendo could improve very much on that, at least from an ‘online speed’ perspective.

        Who’s your internet provider? Maybe that is the cause.

          1. Your comment complains about slow internet by Nintendo, than you say you hope they buck down on the Wii U’s internet, but then when someone says that the Wii U internet is already great, you say you are talking about the 3DS???


      2. Sorry to break it to you, but if you are having slow internet problems, then it is “you” or your internet’s fault. Not Nintendo.

        My Wii U moves at light speed with all the Wii U updates that Nintendo has dished out.

        Takes 2 seconds to load eShop.

    3. Very impressive, but I still believe not having a worldwide simultaneous launch will ultimately hurt thier sales. As it will for Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta too. For some reason the hype dies down a bit once it gets released in Japan and game footage starts circulating around. I can’t believe Nintendo hasn’t figured this out yet….

        1. Indeed this is so very true. And has always been like this, even as far back as the 80s.

          Will they ever change? I doubt it. Being a Nintendo fan is not easy.

      1. Why does it matter though? I mean, it isn’t like you can get the game on a different console and in some sense it raises anticipation. It sucks because you know it is out there and can’t have it, but other than that, what does it change? Not gonna buy it because one country got it a month early?

      2. How will it hurt their sales? What, will having the roster spoiled make people not want to play the game? That’s stupid.

    4. LIKE i’ve always told myself,the HD version will be the superior version. So many more things you can do. And there are still surprises I’m sure. Hugs people! =)

      1. Not really. It’s sold EXTREMELY well everywhere else. Japan is just Nintendo’s area where they dominate. If Smash 3DS can outsell Destiny’s sales by about say 3X, then yeah.

        1. Sold extremely “well” through yet another dumbass overhype by Bungie’s name and got yet another legit shitty review. That’s like what? 3-4 disappointing overhyped games in a row this year? lol

          If Smash 3DS beat Detsiny there without a problem, everywhere else will be just as easy.

              1. I haven’t seen anyone that owns a Wii U. There are a couple of people that have 3DS’S where I live but no one has a Wii U. Nintendo definitely screwed up in terms of advertising. How are people gonna buy Smash Bros for Wii U when they don’t even know what the console itself is? Lol.

    5. Nintendo should also announce the release date of the wii u version. I can’t wait more to about this. They are taking too much time man!!

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