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Sakurai Explains How Characters Are Chosen For Inclusion In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly column in Japanese gaming publication Famitsu how he and the team determine which characters to include in the series. Sakurai also mentioned that characters that are deemed to have no future such as the Ice Climbers just don’t make the cut for the team.

“We conduct a character popularity poll both domestically and internationally.” answered Sakurai. A rather straightforward answer. Of course, it’s not like we expected anything along the lines of nighttime rituals with a ouija board. But there’s more. Continued Sakurai, “We also research games that are currently being developed. After that, it’s pretty much up to us, with a touch of convenience.”

“There are a lot things to take into account when deciding [characters].” Sakurai wrote. “Does the character have something inherently unique about them? Can that be used to make Smash Bros. interesting? Is the character a representative character [for the source material]? Do they conflict at all with other characters? Was there anything about them that stood out when we began development?”

As for who doesn’t make the cut, Sakurai noted, “Characters from a series that has no future are rarely chosen. Also, fighters that switch models are a different matter.”

In the end, as director, Sakurai has the final say on any character ideas that come across his desk. “Basically, any character is accepted if I believe it works [in the game]. On the other hand, even if a character is unique, if they overlap with other characters and aren’t unique as a fighter, they are rejected.” Sakurai wrote

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    1. I’m pretty sure Ness will always be in Smash, can’t get rid of the originals :3 I guess he got lucky to get into 64 though

    2. To be fair, Ness was one of the original 12, so I doubt he’d be going anywhere. Even Jigglypuff who apart from her new Fairy Type whom did seem irrelevant and similar to Kirby got in.

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            I usually say both “he” and “she” in my sentences. As there are male and female Jigglypuff, and I don’t want Pokémon enthusiasts to argue about the possible gender…Male Gardevoirs…*shudder

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      It frustrates me to no end knowing he got in somehow. Lucina, I understand. He wants to appeal to fans. I want a Nurse Peach, cuz I’m a nurse peach fan. Will they make one? Nooooo. That white dress doesn’t count either. I want a mini skirt dammit.

    2. He is because they keep releasing verisions. There’s that Dr. Mario RX for Wiiware, Dr. Luigi just got a game too… so he’s still a current character.

            1. Agreed, he could use the Hammer and other stuff. Much better (and even more vastly different) than Dr. Mario.

              Either that it could be Mario & Luigi from that epic series. Could have the twirl attacks and pounding like Mario into the ground and he could pop up underneath another fighter.

              1. Yeah he could have made mario&luigi from mario&luigi series and make them work somehow like the ice climbers with theur tandem attacks (it would not work for the same reason as ice climbers, but it would get rid of the “no future” bs)

        1. Ness and cpt falcon are 2 of the original 12, fox as well, plus there’s a new star fox, clones are last second decisions to just add a couple more characters. Mega man is fan service

    3. Unlike Melee though, Dr. Mario is actually what qualifies as a unique character. Although he retains everything from Melee, Mario got redesigned to have a different move set in Brawl. Doesn’t really fully justify having a second Mario in the game, but still. It’s not a full out clone anymore.

  1. Ah, so that must mean Duck Hunt, R.O.B. , Captain Falcon and Mr. Game & Watch have a future. Right. Lame justification when we already know Ice Climbers were cut due to the limitations of the hardware.

    1. Did sakurai ever make a official statement on the limitations of the hardware? I’m sure that if ice climbers were meant to be in the game they would have found a way to make ice climbers work for both versions.

    2. Sakurai had said before the classic characters that have a profound piece in Nintendo history will stay for good wuch as G&W, ROB, and now Duck Hunt

  2. This Doesnt have sense…
    There are characters in the game that arent UNIQUE
    Like Dr. Mario Dark Pit and Lucina.

    1. How is Lucina not unique? not bashing your opinion, just curious. There’s really no other character that has her moveset. Fully agree with Dr.Mario and Dark Pit though. :p

        1. Actually, lucina is pretty unique. She has a couple different moves and her mechanics are more tilted towards slashes and a slightly larger range/power at the cost of a little speed. She’s kind of like Roy was, but uses slashing moves more often than stabbing moves.

          Regardless, she’s been doing worse than marth because even with slightly extended range, her launch-based moveset isn’t enough to really justify the lack of speed.

          You never really can beat the original.

