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Interbrand Has Dropped Nintendo’s Brand Value By 33%

Interbrand, a division of Omnicom which is a brand consultancy firm, has dropped Nintendo’s overall brand value by 33%. The company says this is due to declining sales of Nintendo products such as the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and the advent of smartphone and tablet gaming which is ruling the roost in the handheld market.  You can view Interbrand’s top 100 brands, right here.

“Nintendo continues to provide safe fun for families, but has not remained relevant to the “smart world” gamers who now demand edgier entertainment. Significant volumes of Gaming entertainment have moved away from dedicated gaming consoles and hand-held devices (like Nintendo’s DS) to all-in-one devices like smartphones and tablets. Wii U, the brand’s biggest launch for several years, has suffered from weak sales since its birth in 2012, largely attributed to the limited number of games offer, as well as market dynamics.”

“After three years of decline, Nintendo is yet to clearly articulate how it will respond to the challenge of smart devices and the prevailing “free-to-play” games model. However, the recent lifting of the 14-year games console ban in China (estimated to be the world’s third largest market) presents a growth opportunity-although Nintendo will have to tackle the issue of bootlegged software, customized hardware, and fierce competition to gain a real presence in the country.”

“Nintendo’s amiibo is a collectable figurine line with built-in memory that was created to encourage shared gaming experiences between real friends, rather than those of the virtual variety. However, Nintendo is effectively playing catch-up with a market already crowded with similar products like Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The company’s core fanbase remains committed to the brand and vocally defends it, which is clearly an advantage. However, despite this enthusiasm and the quality of its games, Nintendo needs to deliver a more relevant and impactful brand experience to change the perception and demonstrate clearly that its exciting innovations are still to come.”

147 thoughts on “Interbrand Has Dropped Nintendo’s Brand Value By 33%”

    1. it doesn’t even make clear sense … “nintendo” isn’t much of a brand … it’s IPs are brands … like “mario” and “zelda” and “metroid”, etc, etc, etc

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I guess Interbrand is a little asshurt that they need some controversial shit to tell everyone they exist

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      “The company’s core fanbase remains committed to the brand and vocally defends it, which is clearly an advantage. However, despite this enthusiasm and the quality of its games, Nintendo needs to deliver a more relevant and impactful brand experience to change the perception and demonstrate clearly that its exciting innovations are still to come.”

      You clearly didn’t read the article and are blinded by your irrational obsession with Nintendo. If you had, you would have realized it was true.

      If you whip out your smartphone in public, no one bats an eye. But when you take out your 3DS, well then everyone loses their minds.

      What they said isn’t controversial. It’s downright true. The name “Nintendo” has negative connotations associated with it. You can’t possibly deny that. I’m not saying their games aren’t good, and neither is Interbrand.

      1. Just like Jesus was hated, people shall always hate on greatness. It has always been the case. Nintendo shall always see adversity. Also remember the 3DS is the hottest traditional gaming device out there. Sony PS4 in second, WiiU in third. Sony is going bankrupt as we speak. LOL!

        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          Neither Interbrand nor I are hating on Nintendo. The 3DS has done well considering the circumstances (smartphones). I have one; I got it day-one. It’s sitting right beside me.

          That’s not what Interbrand is saying.


          It’s talking about the brand of Nintendo as a whole. 3DS sales have gone down. Maybe because there was a period in the summer where no games released? Maybe. Wii U sales have been crap and spiked a tiny bit with Mario Kart 8. Wii U is still thought of by the majority of the gaming community as a joke.

          The MAJORITY. The MAJORITY does not see this Wii BRAND as innovative. Interbrand says Nintendo needs to show gamers they are still innovative.

          Sony is going bankrupt not because of the PS4, and it’s not funny. Sony is a much larger company than Nintendo and has employees of its own. Laughing at a company struggling is as hypocritical as you can get.

                  1. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. All points well elaborated. All fanboys in a corner. Everything is perfect. You, sir, truly are one hell of a genius.

                      1. I wonder what our debate would look like if we were ever to disagree on something, but you don’t seem to be expressing your opinions very often here. Maybe that is for the better. These fanboys are delusional.

                        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                          I mostly just *like* the few good comments I see. I only check the comment section of articles I’m interested in, which is around 60% of them. When I scroll down and see all the garbage, I tend to just exit the tab. If there’s actual discussion or an opening for input, I’ll join in.

                        2. @NCQ Well, no need to take that literally. I usually am right in most cases, but I could admit if I was wrong about something.

