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Wii U Can Connect To Two GameCube Controller Adapters Simultaneously

A single Wii U console can connect to two Nintendo GameCube controller adapters simultaneously. This feature is supported by Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s recently-revealed 8-player Smash mode, which lets eight players fight at the same time in local multiplayer matches. The adapter will launch alongside the Wii U version of the fighting title on November 21st. Nintendo is also planning to release a bundle that includes the game, one GameCube controller and an adapter.

120 thoughts on “Wii U Can Connect To Two GameCube Controller Adapters Simultaneously”

    1. Nintendo is going to sell brand new GC controllers for $30 a piece so the prices will be lower then they where before.

  1. That sucks for like 95% of the population who use an external hard drive with their Wii U. Each adapter requires 2 ports … =[

        1. They won’t, the reason that the adapter and hard drives need two USB ports to work is because one doesn’t give enough power to let them work properly. Splitting them up will let the cables come into one place so the amount of power it gets from the console will be half of what it needs.

          You could plug one of the USB’s in the was so it pulls power from the wall and only uses one on your console but I doubt that will be healthy in the long run for your adapter/hard drive…

          1. Splitter may work with a HDD that has an external power supply unit.

            Don’t feed an external power source into one USB plug while the other USB plug is jacked into the console.

      1. With games like Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Persona 5, The Order, Bloodborne and much more coming to the competition in 2015, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

          1. Yes, I will believe you, a random person on the internet, claiming one game that’s still months away from its release is going to be disappointing enough to make the whole year for a whole brand “disappointing”.

            1. Where did you play it till? The first Sancturary Boss? ’cause its gonna have a shitload of twists and turns after that

              1. After I got to the first town, was told I needed to find 8 magical instruments and met with the biker gang, the dog that says he is a developer and basically after figuring out how the world works considering it is acceptable for parents to let little kids investigate a crash site in the middle of the night with only a baseball bat.

      1. Already have, now it’s time to play Bayonetta 2. So many games, so little time. I’d hate to live forever, but it would be nice not to worry about time.

        1. I’m not even gonna argue with you. Just play EarthBound. It’s one of the best SNES games available on the VC

  2. I got to buy the adapter because the So called holiday season usually the houses will be packed and 8 player smash is a must have feature. Does anyone know if smash bros can identify extra Wii and Wii U controllers for eight characters as well?

    1. I’m not understanding exactly what you mean but if you’re asking if you can use different controllers, you can.

      You can use gamecube controllers, wii nunchuk, wii classic, wii classic pro, gamepad, wii u pro and 3ds.

  3. I wonder if you can use one adapter to connect 4 GC controllers and still connect 4 Wii U Pro Controllers at the same time? Instead of having two adapters for this 8-player mode to work, I hope this method will as a less hassle plan.

          1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            You know after finding out about Wii u can handle 9 controllers (Game pad is always working) 1080p, 60FPs that’s not a normal CPU GPU. It has some kind of power that you have to know what the hell you’re doing to collect this power. That 8 player mode opened a ton of doors for people like me that thought the Wii u was weak. That’s a lot of unpredictable buttons pressed the CPU most respond to and maintain the Game pad all under 1gb for the game at 60fps. That’s fucking incredible. I had no idea that the Wii u could do this. I don’t even think the Xbox one can handle 8 players 1080p 60fps with 8 players. it can’t even do that with a one player game.

          2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            That’s why NC Nintendo kept the 8 player feature to themselves until the time was right. This 8 player feature on a supposed to be weak console will be on future software tittles I just know it. And if a racing game didn’t require multiple screens I bet you MK8 would have done that as well. But the screens would have been too tiny. That’s why Wii u didn’t come with 8 GC sockets it would had made it too obvious it can play 8 giving Sony to change get their hardware to 8 players too. That is brilliant! Sony can’t Change that now. So while we were questioning 4 game pads Nintendo thought of 8 players out thinking everyone else.

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          That’s a lot of responsibility for a machine to handle 8 people unpredictably pressing buttons. This isn’t like a racing game where you just hold a button to go and use an analog to star. This Wii u is going to have to handle a jerk of the analog stick to the right/left down/up and what ever other unpredictable button the player needs to attack. Then you have some controllers with rumble paks. That is a lot of fucking work! PS4 would need more than 6 cores to equal the amount of responsibility the Wii U can do with less than 3 cores.

          1. Believe me, Wii U can do a lot more than these lazy idiots realize. If Nintendo can make a true native 1080p/60FPS while streaming picture/audio quality to the Gamepad without sacrifices or performance hiccups but 3rd parties can’t do it with their own games on PS4, being only 900p/30FPS with framerate slow downs, then thats saying a different tune. Wii U has that untapped potential. People see it but choose not to believe it because its Nintendo and they need every last dumbass excuse to hate them and then go support even worst kinds of companies like EA. Double standard motherfuckers like that really piss me off.

