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Thomas Was Alone Coming To Wii U eShop On November 25th

Curve Studios have announced via Twitter that the 2D puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone is coming to Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4 on November 25th. The game is priced up at $9.99 / £6.99. You can watch a video of the game in action, below.


52 thoughts on “Thomas Was Alone Coming To Wii U eShop On November 25th”

  1. Okay, jokes aside, lemme give a bit of a review on the quirks and faults of this game.

    First of all, I admire the story telling, it makes it sound like although it is a little block, it could be a poetic form of conveying how creatures learn, evolve, develop, perhaps it is a little block at the beginning, but at the end it could be a creature with a superior intellect.

    The faults are as so, at the end of the day, it is too simple to be called a video game, and if you are not gratified with a game that has something to bring to the table, by the end you’ll think to yourself “I beat it, but in all, what did I accomplish? What did I gain?”
    Another fault is the price, for this game, one can expect to pay 1 to 3 dollars tops, it is expecting to much, many iPhone games are much cheaper but are more gratifying.

      1. Read the title of this article, and read my nickname, I am not known as “Thomas is My Blood”, I watched the trailer, and the announcement of this game, and from what I have seen, I know the jist of it, it’s about blocks, what more can I say?

        1. You can’t just downplay the game like that. It’s significantly deeper than what the trailer is showing. Just give the game a chance

            1. I underestimated it too, but when it came on sale on the PSN I bought it and was instantly addicted. The storytelling is great (it’s about far, far more than “just blocks”) and the gameplay is really fun. If I had one criticism, it’s that it was over fairly quickly, but that had more to do with the fact that I got so addicted that I powered through all 100 levels in 2 days. There are still a bunch of trophies I have left to cleanup to add more time to it, though (but that won’t matter for the Wii U version).

              For $10, it really is worth it, but since I did pay less than that while it was on sale, I can’t imagine the price won’t drop for the Wii U at some point as well.

              1. for 1, 2 or 3 bucks I may see what all the hype is about, but for $10 dollars (Which is R100 is my currency) I could buy Donkey Kong 2 on VC or Earthbound, hell I can even buy a couple of iPhone games like Zenonia 1 through 5 and still have $5 left over.

                Zenonia, now that is a nice little game series.

                1. Its no Zenonia but TWA is indeed a great game. The trailer does it no justice. The game is indeed on the short side but looking for the collectables without the guide will take you time.

                  Also, comparing it Zenonia is just not fair. Zenonia starts off fun but it gets repetitive VERY fast. They also all feel the same with added powers and more characters towards the later ones.

        2. That’s kinda ignorant, ya know, lmao.
          It’s one thing to say a game doesn’t seem like it would interest you, but it’s another to say it doesn’t even classify as a video game and is just “about blocks”, only by looking at a short video.
          Also, for example, Pong looked (and certainly was) simpler than this, do you not see it as a video game either ? Because as far as I know, Pong is perceived as a real classic and iconic video game.

          1. Pong is different, it was perhaps one of the first video games ever, if you are going to compare something made in 1975, to this which was made in 2010, what does that say about this game.

            I am in no way saying this is not a video game, but $10 for something that a 7-year-old can pass off as his kindergarden homework makes it feel more like a money grab, than a video game.
            The narration may be good, but at the end of the day, it’s just blocks with names like “Claire” and “Thomas” that jump, nothing more than that.

            1. It doesn’t matter when the game was made, it’s about what the game is in essential. A 2D side scroller made today isn’t less of a game just because Mario did it many years ago. Just because a game is using elements from old games, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just like it doesn’t mean a game is bad only because it is presented in a very simple way.
              And yes, you did say it isn’t a game. Quote from your previous comment: “at the end of the day, it is too simple to be called a video game”
              A good narration does a lot for a game, and for this one, it certainly did. It’s not a narration simply telling about random things either, because, believe it or not, the game actually has a plot.

              1. You did not read it mate, I said “too simple to be called a video game” I did not say “it is not a video game” of course it is a video game, it is a game, on a machine ergo, a video game. But it is the most basic sense a game.