                        3. @sherlockwillfightbilbo Well, I am usually the one to start a debate when I see all of these imbeciles damage controlling and usually it ends with them just throwing insults and me asking for them to make a point. Needless to say, they never do.

                        4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Usually in most cases? LOL
                          By what just repeating three words and providing no proof?

                        5. CORRECTION
                          You are actually 99 percent of the time wrong.
                          Hello again Crusader of Moot Point.

                1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

                  While I don’t care enough about them to bother ever wondering what new games’ll be available for xbone and ps4, I do believe their existence is necessary. Without a proper enemy, we would not build stronger armies Commander!

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    What I mean is that I don’t car ebaout their well being…

                    I want the Xbots gone forever while keeping the Sonyans at bay…

                    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

                      That sounds pretty good actually. I was gonna say we needed a wild-card, but I think Nintendo already fills that role pretty well.

          1. i don’t know where you live but in a city like toronto i play it basically everywhere. including the subway. and yes, i still scream out loud when I die.

      2. Robin Williams murdered himself because he couldnt look himself in the face anymore after abusing Zelda for so many years. This monster was nothing more than a pile of trash who fooled all of you into thinking he was the fun loving family he wanted you to perceive him by. He slow death must of been a sobering reminder of who he slowly killed Zelda over the years. That searing burn of the rope from his neck as he gasped for air and a total panick inside as he realized this is not want I want to do.. What im I doing.. Omg this is really happening.. Makes us all sleep peaceful at night. Robin you deserved what you gave yourself and we are grateful for it.

        1. If Robin Williams was THAT bad, then I shudder at the punishment which Karma is so generously waiting to give YOU. Then again, your foresight goes about as far as the nose in front of your face, so I wouldn’t expect you to realize this.

          I look forward to the day when you reach the afterlife and see nothing but miles of televisions, all showing you every moment you wasted attempting to get a rise out of people, every moment you embarrassed yourself all over the Internet, and every moment you done goofed over and over again, in excruciating detail, for all eternity. Such a thought makes ME sleep peacefully at night, with a smile on my lips, no less.

          Stay douchey, my friend, please…I can’t wait for you to receive your comeuppance.

        2. Your saying something about a man who played Legend of Zelda since the instant it came out, not to mention he was a wonderful man, of the best. May God have mercy on your soul for freaking out as little on a video game franchise…

        1. ‘the advent of smartphone and tablet gaming which is ruling the roost in the handheld market.’ What does that have to do with Nintendo’s brand value??? The 3DS isn’t competing with Smartphones. Nintendo is competing with Sony and the Vita.
          Smartphones arn’t even dedicated gaming devices, therefore that particular point is invalid.
          Prepare yourself Commander, for the over abundance of troll and Nintendo hate comments………….

          1. Do not educate the Sony drones on my nintendo news, or the xbots, how do we have so many drones and bots on a nintendo site beats my brains lol.


          2. 3DS and phones compete in such way that the new generation gamer would pick a phone over a dedicated portable video game console. My sister, for example, rather play hay day or minecraft than any other game on her 3DS. Same with her friends, both boys and girls.

                1. Excuse me but prayers? No. Even God hates that pitiful creature. Therapy? It’ll be a waste of time. Counseling? Make it court ordered so when “it” fails, that sick bastard will go to prison where it belongs.

            1. 3DS-Dedicated gaming device.
              Smartphones-Dedicated contact device.
              3DS-Games are what keep it going.
              Smartphomes-Games are optional and is not essential to the value/running of a Smartphone…Your welcome…..

            1. The last threatening one was iceazeama and he apparently doesn’t want to be a troll anymore lmao, something like that. I don’t blame him but he still has elements because of his hatred for the state of nintendo. Which i understand, the state of nintendo has been awful. He’s pretty much a less biased blackbond for this site. Blackbond won’t admit there’s things he wants from nintendo that is offered but ice will.

              You know bond wants the new xenoblade game but he bashes it. He’s not tricking anybody.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Well that Blackbond creature sure is a graphicwhore, atleast he admitted being one in one of his data logbooks…

                1. Bond is a graphics whore. I see how you like to have good graphics but the best games usually are the ones that aren’t the best in graphics. In recent memory the best looking games are some of the crappier stale games like crises and stuff. Games should look good but if a game is one of the best and it’s not graphically the best than your missing out.

        2. Will you shut up, holy moly, you and other fanboys want Nintendo to be taken seriously but how can they when act like some 7 yr old on newgrounds

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            It’s funny how you Xbots say that we have no power over Nintendo and then we have the total power to change Nintendo…

                  1. I’m the thestrangestidiot. When I look dumb I bring up random topics no one was talking about. Watchdogs sucks! RE6 is okay.

