Pokemon X & Y Over World Will Not Have 3D Effect


The latest Pokemon television commercial confirms that the long-awaited Pokemon X & Y will only feature 3D gameplay at certain points in the game, the rest being in 2D. A user from NeoGaf who has played the Pokemon X & Y demo says that the 3D effects are only used in battles, while  the over world is played entirely in 2D. He went on to say that the 3D causes framedrops if you use moves with a lot of effects.

140 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Over World Will Not Have 3D Effect”

    1. God, this series fucking blows ass. All aboard the 100 hours of grinding train! CHOO CHOO! Next stops: 8-Directonal Movement that should’ve been put in on the GBA games, and Features that should’ve been in the game to begin with!

    1. yeah, that’s it, there is no 3d rendering in the over world…, the overworld also won’t be in color, you know… *sign* -_-“

    1. Or maybe it’s because X and Y comes out in 12 DAYS and we still don’t know all the new Pokémon!!! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!! Toot Toot!! 💋

      1. Wow, I never turn the 3D off, its always at max and as soon as I turn on the 3DS its just like boom I am zoned it. Never bothers me. I have played for like 8 hours in a row with 3D on…doesn’t bother me. But all eyes are different I guess. I find that the 3D effect works best with Space games like Starfox though.

    1. Same. I also can’t stand 3D in movie theatres and ESPECIALLY in iMAX theatres. Good God kill me before allowing me to step into one of those things again… 💋

  1. Honestly a little disappointing. Doesn’t bode well for the future of the console if the first Pokemon game on it can max it out so much it doesn’t like being in 3D. Still love the console but… yeah. That’s troubling.

    1. Yeah, but no one cares about 3D…. I can see 3D working in battles but why use it on the overworld anyway?? I doubt it would enhance gameplay in any way shape or form. 💋

      1. I love 3d… Use it constantly. this is highly disappointing for me

        I’m going to cancel my preorder now… Wait for reviews.

        1. That’s kinda stupid. First we had people buying games for gameplay over graphics now we have people buying games for 3D! over gameplay!?! That’s just not right.💋

          1. no, 3d was a main selling point for me, plus why upgrade a system if its not for graphics. i bought a wii u because it was more powerful than wii. i was hopin for the true 3ds experience, going to be awkward switching in and out of 3d like that. Gameplay is most important,but i expect pokemon gameplay. turn base battles with elemental stratagies. same as always. 3d rendering with 3d effects would be icing on my pokemon cake, now its starting to get a little muk’ed up, a bit of trubbish finding this out a month before release. i always wondered why the trailers werent in 3d.

      2. I guess I’m no one then because I can actually withstand the 3D. I think an 3D over world would of been good and that they mainly took of this feature to be better off for the 2DS

  2. not a big issue, besides one can play Pokémon for a long time and 3D all the time can cause some serious problems, whenever I play 3DS games I don’t always play in 3D so its actually not a problem

  3. Not a big deal, I hate 3DS’ 3D anyway. I usually play with it off. I Also tell Nintendo that when I fill out Club Nintendo game questionnaires.

  4. Ehh… I never use 3D anyway. I play my 3DS for the great games not for the headache inducing 3D effects. Do people actually use it often?? I thought the majority saw it as a gimmick not worth wasting your eyesight over? 💋

  5. Even if I planned on getting this (which I don’t) I wouldn’t care… I hardly ever use it, thanks to it enhancing the cracks in my screen caused by the 3DS’s poor dual screen design.

  6. Surprising, but not a loss to most people since a lot of gamers don’t actually use the 3D often, haha…I only use it in cutscenes for certain games.

    1. I use it all the time. I for one actually enjoy the 3DS’s main feature, you know, its SELLING POINT!! All games should feature 3D no matter what, in every part of their game. Sorry…this is just a MAJOR dissapointment for me…

  7. Big deal I would hardly use it anyway. I’m still getting it. And who wants to see 3D in walking around majority town to town anyway?

