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Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed Unity Couldn’t Run On Wii U

Alex Amancio, creative director at Ubisoft, has confirmed to Red Bull that the reason Assassin’s Creed Unity won’t be coming to the Wii U is the system simply couldn’t run it. Amancio said that the team didn’t want to put out a lesser version of the game on the platform.

“It couldn’t, it really couldn’t. I mean this is why we from the beginning, this was going to be a new-gen-only title, because the crowds aren’t aesthetic, they actually have impact. If we did anything to hinder that or to reduce that it would have a detrimental impact, it wouldn’t be the same experience. I don’t think that would be fair to fans, to sell the same game but with different levels of experience. Even the seamless nature of the series and the scale of the game right, we couldn’t do that. We never load Paris. It wouldn’t be possible, in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game.”

251 thoughts on “Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed Unity Couldn’t Run On Wii U”

    1. If they didn’t want to make a lesser version, then why Rouge is skipping Wii U without reason and WTF are they giving us a shittier Watchdogs at full price, automatically contradicting what they just said?

      You can tell they’re full of shit because they never build any fucking demo for the Wii U, not even Rouge that’s going on the weaker 360/PS3. Hypocritical lying fucks…

      1. They did build a demo. I think I need to clarify something here. What they mean by “not being able to run” they’re talking about gameplay related content, not simply graphics. The crowds from what I’ve seen from the last two games are nothing compared to Unity. This game has renders a VAST amount of NPC’s on screen at once. I think it’s like 5000 or something in at once. And that’s not even counting everything else in the game. The Wii U only uses like 1GB of RAM for games so this is difficult to put on screen. The crowds in Assassin’s Creed games are very important and they help a lot. Trust me, I think the most they could even put on the Wii U version would be only a bit more than the previous games. It’s better that they didn’t do this because it wouldn’t be anywhere near the same experience as other consoles. When you see the amount of NPC’s on the Wii U version compared to THOUSANDS on the PS4 and Xbox One version, the half attempted ports they put on the Wii U before would look good in comparison. Lol. And as for Assassin’s Creed Rogue, I don’t think it would’ve sold well at all. It wouldn’t have been worth it. Looking at how many hate comments there are towards Ubisoft in these comments alone indicates that. Some even go as far to insult Assassin’s Creed itself just because of how much they hate Ubisoft. Lmao.

        1. Is there a way of contacting Ubisoft via email or written letter? I can’t find an address or email on their website. It’s not really user friendly.

        2. No they didn’t build shit and Watchdogs is obvious prove of that they’re lying bastards about doing something with Wii U. They never did shit and you’re a huge fool still believing they give a fuck.

          1. Why do we bother with Hollow, stranga? Like dreager, he apparently likes getting raped in the ass by EA 2.0. Why else do they always defend this capitalist, lazy, bullshit spewing companies? That’s masochists for you.

            1. I think you mean EA 3.0 (Activision became 2.0 years ago). lol

              Anyway, sure why not. Let this fool get handled through the “back door” and then “upstairs” where everything is as dysfunctional as that dumb bitch Sarah Palin which both have abysmal intelligence and a warped realities.

        3. Yeah maybe 1gb for gaming in 2008 was enough but since dumb Nintendo didnt think of the possiblities in software explanding getting larger 8 years later, too stupid to had thought about an increase back in Wii U’s R&D. This is what happenes if the current Camry in Toytoa’s R&D for 2021 was just more powerful than the 2014 Fusion. Stupid to think the market doesnt change when currently working in R&D. After all why would any rival competing with Apple have something in R&D not focusing on what the Iphone 7 will be like? See Nintendo should have thought of PS4 not PS3 in 2008.

          1. Your forgetting the chip bandwidth ram at minimum 563.2GB mate….the edram when used with the ddr3 u get huge performance…..

        4. Blah blah blah! The real reason is they are cheap, lazy, & greedy! It would take too much time & money for development time & to their employees to actually make the game work on the Wii U. OH wait. I forgot I’m talking to one of Ubishit’s damage controllers on here. My bad. Just ignore me.

          1. Did you even read what I just said? For gods sake, please be intelligent about the situation. Name calling just makes you look immature. I’m trying to explain why this might be happening and you go into insulting me instead. I know you’re supposed to be my friend, but I’m getting really sick and tired of that shit. I don’t ever insult you and yet you do it all the time to me. What’s the deal?

          2. Now that I think about it, you and Stranga seem to be the main ones calling me names and whatnot. Just because I don’t agree with everything you have to say makes me a sheep, doesn’t it? “Hollow is supporting a company I don’t like! Why don’t we make fun of him?” Every single time this is what you do. Why don’t you just accept the fact that I like to play Ubisoft games and move on? I don’t worship Ubisoft, they do things that I don’t like too. But do you see me having a fit about it? In fact, Nintendo has probably frustrated me more than any other company I know and yet I still have a Wii U because I like to play the games. By your logic, I’m a sheep to Nintendo as well. You’re honestly getting on my nerves with the insults. I already had a similar discussion with Stranga not really that long ago and he toned down his behavior so you should do the same. You’re really pushing it and this is the last straw. I’m not gonna keep accepting insults back and forth and if you still consider me as a friend, I suggest you stop that. I mean it.

    2. Dude, stop impersonating me. Lol I already said I don’t use that name anymore so you fail. XD Although I’ll give you credit for impersonating me pretty well. :P

    3. This is bullshit. It can run on a Xbox360/PS3 but not on a WiiU? Does Ubisoft think that their consumers are fools ?

  1. “in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game.” forgot about watch dogs already?