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              Super smash bros proved that after unveiling it can handle 8 rumble paks at the same time at 1080p 60fps I’m no longer believing that lie about Wii U. Also what’s even more impressive is it can handle that type of responsibility on stages that wasn’t built from the ground up with the software with 8 players and game pad being used as an additional screen for content.

            2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              Ck I got it strangblog. Since 3rd party is bitching about Wii U being weak, to back themselves up, they have no choice but to try and force graphics and as much HD as they can on PS4 and Xbox one only to try to make Wii U seem weak. Nintendo is actually comfortable making majority of their games at 720p 60fps or Native 1080p 60fps. So its not that the Ps4 tittles require that, they are forcing the systems to the hype that the PS4 can barley handle……so PS4 isn’t as strong as 3rd party makes it to be. That’s why those PS4 games aren’t as good on quality as Wii U tittles. They have to still prove Wii U is weak so they are about graphics on Ps4 before a good story mode and game play. That’s is all to try to be against Nintendo. It makes perfect sense. They are stuffing graphics in the PS4’s mouth more than it can chew.

              1. Here’s the basic recycled formula only those lazy fuckers use: Realism, sheer graphical output that’ll make the system struggle too much to handle with everything else, shooters especially, turning games into overpriced CGI movies with a bare minimum of -4 hours of gameplay that lasts for 7-10 minutes in each level and using overhype deceptions to get idiots to buy the game early not realizing exactly whats gonna be in it or not but rather believing in ignorance of what the dev says which can be a lie.

                1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                  Wow so the PS4 is actually the weak console that didn’t think of 2015 during 2008. It took for me to see that during Smash brothers. SMH. I believed that lie. Damn if I could take back all I have said and reversed it on the Ps4. Shit.

                  1. Wii u has less cpu than ps4 dumbshit. Don’t believe the Nintedno fanboys trying to twist the story inwards and out

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          I’m stomped. After 8 player mode there is no fucking reason for any 3rd party to give Wii U less content than PS4. No fucking way. Hell the Wii U could be the most powerful system in it’s class. 1gb can handle all that shit and just how much gigs would it take a PS4 to struggle with that type of content? The Power of the Wii U was underestimated. This tells me if Nintendo wanted to they could make Splatoon 8 player mode? What if it is?

          1. Splatoon supports more than that dude. lol And the main reason why PS4 has such raw specs because x86 requires so much raw power. Wii U uses PowerPC which is a more efficient substitute for x86 that doesnt require more or less hardware up to a point if the software is optimized well enough to sport it. Look at the iPhone. Has 1GB RAM and yet its multitasking is great and games look good on higher CPU due to custom optimization between hard/software. Thats what Wii U focuses on and why it uses less other than mainly being a game console without having to cramp so much perks to be used at one time which is stupid for a gamer to buy a console for. Nintendo games looks fantastic in HD and well done because they know their hardware inside and out. The point of why 3rd parties suck because they’re lazy and demandingly selfish. They can’t make a good quality game anymore. Recycling shooters after shooters as well as sports. Its fucking dull of them. They fear taking risks with creativity and stick with the old formulas that suck ass.

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              Super Smash Bros, finally got me to see that. Its like the power is secretive or it comes out when ordered to come out the right way. So if a 3rd party runs out of power in the Wii U, he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. The Ps4 has that traditional power just add the content and let the console just give out power. The developer has to bring the power out of the Wii U himself….so therefore Nintendo did think of 2015 when making the Wii U. So how much power is exactly in this console? No one knows right? So there is no real way to determine where Wii u stands in power to a PS4 and Xbox one is there? The spec sheet says the Wii u is the weakest…….but the performance says something else. So the Wii U is actually a generation ahead of the PS4. The Wii u is next generation tech that’s why the developers rather work on the PS4 ans Xbox because it is something they are familiar with. Fuck the Fusion for now the Wii u is a true next Gen console and Smash bros. Proved it.

            2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              So we’re going to go back to comparing the Wii U’s power and PS4’s power to cars. The Jaguar X86 has a V8 and 400 horses. It looks powerful because of the V8 similar to the PS4’s 8 cores. Now take a i4 with 250horses with a turbo to get it from 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds. Yet on the spec sheet the i4 looks weak but performance says something else. That’s how the Wii U works. What’s a turbo to a car the Wii U has a unknown GPu to the console. No one knows how that turbo can get to 60mph in under 3 seconds. Also with the I4 it uses less gas and more efficient too unlike the Jaguar that sucks the life out of the light bill when plugged up underneath your TV and still struggles at 1080p 60fps because of the heavy ass v8. Or was this metaphor too confusing?

              1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                Also the more players added usually means more electricity. You have people pushing buttons for hours on this game. And yet it uses less electricity than the Wii. If PS4 had 8 players a person probably could see the light bill increase even more. So the PS4 needs to suck premium gas to perform while the Wii U uses premium saving you more money in your wallet. How did Nintendo do it? I have no fucking clue.

