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Tengami May Launch For Wii U eShop This November

After several setbacks and scheduling issues, Nyamyam has confirmed Tengami should be arriving for the Wii U next month. The Japanese papercraft-inspired 2D game was initially due for launch on Nintendo’s home console in August 2013, but much more time was needed for the title’s development leading to an early 2014 date. Though Nyamyam’s Tengami hit iOS devices earlier this year, it wasn’t the same fate for the Wii U, which suffered more setbacks until June 2014.

The developer, together with work from former Rare staff member Phil Tossell and music composer David Wise, says Tengami is planned for a Wii U eShop release in November, after missing its intended June date. We only hope the point-and-click adventure will make it to the eShop this time around. Make sure you check out the trailer above to remind yourself of the game’s fantastic pop-up art style.

8 thoughts on “Tengami May Launch For Wii U eShop This November”

  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

    meh those retraded were better when they were on the ew rare
    microsoft just made rare better

  2. If they had released this with the other systems I cared… now that it’s been out for months AND I’ve seen how short the game is… who cares? Another game that will do poorly on the Wii U and they’ll blame it on us when it’s their fault… idiot developers.

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