      1. Wait, wow. my brain is terrible to me today. HA. I kept reading Lucina as Palutena. I guess that’s what happens when you’re unfamiliar with both of the game series listed. On that note, I should really consider playing Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus.. haha

        1. Which is good and makes her LESS of a clone. She plays differently than Marth and is easier to use. She has a fan base too. :)

    2. Just because the characters have similar skins or even similar move sets it’s there small differences that make them unique characters. Each move has different properties even if excictued the same way. Every character in the game was added due to relevance or overall popularity , as stated ice climbers weren’t favorited by the overall community so they were cut.

    1. Thought I should add that I’m not saying the roster turned out terribly bad or anything like that, there’s obviously still a wide variety, no doubt. Just saying he might want to be a little more careful about what he says when there’s clear evidence that some of the things can’t be entirely true, such as the “the character has to have a future” (Duck Hunt ? Mr. Game & Watch ? Doctor Mario ?) or “the character must not overlap with any other fighter” (Dark Pit ? Dr. Mario ? Lucina ? ) etc.

      1. I’m thinking that the latter is considered first and then the former (of your comment). So Duck Hunt wouldn’t lap over another character with their move set. While the future is undetermined, I believe he was a requested character too – so there’s a demand for that.

        In terms of Game & Watch, he’s a returning fighter and a popular and unique one at that.

        Dr. Mario is a returning fighter and has a future, there was the Dr. Mario RX on Wiiware and probably some other release coming for Wii U perhaps. So he’s still got new games.

        Dark Pit while the future is undetermined, he’s a recent character – so there could be a new Kid Icarus game with him or not. While being mostly a clone of Pit – they did make him more powerful than normal Pit so that prevents the overlap.

        The overlap is referred to mostly character like Chrom. Who is just another Marth, Ike clone. Marth is already popular and a returning veteran. We got lucky with Lucina since they were able to modify the moves to make it quicker and a tad more different. Plus females add a lot more variety than another generic male swordsmen.

        1. I get your points. The thing is, at the end of the article, Sakurai said “On the other hand, even if a character is unique, if they overlap with other characters and aren’t unique as a fighter, they are rejected.”, which would rule out Dr. Mario, Dark Pit and also Lucina having a chance of being part of the roster right away.
          And I’m not sure if there’s a misunderstanding on my side, but I wouldn’t consider an “overlap” between two characters as one of them being an exact copy of the other one. For me, an overlap can mean that even if they’re not exactly identical, there still are some obvious similarities between the two fighters. And to me, being slightly stronger but having the exact same moveset as “normal” Pit is a serious case of overlapping.
          About Duck Hunt, well, I just find it strange that he justifies the Ice Climbers not being included with the statement “they have no future”, when it doesn’t really seem to be too different with Duck Hunt either. I’m not saying he should have included Ice Climbers, I’m not even a big fan of them, also it’s basically his game so he can include whomever he wants, but I just wish we’d get more valid explanations, even if it’s just a “I didn’t feel like adding them”. Something like that would honestly seem more genuine than giving us reasons that contradict other statements and actions of his.

          1. But as I had mentioned elsewhere, Duck Hunt was probably a requested new character – obviously he hasn’t had a future as it’s his first return in 25+ years. For all we know there could be a new Duck Hunt announced for Wii U. But if not then he’d be a candidate to be cut for the next Smash Brothers game if that’s a legit reason why Ice Climbers are cut. But I guess it matters what the fans think. I haven’t seen that much disgust for Ice Climbers removal so they may not have been a popular character.

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  4. “On the other hand, even if a character is unique, if they overlap with other characters and aren’t unique as a fighter, they are rejected.”

    Explain Dark Pit then. Were you just wetting your own dick?

  5. More people ignoring how clones work, more people denying all the VISIBLE limitations of the 3DS that doomed Ice Climbers (damn, this game consumes all the hardware to its limits, it even disables Miiverse and Internet Browser, and restarts the system every time the game is closed) and more people believing that they can do better :P

    1. And what’s the explanation for the WiiU version being equally limited ? If they can’t add certain things to the handheld version due to the 3DS’ weaker hardware, that’s totally fine. Something that is not so fine is the fact that they’re gimping the WiiU version for the sake of the 3DS version. Why can’t the WiiU get characters like, the Ice Climbers ? The WiiU is, very obviously, capable of way more than the 3DS is. Saying “We don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged, everyone should get the same experience !!!” is not a valid reason. People pay more money for the WiiU and for the WiiU version of the game, thus, they deserve more + better content.
      Nintendo completely fucked up their chance of making SSB4 something absolutely amazing simply because they just had to make that 3DS version. Not only the game, but also the WiiU as a whole would have been so much better off without the handheld counterpart.

