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Nintendo Confirms Hyrule Warriors Will Offer Amiibo Support With Link Figure of America has confirmed that Hyrule Warriors will have Amiibo support in the future. In a tweet uploaded to fans of the Koei Tecmo and Nintendo cross-over title, the publisher disclosed that the Link amiibo figure will be compatible, with more information to be revealed soon. Given the DLC that’s promised to fans later this year and in early 2015, Link’s amiibo support may yet be bundled within an update. Though it does beg the question as to whether we may see Zelda amiibo support offered in the hack-and-slash game as well. Will Hyrule Warriors’ amiibo inclusion affect your purchases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

69 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Hyrule Warriors Will Offer Amiibo Support With Link Figure”

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

          I wont be able to confirm until later this evening. I go to school an hour away from home and don’t go back until about 3pm PST.

    1. Yes, kids, go buy yourself something that is clearly only made to make more money. It is not like they had to make those figures because the game wouldn’t work any other way.

      It’s physical DLC.

        1. That they expect you to buy anything with their characters in it. Amiibo is such a genius move. Extremely anti consumer, but genius. You idiots actually believe that those figures give you content when they actually just unlock the content that is already in the game, so to experience some of the games fully, you’ll have to buy the game, buy the DLC, maybe some microtransactions and have the amiibo figure. This industry is so bad, it’s not even funny. If you ever played old games, the only thing you had to buy is the game. That’s it.

          You are all imbeciles here, and I’m sad that most of people are like you. It’s no wonder that they are just being more and more anti consumer when all of you are just taking it in the ass.

          1. Amiibos are handled differently. They do not give you any bonus content. They do let you interact differently with your games though. FPs in smash that you can feed and beef up stats is way cooler than, scan this toy here is a bonus item and some new areas to explore. I can see them using an Amiibo so you can carry over your Link to a friends house for co-op

            1. Depends on what game you are playing. There are many ways they could’ve made that free. An ability to make an account and have all of that there, or if you want to go physical, give us an iOS and Android app where we keep the stats on that phone or tablet and connect it with the Wii U for the same purpose as the Amiibo…there are many ways. This is just the most profitable and anti consumer one.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Says the one that starts with insulting Nintendo fans and Nintendo…

                The irony in you is strong…

                1. I stay on topic. By insults I mean when you completely steer away from the main point and just try to make yourself right, but it never goes according to plan, does it?

                  We aren’t talking about the topic at all right now, if you want an argument about the topic, ok, but if you just want to talk about the way I present my points, that won’t make you right in any way. If I use insults when presenting my points, it doesn’t make my points any less valid, because I actually make points. You don’t.

                    1. Because you argue with people that are even stupider than you. Also, at least you admitted that you don’t make points when arguing with me. Let me just bookmark this, there we go.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Go on and bookmark it as a reminder of how butthurt you have become by me for eternity since I am everything you have in that tiny little cerebro of yours…

              1. The difference is that these are actually affordable AND of high quality. I’m not gonna waste my money on something like that Kirby or Samus figure for $200. That’s ridiculous.

                1. I don’t know what you think of as “high quality”, but a figure that has a chip in it which makes it more expensive and costs 13$ sure as fuck isn’t high quality by anyone’s standards. Also First 4 Figures aren’t the only ones, there are 20$ figurines.

                  1. If you’ve seen the Amiibo videos, you’d see just how detailed and polished they look. I can tell its of high quality. Also, there is no point getting the other figurines now because this exists. And they also have a purpose in the games unlike the other ones. I don’t really care what they do in some of the games, but I’m still going to use it sometimes.

                    1. They just unlock the content that is already in your game. It’s a cheap move by Nintendo. You can tell? I don’t like to talk about someone’s feelings on some topic. Feelings are subjective, the fact that those figurines are cheap and thus cheaply made is not.

            1. Yes, but everything else is needed. You can’t get a game’s content without them investing into making that game, but they could just as well put everything that they’ll have on this Amiibo figure in the game, but they won’t. In other words, they lock out the content that is already in the game so that they can sell it to you as “new”.

        1. YES DEFINITELY YES!!!!!!!!!! Also I hope there is a possibility she is a playable character in the new Smash Bros game for Wii U.

          1. Pretty much.

            From Usefulness to worthlessness

            Donky Kong
            Fox McCloud
            Little Mac
            Captain Falcon
            Diddy Kong
            Wii Fit Trainer

              1. What I know is that the Link amiibo would do something for Hyrule Warrior that not other amiibo can do (but probably the Zelda amiibo would do to) wich means the amiibos of popular franchise, the ones that will surly will have alot of games, will be more useful than the rest. Wii Fit Trainer is pretty much fuck.

      1. im waiting for my own personal mii amiibo that i can level up for various games. Nintendo would either need to create every possible male/female mii though, or take custom orders if people are interested.

        1. Custom orders will work fine. Make a mii on they’re website and use the same trophy model they have for the mii fighters but with your mii’s face. There’s plenty of mii based games that they could work with, so they really need to make this a reality. I would see if they charged $25 for this because it’s a customized order, but its conpletely worth it to have a trophy of mii! :)

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      3. I wasn’t planning of getting a amiibo right away……. But now i must :( damn it. Why link?
        Link must be used for mario kart
        And warriors in hyrule.

      4. kit and krysta from the nintendo treehouse have amiibos of themselves, and they gave out an amiibo of your mii as a prize i think back at e3

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      6. If they’re gonna do that why not have a couple non-Zelda characters do something? Not saying Mario has to unlock Mario (That’d be hilarious though) but they could unlock some new HW scenario that looks like it’s in the Mushroom Kingdom or a Smash Bros./Mario related weapon or something(Fire Bar?). Just an idea. They’re making a lot of these figures so it’d be cool to have reasons to own them all other than the way they look or their purpose in this one game. I’m sure there will be multiple Link figures (as well as Mario and the other popular ones) before it’s over since this series is mainly for Smash so at least let these work in as many things as possible before alternates come out.

      7. the supermario series is now shit with shit develpers who dont give a fuck about mario and the game series the supermariogalaxy team fucking suck as develpers that dont make many fucking mariogames

      8. nintendo ceo needs to be fired now iwata needs to go he has no fucking clue when was the last fucking nintendo direct he did hay? it has been a long fucking time he is needed to be fired at nintendo as he is out of touch with real gamers he needs to be fired before holiday next year.

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      11. I hate all of this talk about “future use”. Long after most people have finished the games and are burned out, then there will suddenly be amiibo support (or DLC). And all of the people who are already burned out on the games (like I am with Mario Kart 8) won’t even care.

      12. Thats becouse the amibos are not released yet. You know, Nintendo is going to make more games right? Not just the ones your already burnt out on. They could have easily said that amibos will only work with future games. Instead, they are working them into all their games. I don’t see how anyone could complain about that.

      13. And I don’t think amibos are just DLC. We have real dlc for Mario Kart 8 already. So what will the amibos be used for in MK8? You really think the amibos are just MORE dlc on top of the dlc we just got? I doubt it. These amibos are going to have a greater functionality,… we just cant comprehend what that will be yet.

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