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Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Costume Concept Art For Bayonetta


Platinum Games has revealed that the idea behind adding iconic Nintendo costumes to Bayonetta arose when Hideki Kamiya asked the talented developers to create a Princess Peach costume. Kamiya was won over by the design so he requested that they create more costumes themed on Nintendo characters. You can see some of the lovely designs, below.

Thanks, Michelle

32 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Costume Concept Art For Bayonetta”

    1. It’s supposed to be Bayonetta’s take on Princess Peach, so I would say that it is perfect, because it represents Bayonetta’s character. I can’t see Bayo wearing Peach’s full length ball gown.

      1. I get it, artist interpretations of Bayonetta’s kinky persona, but I think they strayed too far from Peach’s design, you can recognize Link though with the signature hat and green tunic, and Samus for obvious Varia Suit reasons, but Peach’s ballgown was her motif, they perhaps could have even had Bayonetta dress like Mario instead of this…

        1. Honestly I knew right away, what they did was basicly refit the whole gown to just her mid section, then play off her arm gloves to give her stockings. If you just look at her mid section then the whole gown is their, its just mini. Still I would have liked to see her do some gender bending a little more, the link is awesome, but why no ganan? Or wario? Or birdo (who is already a cross dresser)

          1. Birdo doesn’t wear clothes O.o

            and they probably figured they would dress her up in the most popular, well known Nintendo characters… and they probably chose Peach, because she is a girl and she is a girl… so it makes sense, PLUS they already have Link and Fox covered as “male” kind of cross dressing.

            They needed to add a “girly” outfit (at least ONE) from Nintendo and Peach fit the bill. Link’s outfit, Fox’s outfit and Samus’ outfit are all “masculine” looking. They needed a little bit of femininity right?

              1. The games are awesome just wish the miiverse icon didnt remain on the first game a bit of a distraction hope it get removed and posts can be added like the second one

    1. I played the first one already on my (now broken) 360, but I am going to play the first one, first, again and THEN play the second one.

        1. Eh. I’ve had worse.

          My Wii U, a few months ago, stopped working from time to time and would blink a red light on the console whenever I would turn it on.

          Ultimately, it was probably a glitch or hiccup that came when I downloaded a software update. Because some time later after another update, the problem just stopped altogether.

  1. I woke up in the morning and put my WiiU to download both games XD I’m in the work now, I can’t wait to be in my home playing this game!!!!
    Ah, I found an artbook of Bayonetta on Amazon, When I have money I’ll buy it *_* the artstyle is great

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    1. I’m actually surprised that she’s not a forgotten character.
      But it’s fairly obvious why Peach overshadows her so much, lol.
      We need Daisy content in more games, though.

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  4. Aww! Why didn’t they use Design B or Design G?! Fuck it! Why didn’t they put Designs B AND G together!?

    *cough* Anyway, I can’t wait to get this game myself. Hopefully I can buy it unopened at Gamestop this Friday.

    1. If not, I’ll just have to order it through Gamestop’s website or Amazon when I get back home from taking my son trick or treating. I’d check the Wal-Mart nearby but they probably won’t even have the damn game at all. *sigh* I guess I can try Wal-Mart real quick.

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