Original Wii Sports Coming To Wii U In HD With Online Multiplayer


The five beloved sports from the original Wii Sports – bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf – are making a dramatic and competitive return on Wii U. The games are being released individually as downloads in the Nintendo eShop featuring HD graphics, enhanced controls via Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as a much-requested online multiplayer versus mode, so users with broadband Internet access can face off against competitors online. And that’s where the “Club” part of Wii Sports Club comes into play. Players will be registered to state or regional clubs and will be able to chat with one another via Miiverse during matches. People will be able to play casually against members of their own club, or take on members of rival clubs to increase their club rankings.

Tennis and Bowling will be the first two sports available in the Nintendo eShop on Nov. 7, with Boxing, Baseball and Golf scheduled to launch in the months ahead. Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club will get a trial pass that will let them play any available games for a 24-hour period from when the Wii Sports Club game is started. Once the trial period ends, players can purchase a Day Pass for $1.99 in the Nintendo eShop to play all available sports for a 24-hour period, or can buy permanent access to individual sports for $9.99 each.


        1. Thia got online, but 3d world, nsmbu, nintedoland pikmin 3 didn’t ok, now nintendo can e laughed at till their soon doom

          1. You don’t even know if they can patch one of these games to get online. Just like you didn’t know it was going to be a Wii Fit U direct 16 hours ago.

    1. Wii Boxing online is gonna be a ton of fun. Playing against CPUs got pretty stale fast, because they stopped getting harder at some point (my exp statistics had gone beyond the top of the screen).

  1. This is exactly what Nintendo should do and also with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit and the Nintendo Land, but I want to be able to buy in store a physical copy.

    1. Agree with the physical copy, people need to know that this game is out, they also with to ad another entry to the wii sports series that include games that uses the wii mote wii u game pad and wii balance board

  2. Can be seen as a money-grab. Most likely will be.

    However, while I’m not entirely behind the concept, if Nintendo decide to do HD remasters of the games we enjoyed playing the most on Wii (Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 anyone? Metroid Prime Trilogy?), then it becomes an interesting proposition. At least you’re not being asked to shell a massive amount if you want to kill time for the odd day. $2 a pop isn’t bad for the one-off, only that most people just own the original Wii disc so that doesn’t really matter.

  3. I was so close to being down with this. So close.

    But for that pricing? Fuck off, Nintendo. Fuck off. I have Wii Sports already. We all have Wii Sports already. I’m not paying US$50 to buy fucking online and HD. That’s shit pricing. 50% of that and we have something but no. That’s stupid.

    1. if this sells and windwaker hd sells at full retail. price…

      be prepared for nintendo to release remake after remake at full price, to fill the void of real wiiu games…such a shame

      1. The day pass is a nifty idea though, if you don’t want to buy the full game for yourself but wouldn’t mind slapping a couple bucks for access for when friends come around and you can have your fun. It’s basically cheap digital rental.

    1. The Wonderful 101 is a game that Platinum worked on closely with Nintendo.
      It’s as new as new can get.
      You’re just looking for reasons to bitch and you know it.

    1. This probably took 2 hours to make. Don’t worry, it isn’t cutting into any Star Fox production time… which is probably being made by Platinum ya’know!! 💋

  4. Nice… about time Nintendo.
    I do believe the “Wii series” (Fit, Music, Sports, Party) are better off like this: digital, online multiplayer, free-to-play/freemium.

  5. To be honest, I moderately support this. Ill probably buy two games permanently and no more.

    That being said, the one day pass is rather unusual for Nintendo.

  6. Ummmmmm Everyone complained they needed a Wii Sports type game. But now were all going to complain? For one I am sure that the games they release will look great and be full of content. Your going to have the ability to buy a sports game of your choosing and compete online. Most people might want to play once and for 2 bucks that’s not bad. I wish people who support the company would say something positive for a change and if your negative stay negative.

