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Harvest Moon The Lost Valley Coming To North America On November 4th

Natsume has finally announced that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the Nintendo 3DS will be coming to North America on November 4th. You’ll be able to purchase Harvest Moon The Lost Valley at retail for $29.99. The game is also scheduled to be released in Europe, but it won’t be coming until sometime next year.

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28 thoughts on “Harvest Moon The Lost Valley Coming To North America On November 4th”

  1. Not trying to be rude, but being someone who has played some of the entries of the series, I can only say that this looks absolutely terrible. That character design…. why.

      1. Well I’ll save you the trouble this is only Harvest Moon in name only. The sequel to Harvest Moon A New Beginning is being called Story of Seasons and is being localized by XSEED instead of Natsume.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      I’d have to agree. I love the relaxing nature of Harvest Moon. My Favorites being A wonderful life and Magical Melody. I’m glad that they experiment with each entry, making it very different from the ones that came before… I haven’t had as much fun with the new games they’d been coming out with. Rune Factory though. I like those games a lot! Wish they’d have more options for female players though :/

      1. Yea, A Wonderful Life was great, still got the original GC copy ! That one homeless fellow, Murrey, creeped me out to no end though, lmao. My personal favorite is Back to Nature I suppose, but then again, that’s probably because of them nostalgia feels.
        Either way, I absolutely agree with you on the relaxing nature aspect. Harvest Moon games are great at taking your mind off things. q:
        I also feel the same as you about their newer entries. I’ve bought A New Beginning on the 3DS a while ago because I found it for a quite good deal and thought I might as well give it a shot. But I don’t know, it just doesn’t have that kinda “charm” the older games had. It’s definitely not terrible, but it doesn’t come too close to older entries either, unfortunately.

        1. New Beginning was made by Marvelous, the same people who made Back to Nature. So I’ve learned with these games you just have to give them a chance because sometimes they turn out great or like you said not so great.

          Both Natsume and Marvelous have a off and on track record when it comes to developing Harvest Moon games.

          1. That’s true. I don’t regret getting A New Beginning, but I just wish it was a little more, I don’t know, captivating ? I still enjoyed it though.

            In Europe, Natsume is basically replaced by this other company called Rising Star Games. Natsume is publishing exclusively for North America I believe. The actual Natsume HM games I’ve played were all on Playtstation platforms (god bless region-free systems).

            1. Same here, and I felt the same about A New Beginning. Story of Seasons should improve on all that and so far it’s looking great.

              Oh, interesting. I did not know that, a shame any region has to miss out really. Maybe one day Nintendo will finally give up on region locking their systems.

              I personally don’t get the reasoning behind region locking systems, sales are sales, no matter where they are made. So it won’t hurt Nintendo by allowing people to buy games from other regions.

              1. Yea, Story of Seasons sure looks good, so they better announce a European release soon ! q: But the fact that it’s making its way to the west at all is a good sign already, so I’m keeping my hopes up.
                But I totally agree on the region-lock issue, it really doesn’t make much sense. All it does is make people miss out on great games for no proper reason, which is absolutely frustrating.

    2. This is not a REAL harvest moon game. The real main stream series game coming out this year is HM: Story of Seasons. The company making this game is also the one that made HomeTown Story (Xseed or Natsume) and that game sucked. So yeah if you want a real HM entry wait for Story of Seasons it looks as good as New Beginnings. :)

      1. Yea, Natsume is making it. I haven’t played Hometown Story, but their previous HM games were actually quite good.
        But yes, Story of Seasons does look good. (: The problem is, they haven’t announced a European version yet, so who knows if it will make its way here even.

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

                I’m American. And there hasn’t been a fatal frame game released in America since 2004. That hasn’t stopped me from buying the Japanese game however. Zero tsukiama no kamen wa omoishiro. ippun wa fatal frame 5 US houmen ga ureshi desu ^_^. And that’s how I talk to telemarketers, Jahova witnesses, and everyone else who doesn’t know me.

    3. To each their own. So you aren’t being rude at all, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I have played them all as well but I see it differently.

      The character design doesn’t bother me, it is just different than previous games and Natsume hasn’t let me down for the most part. So I myself am excited to see more of the game and I actually like the building aspects.

      Although I know people are used to more RPG’ish Harvest Moon games, but the main fun of the series to me has always been the farming. This just reminds me of a mix between Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Minecraft.

      You would probably like Story of Seasons more. I will probably end up getting both. All time favs though, are Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town… Hard to top those.

      1. Back to Nature is my absolute favorite too. (: Such fond memories of that game.
        Natsume’s HM games hadn’t let me down either before, in fact, I really liked most of them. This one’s probably simply not my cup of tea.
        But you’re absolutely right, I’m actually looking forward to Story of Seasons ! I’ll probably have to wait quite some time though, a European version hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet. But yea, as long as it makes its way here in the end, it’s gonna be fine. (:

          1. Yeaaa, at least you guys are getting it. Better than nothing !
            But let’s just hope Nintendo will finally get with the program and get rid of all that region-lock bs as soon as possible.

  2. For some reason, I always get annoyed when trees disappear when chopped down, or enemies disappear when defeated. I have never seen a fully realistic video game. I know that the games would be over-cluttered with dead enemies and chopped down trees etc. if they didn’t just fade away. But still, I always compare games with reality when playing them. And even when there’s a real life simulation game, there’s a lot of fictional, ridiculous things that are nowhere near realistic.

    Man, I’m thinking too much. (o _ O)

  3. Once I watched the video I noticed the game isn’t as bad as I thought, I still hate the character designs, but the building customization seems expansive and fun.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      Yeah I just watched it. It looks more interesting than I thought initially. If it were up to me, harvest moon games would be on Wii U and look more realistic while still having the classic HM art style. But it doesn’t look like they want to pour that much money into the series at this point. Sigh…

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