                      1. I’m the strangest idiot. I know I am being trolled but I still keep commenting anyway cause I’m very bright.

            1. They can’t afford to do that again. It’s time for them to go back on hardcore mode like the good ol SNES days. I hope Fusion combines both incredible worlds of handheld and console gaming together like playing any console gaming on the go and at home. ^_^

              1. more like “it’s time for them to go third party”, because both gaming audiences (hardcore/casual) no longer give a shit about Nintendo’s inferior and overpriced product/services. A new console will fix none of Nintendo’s problems, only worsen them.

                Iwata and co are clueless, oblivious turds. The company is as good as dead if they stick around.

                1. I think you confused Sony from 2006. They’re the ones who launched an overpriced console and lost billions from PS3 alone and if nobody gives a shit about Nintendo, how come 3DS is still selling like crazy and Wii U is kicking Xbox DOne’s ass and not to mention Nintendo is dominating Somy in Japan at this moment?

                  Keep your dumbass vendetta and messy way of thinking reality to yourself.

              2. I can imagine something like the Fusion being quite expensive… Do you know what would be cool? If the Fusion could be backwards compatible with DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U… now that would be a hell of a console!

                1. It might be compatible to all consoles and games to date and imagine playing them anywhere and anytime you wish with minimum to no drawbacks and freedom of that region lock nonsense.

            2. You underestimate Nintendo’s ability to repeat past mistakes, but, we’ll see. So for they are not off to a great start with the 3DS’ successor. If that’s an indicator of the next console upgrade, I’m done and I’ll get a used one cheap a year after Nintendo releases it, which is when the games will be available anyway. :)

      3. This is just plain stupid. Dropping Nintendo support over a BS deadbeat mobile market that has no real attachment value that lasts for 5 fucking minutes of any decent mobile “app”, not game, because Apple and Samsung sold millions of phones a month which BTW, phones are suppose to be mainly for communications you dumbasses.

        And calling Nintendo “irrelevant” because they’re not taking advantage of the mobile market WHICH EVERYONE DOESNT WANT TO HAPPEN, is beyond retarded like Michael Patcher every time he even thinks about opening his stupid ass big mouth predicting and trashing Nintendo’s misfortunes which never came true, not even once.

      4. “Omnicom Group Inc.
        Customer Size: Large Organization
        Industry: Advertising
        Country or Region: United States

        Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
        Microsoft Services
        Premier Support for Enterprise

        Organization Profile:

        Omnicom Group is a strategic holding company with a portfolio of hundreds of advertising, marketing, and public-relations agencies around the world and more than 50,000 employees.
        Business Situation:

        Omnicom wanted to offer a standardized financial-management system to its agencies that would help increase operational efficiency and reduce reporting burdens.

        Foundation for continued growth
        Better insight into the business
        More efficient processes
        Stronger, faster reporting
        Reliable global partner.”

        End of quote from :


        1. They are implying everyone should move to the smart phone industry. For the honor of Japan and humble warriors, nintendo should fight on. This Holiday season the are raking in money.

      5. “Nintendo needs to deliver a more relevant and impactful brand experience to change the perception and demonstrate clearly that its exciting innovations are still to come”

        More relavant? You mean like making a free- to-play, cash grabbing, shit effort, market place? Fuck that, I’d rather them make shitty decisions, then to effectively “sellout.” It’s asinine that they say they should be more “Controversial” when fucking bayonetta fits the bill, and it’s B.O.M
        B.I.N.G. in japan. Maybe someone should get off their high horses and actually review some facts.

        1. Also why isnt sonys brand lower? All their divisions except the PS brand are failing. Not to mention that the ps3 (from what I remeber) hasn’t made back the sales from the original ps3’s expensive prices.

          1. Eh, no.
            Sony has other divisions that make money as well, such as their music and movie divisions, to give you examples.
            Also, the PS3 has started making profit years ago.
            Sony is a huge company known worldwide for their many divisions, whereas Nintendo is focused on video games only. It really is anything but surprising to see Sony being placed higher in the ranking.

            1. Ah sorry… My information must have been dated…. I do recall seeing an article on ScrewAttack saying the Regular sony brands were loosing money and the reason PS now was pushed so much was because of that.

              1. It’s true, many of Sony’s divisions were losing money for quite a few years. However, recently they have been making the necessary changes to make profit again. Their last few reports have shown consistant profits in every division except one or two.

