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Win Nintendo eShop Credit With Tomodachi Life In The UK


Nintendo UK will be running a promotion which could earn you £20 worth of eShop credit. To be in for a chance of winning the credit all you will need to do is snap a photo of Tomodachi Life with the hashtag of #MyTomodachiLife on Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t use social media you can also email and each week they will select a new theme and weekly winner. Be sure to check out the infographic above if you’re planning to enter.

6 thoughts on “Win Nintendo eShop Credit With Tomodachi Life In The UK”

  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Just want to let everyone know the Wii U isn’t weak. That was a bold face lie. EA lied and the other developers followed suit. The PS4 is being forced better HD than wii u just so it can make the developers look like they know what they were talking about. It wasn’t that Nintendo didn’t think of 2015 in 2008 it was actually Sony that didn’t think of 2015 in 2008. The Wii U is like a Mazda 3 and the PS4 is the Corolla.

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