        1. Honestly, I would kill for those E3 graphics. (Not literally XP) Those were amazing. And the gameplay they showed was just epic. It seems like Ubisoft has a habit of showing false gameplay to hype up stuff and it is getting pretty annoying. Although I definitely enjoyed Assassin’s Creed 3 the demo they showed of the Wii U was better than most of the game. I noticed Connor (the Assassin in AC3) do an ability that was non-existent in the full game. And when he was sneaking up on some guys while climbing a tree, he used the rope dart and hung that guy on the tree and silently escaped. Then the guards started looking for him and he blended in with the crowd and brutally attacked one of the guards as they walked by and then boom. Epic fight starts. Lol. Unlike the final game where you use your damn rope dart, hiding or not, the guards will immediately spot your ass and begin chasing you. Come on now, wtf? XD

            1. Are you really going to go there with me? I don’t care how angry you are at Ubisoft, don’t start using me to put the blame on. I don’t have anything to do with games not being on the Wii U or any of the situation with third party developers. I don’t take this stuff seriously at all and I’m sitting here trying to have decent conversations with people in the comment section about the situation and I really don’t have time to argue with anyone that’s going to keep being negative. I see you also put negativity towards me on my other comment about Assassin’s Creed Rogue where I was joking and trying to make you feel better. Don’t stoop to that level.

                1. are you for real? if the xb1 and the PS4 cant do this game at 1080p because the cpu which is a mobile imitation of a real 8core cpu ( the ps4 and xb1 cpu is a 2 amd quadcores together is not a real 8core like the amd fx black edition) can’t handle this…why make you think that the wii u with only 3cores at 1,2ghz will? am a nintendo fan but am realistic…wii u cant handle this game ant that is the truth…but i also agree that ubisoft is full of it…what they did with black list, ac4, reyman and watchdog prove they don’t care about nintendo fans…but in this case? yes is true the wii u is too weak to run Assassin Creed Unity bottom line.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      That’s why it’s called a FLOCKING PORT Ubisoft! I played through your half-hearted attempt at Splinter Cell Chaos theory for GameCube. The transparent doors at near the end of the game DIDN’T WORK. But still, you left in the dialogue which points out, how awesome the transparent doors were. It was like you were taunting me.

  2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Just don’t say anything you lazy Ubisoft fucks, you don’t want to put it on the Wii U because you have a grudge against it.

    1. What grudge does Ubisoft have against the Wii U? They put out Rayman Legends and ZombiU, two of the best third party games on the console, in addition to two Assasin’s Creed games and four Just Dance titles. If any third party developer is able to say “Hey, look, we tried.” I think it’s them.

      1. Agreed. I think most people here are really overreacting. The only content missing from the games they usually out on Wii U is additional content. A.k.a: Stuff that isn’t needed. I have Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U and the additional content, all of it, is there. And I still do not feel like I need to buy it at all yet. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the multiplayer and that DLC want necessary for my enjoyment. I don’t buy DLC unless it’s something I really like or want to try out. The only DLC I can actually think of from any Ubisoft game I’m interested in is the Bad Blood DLC for Watch Dogs. But I’ve seen way too many negative-mixed reviews and I’ve lost a lot of interest in the game at this point. I think Ubisoft is letting sales get to them too much and that they should just try to take a few more tries before finally giving up. If the sales situation is beyond horrible though then I guess I could understand. With all the hate going on for them from the Nintendo fanbase I don’t think they would ever regain their respect and almost every game they put out on the Wii U is almost guaranteed to bomb so they probably see it as just not worth it anymore. Even if they actually put full effort into one of their games and maybe even gave the Wii U version exclusive content, there’s still some really extreme people that go out of their way and swear on their grave that they will never support Ubisoft again. Yes, Ubisoft had not put enough effort into supporting the Wii U but I also think Nintendo fans are being a bit histrionic about the situation.

  3. “I don’t think that would be fair to fans, to sell the same game but with different levels of experience.” And yet they release Assassin’s Creed games yearly and they’re never that much different from their predecessors. Also, about not being able to run on Wii U and not wanting to give Wii U owners a lesser game, that could be easily fixed by not splurging most of the budget on the visuals. That way it won’t require as much horse power and it will be able to work on both systems. Gameplay over visuals, that’s how it should be.

    1. Assassin’s Creed games are very different from one another maybe not always gameplay-wise but the story is always different. They put a lot of effort in researching the time period of which the game takes place in. And the quality of the game is still there so I don’t think we can complain about yearly installments just yet.

      Also, I don’t think its the visuals that would impede the game from running on the Wii U. The 5,000 NPC’s alone would take a toll on the 2 GB of available RAM on the system, as opposed to XB1’s and PS4’s 8 GB of RAM.. Anyone who’s played earlier Assassin’s creed games can tell you how crucial crowds are to the gameplay, so they do make a valid point about not wanting to give Nintendo fans a lesser game.

      1. Besides the timeline of “Wikipedia” history facts changing BS, it’s just another COD wannabe trying to capitalize as much dumbass money from dumbass people as possible.

  4. Yeah, true you couldn’t give it to a 3rd string development team and expect them to do first rate work so its time to give up on it.

    1. O yeah, bro, we tried to run it on that Wii U thing, but it wouldn’t run on there because we removed 1000 lines of code to make it cheaper to make.

  5. Or maybe, as you have done in the past, you just didn’t want to actually have to work on making a decent port. Watchdogs ring a bell? #fuckubisoft.

  6. lol what a farking liar. Every game but Rayman Legends has seen them release an inferior port for the Wii U version. What he meant to say, and what I can’t stand about these idiots, is…we don’t feel the extra work our under talented teams would need to bring the game up to PS4one levels is worth it due to our belief that the game won’t sell well enough on the the Wii U. Huge difference between the Wii U being incapable and they just don’t feel like it. Mario Kart, X, Zelda U all prove AC Unity isn’t too much for the Wii U to handle.

    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      Also add Neo Racing, Toad Treasure tracker, Bayonetta 2. Also doesn’t every 3d Metroid on a home console take full advantage of the hardware too?

      1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

        Captain Toad takes full advantage of the Wii U? Are you serious? Lmao games on the Wii U now already look better than that. XD

        1. Mario Kart 8 nor 3D world use the gamepad like treasure tracker. And Treasure Tracker looks better than 3D world. And what other game on Wii U besides Zelda U looks better than TTT?