      1. Why does the 3DS version’s limitations suddenly became a huge problem because of the Ice Climbers’ cut? I wonder this so much, because since the very first moment the game was announced, one of the first things we knew is that both versions will feature the same roster, and THAT WAS NEVER A PROBLEM until we discover that Ice Climbers were out.

        The actual reason of why both games have the same roster is because of a design decision that players should be able to transfer their customized character between both games, so, what’s the point of having a character you cannot custom or even have him avaliable on your favorite version?

        In fact, Ice Climbers could join in if they removed the double-character mechanic and made a solo character using the condor from the IC game for recovery moves.

        Sorry, but it’s infuriating to see people pissing of on the 3DS version just because ONE character was cut, we already have 51 gameplay styles on this game and are you seriously rambling because you miss ONE single fucking character? Give me a break and go play Smash.

        1. Eh, I’ve been criticizing the existence of a 3DS version ever since it was announced, pretty much. If you think the reasons why I’m not too pleased with having a handheld version are the Ice Climbers and an unsatisfying roster, you have, unfortunately, missed the entire point of my comment. The Ice Climbers were a mere example, a good one at that. I have mentioned multiple times, even on this very article, that I’m not even a fan of the Ice Climbers myself. They are, as I’ve already said, merely an example.
          The fact that both versions would be, apart from version-exclusive stages and trophies etc., identical to each other in terms of content, was a huge problem from the very beginning. For me, at least.
          And honestly, I’d rather have some limitations in relation to character transferring rather than pointlessly and unreasonably having the entire game held back simply because its counter part can’t do any better.

          What I find slightly infuriating is that people fail to look at the bigger picture and just suck up whatever Nintendo gives them without even expressing the least bit of criticism where it’s obviously due.

          1. Problem is:

            1) You just chose the worst possible example, there are many, many people out there still whinning about Ice Climbers’ cut. The Ice Climbers are the main cause of the fact of both games having the same roster to suddenly become a major problem.

            2) It’s not just “people sucking up everything Nintendo does” (this is becoming classic btw), but a handheld Smash Bros. game is a long-time request from the fanbase, seriously! As for myself, I was waiting for a handheld Smash since the GBA era, the mere idea of play Smash Bros. anytime and anywhere is just crazily attractive and, buisness talking, it would sell a crapload of copies (it sold one million copies in just 3 days in Japan).

            3) Quite honestly, you are the very first person I see calling this roster “unsatisfying”, really. I see people missing their favorite characters but not people fully dissapointed with the roster. In my opinion, this roster is phenomenal, not only because the team managed to include 51 playable characters but because every newcomer in this game feels pretty unique, there are a bunch of original gameplay styles brought by these newcomers, I consider this the best newcomer lineup since Melee, we have well worked characters with functional and creative gameplay styles, someting I missed a bit in Brawl’s newcomers.

            3)The 3DS version is gimping the Wii U version in what level? Characters? And how about the stages, music, trophies, GAME MODES, controller options, amiibo support, does all of this is really irrelevant beyond the characters? You know what, Smash Run is a 3DS exclusive mode because its concept is impossible without the need of splitting the screen, it was created to take advantage of every player having its own screen.

            I still think that ramble about the 3DS version is pointless, because, in the end, we’ve got a fantastc game, and it’s making the people getting more hyped for the Wii U version.

            1. I’ll just go through the things you’ve said using numbers too, that will make things easier for both of us.

              1.) I don’t think the Ice Climbers are a bad example. They’ve been part of the roster since Melee and they probably still would have been part of the roster if it wasn’t for the 3DS’ limitations. I do realize that people complain about them being taken out a lot, some people’s reasons for doing so aren’t the most logical ones either, granted. But I’m not really complaining about the fact of them not being in the game anymore, for me, it’s more about the reasons.

              2.) Maybe that whole “some people sucking up everything” is becoming a thing because it’s actually true. But yea. Other than that, yes, there might have been in demand for a portable version. But considering the series had been on home consoles exclusively ever since its debut, it wouldn’t have been too surprising if Nintendo decided to go with a WiiU version only. Apart from that, I think we all know that the 3DS is a huge success already and it doesn’t even need much help from Nintendo to sell well. That can’t be said about the WiiU, though. The WiiU is seriously struggling, and the mediocre sales aren’t helping anyone – quite the opposite, it’s hurting everyone, both Nintendo and the consumers. If Nintendo had decided to bring SSB to the WiiU only, the game would have moved a massive amount of consoles, exactly what the WiiU is in need of right now. But now that there’s a 3DS version, which by the way also released much earlier, giving people even more reason to go for the 3DS version, people will just go for the cheaper version because the differences between the 3DS and WiiU don’t seem to be significant enough anyway.The most crucial difference, the difference in prices, is very well present though. The game will most likely still move WiiU hardware, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be even nearly as much as it would have been if the game was exclusively on the WiiU.

