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Nintendo Sending Out Free Halloween 3DS Theme Codes To EU Club Nintendo Members

Nintendo Europe has begun sending out emails to European Club Nintendo members to reward them with a free theme to celebrate this year’s Halloween. The email contains a code for the theme which you can redeem on the console. The description says that it comes with ‘The Black Cat’s Dance’ background music to get your spine a-tingling, while scrolling the Touch Screen might give you the feeling you’re being watched. Here’s how you redeem your code.

Thanks, Cosmicluma and Kallum

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Sending Out Free Halloween 3DS Theme Codes To EU Club Nintendo Members”

      1. says the country who pay only $30 for the latest releases. 10 years later Australia still pays $50 for Mario Kart ON THE DS LITE. How’s that for shit.

  1. Got the black cat one…..lame.

    The pink parts don’t even go well with my Gold/Black 3ds, but I can’t argue with free!

    then again the Link + Creepy Zelda tombs and music is better….but not paying for it though.

  2. I’m a member of the EU Club Nintendo (of course with lots of things registered on it) and the only newsletter I got was an ad for Super Smash Bros for the Wii U (and of course newsletters before that).

    Oh, come on Nintendo. I sign up for your spam, and then the one and only e-mail you don’t send me is the one that is actually wanted!?

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