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Bayonetta 2 Director Shares Artwork, Plus New Cosplay Trailer

With Bayonetta 2 released in Japan, game director Yusuke Hashimoto shared new artwork on Twitter to celebrate its arrival. Over the course of several days, Hashimoto gave fans tidbits of his Bayonetta drawings, starting with the Umbran Witch’s outline and developing it into one with fierce emotion and another at a different angle, which you can see here. Today, Hashimoto delivered fans his own Bayonetta 2 portrait, which you can see below.

Earlier today, Nintendo UK uploaded a brand new trailer for the upcoming hack and slash game, which sees Bayonetta cosplay as the Hero of Hyrule and re-enact revenge on some perilous bosses. You can check out the trailer in the video embedded above.


17 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Director Shares Artwork, Plus New Cosplay Trailer”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Why does Nintendo-UK have more Bayo-videos than Nintendo does? I’m not 5alkimg about Ninty-Japan either. I want to start seeing some marketing! This game’s around the corner.

  1. The performance of Wii U so far is way below what I expected. Wii U is simply not as highly in demand, and although I didn’t expect it to be over the long run, I did expect Nintendo fanboys to support it in bigger numbers at launch. It really is amazing that there are so few true hardcore Nintendo fanboys in the US, but they make so much noise.

  2. Well Bill, and shuhei, haters gonna hate, its in their blood…its what they were born to do. Fanboy is your go to word when you have hate in your heart.

      1. Odd. Awhile back, you said Japan doesn’t matter when we mention how terrible the Playstation 4 is doing over there yet you want to use Japan as a reason why Bayonetta 2 won’t sell overseas? Oh right. I forgot that you’re 75% Sony, so of course it’s the opposite. When Sony does badly in Japan, it doesn’t matter, but when a Nintendo exclusive game does poorly in Japan, it matters. Like Pachter’s predictions are only right when he predicts the obvious, you will only be right in this instance because of the fact Bayonetta’s fanbase isn’t exactly big to begin with. Not to mention the fanboys, or cheap gamers, of Playstation & Xbox hate the idea of getting a Nintendo console.

        But at the same time, if you end up being wrong & Bayonetta 2 actually does a hell of a lot better than the naysayers & fanboys think it will, we’ll be having the last laugh. Either way, I’m still going to enjoy this game as are a couple of others here that intend to buy the game.

        1. If Smash Bros can sell so much in one day, THERE’S NO REASON WHY BAYO 2 CAN’T. I’m just really disappointed with the Nintendo fanbase’ “choosy” mindset

          I WANT you guys to have the last laugh. I really do. But I just don’t think that’ll happen. I’ll be getting it to actually SUPPORT a third party. Will you?

          1. Since it’s Bayonetta 2, which I’m interested in, which is getting full support & not being gimped, of course I’m going to get it to support the devs that put time & effort into it. But as I said, it’s not just to support a 3rd party but because I actually want to play the game. If I wanted to simply support 3rd parties, I would have gone out & bought Wonderful 101 even though I barely have any interest in it.

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