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Fan Creates A Wonderful Bayonetta 2 Trailer Ahead Of Game’s Release

YouTuber AnotherGameNerd FiveUltra has created a wonderful fan made trailer for Platinum Games forthcoming Bayonetta 2 on Wii U. We haven’t got too long to go before the game is released here in the west as it’s coming October 24th and comes bundled with the original Bayonetta for free in the United States.

Thanks to those who sent this in

54 thoughts on “Fan Creates A Wonderful Bayonetta 2 Trailer Ahead Of Game’s Release”

      1. i keep seeing this everywhere and it’s really annoying considering that bayonetta 2 isn’t a game that everyone’s dying to play. GTA V not coming to wiiU was a big deal. That piece of junk destiny not coming to wiiU was a big deal. This, not so much.

        1. Lol yeah. I think most of the haters were just fanboys of other consoles. They were in the minority. I haven’t really seen anyone else that cares about it.

  1. Well the trailer is not that impressive really…
    The game actually… ROCKS!!! even if I can’t reach platinum on the demo jajaja TT.TT only gold/silver, but that’s how my W101 missions started, so it’s OK

  2. I really wanted to get this game at the start but after seeing all the trailers and now playing the demo, I think I can’t wait any longer for it to come out. Why can’t the 24th be here sooner.

    1. I’ll get the game to support Platinum and the Wii U but the demo still didn’t impress me. I was hoping things would change between when I played it at E3 and playing the demo in the comfort of my own home, but no…

      I just hope the full game is better. I’m seriously just not feeling it. ;/

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      what haters. no body is really that much, the hate was in 2013 summer more than now. most people accepted the fact keep playing other games they enjoy best that isn’t on the wii u or is on the system. other people are enjoying forza horizon 2 and some may be enjoying sleeping dogs definitive edition. lol keep barging about bayonetta 2 is a wii u exclusive, beacuse not really anyone cares but those who were fans of the first game or liked the demo.

      1. Yet you cared to comment, provide no provide, and make yourself invalid. Congrats. Also, you never played Bayonetta like you said. So you got exposed and proven invalid.

  3. lord ghost : king of the federation

    ubisoft really doesn’t care if bayonetta 2 sell very because that will show that wii u owners like anime/japanese game only/games made and published by nintendo. the movement doesn’t even make any sense. buying bayonetta 2 doesn’t prove and show any point to ubisoft that nintendo fans dont buy m rated games. maybe buying watch dogs or going to ubisoft forums or tweeting their PR and emailing them would something different. bayonetta 2 has no relationship with any of ubisoft games other than both saying rated M for mature. assassin creed, splinter cell, zombie u, watch dogs dont even have similar game play like bayonetta 2.

    i hope bayonetta 2 will sell but not this will not effect ubisoft, activision, ea and other thrid party dev decisions towards the wii u.

    1. Movement doesn’t make any sense? Just like your movement for CoD! LOL

      Also no said anything about Bayonetta 2 being a problem to Ubisoft, you fail again!

      1. I wish the Wii U still had AAA third party support though. I don’t care how successful Nintendo is if they don’t get all the games I want. And I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way. It’s great to see exclusives on the system but no third party is a big loss. That’s the main issue I had with the Wii. It’s happening again…

          1. What good would crying about it do? Third parties already made up their plans to not make games on the Wii U so if I complain about it it won’t solve anything. Also, I didn’t even say anything negative about Nintendo in that sentence. I don’t know what your problem is. I actually care about the Wii U and want it to succeed but I guess my opinions don’t matter since I’m just a blind sheep, right?

  4. i hope bayonetta will sell good, but in japan they even dont sell 50k and its falling down… already.
    hey not even mk8 sold a million.
    they sold just 650k.
    and now comes bayonetta… no chance but i hope that europe and america will boost the sales.
    i love my u… :-)

  5. I played the demo for Bayonetta 2, and I’m no longer buying it. I HATED IT! Just the enemies alone were SO boring (same problem Xenoblade had). And all of that button mashing gets repetitive SO fast.

        1. Why are you people so angry? Lol.

          Yeah it’s just a demo but I doubt the gameplay is going to be any different in the full game. I guess I’m just not into beat em up games like this.

    1. Then you were playing the demo wrong. After playing the demo i only wanted more. But i guess that’s because i loved the first Bayonetta as well.

      Here is yt vid from some badass person playing the first game on Xbox360.
      Let’s get hype for some Bayonetta!:

    2. Dumbass, you only just played the demo which gives a small sample of what the game is, not the whole meal for free you fool. Whatever. Go feel like an idiot somewhere else like buying Destiny and find out how shitty, boring and repetitive the single player experience is. If you think Bayonetta is worse, you haven’t tried other REAL disappointing games yet.

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