              3.) I wasn’t calling the roster unsatisfying, probably wasn’t clear enough with my statement in my previous comment. You mentioned the 51 playable characters in your other comment, and how 1 missing character wouldn’t be a big deal, which to me seemed like you’re saying I wasn’t satisfied with the roster. That’s what I was referring to. But to make things clear, I don’t think the roster is unsatisfying, not at all. It’s the largest roster we’ve ever had, with a big variety of actually different characters. So I’m not complaining about it by all means. Sorry for the caused misunderstanding on that one.

              4. (you had 3 twice, btw d: ) ) I just believe they could have made the game much better if they weren’t bound to the hardware limitations of the 3DS, and that WiiU owners simply deserve a signifcantly better version. The roster could have been much bigger, a bigger variety of stages could have been possible too maybe. A stage creator like in Brawl, with the possibility of sharing self-made stages with the world. Things like that. Also, Target Smash, event matches and special matches are missing too, elements that added even more fun to the game in previous installments of the series. There hasn’t been a word on whether or not they will be included in the WiiU version, but considering they’re going that “we want to make both versions as similar to each other as possible”-route, I’m not really holding my hopes too high about those. Would be damn nice if those modes actually make it into the WiiU version though. We’ll see.
              Also, the 3DS version has amiibo support too. Would have been great if that was exclusive to the WiiU, but yea, isn’t.
              About the exclusive game mode, well, I just hope they’ll make something nice for the WiiU because I’ve heard Smash Run wasn’t all that great. I haven’t played it myself though, so I can’t say too much about it.

              1. For me, this “definitive version” thing doesn’t exist, I’ll appreciate both version in the way they were meant to be appreciated, and I’m pretty sure that we will have Event Matches, Special Smash, Tournaments, Stage Builder, share features, a proper Target Smash and a Wii U exclusive mode with the same relevance of Smash Run in the Wii U version.

                About the 3DS version having amiibo support, I didn’t knew that, there’s nothing about amiibo on the game’s box and manual.

                Like I explained in response to other guy, it’s not 3DS’ fault that both games have the same roster, but from a design decision that players should be able to transfer their customized characters and Mii Fighters between both consoles. Actually, both games could easily support different character, but there was more than the previously mentioned design decision. Having different rosters would require more time, costs and men working on the exclusive characters for each version, working with the same character in two games simultaneously saves a lot of development time and resources, and think about a normal consumer that can only stick with only one of the two versions, not being able to play with your favorite character that doesn’t belong to the version you picked can be very frustrating, as for myself, I don’t have any problems with different rosters, but I know about the work needed to do this and how stuff like this can affect the consumers’ decisions. In the end, having the same roster in both games was a smart move, buisness talking.

                1. It isn’t really about it being a definitive version or not. It’s about getting the right amount of content for the amount of money I pay. WiiU owners simply deserve a better game, that’s how I see it.
                  And those reasons you have mentioned just now are exactly why a 3DS version shouldn’t have been developed in the first place. All it did was limit the game from being something incredibly good, holding back the WiiU version. If they had been focusing on 1 version only, they would have been able to offer us more content, more quality.
                  Also, the character transfer is something probably not even half of the owners of the game will ever make use of anyway, since most of the people who bought the 3DS version won’t even buy the WiiU version, most likely. And as I’ve said in my previous comment, I would instantly give up that character transfer feature without even batting an eye, in exchange for a better game exclusively for the WiiU.
                  But yea, neither Nintendo nor the consumers would have had to deal with any of these things if they decided to go with a WiiU version only.

                2. Forgot to add:
                  The only reasons I decided to not go for the 3DS version and wait for the WiiU version instead were because I absolutely hate the circle pad of the 3DS, it’s one of the worst controls I personally have ever used, especially for fast paced games. Just my opinion though.
                  And also because I believe SSB strictly belongs on home consoles. Plus, I just don’t believe an action-packed game like SSB is would work satisfyingly well on a small screen like that.
                  You see, it didn’t even have anything to do with the content. If people don’t have anything that’s bothering them about the 3DS, they barely have any significant reasons to go for the WiiU version, which is kind of sad, especially because it’s about a fantastic series like SSB.

                  1. Here is a fancy thing, am I the only being in the earth that believes that the sells of the 3DS version will not hinder the sells of the Wii U version? I exaggerated in the beginning, I know, but it’s not the first time I discuss the subject about people buying one version or other.