  8. What the Fuck!!!!?? I wanted to see a Pokemon game in glourious 3D but no. Somehow they managed to fuck that part up!!! How can Nintendo’s best handheld franchise NOT feature 3D in the main part of the game??? What the hell Nintendo…This is a major letdown…this game was the only reason I bought the 3DS, when it was still $250…because I was excited by the fact that Pokemon would be in epic 3D…. Another reason for me to start hating you, just GREAT!!!

    1. You spent almost three hundred dollars on a console to play a game that wasn’t even announced yet? Besides dude…when they say 3D they mean the 3 Dimensional effect exclusive to 3DS, not the 3D overworld in itself. You’ll still be able to play in a fully 3D world.

      1. Any gamer knows Pokemon will ALWAYS release on a Nintendo handheld. It might as well have been announced. And I know, but I wanted steryoscopic 3D effects in the overworld. It would have been beautiful in my opinion…

    1. This Pokemon region better be gigantic, and this game better be awesome. If not, I will not forgive them for their complete disregard as to why Nintendo named the 3DS, 3DS.

  9. Yes wanting the game even more now and the 3D feature sucks anyway so I say that’s A plus and get ready for future games to not have great 3D features. Iwataa and Reggie finally realized that 3D is just a gimmick hence 2Ds and don’t tell me that aimed at little kids bull shit

  10. 3D is appreciated, but not exactly something that makes games good, stop bitching guys, you look like those graphic whores :C

    1. Nobody said it will be a bad game, its a damn 3DS it SHOULD have 3d on the entire game not a few parts here and there that is just bullshit. Why even call it 3ds then? They should have just made the 3ds with better hardware to to somewhat future proof their system instead of pulling of these stupid ass workarounds all the damn time.

      1. What is better Good frame rate or 3D?? You do the math. Unfortunately the hardware can’t handle it and there’s nothing we can do about it besides, in your case, cry about it and this is the first “workaround” I’ve seen.

            1. Oh I’m sure it will but u have to admit they underpower their systems and they could really avoid all of this.
              But yeah I’m excited to play it I haven’t really played Pokemon seriously since like gold back in the day lol.

        1. Yeah, I think we are saying the same thing (for the first part). And sorry you must misunderstood what I was saying and it was probably cause I wasn’t very clear.
          I never turn off the 3D when I am playing games, so it disappoint that parts look like they may not be in 3D.

          Yes, I remember the light turns off when parts of the game is not in 3D, much like the full motion capture intro scene Street Fighter where in 3D. So yeah I was one of the early people to buy it (117 in line at NYC) cause Nintendo go me with Free Large Pretzels and Hotdogs…wasn’t even planning on buying first thing.

          Hopefully is just the demo and not the finished game that has the lack of stereographic 3D on those parts.

  11. I hate how people are like, “Oh well, it’s not a big deal.” It IS a big deal. Granted, I’m still going to buy the game, but it would have been nice for all of it to be in 3D. This is almost as bad as the PS Vita getting indie games over “AAA” titles. Yes it’s perfectly fine, but still hugely disappointing.

  12. That’s a poor excuse because x&y aren’t that graphically advanced compared to other 3ds games that run almost constant at 60fps like MH3U.. Not going to be a deal breaker for me though pokemon is more of a 3D suitable game as there isn’t much button mashing so as the blur the 3D effect as the angle tilts but oh well… The battles are where the fun’s at and that’s where people will enjoy the 3d the most!

  13. Okay just stop for a second here. Where the heck did they say that in the commercial? And I know better than to trust Neogaf user because we all know the 3DS has about the same power of the GameCube so I’m pretty sure it can hold the game pretty well.

  14. I play with 3d on always never turn it off. It’s very dissapointing to me that this game won’t have it. I find that the 3d has a way of smoothing out the otherwise mediocre graphics of the 3ds. Ill still buy the game but it’s a shame that it won’t have 3d would look much prettier with it.

