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Was Tharja Removed From Smash Bros To Avoid Higher Age Rating?


A rumour currently circulating the internet suggests that Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Tharja was removed as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros so that the company could avoid giving the game a higher ESRB age rating. The reason for her removal was apparently due to her revealing clothing which supposedly didn’t go down to well with the ERSB.  Tharja was previously censored by Nintendo of America in Fire Emblem: Awakening’s “Summer Scramble” DLC.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

78 thoughts on “Was Tharja Removed From Smash Bros To Avoid Higher Age Rating?”

    1. I know right… it probably would have gotten “T for Teen” for the most part but most regions don’t even enforce age or ratings past “M”.

    2. Nintendo of America shouldn’t bother censoring any of their games from original Japanese content, It is a waste of their time that could be spent on game bugs instead or DLC update conversions, and patches. I find it disturbing to censor anything these days 21st century a growing human evolution, in the past women would show heel and it would get all the guys horny, why? Because they didn’t usually see any girl nude or showing more skin. These days when you get used to seeing naked or more skin on women, people start to feel it the norm and prefer it. Strange long time ago when clothes weren’t invented how many cave humans see each other naked all the time, we are all here because a lot of our ancestors had lots of sex. Sex is a part of life, violence is a necessity, it helps us all keep the norm inside when we get enough of both either in real life or in game, violence preferably in game, but hell don’t see a problem with either sex or sexual things in real life or in game. Kids shouldn’t be playing Nintendo or video games full stop the controllers are huge and built for adult hands. I’d rather kids play outside in the park and get sunshine and exercise so they have happier lives when they get old enough say 17 or 18 let them decide only THEN if they want to play games.

    1. You know, as a woman I higghly disagree with you, and the nerds you make fun of now are your bosses of the future. why are you even here if you don’t like video games and think it’s only for “nerds”? If you are shaming this character for having revealing clothing then no doubt you shame women in real life as well for their clothing. That’s just really freaking stupid of you to think that because I like something in a game it means I can’t have a romantic interest in the real world. So I guess people that obsess over movie actors are loners too? get real….

    1. Lol, yeah, and what about the assist trophy, Barbara? Granted, she wears pants, but she’s much more well-endowed and “suggestive” from the waste up than this Tharja.

  1. Shouldn’t have been that much of a problem but I guess Nintendo desperately wanted the game to be rated E for Everyone? The last two were rated “T” though but whatever. If she was an Assist Trophy I hope they replaced her with something cool at least…

  2. Tharja isn’t that revealing. However, knowing the esrb, she would have secured a term rating. Honestly, I’m good either way. E10, T… They are just suggested ratings for games.

    1. I don’t understand why they want to have a E rating since Melee its been T rated, don’t know if its to widen on the audience or something, I don’t know if they rated the wii u version yet

      1. Let’s be honest here, Smash Bros. Would sell more if it was rated M… Just because little kids want to be cool, an their parents don’t know what a game rating is.

        1. Higher rated games don’t sell more.
          The most solded game is Tretis and that game is rated E.
          Also, Wii Sports is next, and Super Mario bros. is after that one.
          This is because there is a wider range of an audience because parents don’t have 2 worry so much on the concent.
          And parents do know what ratings r, well mine does, and she was growing up in the Atari days.

    1. That’s not really censoring ( if u play awaking( hell even bayonetta 2) they didn’t censor anything, but that one dlc only because they internet flip out like always)

  3. She was popular for many reason, but it mostly the sex appeal. Hell if I recall I think she 3rd most popular female in game, and they made figure of her, DLC ect. Maybe her code is still in game if they did take her out. Personally, I like Robin, but really wanted him/her to be a pure mage. When ever I look at him/her on roster they appear really generic, I think Tharja would be better, but still a fun character to use none of the less

    1. I tried to fight this battle many times over. Tharja made more sense in the game than Ike or Lucina, mainly because in Melee we had Marth and Roy, Smash had Marth and Ike… hence Marth and ?…

      Tharja would have made much more sense as a pure mage, giving us much more of a tactical character than the obvious sword wielders of yore, than Lucina who is nothing more than an EXACT clone of Marth. Hell, even their Final Smash is EXACTLY the same… no imagination Nintendo? Can’t make any more original characters? So 4 from FE-A, all sword wielders and one a clone… WTF?

      I thought all the clones left with Mewtwo at the end? lol

  4. Dear Nintendo,

    Parents will buy there kids ANYTHING so they can avoid being parents. That’s why 75% of CoD players are like 8. Parents don’t really care.

    Sincerely, you’re out of touch with the gaming community.