  7. nintendo what the hell ?????
    what about the damn other good game you idiots ???
    the casuals who bought the wii won’t give a shit about an hd version of the game , what the hell is wrong with you ??

    1. there is no hope…. really nintendo gone to shit and there never going to change. they dont care about the core, nintendo has become uncreative with their games and shovelware infested supporters. nintendo is better off dropping dead.

      1. quit your god damn bitching, do you have nothing better to do than criticize Nintendo, “Nintendo better fucking do this, Nintendo better fucking do that” you sound a whiney, bitch ass record, in all posts all you do is whinge about the negatives of Nintendo, heres a little idea for you, DONT BUY THE GAME IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, it could not be more simple, so here it comes….

        Don’t be an internet retard

      2. To @iceazeama Nintendo not caring about the core: I just bought W101 and noticed its “T” for teen. Yet the hardcore let it flop. Wii U needs sales and they are targeting the big picture everyone. After all targeting only hardcore gamers didn’t help Sony from selling their headquarters did it?

        1. finally someone with some common sense (besides our dear Commander) “hardcore” gamers are what I call “teddy bear hipsters” they always cling to a game with as much blood and vomit and sex as possible, without evening experiencing something new or invigorating, and deem themselves “hardcore” it still makes me laugh, Hardcore gamers are just a bunch pathetic little patsies with absolutely no life but a life of being hipsters

            1. twas nothing my fellow Nintendite, it seems that this world of haters going to need another ark and flood, Nintendo do not need to win the next 100 console wars, I just want them to be here for the next 100 console wars, and its Mister DbaIR but you can call me brother, Nintendo forever!!!

              1. Indeed we must brother…

                Let our power touch the minds of the corrupt and save them from the Xbots!

                And the innocent casuals will turn into true Nintendo gamers soon enough…

              2. you just made me puke fanboy scum. everything you saym now is irrelevant because you ride nintendo even if they would killed your family.

          1. I disagree on how you portray hardcore gamers. To me, a hardcore gamer is somebody, like myself, who is extremely skilled at and dedicated to video games. A COD fanboy isn’t a hardcore gamer, he’s a douche that can’t appreciate art. I love Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts n’ Goblins, Zelda, and Mario, all Nintendo games, and all on a hardcore level.

    1. No but they might give a duck about individual game purchases with online play… Bowling is what I’m getting.

    2. Bowling was fun too!! Oh and now Boxing will be fun because you can face off against someone via the internet!! Even Baseball will be cool! :P 💋

  8. So I can purchase online club or league bowling hd for 9.99 plus tax
    .. That’s gd amazing. that’ll be my only purchase as of release. and its totally worth it.

    1. Totally agree. What they should really do, of course, if they want to move some consoles, is bundle Wii Sport and Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. U with the system. I mean, seriously–what’s more important?–making some quick cash or broadening their install base?

      And while they’re at it, offer trade-in bargains for people looking to replace their Wii with the fancy, HD Wii U. If you knock fifty bucks off the new system and at the same time give consumers better, online versions of the only games they bought the Wii for in the first place… well, that’s how you recapture the casual market.

      Yes, I would love for Nintendo to recapture the casual market. I just think about all those kids at Christmas opening up the unexpected and glorious Zelda U when it finally does come out.

    1. You shouldn’t joke about that kind of stuff. Tons of people are staying home longer with their parents, going to college, going to work, because living on your own in this economy is too hard for young people in this day and age. 💋

      1. of course i know that, my sister is living at home and she has a kid…….. but she will move out one day their is a difference.

        1. Oh yes, of course there’s a difference. The difference being that it’s your sister, as well as .
          And you can guarantee that she will move out, oh yes. Those words “one day” are great proof.

    2. You know that the vast majority of people who like Wii Sports are the casual market, right? You know, children and families? Not hardcore Nintendo fans but your average joe and his wife and kids.

    3. Okay, I stay in my mothers house, I heard your mom does housecalls anyways… oh and tell her she better bring my change

    4. @icezeama

      Considering that if a game is fun and it’s from Nintendo then it’s babyish?