    2. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

      It’s not about it not being able to handle it. It’s about being able to run it at a next gen level. AC Unity is supposed to be the first next gen game in the series. If it was on Wii U, it most likely wouldn’t look any different than 3 or 4.

  7. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    It can’t work sure. I mean I know Nintendo was dumb making the Wii U in 2008 and release it like it is still 2008 but……

  8. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Actually, in retrospect, I’m not even mad, I mean I really am getting tired of Assassin’s Creed after Brotherhood, I just wish they would add a new twist to it, now it just feels like a done to death GTA but set in a historical period. Anyone feel the same? Or maybe this could be different I dunno

      1. Yeah, because PS4 and Xbox One doesn’t have that… apart from GTA V, Infamous Last Light Standalone DLC, Outlast which came out a year ago on PC, Octodad which again.. came out on PC a year ago, Dayz, Halo, Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Last of Us Remastered… which wasn’t any different from the original expect for faster frame rate and 1080p, and I can keep going if you like.

        Saying Nintendo only does rehashes is like the pot calling the kettle black… you’re just the same.

    1. So you support Ubisoft cheating Wii U owners out of a game? You’re basically what’s wrong in this gaming industry.

      1. That explains why many critics actually panned Watch Dogs and many are actually not buying any more of their games. Kid, you need 1) Go get some English lessons because you can’t seem to type.
        2) Check your facts before you get destroyed again.
        3) Diaper changing room for angry fanboys like you are over by the “Who gives a fuck” sign.

        1. Obviously… Except Hyrule Warriors, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U, Captain Toad, DKC:TF, Bayonneta 1 + 2, Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros. U, Zelda U, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World and Boom, Nintendo Land, Mario Kart 8, NES Remix Pack, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Kirby Rainbow Curse; ALL OF THOSE GAMES, (I CANT EVEN REMEMBER THEM ALL) AND YOU STILL SAY THAT THERE ARE NO GAMES ON THE WII U, HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU! GET A LIFE!

        2. sassori the wii u has some games and some of them are actually really good, especially ones that are coming out later.

          Though since you have an awful taste in games you wouldn’t know.

          1. Wii U – lots of exclusives, 3rd parties think it’s a desert wasteland;

            XBOX One – Third parties support it, I shall quote what the XBOX One said to me one night while I was playing it while high, “Wat R Gud ‘sclusives?!@”

            PS4 – Third parties love it, not a humongous amount of exclusives yet, but there will be, but no where near the amount as Nintendo themselves pump out amazing and artistic games. (Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo EAD was just was the best, quickest developers in history resurrected from the dead!)

  9. Could care less that its not coming to Wii-U, interactive movies belong with Sony and Microsoft, real fun games can come to Nintendo.

    1. Probably gonna say the same BS which none of anyone but stupid ass fanboys is gonna believe. They never bothered to actually build a demo to test the waters so they come out with this BS but failed to mention Rouge and also remember the past several gimped games these fuckheads have shit on and throw in Nintendo fans faces.

  10. I don’t buy that. The Wii U can hold it’s own in terms of it’s own power. Much closer to it’s competition than the original Wii was. Sounds like another excuse to me. Your loss Ubisoft. You won’t see another cent from me after Watch Dogs.

    1. you know you fanboys don’t buy any damn games anyway, if ubisoft gave wii u the best game ever and it was exclusive you guys wouldn’t buy it and yes wii u is fucking weak just so you know.

      1 gig of ram vs competitors who have 8 gigs of ram.

      mario kart 8 pushing wii u to it’s limits? come on it’s weak.

      1. If they don’t pull any BS strings like they did with Rayman, then maybe the fan base would come back but now it’s impossible thanks to the 3rd party trying to conspiring the BS lie of us not buying their garbage when the real truth has been lying in front of every idiot’s face: Gimps and deliberate ones.

        1. I know ubisoft has given wii u shitty support but there not lying when they say wii u is weak.

          Nintendo fans need to buy bayonetta 2 though, no excuse and no bullshit with that one. Also a great game. If that one really bombs then i feel nintendo fans can’t hide against anything. for 3rd party support.

          1. Dumb fuck, how is it weak when they didn’t put 110% effort on any aspect of Wii U? Almost all 3rd parties so far look like shit and it’s not the system. They’re gimping everything to affect sales so they can have an excuse to ditch support for absolutely no fucking reason. How difficult it is for your brain to comprehend that obvious shit?

            1. Lol the Wii U isn’t completely weak. It’s just underpowered for today’s standards. I mean 1GB of RAM for games? Lol it shouldn’t be any lower than 4. Most of the games I’ve seen on the Wii U are barely even impressive than most PS3 games I’ve seen. Gow3 from 2010 still looks amazing. And The Last of Us looks mindblowing for a console from 2006. Lol. Nintendo really needs to stop underestimating power. What they think is powerful is really well…. not that strong. The person that decided the Wii shouldn’t have had HD needs a serious slap in the face. That was the dumbest decision ever. Fire that guy. And if it was Iwata that makes it even worse then. He needs 50 slaps. Lol.

              1. Yeah, because Wii sold horribly, just like PS2 & the original PlayStation. What weak losers. So glad N64 & GCN set the world ablaze.

                But don’t forget, PowerPC runs more efficiently, needing less power & lower, raw specs. I mean, if one were to compare Wii U’s power draw to Wii, Wii U appears even weaker than Wii. Yet, that’s not the case. If a dev cared about console devving & perhaps less hung up on multiplatitis, Wii U might surprise the graphics whores.

                Also, x86 needs more power just to pass certain hurdles, some of PS4 & X1’S specs are dedicated to their UIs & TV functions [much like SD cards where the advertised storage is less than the available storage], & their output is already reaching the limit. Wii U might not be as “powerful” in the end or as easy to dev as a budget PC, but it has yet to be maxed out, you know, so there’s something to look forward to ’til the next gen.

