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Check Out The Halloween Themed Trailer For Project Cars

Slightly Mad Studios together with Bandai Namco has uploaded a brand new trailer for Project Cars. The scary season is now in full swing with Halloween just one week away, so the British-based developer has given fans a sneak peek of nighttime driving. You can check out the trailer above with its high-speed thrills and spooky setting. Project Cars will be available on March 20, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and a later but currently unspecified date in 2015 for the Wii U.

22 thoughts on “Check Out The Halloween Themed Trailer For Project Cars”

  1. This game looks really good. I hope they don’t pull a Watchdogs.

    Not to go off topic, but Bayonetta 2 is nowhere to be found. My local Gamestop didn’t even order any copies of the game. Only pre-orders. So I went to Walmart and asked them, and they looked at me like I was stupid. Not only did they not have the game, they never even heard of it. They didn’t even have shelf space for it, like the game wasn’t even coming anytime soon. No advertisement or anything. I tried another Walmart close by and was met with the same results. So finally i went to a toy store, (last place near me that sales games), and was met with similar results as Walmart. There was a guy that heard of the game, but he thought it wasn’t supposed to release until next month. I mean wtf? How is Nintendo and Platinum supposed to sell copies of thier game if none of the major retailers even carry it? And btw i live near a major city, so there is no excuse for this. Has anybody else had this problem? If so, Bayonetta 2 is likely to bomb becouse of this.

    1. I pre-ordered mine at Gamestop. I got a text message from the store that I pre-ordered it at on Wednesday, saying that my copy of the game will be ready for me on Friday AM. I’m picking it up after picking my siblings up from school.

      1. I’ve tried four major retailers today and nothing. I’ll try best buy tomorrow but it’s a pretty good drive, so i’ll call first. If they don’t have it i’m out of options besides ordering it off amazon. It’s going to kill sales by not having the game in these major retailers. Yea, people that really want the game will find a way to get it. But there are alot of people that are on the fence about buying the game, and then when they see it on the shelf sometimes they will purchase it as an impulse buy. A large percentage of people buy games this way. But if the game is not in the stores people wont do this! Nintendo misses out on all the impulse buys. It’s going to hurt the sales of this game. Without a doubt.

        Yea, in retrospect I should have pre-ordered. But even if I did, the point still stands. Nintendo should have made sure this game gets to all the retailers when it was supposed to. They would never let this happen to one of thier first party games. They should have treated Bayonetta with the same attention they do with thier own. And it’s not just me, people are having problems finding this game all over the internet.

  2. “Project Cars will be available on March 20, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and a later but currently unspecified date in 2015 for the Wii U.”

    You sure about that? The video has already confirmed it will be available on ALL (trailer specified) platforms on March 20th, 2015! You need to watch it again if you missed that. Otherwise, if this trailer is wrong they should change it.

    1. @Fernando Samson:
      You are absolutly right! EVERY system named. And then: March 20! ;-) Well seen! :-) Missed this “little“ detail while watching it the first time! Thanks!

    2. Hi Fernando,

      On the official website, it does say “later on in 2015” for Wii U, along with the description below the YouTube trailer. I’m not entirely sure why it misleads fans in the trailer, but I’m only going with the official word from Slightly Mad Studios. If this turns out to be wrong, I will certainly change the article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, however. :)

      1. @silvershadowfly
        Then you should please mention the WHOLE description below the YouTube trailer :
        “Project CARS will be coming on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC on March 20th 2015 in Europe and Australasia, later on in 2015 on Wii U.”
        What do they mean with “Europe and Australasia”? Where is NA?!?

      2. I’ve checked their website. You’re right, that’s very sneaky of them having to put that info inconspicuously. I hope it’s not too far off though. They have to fix that trailer, it’s giving Wii U fans false hope of getting their game simultaneously with other systems! >.<


    3. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. It showed all platforms including the Wii U!!!! For March 20th!! I’m guessing that they initially intended to release for November for all platforms except Wii U. Wii U was 2015. Perhaps now that they decided to bump the others back they may be releasing them together!!

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  4. I went to my local Electronics Boutique, more or less GameStop, but for Australia, and they had 24 copies, all but 4 of them were on Pre-Order, to here that for a Wii U game, ESPECIALLY in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, that is unheard of.

    So to hear that there is a shortage in the states shocks me, usually we get the short end of the stick, with little to no stock, been playing Bayonetta 1 and its been great so far.

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