    1. Yup. No problem, I’m just gonna pay full price for a 3DS game minus the 3D capabilities. Sure they’re still charging me as if the 3D were actually included in it, but I don’t mind because 3D gives me naus–BAAAH!

  15. I grew up playing Pokemon Red and Blue (they came out while I was in kindergarten) and have played every game in the series, and I was really looking forward to this game (first fully 3d pokemon game) and now hearing about this less than a month before the game comes out!! Nintendo and Gamefreak I am a very upset and you have lost all respect from me, I feel that they did this just to save a couple bucks…

    1. Well, duh! Of course they removed it to save money. These lazy penny pinchers need some gimmick to sell the next recycled game. More than likely, they’ll add it to ‘Z’ & advertise it as something “revolutionary” to the series.

    2. Let’s be real, if you were hyped up to buy this beta 3D crap to begin with, you’re still gonna buy it…
      Now, shh…take your medication.

      1. What the heck kid… grow up I know your mommy and daddy didn’t teach you to talk like that. Never said I wouldn’t buy it, I will still buy it but I will definitely give Nintendo a piece of my mind and tell them that they gave me an incomplete game. Pokemon is the 2nd biggest video game franchise ever selling 220 million games second only to Mario, they should have made this happen but they didn’t… and I know I am not the only angry fan.

        1. Grow up? Says the manchild still playing fucking Pokemon. Please, washrag! Your “piece of mind” means jack shit to these people; they’ll wipe their asses with it. If U really want a business/company to take you seriously, U stop purchasing their products.

          1. Wow kid someone needs a bottle, I am probably twice your age so enough. I will play Pokemon the for rest of my life and my kids will play it. I don’t care what anybody says including all the immature tweens on here like you.

        2. U can be a fan of any (x)company&that company can be at the top of its genre,but the moment they want to take “fan” for fool,U leave until they get sorted out.Buying something made cheap&half-assed is consenting
          in the duplication its class.

    3. Dude, the game is fully 3D. It has polygons and full 3D environments. The stereoscopic 3D effect, which makes things “pop out” at you, is what is gone during the over world sections. Don’t get confused. This is not another 2D game with sprites.

      1. Yes, but it is lacking the real 3D aspect of the 3DS, which results in worse 3D Models, and this game will not be up to par with Nintendo’s other First Class titles.

      2. It’s psuedo 3D which is 2.5D, not full 3D. If I’m paying full price for a 3DS game, I expect to have full stereoscopic 3D. What is it with this company & selling you half-assed games rather than going the full 9yrds? What they are is conartists.

          1. If U honestly still have the need to play Pokemon, yet are supposedly sick of what they’re doing to their masses of tools,play the waiting game, buy the predictable third (eventually fourth) intallment, buy it used&then tell why UR not supporting them.

            1. *installment

              I guarantee that if more people stopped supporting their cheap, greedy laziness, they’d eventually have to make some sort of change. …That or you’d have the Wii U effect–where even after an almost full year of being out & selling poorly, have yet to release more decent hardcore games or new IP’s at a faster rate that utilize the gimmickpad creatively and have also failed to merge accounts regardless of being aware that many people have voiced their need for it. Not all is lost though… I’m using my gimmick pad as a food tray.

    1. I’m digging the HD on the Wii U, have you seen how REALISTIC Pikmin’s 3 environment looked? EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! And with each new generation of Pokemon handheld games, the Pokemon start looking more and more like REAL plastic toys! THAT’S RAD!!!!!! I can’t wait for a REMASTERED edition of Majora’s Mask!

      Thank you, Nintendo for remembering that graphics don’t make a game, and that’s what sets you aside from the rest of the gimmicky competition. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pre-order a copy of Windwaker HD bundle and sell my garbage Gamecube version.