                    The are many reasons of why the Wii U version is coming out later: First off, releasing both versions at the same time would make these games cannibalize the sells of one another, and both would have equally bad sales; Secondly, it’s easy to deduce that the extra time is being invested in polishment and more exclusive content.

                    You fear so much that the Wii U version will lack of overall content, not only characters, to the level of not being worth of 60 dollars, but take a look on Smash 3DS, it’s a Smash without event matches, special smash (the mode that Smash Run is replacing, actually), tournaments, stage builder, a better Target Smash, a possible exclusive and brand-new game mode that doesn’t require split screen to be enjoyed in multiplayer, overall, it’s pretty worth of its 40-dollar price tag (I live in Brazil, so I paid quite a little more than this :x ). In the Wii U version, there is a huge chance of us having all the game modes I commented, plus multiple controller support, a more accessible multiplayer (since you only need one system, one game and four controllers) and exclusive stages, trophies and music.

                    I’m loving the 3DS version, I already have more than 50 hours of gameplay, I’ll purchase the Wii U version as soon as I can, specially because of the GCN controller plus adapter bundle, because I already have two pro controllers and two GCN controllers, I’ll be able to fully experience the multiplayer, something that I can’t do with the 3DS version unless I go play with friends that also have a 3DS and the game.

                    1. I’m afraid you really are the only one who thinks the 3DS versions isn’t going to influence the WiiU version’s sales, haha. There are many die-hard SSB fans out there who would have gotten a WiiU just for that one game. But now that there’s a cheaper version on a console a lot of people already own anyway, they won’t have to get a WiiU to be able to play it.

                      I doubt the sales would have been bad if both versions released at the same time, on the contrary – the sales would have been much better, spread across both platforms. It’s the same game after all, so people would have just bought it on the console of their choice. But releasing the game earlier on one platform and later on the other one will do nothing but end up in hype for the game dying down. I’ve even heard people say that they were planning to get the WiiU version, but now after buying the 3DS version, they changed their mind about it.

                      And honestly, yes I do fear that the WiiU version will be lacking content. SSB is one of the games I look extremely forward to every generation, so I want it to be absolutely amazing, I just want Nintendo to give it their very best. So hearing negative things about it isn’t too great.
                      I can’t say much about the 3DS version being worth its price as I haven’t bought or played it myself, but considering it’s SSB, it most likely is really fun. Either way, as long as you personally are enjoying the game and having a good time with it, great, that’s all that truly counts.

                      The multiplayer aspect is by the way another thing why I strongly believe that SSB belongs on home consoles. There’s nothing else like playing SSB with your friends or siblings, everyone staring at the TV , completely immersed in gameplay. Definitely one of the best local multiplayer experiences. But of course I hope they’ll give us good online multiplayer too, because that was probably what I hated most about Brawl back then. Not being able to add people you meet online, not even seeing a name or anything. But now that there’s NNIDs and Miiverse and stuff like that, it hopefully won’t be an issue. I really really want a decent online multiplayer.

            2. I disagree with that last part. There isn’t as much hype for Wii U Smash Bros as it used to be. I’ve lost a significant amount of hype for the Wii U version because the 3DS version didn’t really meet my expectations. And now that both versions have literally the exact same characters, it’s going to feel like the same thing. You can get different trophies and there might be a couple of different modes, but is that really what we’re hyped for? The main reason people were hyped for Smash to begin with was the new characters. And some people here find the roster disappointing already. I think it’s great, but feels like I’m playing Brawl again. This game is begging for a story mode. There were some good things from Brawl like that including some other characters like Lucas and Wolf that were cut. I think the reason most people are disappointed is because this game had so much potential. All these sacrifices really didn’t need to be made. Smash on the go is great, but if we had to sacrifice it to get a better console version, I would gladly accept that. Wii U owners have to wait longer and pay a higher price to get their version. They should at least give the Wii U version its own DLC or something. Why don’t they add Ice Climbers in just the Wii U version? Or maybe give them some other characters that were cut from previous games? WHY does the Wii U version need to be limited to as many characters as the 3DS? The only way they can make up for this is either include double the amount of things like trophies, modes, and stages,etc in the Wii U version or it really won’t give much of a reason for many 3DS owners to get it. At this point, I think I’m only getting the U version because of the soundtrack thing from Club Nintendo. (And of course the obvious hi definition visuals)

              1. “HY does the Wii U version need to be limited to as many characters as the 3DS?”