                They still need to adjust to the new tech climate and consumer orientation in order to be the juggernaut they once were though.

            2. They are in crazy debt bud. The illusion you have of their financial state is branding and marketing dollars hard at work.
              Posting a 100 million proffit when your a billion in debt, yeah, they are hurtin’.

            1. Yeah! Football is one of my passions; the only decent sports game I found on the 3ds eshop happened to be inazuma eleven.

              The character (Max I think) said he’d be willing to play in order to hopefully “cure his boredom”, which is exactly what my brothers and I used to say when we would play with the other neighborhood kids to pass time during summer vacation from school when we were kids.

              So in a way I can relate, which I’m aware is a huge cliché but really there’s no other reason haha. You probably weren’t expecting a block of text instead of me simply replying with a concise “yes”, it’s just very nostalgic to me ohgodthefeels :-:

          1. Super Mario 3D World was pretty ambitious when they could have easily made Super Mario Galaxy 3 and took the “Safe route” They tried something that was an ok Single player 3DS game that had mediocore fan reception and made it into a AAA Wii U game. It was certianly impactful too. If not for the wonderful level design. It had to have been the music. The Jazzy Songs had to be the influence for MK8’s Soundtrack.
            What about the Gamecube Smash adapter? Who expected that? Nobody. Who wanted it? Almost everybody who played smash beforehand.

            1. you may not understand the definitions of those words…
              3D World is simply a 3d version of safest franchise ever (NSMB), nothing ambitious about that. Its impact fizzled after a short while, too. It’s not like that game will be remembered by anybody but fanboys in the future.

              i don’t get what you mean about the GC adapter (that just works for one game…). That’s an example of compelling or risky Nintendo content, in your opinion? Wut..

          1. a game is something that you have a sort of challenge, it’s an entertaining interaction, I could be wrong, but I did not find those aspects in smartphone games. They don’t bring the same experience as a portable, a homeconsole or pc.

      6. When I hear smartphones and tablets being compared to dedicated gaming consoles, it sickens me and boggles my mind. No true gamer plays smartphone and tablet games. Man, if so many people puts down casual indie games, then why would they be playing smartphone and tablet games? Those are probably ALL casual indie crap!

        Dedicated gaming machines like the 3DS and Wii U are NOT in the same category as garbage smartphone and tablet games. Every generation seems to be getting worse taste in what they call “games”.

        1. It’s not that anyone is comparing their capabilities or software lineup. The reality is, both types devices are competing for consumer attention and one category is much more readily accessible – smartphones and tablets.

          We live in a time when most people in developed nations have cell phones and/or tablets, including kids. These are devices that can play games and while they generally may not offer an experience that can be had on a dedicated gaming handheld, they are with us all the time and can still play games that many people, in fact millions upon millions, find enjoyable. So why should they spend extra money on something else to play games? This is the thinking that myriads have and this is the dilemma that we face and most gaming companies are realizing.

      7. lord ghost : king of the federation

        why do other people use people’s usar names as their own? sickr need to get rid of anyomous user’s

      8. Seventh generation of the gaming world, (which just ended 3 years ago) Nintendo sold over 250 million dedicated gaming consoles. More than Sony and Microsoft combined.

        Right now, in the beginning of the eighth generation, Nintendo has sold 54 million dedicated gaming devices. Much more than Sony and Microsoft combined, three times over.

        What was this article talking about again, I forgot.

      9. digital promotion dries up at the end of the year. maybe they will release a new Wii U alongside the new 3DS. something that will play pc games as well as nintendo games would be the smart move.

      10. In other words, the world continues to get lazier, getting all the “all in one” devices and ignoring everything else. Truly sad.

      11. A smartphone is not a handheld gaming device. It is a phone that you can play games on and is not made for games specifically. And the games are sub par at best. They need to stop putting them in the same category the same as they do not put computers in the same category as home consoles.

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      13. “YAWN” Another weed pops up to stink up the air… sheesh. Please Winter come already and kill these fuckers!
        Nintendo is a gaming company… games will always be fun.

      14. Why is it so hard for these market analysts to realize that people buy smart phones and tablets to make phone calls, or have easier access to the internet on the go, as opposed to a laptop? Yes, people play games on them. That’s going to happen. However, the vast majority of people who play games on their phones and tablets, aren’t the kind of people that would ever get into video games on consoles anyway. They are content with cute little birds that are angry and flappy.