      I haven’t seen any games from Microsoft or Sony that looks innovative or interesting. I’ve got a Wii U and started playing Donkey Kong Country Returns yesterday. Yes it might seem “babyish” to you as you obviously don’t appreciate games for what they are. Is DKCR fun? Yes it is actually. Graphics good, yes they are. Game play good? Classic game play.

      Your opinion is dull and stupid.

    5. Says the bitch who spends his free time whining worse than any of the “babies” here.
      Go be a family man, you has-been.

      1. people are so pathetic, cant take criticism about nintendo, stupid corporate slaves. might as well say the truth, call you nintenbabies.

        1. You’re not criticizing though. All you do is bash Nintendo and never have ANYTHING good to say about them. I’m not saying you have to worship them but give credit where credit is due. Are they perfect? Hell no. No company is, surely they have done some good this current generation for gamers. It’s just a fucking video game company. Stop acting like Nintendo should cater to you and you alone. They have and always will make games for everyone. If you can’t see that then maybe you need to stop playing their games because you’ve obviously “matured”. Why someone would keep following a crappy product is beyond. Quit wasting your life bitching in the fashion that you do. Shit. Maybe Sony or Micrsoft products are more for you? Give those a try. You sound miserable as hell. If gaming is that much a bother to you maybe you would be happy if you just quit all together. Honestly… I’ve never seen a human being whine so goddamn much!

  9. This online multiplayer, upgraded Wiimotion plus controls, and HD is awesome, exactly what Nintendo needs and Miiverse, and Wii Fit U sounds amazing, I just wish they sold a physical copy, and do the same for Wii Sports Resort, I loved Archery, ping pong, basketball and fencing,( online would be cool and give me reason to play again) and they should do this with Nintendo Land too (online). I am very excited, this is really cool. Nintendo is really doing very exciting things, I hope Nintendo remakes Punch-Out! Wii HD with online multiplayer, I would be addicted to that too, this is exciting, I can’t wait to play Wii Sports tennis with Wiimotion plus, online, totally rocks! Thank you Nintendo!

  10. This utterly fantastic news. Except, the pricing structure is a bit whack.

    £1.79 for a 24 hour pass is fantastic. If it stays at this price when the full 5 games are released then what amazing value is that? Especially as it’s first and foremost a party game, you’ll only play it with friends over etc. can’t fault this idea.

    £8.99 PER sport however, is disgusting. Effectively this puts it at £45 for a HD update of a pack-in game that came out over 6 years ago. Yeah it’s got much requested online and Miiverse functionality, and the Club idea is pretty neat, but £45? The price needs to drop.

    Realistically for Nintendo; £8.99 for the first game, or £14.99 for both at launch (as a special launch offer for Wii U owners) then discount further sports when they’re released because you’ve already purchased others, maybe £5.99 each? Puts the whole package at £33 which is near enough the price of Wii U games in the UK.

    An ideal world would have each game at £4.99 each or a special offer once they’re all out. But like that will ever happen. I think if people take to social networks and air their views Nintendo will listen though.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. @Aaron

      “£8.99 PER sport however, is disgusting. Effectively this puts it at £45 for a HD update of a pack-in game that came out over 6 years ago. Yeah it’s got much requested online and Miiverse functionality, and the Club idea is pretty neat, but £45? The price needs to drop.”

      Yet when Wind Waker HD comes out that games is 10 years old and yet priced around the same price. Thats 4 years older than Wii Sports.

      Correct me if I am wrong but I think your point isn’t exactly valid. People will buy it.

      1. The games came out 10 years ago, but they didn’t have Motion Plus back then, which–in retrospect–actually made Wii Sports pretty useless. Now I can imagine having some fun with it.

  11. This will bring back so many memories and make so many new ones! This is also naming me excited about what the next Nintendo land has in store! (Nintendo better be making a seqal)

  12. Why not just get of lack of online Nintendo Land bundle and put this instead. And also to the Nintendo butt kissing fans accepting Nintendo Land not having online yet praising Wii Sports to having it.