                Because this was a design decision in order to allow the players to transfer his customized characters and Mii Fighters between both systems. The 3DS version could easily have a different roster, the real limitation is this very decision of design. And we also have to consider that making two separate rosters for each version would demand more men, costs and time dedicated to each version’s exclusive fighters, having the same roster on both systems was also a method of saving development time.

                About the story mode: Does people really really missed a Subspace Emissary-like mode that much? I’m actually quite surprised about this, because I never play a Smash Bros. (or any multiplayer focused game, for that matter) thinking about a story, I just want to have fun by playing and winning. But I don’t believe on that piss-poor cutscene excuse, but I believe that a story mode was cut actually in order to have all the team focused on character development, characters needs to be the most polished aspect in a Smash Bros. game, and creating the Subspace Emissary in Brawl actually chopped a pretty big chunk of the team in that time.

                To be perfectly honest, I already got used to Ice Climbers’ cut, I never used to play as them, after all, I also didn’t cared much about Lucas and Wolf, but the only character I really missed in this game was Mewtwo. Am I a Mewtwo fan? No, but the demand for this guy was HUGE, in both Japan and west, it was one of the worst cuts from Melee to Brawl, I’m kinda surprised that he didn’t joined this game, considering that there is always a lot of fanservice in each newcomers set.

            3. Characters should be chosen based on who they are, not how they play.
              This roster IS unsatisfying, filled with zany characters and animu C-Listers over the most requested characters because Sakurai thinks he’s creative and funny when he’s simply an annoying asshat.

              The 3DS version shouldn’t exist, it’s a fucking 40$ leech.

              1. Many months later, slowpoke :v

                Greetings from the future, we’ll have Mewtwo and Lucas as playable fighters soon. Alongside balancing patches and share features for Wii U.

                Now, for calling a 51-character roster “unsatisfying” is because you really hated the game, there is no other explanation :v

                And I love the “$40 leech”, I can play it on the way to my job, on my cousins’ house, at bed, at waiting rooms, as a quick trainning between the sets of a tournament. My favorite handheld game of all time!

  6. A poll? How horrible was that poll? Because every poll i have seen, the 3 characters on top were Ridley, Mewtwo, and King K. Rool…………
    Sakurai is just making excuses and more excuses and the people who aren’t nintendo fanboys that buy everything nintendo throws at us can see the bull he bestows upon thee

      1. actually mewtwo was planned to be in every smash game to date. And maybe we’ll get characters by connecting the wii u and 3ds versions to promote sales?

      2. Yeah. Ridley will never happen because apparently Sakurai isn’t up to the task. Don’t give me that “too big” bullshit, by the way. If size was a problem, Captain Olimar wouldn’t be anywhere in sight as playable since his size is barely that of 2 quarters.

  7. lord ghost : king of the federation

    they downgraded the wii u version because the 3ds…… that’s the dumbest decision ever.

        1. 2010 tech,? so in 2008, they only thought 2years ahead? Yet thought 8 gigs and 3 cores would be enough by 2014. Also stupid in not thinking in 2008 for Wiimode to play Pro controller support. And stupid for preferring NSMBU to take up Wii U’s gigs to make pro controller work rather than making it work from the ground up with the game to begin with. Now most of my little gigs have to be used because Nintendo has to play catch up to 2014 rather than thinking all this in Wii U’s development.

            1. Nope Sony estimated what they thought Xbox one was going to be like. Where as Nintendo just focused in being more powerful than PS3.

              1. Oh okay so you want us to understand your logic, but you don’t want us to use it? Double standards much? So by your logic, you are going against your own logic.

  8. I’m sorry, but the first paragraph in this article is misleading. While the editor didn’t write it sraight out, the wording makes it seem like Ice Climbers were cut because the series has no future. Sakurai said tht those are RARELY chosen, and he already admitted that the Ice Climbers were cut due to the 3DS limitations, so please don’t make it seem like they were cut because the seies has no future.

  9. “We also research games that are currently being developed.”
    so I added 3 charrecters from 1 game becouse I made it

    ” Do they conflict at all with other characters? ”
    yep ridley will stay a stage hazard with his GOOD size.

    I still think they could make a pvb mode where the person with the gamepad controlls a boss and the other players are normal charracters
    this way ridley would be playable and he would look normal. so everybody would be happy.

    1. so he says that they look at popularity yet they never made rundas a charrecter for brawl even though it came a year later then mp3 corruption and people really liked him…

      but hey we all know that sakurai hates metroid anyway…

  10. I wonder if he’ll ever comment on why he allows useless clones to take up spots on the roster.

    If he wanted to add a third Uprising character why couldn’t he had added Magnus? A heavyweight sword user would be unique.

