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Teens React To Sonic.EXE

Another day and there’s another Teens React To video. This time the team has assembled some enthusiastic teenagers to play through the haunting Sonic.exe which features scary music and plenty of other changes compared to the original game. It’s worth watching just for their priceless reactions.

42 thoughts on “Teens React To Sonic.EXE”

      1. Teens react videos are also incredibly lame. I guess it’s fitting for MNN as they also include Digital Foundry in their rotation. I guess I need to start searching for a better site.

  1. This is a gaming news site with a focus on Nintendo. I thought the video was more entertaining than the predictable and boring “this isn’t Nintendo new!” comments.

  2. Why are thefinebros so popular? What an ingenious idea though. Sit there and collect a bunch of youtube money as you group a demographic of people on there and have them act retarted. Wish I would have thought of it. lol

    1. lol yah… i think the idea populated because people love reactions. I mean looking back plenty of people enjoyed videos of people reacting to 2girlsonecup or that maze game scare, or other weird or Fu**ed up stuff like that. The fine bros have different videos besides reactions like cheesy sketches but Reactions are overall popular and thats what most subscribers are interested in with the FineBros. I tend to like the Youtubers’ Reactions.

    1. Unless you’d rather see how things went with Smash when it got undermined by FIFA of all things. But I can’t blame Europe since they love soccer like how America loves basketball.

  3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Okay, I’m going to overlook the fact that this article has 90% no relation to Nintendo to say this about that game.

    The only thing scary about this game is the fact it exists, first of all, why is it called Sonic.EXE? It has nothing to do with computers, call it something like Sonic Possessed or Sonic is Dead not a fucking file extension.

    Next, most hacked creepypasta games have a point or story, Ben Drowned told the tale of a kid who drowned and torments you, making you feel like someone is watching you. This game has you walk in a straight line with characters with NO backstory to it, why did Sonic die? Why is he killing people? Jeff the Killer had backstory, Pokemon Black had backstory, Ben Drowned had backstory even Smile Dog had backstory.

    Now lemme talk about the teens who played it, they genuinely thought it was a real Sonic game, IT DOES NOT TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST (or to a lesser extent Sonic fan) to know a game involving a blue hedgehog who turns serial killer, Shadow maybe because he is black in color and therefore may be a sign of his nature but not Sonic.

    Whew, that was a tough rant, peace out.

  4. My computer blue screened while watching this video around 5:15 when it got dark in the game and the girl was about to say “this is so weird” but it froze so I got 2 minutes of “weirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” loud as hell. That was probably more scary than the game. Although I bet it’d be scary as hell if they didn’t know they were being recorded and SEGA or someone updated/switched the normal version of Sonic to Sonic.EXE somehow so that the person thought they were just gonna play their regular game and instead saw this. Especially if the person was a die-hard Sonic fan and knew the game inside and out.

    Anyway shout out to all the people on here complaining that this isn’t “Nintendo News” and calling it money grabbing when you STILL CLICKED ON IT, WATCHED THE VIDEO AND EVEN LEFT A COMMENT. Maybe Sickr just though we’d enjoy the video. If you don’t like these types of articles just don’t read them. No big deal.

  5. I think everyone here takes off topic posts way too seriously. It’s like your lives actually revolve around mnn that you feel the need to complain lol it’s like it actually kills some peoples day.. Lighten up kids ( no offense to those who don’t mind ) .

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