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Here’s The Just Dance 2015 US Launch Trailer

Ubisoft and Nintendo of America have uploaded the launch trailer for Ubisoft latest dancing game, Just Dance 2015. The snazzy game is available on both the original Wii and the Wii U and is available to purchase right now if you’re interested.

Thanks, Giygas

16 thoughts on “Here’s The Just Dance 2015 US Launch Trailer”

  1. Well, everything’s going to be ok. With this game out now and Smash Bros. Wii U coming out around the corner, Nintendo is SAVED!!!!
    You know what they always say… Thank God for Ubisoft.

  2. I don’t want that shit. A game like that can stay on the original wii. The wii u is a system that hard core gamers switched to and the casuals is still on the wii so fuck off ubisoft

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  4. When you wear an animal onesie you should be walking around at a children’s theme park – imagine how disgusting and sweaty you’d get dancing in a fur suit? Is that Mikey Cyrus in the animal onesie again??

  5. “if you’re interested” uhm No. Buying this shit will not bring the titles I want to the Wii U, it’ll only spawn even more Just Frakin’ Dance!

  6. I love the Just Dance series and I sincerely hope that this game may come as an incentive for Wii owners to upgrade definetely. There´s a lot of people out there still playing JD on Wii, they should all upgrade to WiiU!

  7. Worst commercial ever! I really hope this is like a teaser commercial or sorts. Past commercials for the game were EPIC, it made me want to jump off my couch and go buy the game.

    This commercial, they didn’t even put ANY effort into it. Some stupid voice over, bad corny lyric, rap (or whatever that was). I do not even want to buy the game from this commercial.

    This series, I feel, has finally ran its course.

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