    1. Magnus is an assist trophy, and do we really need ANOTHER Sword user? I don’t think so, other then Roy returning and taking Ike out lol. The girl from Kid Icarus Uprising who uses Reset Bombs would be cool though.

    1. I’m not surprised that Lucas was cut, at least here in North America. Since we never got Mother 3 here in the states.

  11. so let’s cut Wolf and Ice Climbers, especially because the latter is too hard for the 3DS version. Top fucking notch logic there, Sakurai.

  12. I’m surprised Bayonetta wasn’t added to the game. But she wouldn’t really fit in very good (much like Snake never fit in).

    What I can’t understand is, why do they never add Paula, Jeff and Poo from Earthbound? Or at least Paula and Poo. Poo’s final smash could have been psi starstorm. *sigh*

  13. ““Characters from a series that has no future are rarely chosen.”

    And we will never see an Earthbound game ever again, and Ness is still in.

    And that bullshit about original from the 64 always been in the games needs to change. Jigglypuff is a waste of space, only reason he was relevant was because of the Pokemon TV series, which now are not that famous and I Jigglypuff doesn’t even appear anymore. So, they need to get rid of Jigglypuff and put something new.

    Revive franchises like Baten Kaitos, Geist, and Eternal Darkness, and put characters from those. Instead of the same characters all the time, and having like 12 from the Mario franchise. Hell, even 12 from Fire Emblem would be awesome, every game has like 30 new characters and they are all unique and interesting. But the only new faces are really Shulk, Greninja, and Lucina, those feel fresh character wise, even if they are clones or not. Palutena is not exciting, I’ve never played one of the games she’s in, and though I love Rosalina, she’s still a Mario character.

    New franchises, new toons, stop relying on Mario, Zelda, and the original 64 characters.

    1. Yes, I realize Earthbound probably has no future here in North America (Why? Who knows?). Why did Nintendo (or, Shigesato Itoi) have to turn their nose up at one of the greatest RPG series I’ve ever played? It’s such a shame. It truly makes me feel like turning my back on Nintendo. They crapped on my dreams for SO many years. All they seem to know how to make are Mario and Zelda related games. It’s no wonder I’m getting burned out on gaming.

    2. Oh, and I agree with what you said about Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff has always been one of my least favorite characters/fighters in Smash Bros. His/her moves totally SUCK. Jigglypuff always felt like a watered down, sucky version of Kirby. With the pink color and floating ability.

      1. The stupidity within your comments is strong lmao. Jigglypuff’s moves don’t suck, it’s nothing like Kirby, and Shigesato Itoi said he didn’t want to make Mother games is because.
        1. He didn’t want to go through the pain of making another
        2. He wanted to experience the Mother series as the player.

        1. If you paid attention to my comment, you’d know that I only compared Jigglypuff to Kirby because of their pink color and floating ability. But Kirby dominates over Jigglypuff.

          And there’s still no excuse for Itoi. He could have just gave someone else permission to make a new Earthbound if he didn’t want any part. There’s always a way. I heard a while back that there was some secret Mother/Earthbound project possibly in the works. But I haven’t heard anything since.

    3. Jigglypuff is my main character but i guess that’s not a relevant reason to keep it in. I still think keeping originals is important especially since nintendo seems to be trying to return to it’s roots, I think that’s why duck hunt got in

  14. I hope in the future, the WiiU verison will have DLC charatacters that fans were craving for. I doubt it would happen but, it would be great if it did happen. I just want the WiiU to be the best version just like it should be intended. The 3DS is just holding the WiiU back so hard.

  15. Yeah, I’m having a hard time accepting this. Much of what the guy says contradicts earlier statements or just don’t make sense at all- he’d give Phoenix Wright a run for his money, seriously.

    Also, I call bull on the popularity polls bit- Krystal, K. Rool, and Ridley are constant top contenders but are they ever added? Especially when very unique movesets could be made for them? Nope, they never have been. Yes, every Smash installment has been great so far, but still, I’m very quickly losing faith in Sakurai’s ability to direct and make sensible choices with the series.

  16. Why is Dark pit in the game then?

    -Nothing Unique
    -A clone
    -Sakurai himself said KI:Uprising won’t get a sequel


    I don’t think I believe Sakurai

  17. this reminds me,WOULDN’T be better if they add puala,Poo and jeff as a team member WITH ness,that could be much better but it will be hard beat them up seriously,four in one fighter team is quite hard beat up right? and ness has summon their when he get KO by some one, i mean it , that would much better.