                1. We already know the Wii U hasn’t been maxed out yet but at this point what do we honestly expect to see? PS4 quality? That E3 Zelda quality? Wii U games are obviously going to improve in the future because Nintendo knows the hardware like the back of their hand. But most of every third party that tries to make anything with it struggles with it at some point. Nintendo simply did not make it powerful enough for them to put their full potential into it. I’m pretty sure that at this point, developers have already fiddled around with similar hardware in the Wii U long ago and it doesn’t suit their tastes for what they’re trying to make. Also back in the PS and GC times, developers could not push hardware because it was limited and only so much they could do with it back then. It’s different this generation. Hardware is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was years ago. Even the hardware in the PS3, (512MB RAM if I do recall?) is laughable compared to today. Sure they can produce pretty good looking games but that’s really not that strong. Nintendo went even below what the competitor’s put in and the games ended up looking like Gamecube games on the Wii. They successfully pulled off the Wii but they also gained a ton of hate from people for that decision. Nintendo has been around for much longer than the competition and they’ve established a huge fanbase. If Nintendo was a brand new competitor and started doing things the way they do now, the situation would be looking very different. They have their iconic and memorable franchises loved by many fans on the 3DS and of course they always use the “innovative” approach which makes them gain respect from Nintendo fans. With the Wii U however, it’s a completely different story. It isn’t viewed as innovative by a lot gamers because the idea of it already looks way too similar too the idea that came up with of DS. And the Gamepad is a turn off to most gamers that are used to playing with normal controllers. And when innovation doesn’t work people are going to be looking at other things like it’s power, graphical capabilities, media features,etc. This is why most gamers are the way they are today. PS and Xbox are somewhat identical to each other and they don’t really go for that “innovation”approach. So gamers just nitpick over the features they can do like features one can do that the other can’t like producing better visuals or running at a better frame rate, resolution, etc. *coughpsfourvsxboxonecough* If gamers weren’t so choked up about these things, then the Wii U would be doing fine. But in this generation, the only way their going to make their console succeed is to actually compete with the competition. With the Wii U, Nintendo has seen the bad effects that can happen when they underestimate what the gamer wants. They will hopefully learn from these mistakes and use this as an opportunity to try and make the next console on par or better than the competition. Combine powerful hardware with innovative games and Nintendo’s next console would literally be unstoppable next generation.

                  1. Kinda odd that w/ all these leaps in power, which still isn’t as big as the 6th gen leap was from 5th gen, gameplay has mostly taken a huge backseat just for visuals & cutscenes. I saw & played the types of titles for PS3 & 360, see the same types of games on PS4 & X1. A lot of genres seem to’ve died, genres that exemplify gaming, or offer a balance between gameplay & cutscenes. Devving this latest craze is obviously expensive, & most of that money goes into graphics & fewer IPs (new & old). Not only does gameplay suffer, but so does content. DLC might add something substantial, but how much is it just to fill in the gaps AND @ more cost? & the technology to patch a game suddenly means it’s acceptable?

                    Power… Overrated? Underutilized? Is the industry overdosing? Do the perks outweight the pitfalls? When I look @ the twins, this gen & last, I see examples of power corrupting the industry. You’re right: power meant something different in previous gens. Now? More NPCs & an über-detailed Batmobile are hallmarks of 8th gen?

                    & Nintendo is just supposed to bow down & sell their integrity? I know it’s a business, & it’s increasingly opportunistic, but someone has gotta try to save what they feel is sacred. & then there are indies who can provide such wonderful games w/ smaller budgets & teams, it really shows to me how corrupted 3rd parties & even some 1st parties have become. & w/ smartphones, mobile gaming or not, just add to the disposable mentality, a society increasingly disposable.

                    Gamers have the true power. If only they stood up to this disturbing trend, maybe bring shareholders to their knees, bring gaming back to its roots, & put this industry back in a glorious light. But ignorance is bliss. Maybe it has to do w/ an age gap, but w/ such a drastic shift, I don’t think so. But pinpointing exactly why gamers have neglected, even spit upon what gaming actually is, I cannot. While power corrupts, the fruits of that power shouldn’t just look sweet, but taste sweet as well. & there should be variety in one’s diet. But hey, the future might promise a Utopia, yet reality, senesence proves dystopia. Maybe gamers are just trying to make the best of rotten fruit thinking they’re powerless?

              2. Ass, have you missed Mario Kart 8? Mario 3D World? Zelda Wii U? Bayonetta 2? Exactly. Underpowered my ass. If Wii U can pull off a steady 720p-1080p NATIVE at 60FPS 99.9% of the time while Xbox DOne can’t even make it pass 800p or could while having to cut corners to reduce resolution and still end up with frame rate drops, then that’s saying something. It’s all about optimization of software developers and if you can’t utilize such tools wisely, then the fault is on the developer, not the tech unless that tech sucks as much as old Atari or Philips consoles like the CDi.

      2. When they do that and it doesn’t sell then they have the right to say whatever they want until then we are the right ones.

  11. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    “It wouldn’t be possible, in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game.”

    Its a little too late to lie.

    1. Have these dumb fuckers forgotten that we saw through them years ago and the fact that they’ve lied right now? Watchdogs, hello?

      Dumb sons of bitches still think we’re THAT stupid? LMAO

      1. Well considering people like Hollow & dreager let Ubisoft & EA get away with it by still buying their crap, I say there are still people out there stupid enough to believe every ounce of bullshit that these two twins spew.

  12. Ubisoft has publicly said they are sitting on a Wii U exclusive but won’t release it until there is more of a user base. You know, like that huge PS4 and XboxOne user base.