  13. this is a really good plan. but with everything Nintendo does, people will bitch about it, I don’t understand it but it seems to be an actuality, but Nintendo are not Sony and Xbox, they are different and that’s what makes them better then Sony/Xbox norm drones, they are creative nuff said

  14. hope for traditional gamepad controls, not only motion-sensor-remote ones…to give any option available to everyone, off tv play too! imho ;)

  15. I wonder what the GamePad will be doing when playing tennis with my Wiimote? I also didn’t know the Wii U sports meter can wireless sync to the GamePad. This makes me wonder if they can also use that with Pokemon Stadium from 3DS to Wii U. Not only that, but how that meter works and gets recorded to the GamePad got me thinking if Nintendo in the future will make games where they can be played on a handheld and upgraded to play on Wii U.

    1. Oh and implement online chat using the gamepad while you’re at it Ninty using the gamepad so its more fun working out with a distant friend.

  16. So which one of you Wii U owners wants an ass whipping against me online? All my friends aren’t challenging enough. Bring it on Wii U owners. I want go easy. Now if only ticking Nintendo Land and 3D Mario World had 3D online. I would pick Luigi change him into a Cat and battle someone online.

  17. Wow more bait to lure the sheep in and some of you dumb asses are going to buy this LMAO next remake NINTENDO LAND NOW WITH ONLINE PLAY for a full $60 all the sheep will be excited and run to it. This is why Nintendo continues this path of quick cash ins and remakes cuz the sheep don’t care at all

    1. Lol, you stupid ass motherfucker, i hope your family burns and your mother is raped by 2000 guys while you are watching that shit, and she chokes on your dick once you’re forces to fuck her yourself….i truly want that, but i’ll take it that you’ll never read this

  18. Wtf is all I can say about that pricing… But now Nintendo is in a corner, no more fucking excuses about a game with local multiplayer focus not having online. I’ll be expecting online DLC for Nintendo Land and for it to be added to Mario 3D World before release. Hell, maybe even Donkey Kong even though I don’t think it needs it.

    1. Exactly don’t believe anything they say man there just liars trying to get your money. If Wii sports can have online than SM3DW AND DCKRTR should have it too with out excuse but Nintendo says “we want the experience at local play not online” and all the nintensheep believe it and say “yea its ok you know Nintendo said it after all so it must be true” same with the 32GB storage excuse and all the sheep believe that bull shit. I’ve been telling people Nintendo is just shitting on them and taking advantage because they accept anything nintendo says but there to stuck in there fanboy realm to see that

      1. Well for me personally the 32GB storage isn’t that bad. I buy all my games physical and rarely get download only games unless they’re Virtual Console and those don’t take up a lot of space. It’ll be a while before I start having storage issues and need to upgrade.

        1. True but they keep promoting digital download and a survey showed that many of peoples purchases from the Wii U are digital (about 60 percent) dont quote me on that tho. so if your going to keep promoting digital download and emphasize so much on it then at least give us a convenient 100-200gb storage. Don’t tell your customers “if you want more storage buy an external” that is HORRIBLE marketing.

      2. I agree with what you said mostly EXCEPT the 32gb storage thing. Lemme explain:

        The PS3 and Xbox 360 have standard HDD- that slow, old technology that is liable to fail. Now the Wii U instead went with flash memory- like the kind in the iPhone and other smartphones and tablets. Flash memory is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than a hard drive and allows for load times to be super quick. I much prefer 32gb flash memory over 180 gb hard drive personally. And, of course, you can add your own HDD if you want via USB.

        Otherwise, yeah I totally feel Nintendo is lacking in so many areas and needs a new direction and new leadership. The more I think about it, the more I think Iwata needs to get ousted as President.

    2. Didn’t think about that… They are really setting themselves up for big expectations for future games with online capability now. And if they don’t include online in future games there will be more pissed of people at nintendo .