        That kind of gamer, and those kinds of games may have pulled away some of the people who bought a Wii for Bowling and such, but it’s not going to pull away other gamers. If they want to argue that parents would rather buy a tablet or smart phone for their kid, instead of a 3DS for instance, that’s also stupid, because those devices are sometimes more than double or triple the cost of a 2DS or 3DS.

        Some of the other points are valid. Sadly, I think even if the Wii U was more powerful than the PS4, with an x86 architecture, it would be missing out on multiplatform ports anyway. Unless they go all out and plan on selling the next console at a loss for most of it’s lifetime, instead of making profit from day one or within the first year, and instead rely on software to make money, and drop the Wii name, they will continue to struggle. No more gimmicks, no more off the wall ideas. Just a badass, up to date, powerful console with a basic controller that has amazing games. Super Nintendo 2.0 That’s what they need.

      15. Note: This is their personal opinion and attempt to be relevant. We have been doing this dance since the launch of 3DS people wanting Nintendo to do mobile gaming and even resorting to discrediting the whole hand held market. The people doing this, do all of their gaming on phones and tablets ONLY and have no overall interest in gaming. And for people saying dumb things like,

        “Nintendo isn’t much of a brand.”

        You may want to check on Microsoft, who’s considering selling the Xbox Brand and Sony, who’s brand reached JUNK STATUS twice with in a year’s time and still bleeding BILLIONS!

        Again, these ANALysts love to stir up dookie till it’s frothy. The Wii U is doing fine in 2nd place of the console race no one should even care about. After the holidays watch these same fools will eat their words.

      16. I’ve loved Nintendo for 30+ years. I feel like Nintendo doesn’t care what kind of experience I want from them. I know they walk a path all on their own. That’s great! Please listen to what we want, as we are the ones buying the product.
        If I see a game advertised and it comes out on every platform but Nintendo I feel let down. I remember Reggie saying all the support from 3rd party that was coming to the Wii U. That was great for three weeks but where are they now? Why is that so difficult?
        This year I have moved on and I’m an owner of a Xbox 360 and I’m not upset about seeing new games coming out because I know I’ll have a chance to play whatever I want. How can you go wrong? I have Nintendo and Xbox!!! I must also add, I don’t see any games coming out for Wii U that I want until Zelda U hits or FPS Metroid, Super Mario Universe. Two of those three games don’t exist.
        Another side note: Smartphone games suck. I don’t waste time on “touch here and here games”.

        1. Wow, I almost could have written that word for word. Bravo. I am excited about a few games coming out before Zelda, but other than that, I feel the same way, including the fact I don’t mind 3rd party skipping Nintendo because of mu used360 that’s been running great. GTAV, and destiny this weekend.

            1. You got it! I have 24gigs free on my USB, and the game says it wants a “Xbox hard drive” when GTAV was perfectly happy with my USB…I’m a bit spoiled as the WiiU has never turned me down when using USB, but whatever. I’ll get the damn drive and install tonight! I’ll add you to my friend list. I can’t remember if I’m Dry Bones or Moodeeb… I think it’s the same as my Nintendo ID, so Moodeeb.

      17. These types of %s either hurt a brand further, or ignite passions in blatant or repressed fans. Sadly, it’s usually the former.

        Based on these types of assessments, the consumer loses out by disregarding Nintendo. But it’s the shareholder’s gain if they regard these %s (@ least in the short term). & much depends on faith, but whisper that 1 little domino will tip over, & chances have increased that more than 1 will fall.

        I’m tired of all these faith-based mathematics, these financial projections where 100s of millions of $s in profit are inadequate because a company guessed too high, counted the chickens before they hatched. & maybe they need that amount to continue as is, but I wonder how adequate their profits would be w/ out shareholders. Or how interested a consumer would be if peer-pressure & %s were ignored. Nintendo is fallible, to be sure, but how many of those eggs & tomatos flung @ them are truly deserved?

        The days of real consoles & real games seem #ed. Dedicated devices & experiences are spit upon, while the mainstream blissfully carries their eggs on 1 basket. Do beware the white-water rapids & that waterfall. Oh, & the rocks jutting out. Then there’s the shore to consider…oh, & the sandbars full of egg-eating snakes.

      18. if the mobile app game market is not careful they are destined to fall badly. with all the game clones, half rate design and the free to play clones people will get sick of these half baked games. this has happened before with the video game crash of 1983 where even mcdonalds and quaker oats were pumping out cheap crap games most where clones of each other, clones of clones that is the moblie gaming app market today

      19. I bet Michael Pachter works for or with them. This is definitely something fucking stupid that he’d say. lol

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