  13. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Here lemme rephrase what they should have said:

    “It wouldn’t be moral, in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a another version of the same game. Or the game at all”

  14. They push back Watchdogs for this holiday season and pull this with the AC series. Ok so that means they don’t want to release Rogue on the Wii U cause it might take from watchdogs sales??? I’ll say I was really excited about Ubisofts support with Wii U prior to all the rude shit they had to say. Ubisoft would be a better company if they didn’t converse with the people that buy games from them. Just listen and make games. Leave twitter and interviews alone. But at the end of the day I don’t care what you do now Ubeflaccid.

      1. From what I’ve heard, Watch Dogs’ PC port required high specs and even high end cards suffer sometimes because it was poorly optimized. It requires a lot but it doesn’t really look that great for all the effort a PC has to do to get it running. I think they’re putting more effort into stuff like Unity and The Crew though and I do recall them saying they’ll put better efforts into future PC ports. Hopefully they don’t go back on their word because that sounds really promising.

        1. I’m not saying Watch Dogs wasn’t demanding but it wasn’t on Unity’s level. There are literally crowds of hundreds if not thousands of independently acting NPC’s and massive environments and events fthat impact gameplay constantly in Unity.

          1. That’s what I keep trying to tell people. Lol. They just think it’s all graphics and pretty face animations when it’s a lot more going on in the game.

  15. Ubisoft will release a brand-new Assassin’s Creed on Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall. The game, entitled Assassin’s Creed Comet.

    Guillemot’s statement that the company will continue producing games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for “the foreseeable future”.

    hxxp://w w w. cinemablend.c om/games/Assassin-Creed-Unity-Isn-t-Xbox-360-PS3-Ubisoft-Won-t-Abandon-Consoles-64160. html


          1. And it’s both a success and failure since they’re too many idiots with closed minds and an erection for fantasy techs and overhyped trash with false promises. We are in a new era of stupidity. Thank god I’m not part of it.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Indeed,thank darkness too…

              The Ing knew how to purify the corrupted imbeciles…

              Now I’m the only thing that’s left…

  16. Wii u is fucking weak, deal with it fanboys. I don’t read comments anymore i just leave mine but you know i bet there is a bunch of whining fags/wiitards saying how “ubisoft is lying and *sniff* HAVE A CONSPIRACY AGAINST NINTENDO!!!! *sniff*”

    please wiitards stop making your fanbase look worse.

    You know instead of shoving gay porn and iwatas wiimote up your ass maybe you should be mad against that midget troll for giving you such a trashy system and ruining the company.



      1. HAHA you know we will fight till one of us croaks lmao. but seriously i hate how fanboys think…..

        I know ubisoft has been giving wii u a cold shoulder i crappy support besides the few exclusive games but it’s about time everyone just admits wii u is weak. They decided to have that stupid wastepad instead of a good machine and they get what they deserve.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t think the Wii U is that weak, I think that High Command rendered it somewhat useless because of their arrogance and over-estimation of their capabilities concerning HD and our empire…

          1. It’s strong to nintendo but to the rest and it’s competition it is weak.

            It’s basically twice as strong as ps3 while the competition is like 4 times as strong as wii u. If wii u came out in 08 it would of been powerful.

            1. No. Third parties have always shown their obvious sign of laziness for years. Look at Destiny. Has the most pathetic display of lazy design ever seen and from fucking Bungie? It’s ridiculous. Same for Watchdogs with the embarrassing graphical downgrade and no punching in a 2014 sandbox game. Another example of tardiness. PS4/One being strong? Then how come their “potential” is already maxed out and it’s not exactly as promised? Face it retard. They played you to buy into their BS graphical hype and you took the bait like a dumbass goldfish who eats its own feces for breakfast.

                1. Ice, please use correct grammar. No idiot would be accepted into middle school with that grammar. Thank you, ciao!

    1. It is unfortunate and quite sad, you feel that you are superior in any given way. Sadly, I know you do not feel that way and only need hugs in your life…. HUGS MAN.. HUGS…

      1. im not superior my gosh, can’t i have a opinion and thought?

        no, huuhhh well i better start shoving wiimotes up my ass like the rest…… im not going to like it though.

              1. breaths last breath i just hugged a wiitard……. i feel like i betrayed………. no wiitard nintendo fans…….. *iwata shoots again and hits retro by accident*

                iwata- crap….. might as well take…. hhiiss wallet fo money.

                1. its ok man… more hugs… just more hugs… dont be ashamed… its ok.

                  just breathe deep when you shove the wiimote up the boohole.


                  1. NOOOO!!! *slaps wiimote out of iwatas hand* I WILL NOT SHOVE ANYTHING UP MY ASS OR BE A SLAVE TO YOU!!!! *spits in iwatas face* *iwata starts crying*

    2. How so when these fucktards never bothered to touch the damn thing to begin with? Try again loser. Looks like you still want yet another embarrassing defeat and exile from this blog again.

      1. Embarrassment defeat? Please this is just a blog i don’t give a damn. I probably should just not waste my time here i’m already getting annoyed by fanboys freaking out by what i have to say.


    3. you’re discrediting yourself by stating you haven’t even read the comments.
      Yes, the WiiU is weak compared to the xboxone and the ps4.
      While we’re at it the xboxone and ps4 are weak compared to my PC. The system isn’t trashy. It has some great games and the gamepad, when used correctly, is a very welcome addition to my controllers.
      I think the wiiu is just as powerful as it needs to be for nintendo to keep making the games nintendo makes. If i want something not made by nintendo I’ll get it on a PC because the ps4 and xboxone are a waste compared to a computer. At least nintendo innovated their system enough to be distinguished from a crappy PC with a limited OS.

      I know you’re just a lowly internet troll, but i felt compelled to reply to you.

    1. Well that’s because they don’t want to lmao and it would bomb in sales but this is a valid reason. It wouldn’t come if it was false either though.

          1. But obviously they don’t want to or they would’ve released the last gen version on Wii U. Yves already said no more mature Wii U games after Watch Dogs so it’s whatever. Part of the blame lies with Nintendo’s hardware but a good chunk of Ubisoft’s bad Wii U sales are on them.