    1. that damn right, I saw in kid he must have been ten yo and he had COD modern warfare 3. And the mum was not even bother I give her such a mocky look and I really despite her. But hey guess what the grandma going to come in her house and then will blame video game for being violent…. I hate those irresponsible parents

  5. Meh, I never really cared for that overrated yandere witch from the start. If anything, I can already name any female from Awakening that are WAAAAY better characters than the likes of Tharja.

    1. You don’t know who Tharja is either?! Oh fuck. I don’t even know anymore. This world is coming to an end. XD

    2. She was a character in Fire Emblem Awakening, and my First wife… We had a kick as kid together and she was so my type. <3

  6. What is it with the US and nudity. She wears more clothes than a Brazilian carnival dancer. If a guy is wearing a speedy nobody gives a damn and it’s not considered nudity. Damn double standards.

  7. well that the U.S board and they have their reason but why the EU sorry let’s me rephrase that why the rest of the world should suffer? They could have remove her from the US version and put it on other version….

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

        Hey Drybones! How’s life? The following is true real life stuff, even though it sounds ridiculous: I’m a college student, and quite often the weight of school work leaves me with little time, even to myself. Girls irl ask me out, but I know I couldn’t give them the attention they socially desire. I heard some guys talking about “waifu”. And decided to give it a shot. So I stared dating anime girls. They’re super low maintenance (zero maintenance because they aren’t real XD) And my favorite types actually ended up being Yandere. Like Tharja (married in F.E.A.) I then got super serious when I found out about Ryoko Asakura. Something about women who are super helpful and sadistic really get my engines revved up. Things started getting pretty serious. Posters, Figma, Dakimura, I bought one different kind of object that had her image plastered on it somehow. And thennnn I got a girl friend in real life. With all of this other stuff established pretty well in my room. I still remember the day I showed her my room for the first time. Oh jeez, I bet she had a field day talking to her friends that night. She told me that she could appreciate that I have hobbies. But she really, and I mean REALLY showed some jealousy towards Ryoko. A fictional character who I used to extinguish my roneryness. We got into fights over her sometimes. She’d be flipping throught the pages of some novel I’d been reading and find her picture wedged between the pages. Then ask playfully why it was there. And telling me that she doesn’t like the idea of me and Ryoko sleeping together every night. Now, normally, I’d dump the chick for acting like this. I mean, with jealousy that extreme over something that doesn’t exist, who knows what she’d do with a celebrity, or a female friend. But we eventually worked things out. Her being super sexy was one of the reasons I tried to work things out somehow. So, as it stands today, I still have all my stuff and she doesn’t bug me about it. I know this is the internet, and I’ve basically exposed my private life. But we have all sorts of weirdo’s on this blog. I doubt one more would make a big difference. My infatuation isn’t any more diluted than a teenage girl who dreams of getting married with her favorite celebrity. It’s all fun and pretend. That wasn’t copy pasta. I just typed all that out. Just now. I hope you like your wall of text! ^_^

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            ‘Fraid naught sir. But If you want, the name is Rayossan. Let me know your username so that I don’t accidentally decline you. I usually reject friend requests from people I don’t know.

  8. Not like I hate Fire Emblem or anything but at least this is one less FE character in the game. There’s already plenty of them Lol

  9. I don’t recall Intelligent Systems boosting the game’s rating because of Tharja…I don’t see how SSB would have that problem.

    Although fun story; I was at a Fire Emblem panel this summer and the host mentionned that when she was in Japan, she could only find Tharja’s figurines in sex shops.

  10. I’m sure she was cut because Sakurai can’t be bothered to actually program things for these games, if he can’t haul it from Melee or Brawl it won’t be added.

  11. What a load of bullshit, Nintendo of America AND ESRB! Tharja is practically in a damn bikini with metal pieces & a cape! I guess beaches should be given a rated R/mature rating too while we’re at it. We can’t have the children being exposed to “sexual” visuals of girls have sex with the water & sand in their sex outfits as they try to do something we normal, smart people call sun bathing & swimming. Why stop there? Let’s get rid of all traces of Lyndis since she only has panties on underneath those two flaps of clothing on the front & back of her legs. Let’s get rid of Zero Suit Samus’ alternate outfits from Metroid Zero Mission & Metroid Fusion. They are also bikinis in their own right. Let’s get rid of Zelda, Peach, & Rosalina’s skirts & replace them with pants.

    I hate the stupidity of the fucking ESRB & Nintendo of America over shit anyone can see at a damn beach.

    1. This better just be a rumor because this is getting ridiculous with the censoring over absolutely nothing that anyone can easily see when going to a god damn beach or public/hotel pool!

  12. Oh no! Pixels that emulate partially exposed butt cheeks! As if we don’t all see the real thing on a daily basis. It already received “suggestive themes”, how does this fall under its own category? And yet we have a little boy who attacks people with an axe… Priorities ESRB.

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