                As well as how good a game it is, well, I highly doubt it, without narration, what is it?

                1. Platformers are honestly tougher to make than you think. There’s a lot of physics and calculus that goes into game design, my friend. I assure you, most. 7 year olds don’t know how to create/ understand: impulses, damping, gravity, force, friction, etc in a video game. You are really undermining indie developers by saying its an easy thing to do (and so easy a kindergartener can do).

                  As for storytelling, try playing Fez, Braid, or Journey. Those are the more popular indie titles, but they arrived to their fame for a reason. They aren’t telling a story, in the traditional sense, but explore certain emotions and try to make the viewer feel certain ways.

                  Seriously, dude, you’re coming across as really naive. A game doesn’t have to be made by a big corporation or have a big budget in order to be complex. In fact, it’s usually the other way around- the lower the budget and more creative control allows indie devs a lot of room to tell something more personal.

                2. But that’s basically saying you don’t really consider it as a real video game.
                  Also, why does it matter what the game would be like without the narration ? I’m not going to rate a game based on how it would be if crucial elements of it were missing, that would be silly. I’m going to evaluate it based on what it is, and it’s a game with clever plot and narration.

    1. I agree. The story is meaningful, but it’s also short as a game, with decently challenging levels at best and lack of a sufficient difficulty curve, if any.

      Regarding price… I’ve gotten this game on PSVita and PS3 for free and sometime on Steam for arguably little to nothing, so I’ve never complained about its value before. I’d say the games worth up to five dollars, stretching it a bit.

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  3. Fuck yea. Played it on the PC and it was one of the best indie games I’ve had my hands on. I would gladly double dip on Wii U. Here’s hoping more gems like these get released on Nintendo’s console!

  4. Mean while at Xbox DOne’s side, nothing else is new or good coming out except a shitload of rehashing of Halo games and planned to canceled TV shows until Halo 5 comes in a bit too late fashion as Arkham Knight, Zelda U takes center stage.

    1. And here we go. Someone just like Commander who has to bring up Xbox even though no one has said anything about it. Retarded piece of trash.
      I think you guys are secretly in love with it.

      1. Whats a Jester without whack ass jokes to make even plants laugh when it cant and wont? Anyway, who could love that bulky ass Frankenstein of a DVR from the 90s with DRM beside dumbass fanboys who are beyond stupid enough to stay ever after learning what Microsoft was or is still gonna do to the instead of moving on to PS4/Wii U? lol Thats you.

        1. What’s a blogger without a blog?
          You’re just a sad individual who calls themselves a gamer when in reality you’re not. You comment on an article talking about your favorite console the Xbox One when the article isn’t even about that and you try to offend me? Ha you wish.

                1. Yes because “I only thing” makes sense. Yes because not putting an apostrophe on some words is the correct way. Yes because I can graduate with education. Yet I’m the one who is in the wrong? lml you hilarious.

                    1. I like how you just ignored all my facts of the way you speak. Lol and yes “you hilarious” I just turned ghetto for no reason.
                      You’re worse than me in each and everywhere, It’s like the only words you know are curses and the simple words of a 5th grader. When I can talk in a civilized manner and not curse in almost every comment I write just proves that my intellect far exceeds yours.

      1. Always bringing up Xbox for no reason.
        Did Microsoft finger you in the booty pipe to make you spew hate on it in every post even though no one else is talking about it?
        I really think they did and i believe you liked it…… Only reason the hate is there is because you know that if you complain you can turn people against them to make you seem like some hero.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’ll stop mentioning them when they are destroyed permanently, obviously because they won’t be present no more…

          What a lovely world it will be…

    1. Sad as in lacking?

      What school did you go to? I want to make sure it gets closed off to everyone, we don’t need anymore stupidity in this world.

  5. A lot of people would never play this game just from the title alone. It doesn’t sound the least bit interesting.

  6. If every piece of music in this game sounds just as beautiful as the music in the trailer, I’ll buy this game for the nice music alone. Here’s my 10 dollars! *throws money at Wii U*

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