    1. with iwata on board are you really serious about that statement? He will just fuck us over again and wiitards will damage control it making it ad for everybody else. I mean nintendo is even losing money, they never lost money in like 25 years till now, andthey can’t seem to turn a profit for the live of them and that’s with the 3ds. I don’t care about that but apparently fanboys care about nintendo profiting than a better nintendo (the wii says that, it was garbage but fanboys like it just because it gave nintendo money…….. i know) so maybe that should say something on how bad this wii u is.

          1. no more a psychopath than you…. spurting out hatred for a system you do not have nor care for but remain on this site just to tell people off that they are wiitards.

            But thats ok, i know you feel a superiority complex of wanting to be right all the time and wanting to make everyone who loves a system feel dumb and stupid.

            me a psychopath… sure why not…. since you like to mess and torture people with your idiotic craziness … …spurting out hate crimes words and calling people fags and what not…

            makes me think you are nothing more than a raciest bigot

            yes you can have a opinion, but when your opinion is nothing more than to make those feel small around you because of their own choices than the only real psycho here is you…

            1. uhhhh no i only reed parts of this post since you are a waste of my time because i can tell your ignorant but you need to go outside and learn the world to think im a psychopath in the slightest, and yes i have a wii u.

              1. but yet you still comment…. bwhahaha… you are a goof

                LOL.. ok i am just f>>kn with you…. go on… rofl

                WHY SO SERIOUS??

                1. im not taking this serious serious lmao i felt you were being serious though, can’t tell you didn’t give any indication you were.
                  Whatever right?

    1. And also wasn’t EA exposed of their lie of Wii U not running Frostbite 3/4 even though it was already tested and confirmed running well? But this BS is the opposite: Ubishit never tried shit and their contradicting “We don’t wanna make an inferior experience for Wii U” completely forgetting what they did with Watchdogs port plus lying about why they delayed it with the “utilizing the Gamepad” when all they did was slap a fucking map on it?

      Oh god this makes me wanna beat the shit out of the whole stupid company, all 9,200 dumbasses with my bare hands.

  17. “Couldn’t run on Wii U” my fucking ass.

    If these lying bastards never build a Wii U version for testing, don’t say it doesn’t work or run because you moron never bothered to touch the system in the first place but rather be focused on destroying the respect of an established fanbase for nothing. Fuck you Ubishit.

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’ve been telling these Nintendolls that their Baby U aka Wii Underpowered is as weak as a Atari Jaguar lol, the only time it acts as if it’s more powerful then PS3 is when Nintendo makes games for it lol I’m not even getting this weak piss of shit for Bayonetta 2 no more lol that witch bitch can eat a ball sack

    1. Are you done? Honestly you got about as much maturity as a five year old coming on a Nintendo site to troll, honestly, be mature.

  19. Of course they say the Wii U can’t run it – they’re in the process of pretending that it’s a super-duper powerful next-genilcious game. By just claiming that the Wii U wouldn’t run it they’re trying to enhance the image of this game.

    Ultimately they don’t have a clue whether it would run on Wii U, because they never cared and they certainly never tried to make it run on Wii U. They were never going to release it on Wii U anyway.

  20. While they keep parity between the Xbox One and PS4 versions. I really can’t take a word Ubisoft says seriously anymore. Now they are even gimping their games on more than just the Wii U.

  21. I understand the issue with unity and I respect that. I would say fair enough. But it does not excuse assassin’s rogue which are for PS3 and xbox360 (not even on PC). On the top of that Assassin’s creed liberation will be an excellent addons to assassin’s creed 3 which is already on wii U. look for me ubisoft has not try enough and bullshit us if not insulting us. Even if they are right now it does not matter they piss off a lot of people this year. Now to the “nintendo fans” think you may look at your attitude toward 3rd party cause you are part of the problem as to why no 3rd party coming to wii U.

  22. Nintendo does not market third party companies well, except the ones they want to. This works against the sales of Ubisoft or EA and any company. In the same way, it does not help them to produce only half- fast content.

    What are you left with? Just Dance, some Rabids title and Rayman, which is good, but can’t stand alone. There has to be more, different, quality content for Wii U. I mean make a big deal about WatchDogs. Hint at Zombi U 2. There is vitality in expectation in a variety of content. It can be done on Nintendo. Do it and the people will come.

  23. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i haven’t played ac4 yet so i don’t care about this game. you do fanboys and clowns fight over crap news like this.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      but i do care about tis mainly because my babe sickr like to post clicbait articles for you chimps. i love you babe sickr <3<3<3<3

  24. lord ghost : king of the federation

    am still exciting that ubisoft is bringing watch dogs to to wii u. i hope aiden can be my favorite video game character for 2014.

    1. Except exclusives made for consoles only, unless you plan on waiting years and years for someone to make an emulator that works well enough.

  25. “Yes Alex, I’ll take BULLSHIT for $500.”

    Alex: “This company is known for half assing their Wii U titles, lying about their sales and profits made from Wii U titles, lack of DLC and season passes and will be releasing a mediocre game that didn’t live up to the hype on other consoles nearly a year after it’s release with lack of DLC and dynamic game play promised for people who actually waited for the Wii U version.

    “Who is Ubisoft?

    Alex: “Correct!”


    If you can’t figure out what the real issue is, then you are lost as to why this keeps happening to Nintendo. The excuses of weak hardware, alien technology and hard to develop for is bullshit. See these 3rd parties have gotten lazy thriving off of multiplatting, launching an incomplete game with on disc dlc, season passes,ect. By the time you are done buying all the EXTRAS to get the FULL experience of their titles, you would’ve have gone from a $50-70 game to spending $100-200 for it. Then, nearly a year after that game’s release you can purchase it, with all extras, for $35-50. They wonder why their titles don’t get the numbers Nintendo developed titles get. Maybe because Nintendo spends a lot of time on their COMPLETE projects and not crank out the same BULLSHIT yearly just to stay a float.

