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Nintendo Europe Reveals Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2DS Clear-Cased Bundles

2DS_red_blue_clearNintendo of Europe has today unveiled a brand new 2DS bundle for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The new bundles come with a pre-installed copy of either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, with the 2DS casing entirely transparent in appearance in either red or blue. Both bundles will arrive on November 28 – the European release date for the latest Pokemon games.

For long-term Nintendo fans, the transparent casing will be no stranger to a collection, given Nintendo’s affinity to the clear handheld structure since the original Game Boy.  But for those who wish to own a clear 2DS – pictured above – without opting for the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire bundles, you can do so on November 7 when the pack will go on general sale. Nintendo of Europe has yet to confirm prices for both, however.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Reveals Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2DS Clear-Cased Bundles”

      1. You are stupid. This is called alpha sapphire and omega red. This was said to be a new version of the old sapphire and red with just new graphics.

        1. 1-3/WaW was WW2 based which is probably the most popular war time among FPS fans. MW1 is and still the best COD game period. MW2 is a direct continuation with a change in multiplayer perk and killstreak system BUT if it wasn’t for certain perks that unbalanved the game permanently, it would’ve been the best COD after 4. But then this is where it goes downhill from here but now only Treyarch is serious to try changing up COD but still falls short. But from IW (or “new” IW) stamdpoint, they’re not even trying anymore and AW seems to be taking it too far. Its still the same familiar shit every year with a broken and unbalanced multiplayer. All they do now is change timelines as an excuse to make it look different but only add a few additions which means nothing with fixing multiplayer.

          Pokemon however, I’ll explain its differences:

          Gen 2: 2 new types, new region, explore last gen region Kanto which is among the most favorite feature to fans: re-explore past regions.
          Gen 3: Berries, new region, first gen with 2 villain groups, PKMN Contest, Battle Frontier, first region with desert terrain, overworld Secret Bases.
          Gen 4: First PKMN game with online and wireless features, new region, 3D-ish visuals, touch screen support, first region with snow and swamp terrain, underground Secret Bases with Fossil/Treasure digging and wireless DLC via PKMN Events, Gobal Trade Station
          Gen 5: (This is the least improved generation) New region, deeper storytelling, first PKMN game with integreted IR function, improved 3D engine, “Fusion” PKMN (which I think its sorta cool but rather complicated), random weather and seasonal changes.
          Gen 6: New region, new fairy type, “Mega” Evolution which is the series biggest change, first “3D” stereoscopic PKMN game, Wonder Trade, Super Training, full PKMN interactivity w/ mini games

          Tell me again how is PKMN an annual lazy update and COD is not? Wake the fuck up bro.

          1. You know…what you see is what you’ll believe. I could just as well count it that way for call of duty. since I don’t play it, I wouldn’t know which one had what new features, but let’s try.

            Yeah, If you’ll count things like “new region, deeper storytelling, random weather and seasonal changes and small features like berries, battle frontier” why not count “new perks, new weapons, zombie mode, alien mode, new story, better graphics, more scorestreaks, the ability to play as a dog, jetpacks…” I never said that cod is not a lazy annual game, but you pokemon retards or bettter yet, nintendo retards should understand how big of hypocrites you are

            1. Zombies is popular and its one of my personal favorite COD additions which proves why Treyarch is better. Extinction is a cheap carbon copy of Zombies without trying to be better on its own. New perks often fuck up the multiplayer, dont believe me? Look at MW2/3 and then Ghosts with its overuse of 3-6 perks at once. New story? Only BO1/2 and maybe MW2 had a great story but everything else is just the same rewrite. BO2 probably has the best story mode with multiple endings and choices. Not sure if there’s gonna be a BO3 since AW is in and the multiple ending leaves almost no continuation. Maybe Treyarch might make COD S.W.A.T and compete with Battlefield Hardline. lol

              Right. lol We’re hypocrites…answer me this: You buy EA Sports every year?

              1. now you just went to fight a whole another fight. this is now a question of opinions what sucks and what doesn’t. someone may say that new pokemon suck or that new additions to pokemon games suck. that is an opinion.

                I said that neither do i buy pokemon nor do i buy cod every year. I never bought a sports game. i hate those shits. you are hypocrites saying that pokemon games and 2d mario games are HOLY SHIT DEM GAMES, but call of duty and battlefield are fucking carbon copies every year

      1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

        Come on, we both know who the final boss is.

        Besides, you’ll have a hard time figuring out how to beat him

          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

            You’ll see, especially since Hard mode is challenging enough, there is also Hero mode and restriction battles.

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