      1. I know that’s sarcasm lol but too the people that think graphics don’t matter guess what THEY DO. If they didn’t you fags that own WW for gamecube wouldn’t be getting it for WII U. But since its HD you all are all over it. Hypocrites. If graphics didn’t matter Nintendo wouldnt have made Wii U. They would have stood with Wii or made a wii2 with SD graphics and just more power for longer games but not better graphics. bottom line graphics do matter alot

  16. Some of you are ridiculous.. I can’t believe some people are dropping the game over this. People bitched about the 3D just being a gimmick, so what’s the difference now, huh? And besides, it’s just the over world, there’s nothing fancy or pretty happening there. At least the battles will still be in 3D, that’s the most exciting part of the game. Plus, if they were to make the whole game 3D, then that would be sacrificing frame rate and smoothness of the game play as stated above which could still happen during battle. All of you crying over it think they’re just doing this for no reason? No! They must have had a good reason I’m sure, but I doubt any of you would care, right?
    It’s still Pokemon; and I’m sure those of you complaining will completely forget about this as soon as you start playing and enjoying the game.

    1. No it would not sacrifice frame rate to implement 3D, All Nintendo would need to do is put more Gigs into the Cartridge to make it happen. Just to clarify 3DS game carts are 1 to 8 Gigabytes in size so to bump it up to 16 Gigs it would only cost them a couple bucks per cartridge. The game is cheap and rushed no matter what you say.

    2. Thank you!! That is my thoughts on the game exactly!! Dropping the game over this?? They are nothing but big babies who whine when they don’t get what they apparently hated before in the first place!! Nothing but spoiled rotten CoD loving brats!!

  17. I use 3D in every game I play and the fact that pokemon x and y wont have much 3d effect is literally the LAST thing I care about. There is so much more to be excited about thtas in this game I dont see why people are so annoyed.

    1. I am annoyed because they lied about the game being in Full 3D. while it was announced as a fully 3D capable game and they lied, and they only announced this via a commercial in the fine print at the bottom of the video!

      1. Yet you’re still going to buy it. Just stop… You’re the equivalent of a woman who decides to stay in an abusive relationship & does nothing but complain about how she’s being mistreated & says she can’t leave her partner because she still loves him.

  18. The hardware can’t handle it, that’s all..
    I also play every game in 3D, not because I like it but because it’s 3DS, its kind of nice, but not very important to me. I would rather choose a game with more bloom, anti aliasing, shadows and all kinds of graphic goodies than a 3D game with less of all those goodie available.

  19. my initial reaction to the lack of 3d on the over world was disappointment. however, i probably would only use the 3d during battles anyway. so. now i don’t care.

  20. I have come to a conclusion. Most people who play the 3ds have bad eyesight PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I don’t understand otherwise because most of the games out there are truly enhanced by the 3d aspect. It makes games feel deeper and as if they also appear in High Def. Not having the 3d in the Overworld is a major let down. Most people don’t understand that if you don’t like the 3d you can turn it off but for those of us that really enjoy it now are going to be in and out of 3d every couple of seconds while we are encountering wild pokemon, its going to ruin the effect the 3d has when playing a game.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I can play forever and it doesn’t hurt my eyes (as long as the screen is clean, of course, to minimize ghosting). And the 3D adds such a deep level of immersion. I can hardly stand to play without it.

  21. There is absolutely no excuse for this whatsoever. If Resident Evil Revelations (a game with graphics comparable with early Xbox 360 games) can run in full 3D at 30-60 FPS then this game can. All they would have to do is occlude so that the only area rendered was slightly outside of the camera’s field. My guess is that they used shortcuts on many elements in the overworld so that they don’t actually exist in 3D space (like the rotating trees in Okami) to speed up development time. This would line up with the game having a record breaking short development time for pokemon games in this decade. Beauty my ass, they took shortcuts to release the game before Christmas. End of story.

  22. It sucks that the whole game won’t be in 3d, all because they wanted to add a little more to the scenery. I’m dissappointed in Gamefreak, but I’ll still buy the game for its other new features, and fun factor, regardless. sigh.

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