  18. this total mess up for me,because dark pit is total 100% a clone of pit,lucky they DIDNT add medusa,because i will instant DESTROY that thing before it hits me, plus i kinda feel like Marth and lucina is quite same hair color,diffrent armor look like (but same color LIKE again ) and plus i can tell that marth’s crown ( or a headband ) is small, and lucina’s crown is slighty big, so i can they bit like 80% cloned. but seriously,i really agree that people WANT paper mario & paper luigi added together as a fighter duo,but instead THEY have add dr. mario,UGH SOME ONE PLEASE REMOVE DR.MARIO OR ELSE I WILL DESTROY HIM OVER AND OVER >:l
    plus,i love roslina so i hope she will be added on the future too (same as mii fighters ) this reminds me,why boswer Jr. (and others koopas kids ) got a final smash that is that um..dark paint mario with long paintbrush,shouldnt they ADD him as a fighter too though,i kinda feel it might be a clone too .3.

  19. plus,kirby is not clone,but WHY pokemon just wanted copy kirby ( well little bit ) into a cute jigglypuff,like hello we know THAT jigglypuff was ornigal first season member of the 12,but i feel like it bit 50% clone. .3. but i REALLY REALLY REALLY hate jigglypuff finalsmash,like seriously some one MUST remove him (or her ) FAST. but kirby is first one as small pink one as playable fighter in the beinging, and jigglypuff is 2nd small pink one :/ geez,it total mix up XD
    but hey,if lucas was added on the next future game (with ness ) that would be much better that they will duo pk raining metor things if they were duo fighter
    P.S. why they have reduce olimar maxuime of the pikmin that will follow him .3. (it suppose be 6 )
    im not so suprised that SHADOW the hedgehog still trophy helper for person that will summon him it would be better if they added him as a fighter -.- (but the moves must really diffrent though.. )
    one question, i dont like why they still did tail AS trophy,like geez,make into a fighter >:l seriously…

    1. You’re so fucking stupid, and learn how to spell. Game Freak didn’t copy Kirby when they made Jigglypuff. Ever hear of a coincidence? If you think Kirby and Jigglypuff are clones then you’re an idiot. That or you don’t even know what a clone is. Plus Kirby and Jigglypuff both started in Smash, now do the world a favor and stop talking.

  20. like seriously,should TOMODACHI LIFE stage SUPPOSE copy all your mii and their clothes and their back,but they didnt UGH. (PLEASE FIX THAT STAGE OR I WONT PLAY THAT STAGE ANY MORE )
    one question,WHO on earth is boss galaga what ever name it is…

  21. that guy,im just figuring out why they added (mega men and other new challanger ) i know you right but ( dont say a bad word at -.- ) wouldnt they added that dark mario with long paint brush,i might say it will be a clone though,but it going have A LOT diffrent moves,so im not showing bad post,im just telling what they should have done .3.

  22. i like how they added the ore club and other new bombs same as the special flag,that is my most top 1# i like on the game as a item XD ( i mean the special flag )

    1. I really don’t see why we have to get rid of them. What’s wrong with extra characters?
      Of course if they get in over other more unique characters than that’s a problem.

  23. plus,the villager must have a future to be next playable fighter on next game too,it his (or her ) first time be as a fighter! same as dog hunt,plus keep shulk and wii fit trainer same as rosalina to have a future to go the next game BECAUSE this their FIRST TIME.

  24. You just contradicted yourself, Sakurai. Explain why is Dr. Mario chosen over Wolf. And Wolf is way more unique than Falco to be honest.

  25. true,i can tell you right,wolf was first appearance on the wii game .3. and dr. mario first appearance was on melee,plus, lucas first appearnce was just what wolf was on .3. so why they HAVE cut off them execpt dr. mario LIKE return him back >:l

  26. it would be werid if they kinda um..added Phoenix Wright as a play able fighter,but none us SEE him fight .3. plus i know that he figure out clues. though,

  27. ahem,arent SUPPOSE be a story mode and a um,health battle fight..on the 3DS AND wii U seriously,shouldnt they add they on new one .-.

      1. heck naw,but it gotta be diffrent story NOT like same story .-. it gotta be something after they defeated the final boss on the brawl game story,geez..

  28. Pingback: Sakurai revela como seleccionan los personajes de Smash Bros

    1. Krystal- starfox, Tails -sonic, Conker – Conkers bad fur day, Earthworm Jim- self explanatory, Demise- Loz: Skyward Sword

  29. Sakurai, please shut up now. You opening your mouth & contradicting your past actions with words is just damaging your reputation… and could have a negative effect on your game.

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