    Nintendo called them out on it, they all got mad, thus they gave Nintendo “THE TREATMENT” Nintendo stands by it’s standard they put into play in the 80’s, especially the part about releasing a FINISHED product to market at launch. Notice they try to keep ties with Nintendo and won’t fully sever them completely.

    Ubisoft also refuse to answer any Miiverse,TWEETS and/or questions on UPLAY concerning their conduct and quality of their products.

    Here is a Unity conference between Nintendo, 3RD party and Indie developers.


    Being a multi platform owner and gamer, I’m going to be blunt about this.

    1. For people who owned a PS3 all last gen, you know the PS4 is USELESS, so you were smart to stick with or keep the PS3. Sony said officially that a majority of the PS4 sales came from people who didn’t own a PS3. PS4’s exclusives are easily forgettable with Infamous:SS standing out as it’s best offer. “Last of us” is a multiplat PS3/PS4 because it’s the same game available on 2 active consoles.

    2.Xbox 1 is in last place in sales but has the second best list of exclusives.

    3. Wii U has the best exclusives. It lacks complete multiplats.

    But yeah, EA, Activision and Ubisoft all got or are mad because Nintendo refuse to go along with their cons and schemes. Schemes that result in ripping off the consumer.

  26. If you see Crysis 3 ran on Wii U and then a business decision between Ea and Nintendo stopped the game that’s all you need to see. If their, third parties, business is interrupted these third party games won’t be quality and Nintendo won’t get the crap.

  27. Ugh, and this is a big reason why the wii U is failing, companys giving out bullshit excuses, don’t want to nerf the game? really that’s why we’re getting gimped watch dogs.
    care about theyre fans? Rayman says hello!, just….fuck ubisoft.

    Also I highly doubt the Wii U could’nt run this, for one i’ve yet to see much aside from games like bloodborne that probbly could’nt run on the wii U, we keep getting told most of these games can’t but where’s the proof?
    games like Ryse look pretty(if you consider hyper realism pretty) but gameplay wise they play like any other old gen game, not to mention the graphics argument does’nt hold water when you look at games like Pikmin 3, and if the wii U can run bayonetta 2, i’m fairly sure it can run half this crap.

    There’s no doubt the other consoles are stronger but cmon people wipe the shit out of your eyes it’s not been that big of a leap this gen, it was never going to be that big of a leap!, and i’m fairly sure the wii U can keep up for most of the gen.
    I honestly don’t know why these companys are’nt just honest, “we don’t believe it’d sell with the wii u’s current userbase” that’s all they need to fuckin say, instead they’re degrading the console which is making the situation worse.

  28. “I mean this is why we from the beginning, this was going to be a new-gen-only title”

    *facepalm* Get this through your skulls already: Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One are ALL new gen consoles, regardless of graphical performance. Just say you’re not developing for the Wii U and leave it at that.

















  30. So instead, make a new Prince of Persia game for Wii U. That caters more toward gamers than Assassin’s Creed.

    Oh wait, for that to happen Ubisoft would have to develop focused gameplay & include environmental puzzles & areas w/ intense difficulty for a true PoP. Not as easy as just setting up a sandbox template w/ vast emptiness & hiring writers to guide their glut of linear, noninteractive portions, a.ka. cutscenes. & how oh how would they ever be able to use DLC & Uplay to justify that “meager” $60 MSRP?

    So instead, make Red Steel 3 for Wii U. Crap; same problems. What about Buck Bumble U? Or publish another Tenchu or games like No More Heroes for Wii U? Hel, how about dev a sequel to Batman Vengeance? Something that actual caters the gamer demographic, those who started gaming before the 7th gen.

    Ugh, too much work. Too much gameplay, right?

  31. Sorry but I can believe this, Wii U has lower specs than One and PS4. There are games Wii U will not run properly, it’s a nonsense think otherwise… a console with 1.5 GB of Ram can’t run games that requires 3/4 GB.
    Just because Wii U has beautiful games doesn’t mean they require a lot of power; Nintendo design his games in smart ways, but think about a Wii U game that have a real next gen vibe to it… Actually I can’t find any. (Don’t get me wrong, I m a huge Nintendo fan and Wii U games are awesome anyway)

  32. Ubisoft( 15 gamess )actually support the Wii U less than Activision( 22 games)and only slighty more than Warner Bros. (13 games ).

  33. Of course this game could run on the Wii U.

    By saying it can’t, you know what Ubisoft is doing? Promoting. They are promoting thier new AC game by saying it is 100% next gen and is too advanced to even run on the Wii U. It’s really a load of bull. I guarantee you Nintendo Developers could run this game on the Wii U.

    So far I have not seen one game that could not run on the Wii U, yet this game claims to be the first.. Yea right. More Ubisoft hype.

    Ubisoft wants to start the hype train once again, just like they did with Watch Dogs. Give Ubisoft credit though, they know how to sell thier games. So the hell with gameplay when it comes to third party games, Hype is what sales. Hype is all you need to sell big triple A games. And by saying this game can’t run on the Wii U just builds the hype more and lights a fire in all the little fanboys and fangirls waiting for a game to play on thier “powerful” Ps4 or Xbox One.

    Personally, if i played another assassins creed game in the next three years it would be too soon.

  34. Hmm… seems like people’s facial expressions are getting more realistic compared to the usual emotionless expressions of most games. Characters showing no realistic expression on their faces always annoyed me. But I hate when games are showcased looking like movies instead of games. I wanna see the actual gameplay, not just cutscenes. However…… SUCKS that this won’t be on Wii U. Assassin’s Creed IV was my favorite game on Wii U (next to Pikmin 3).

  35. they should change the title to this: the wii u can’t handle this new next gen(it’s actually current gen) game because we suck at developing and overpowering consoles (more then other developers need) is the only way for our games to actually work!

  36. Okay yeah I’m kind of done defending Ubisoft now. They are completely hypocritical with these statements. They made some fun games but the business side of Ubisoft just plain sucks.