  19. Oh goodie!!! They making an “HD” version of the same old game just like the did with “Zelda Windwaker HD”. Just add the letters “HD” at the end of the title. Use exactly the same old low polygon models they used in the original, just like they did with Windwaker. Use the same old primitive sound effects they been using in their games for over 30 years.

    Those same old primitive Miis are going to look so good in HD, they will use exactly the same armless primitive models because they can’t bother to up the polygon count on their models just like they did with Windwaker. Their underpowered hardware isn’t up to the task.

    They hoping to get the grandma market back on their side. Get those dusty Wii motes out grannies and start waggling because a “new” HD game is coming your way.(hopefully since all the grandmas’ Wii’s are collecting dust they have forgotten what the original game was like and won’t notice this “HD” game will be exactly the same game as the old one just like Windwaker HD is).

    1. You are deliberately ignorant of how Nintendo does HD remakes (from the ground up), using the fact that Miis are intentionally designed to have no arms and choose to ignore that the competitors do HD remakes the way you are accusing Nintendo of doing them.

      Either you’re trolling or you’re and ignorant hypocrite.

    1. Considering the hours I put into tennis on the original for example, plus the amount of time that online would add, I don’t think it’s too bad. While the whole set would be $50, you need only get the ones that you actually like.

  20. Since 2006, it is one of the Wii games that still played day by day by people. I played Wii Sports’ box after Mayweather’s fight. If one game can advertise the WiiU is WII SPORTS 2. Not Wii Sports U. People still don’t know that WiiU is a different console and not a diferent controller. Nintendo Dropped a mess while callind the succesor of the Wii, WiiU. Nintendo advertising this year must be clear. Saying it clearly: WIIU IS THE SUCCESOR OF THE WII AND IS A COMPLETELY DIFERENT CONSOLE WITH HD GRAPHICS AND ENHANCED CONTROLLERS, period. With these games, Nintendo has weapóns to advertise, real weapons directed to the casual gamer (thay gamer that stopped buying games since 2008).

    1. Nintendo MUST use this weapons WISELY. I would prefer a whole new Wii Sports 2. Maybe this realeses exists in order to catch attention fast, and then drop the bomb WII SPORTS 2, with a clear, CLEAR and wise advertising. Nintendo future depends on its advertising. Most of my friends still don’t know what WiiU is.

  21. I am actually excited for this. The first game was good, but this move makes the game interesting. Adding online multiplayer will help increase replay value and helps those who don’t have friends or family to play with. The pricing is fine to me, since it has online play. I will be sure to get this when it comes out. I hope for Wii Sports Resort, next.

  22. I haven’t played Wii Sports in years since nobody plays it with me. But with online… I’m actually somewhat excited for this.

    1. 9.99 each? The Nintendo Selects was only 19.99 for all five! Yes, I understand money had to be invested into developing this port, but paying full $49.95 if you wanted to buy the full Wii Sports Club package is a bit on the overpriced side.

      I won’t be getting them all then, maybe only one or two of my favorites, since if I do plan on getting all five, I might as well invest my money in a different retail game. Unless they offer some kind of discount with getting all five. I’m a sucker for deals.

  23. What a complete waste of time and money. Didn’t Nintendo get the hint with the first release of Wii Sports that it sucked monkey’s red arse? Oh wait, they claimed it sold more copies than any other game (even though it came packaged with the Wii. And people didn’t buy the Wii for the pathetic Wii Sports). Seriously, why the HELL do people like this piece of shovelware? I played it for only a small handful of times, then it never got touched again. I HATED it!

    1. It’s a great game, Tennis alone contains hours of fun, I’ve played so many doubles games over the years. It wasn’t bundled in Japan by the way, people had to buy it over there.

  24. this type of free-to-play has been done before
    Pinball Arcade (on phones and Ouya), Zen Pinball 2 (for Wii U), various retro compilation on iOS and Android to name a few
    So why the fuck is THIS game getting chastised for it?

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