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Check Out Volga’s Relentless Destruction In New Hyrule Warriors’ Trailer

Koei Tecmo has uploaded a new character trailer for the fire-breathing villain Volga. As one of the main antagonists from the Dynasty Warriors and Zelda mash-up, Hyrule Warriors, he relies solely on vicious attacks to swallow up his enemies on the battlefield, sadly to the detriment of the Goron race in the above trailer. By using his magical ability to transform into a dragon, Volga has the advantage of blitzing enemies from within his own whirlwind of destruction.

As part of free DLC arriving in North America and Europe, Hyrule Warriors’ fans can download Cia, Volga, and Wizzro as playable characters on October 16. If you missed Cia’s character trailer yesterday, make sure you check it out, here. With two of the main antagonists receiving trailers, Wizzro should certainly be next in line.

8 thoughts on “Check Out Volga’s Relentless Destruction In New Hyrule Warriors’ Trailer”

  1. I kind of hope the DLC after this just gets crazy and weird. Like son obscure levels (zoras domain, Hyrule lake, castel town, the town from majoras mask) and strange characters, majora, mad salesman, the bar tender and shawmen from TP, demon ganan, the leader of the gorato,

  2. Enjoying this game way more than I expected to from the trailers. I even replay all the scenarios as different characters on different difficulties when I get to them. Great game to just play for a little bit each day and really look forward to jumping back into it the next chance you get.

    1. From what I can tell. He even transforms into a dragon similar to volvagia for one of his moves. Maybe Cia used her dark magic on him to turn him into a human…? I dunno.

      1. Now that you two mention it, Volga does practically scream Volvagia. In fact, just remove gia from the name, replace the second v with the g being removed, & we get Volga. >.<

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