  37. I feel they are just trying to damage control at this point and make it look like its the Wii Us fault when they are just lazy assholes. I think it would best for them to just shut the fuck up at this point. They have already made most Nintendo fans hate them and when Wii u starts picking up more steam you will see even more bs from them

  38. No just No Ubisoft, no Wii U owner belives you anymore
    “in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game” and yet you have been giving all Wii U owner lesser versions Of your Games like the Splinter Cell Blacklist port Of the game, The AssCreed ports Of 3 and 4 and Soon enough Watch Dogs for the Wii U so don’t go around acting like you are sorry the real reason why you aren’t realising this game for the Wii U It’s because you only care about money and nothing else, just because a console doesn’t have the same graphic power as their rivals is no excuse to not make the best possible version Of your game if you can’t make the game have the same graphics as the other console you just don’t drop the towel, no, you make the best possiible thing with what you have you put EFFORT and CARE for the game even if doesn’t look as good as the PC or Ps4, you work hard and give the best version you can give but i know better, i know that the real reason why you are not porting this game to the Wii U It’s because all Wii U owner now know better to trust you, the Wii U owners don’t trust you anymore and you have no One else to blame but yourselves for giving to your Wii U consumers nothing but Crap like ZombiU and lesser ports like Splinter Cell Blacklist, If somehow some one at ubisoft reads this i just wanna say this maturely and straight to the point you just lose a consumer Ubisoft i will no longer buy any Of your products not on Wii U, not on Ps4, not on PC and not on XBone not until you stop lying and treating your consumer Like they don’t matter even if it’s a small porcentant and i know that you won’t lose money by from loosing one costumer or even a few or even the whole Wii U community but i will be at peace knowing that i will no longer buy lies like Watch Dogs on my PC and PS4 or lesser ports Of your Games for my Wii U i hope you change or at least star been honest with your costumer we rather have the hard truth that been insulted with lies and i Also hope you do well in the Future even if i will no longer be part Of your fanbase anymore so Farewell Ubisoft… Farewell Ubisoft May one day you learn from you mistakes and thank you giving me some happy memories with your games in the Past
    So long Ubisoft

    1. You hit the nail on the head about Ubisoft knows Wii U fans don’t trust them, or frankly, like them. Ubisoft underestimated the Wii U fanbase. They thought originally we were a bunch of children, they later realised we were mostly young adults, and smart enough to not buy thier half-baked games. They got pissed, and started to insult us with every given chance. Ubisoft will oneday regret causing an entire fanbase to despise them.

  39. Ubisoft sells thier games through hype.

    Imagine all the Ps4 and Xbox fanboys slobbering over this game now. Oh, it’s so powerful it doesn’t run on the Wii U? It must be NEXT GEN!

    Ubisoft is promoting thier game, and they could care less if it could or could not run on the Wii U.

    1. While also damaging the Wii U’s reputation in the process. Fuck Ubishit. It’s sad when companies like this survive while companies like THQ go down the drain.

  40. What Ubisoft actually means by this is “We can’t release it on Wii U because it is so much harder, time consuming, therefore, expensive to port. This is just business, nothing personal. The WiiU is under-powered compared to PS4 and XboxOne so It’ll be okay to stick with that excuse since everyone is using it anyways. We don’t care about what Nintendo will say because it’s their fault for not making their console easier and cheaper and less riskier to develop. We also don’t care about their fans simply because we, Ubisoft, have more loyal fans than Nintendo. To us, the Ps4 and XboxOne combined means greater chance of profit. Investing in the WiiU is just not good business. We’ve already said it before anyway that we won’t release a game for the WiiU until we know for sure that we’ll make a profit. Stupid Nintendo fanboys just don’t get that their opinions don’t matter to us. On the otherhand, we are actually lucky to have Nintendo’s weak console to use as a reason to hype up this game’s mechanics and gameplay. To our loyal fans, don’t ask about the details about how this game is different from the previous installments because there’s really not much, just buy this game already. We’ll continue using Nintendo’s weak console to sell our games and piss off Nintendo fans to hype them up because it’s just business. Look forward to another weak WiiU comment on the next update about this game.”

    1. That’s what all the Assassin’s Creed haters say. You have to be blind to think this looks anything like Black Flag.

  41. Oh look, Ubisoft making sense for fucking once.
    Doesn’t this “We don’t want to hamper the game for the sake of a less powerful console” diatribe sound familiar?
    This is what Nintendo should have done with Super Smash Bros 4, fuck the 3DS, if they want a mobile version fine, make it, but don’t hamper the WIi U one because the 3DS one can’t keep up!

  42. UBIBULLSHIT STRIKES AGAIN, LADIES & GENTLEMAN!!! >.< "We don't want to give the fans a lesser version on the Wii U, yet we did it countless other times like with Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag & now with Watch Dogs! Oh & let's not forget the fact Zombie U still suffers glitches for some people!" So what's their "reason" why the other Assassin's Creed game can't work? Hm? Hurry the hell up with Watch Dogs so it can flop, then you capitalist monkeys can get the hell off the Wii U. You've damaged the console's reputation enough. And that new-gen only line? Fuck you, too!

  43. Pingback: MH4U N-Direct This Weekend + Ubiosft says: ACU Could Not Run On Wii U? WHAT - Mega Tvs

  44. Next gen??? With all the glitches and low frame rates they did nintendo a favor by not porting such a shitty game that I will purchase and i own all current next gen consoles including the wii u glad I checked online before buying a shitty game they pissed on Assasins creed franchise by releasing a game that’s not debugged or hitting the proper frame rates

  45. Next gen??? With all the glitches and low frame rates they did nintendo a favor by not porting such a shitty game that I will not!!! purchase and i own all current next gen consoles including the wii u glad I checked online before buying a shitty game they pissed on Assasins creed franchise by releasing a game that’s not debugged or hitting the proper frame rates

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