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Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy Explorers Will Not Support Stereoscopic 3D

Square Enix has revealed that its latest RPG for the Nintendo 3DS – Final Fantasy Explorers – will not support stereoscopic 3D. The news comes from a flurry of rumours surrounding the title’s debut at the Tokyo Game Show last month, which was only playable in 2D mode on the Nintendo handheld. It’s not the first time a 3DS game has not utilised the console’s stereoscopic 3D as Game Freak declined to use the mode for the overworld in Pokemon X & Y, making it much more pleasing for 2DS owners.

The publisher, though, has said Circle Pad Pro support is provided for those not planning on making the jump to the New Nintendo 3DS and XL models. On the new models, the C-Stick will control the camera, while ZL and ZR are used to lock onto monsters or summons, respectively. Final Fantasy Explorers is scheduled to launch for Japan on December 18.

69 thoughts on “Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy Explorers Will Not Support Stereoscopic 3D”

  1. I don’t understand why Nintendo insists on making gimmicks when no one even uses them after a while. It’ll save them a lot of trouble and money

          1. PS eye camera is not obligatory, it’s an optional accessory.
            PS TV is its own stand-alone system.
            PS Move is not obligatory, it is, similar to the camera, an optional accessory.
            Try again.

              1. I wasn’t replying to you, but Bonerjams, who had listed those three products in response to Shuhei’s comment.
                But just for the record, calling all of Sony’s products gimmicks basically takes away even the least bit of credibility of your comments, because that’s something incredibly silly to say.
                Also, *their. Maybe you might not want to criticize other people for spelling mistakes/typos (referring to your comment down below) if you don’t even know the simplest rules of grammar.

                1. No what i was making fun of is that people don’t now the definition of gimmick and they use it out of context also when i say in english is that i did not understand what he was trying to say not his spelling.

                  1. Sorry, but looking through the comments you’ve made so far, I’d almost say it’s you who doesn’t know the definition of the word “gimmick”.
                    And what the person below said actually was quite understandable, so what you’re saying doesn’t sound too credible. But even if it is true and you really didn’t understand what they meant, saying “In English please ?” isn’t exactly what’s going to make them think “Oh, this person didn’t understand what I was talking about, but since he asked so nicely, I should definitely bother explaining it again !”, ya know ?

                    1. about the gimmick part you now that all cellphones made now are waterproof? Thats a gimmick! Console with internet and harddrives? thats a gimmick too! Airplanes with extra space for the feets? yep another gimmick the other part of what you say i’ll admit im a idiot. Carry on.

                    2. How are hard drives and internet gimmicks ?
                      In this day and age where digital copies of games are a big thing, and not only smaller/indie games, but actual retail games as well, hard drives are anything but a gimmick, especially for people who prefer those digital copies. Not to mention performance upgrades you can achieve through hard drives as well.
                      And internet ? Really ? Consoles would be nothing without internet connectivity, it’s one of the most important points of a system. Multiplayer games, digital shops, account systems and anything that comes with them (messaging, buddy lists, etc.), updates – all possible thanks to internet connectivity. The fact that you’ve called it a gimmick is concerning.

                  2. I’m just reading through the comments and came across an idiot who I can’t ignore talking about gimmick. You sir absolutely don’t know how and when to apply it in your sentences. Waterproof is a gimmick when people in the past were hoping to get to enjoy photo capture underwater without wishing they could buy a mini submarine ? How obviously stupid you are.

          1. Clueless on what? As far as I know they aren’t betting in any of their gimmicks as champion of their console. Can’t say the same for old Nintendo

            Fastest selling console in history, Sony still going strong.

            P.S. I like how you attack the guy below for a spelling error yet have one in your own.

                  1. Maybe you’re born as a crap, your very own existence. Jealous of usefulness and perfection , and thus, deem others as crap.

            1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

              I wouldn’t waste your time on that guy, He just says things to make people angry. Also, I would suggest ignoring anyone with his brown-blue icon.

      1. If Sony is doing it too, should that be an INCENTIVE for Nintendo to not do it? What are you trying to prove, that just because someone else does it means that Nintendo is being right by doing it too?

    1. If I was getting the new 3ds (probably not) I’d definitely use the 3D slider while playing.. the angles of the present model are terrible for extended use.. It is a gimmick, but games look great when it is implemented properly.

    2. Most people love the 3d effect, myself being one of them. It is a gimmick, but a very good one. After playing handhelds this long with 3d, going back to a 2d screen seems like a downgrade. Like watching movies in 1080p for two years, then all of a sudden jumping back to 480p. It just isn’t the same.

      1. I love how having the 3D effect on makes it look on par with HD games for me. A long while back on Miiverse, I once said Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS looks better than the HD ports of the game. Or did I say they looked on par..? *shrugs*

    3. True in some aspects… but future wise Iwata did say that the next console wont be so different. Probably because he and others know the blind world only sees innovation not surpassing POWER AND GRAPHICS.

  2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Actually I believe this would be the first 3DS game (retail at least) to not use 3D, Pokemon did utilize some 3D in certain locations and always in normal battles, unless this is the same, I believe that it is the first.

    1. You’ve come to the wrong place then… All you find here is retarded arguing and hatred over pieces of plastic :(

  3. Thats very disappointing square. 3d makes the games better, and more immersive. I could care less if it comes to the west now. It really is lazy on square’s part, and final sales will reflect this laziness. They are just trying to copy Monster Hunter anyways, so I think I’ll just stick with mh4u, which has amazing 3d.

  4. Good – I hope this trend continues. I never play with 3D. It’s a silly novelty that wastes not only processing power and battery life on the device, but money and time put into the development of the game.

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  6. I only play games with the 3D ON. It’s still amazing to me. It adds depth, and a stunning realism to the graphics. It blows my mind that people only turn it on for a sec, say it hurts their eyes, and then play with the 3D off for the rest of their lives. You have to let yourself ge used to playing with it on. Then, you’ll never want to go back to 2D. I wish they would’ve made the Wii U game pad stereoscopic as well.

    1. I agree with you completely. Once your used to playing with the 3d on, turning it off seems like a graphical downgrade. I understand if it truly hurts peoples eyes and makes them sick, but honestly it has never made me feel any different. It has never even giving me the slightest of headaches.

      There will be people that don’t buy this game becouse of a lack of 3d. Hope square is ready for that.

      But didn’t the same company make Bravely default? That game has amazing 3d. Who knows what going through these developers minds..

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