    1. What I’m going to do is buy the socket to plug into my Wiimote for the Wave bird. The adapter cost to much with so short limits to buy it for just one game. That way I can use it other then just smash ob Wii u and you save money.

  4. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    What if there is a 6 player mode Star fox You where you have Fox, Peppy, Falcon, Slippy, Rob and Krystal? I suggest invest in the adapter. Nintendo is up to something. I bet you it will start with Splatoons.

  5. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Could you imagine Splatoons with 8 players? 4 vs 4? Nintendo could do it if they wanted to. The Wii U had the availability to do this. A new unknown feature. It can handle 8 players. That is a new niche and the gaming industry. It was also smart of Nintendo not to have this info released on any software until after the next Gen consoles came out. That way while Sony and Microsoft thought Wii U was just a 4 player console, they wouldn’t had thought about adding 8 players neither. This changes everything. Also every Ammibo is different and the Wii U has to identify these Amiibos as different stages and which one has went to a new level. That’s a lot! The Wii U has a new niche feature and they need more software that can take on at least 6 players.

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        The bigger stages. Yet Wii U can sip on electricity for 8 players PS4 would need a might tons of electricity to do the same thing because the PS4 is actually really weak not the wii u. The journalist turned it around making it seem as the PS4’s hardware was inside the Wii U but it is really the other way around. The PS4 is the weak one because in order to do what Wii U does it needs more electricity, cores, gigs etc. In 2014/15 products usually look for eco-friendly products without sacrificing performance. PS4 is a Hummer and the Wii U is a Corolla Turbo with unknown performance. So because no one knows the power, people like journalist just claimed the Wii U as “weak.” But Smash bros. proved that a big ass lie. And there is no telling what Zelda U will also prove. That’s why the Ps4 is loud because it is struggling trying to satisfy graphics whores. The wii u is a Prius it is so quiet that you have to honk your horn so people will see you.

        1. I meant how would they show 8 players on one screen in Splatoon? Unlike Smash, everyone needs a view of their own character, making the TV have to show 8 separate screens on it. That wouldn’t even give each player a 360p resolution to look at according to my calculations. Also, I’m pretty sure PS4 can handle 8 players just fine on a game like Smash. Maybe even better, but definitely not, of course, when comparing prices and power consumption.

          1. I think it may be more of matter of how they’re going to support 8 controllers on the PS4. Nintendo was very smart about making that possible. I don’t know about Sony. By the way, Gamecube was capable of having up to 16 players in Mario Kart: Double Dash using LAN if you had 8 Gamecubes and two TV screens. Well, it was more like 8 karts with two players riding in them.

  6. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    A new thought. The game cube adaptor is foreign to the Wii U and yet the CPU can handle a late device with less than a gig for gaming. PS4 would need more gigs and probably cause the CPU to be even loader that. It already is to equal the same performance to the Wii U. The PS4 is really the weak console.

  7. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    So ubisoft was talking shit about latest AC game too weak for the Wii U. Super smash says ,”hi.” What they really meant was the Wii U is too high tech for them because they don’t know how to work the system because it is something they aren’t familiar with yet because it came out a generation ahead. But since Ubisoft didn’t want to make Sony and Microsoft and journalist look bad, they rather had made Nintendo look bad instead.

  8. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    EA talks about the Wii U is too weak yet still haven’t seen an 8 player EA sports tittle yet on the PS4.

  9. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    We don’t need to talk about the Fusion anymore. The Wii u isn’t weak!!! Its the 3rd party developers forcing graphics down the Ps4’s mouth to make the Wii U look bad. They are forcing Max HD into the PS4. For example the Corolla and Mazda 3. People know the Mazda 3 is known for speed. People know the corolla is known to get you from point A to point B. Toyota bashes and says Corolla can out do a Mazda 3 in a 0 to 60mph challenge. So the driver behind the corolla seriously presses the accelerator to the Max while the driver behind the Mazda doesn’t. The guy behind the Toyota has to dog the corolla just so he doesn’t have to make himself look like a dumb ass. So the Toyota wins and people start believing the corolla is faster than the Mazda. So professional drivers give the corolla all the attention, hype and , advertisement. Then when they look at the Mazda they down talk it and follow suit in the lie. And when they realize the corolla is really not fast, they make it look fast just to not look like a dumb ass. Because while the corolla struggled to the finish line beating the Mazda, the Mazda 3 made it there with no effort to the engine.

    1. Hey N Runs It, do you prefer the game to be forced to play 8 players online struggling like most PS4 games are forced to try shoving 1080p 60FPS in order to keep the reputation that Sony is the most powerful console, or do online gaming that is comfortable for the console and avoid the game needing a patch?

      1. You know the PS4 is forced into maxing out resolution. It’s not that it can really handle it. This is to keep the belief PS4 is the most powerful system. Yet the engine is loud because it’s struggling in order to make it look like it’s 10 times more powerful than Wii U. But it’s not.

        1. If the PS4 was alive like an animal, that would be animal abuse. Forcing 1080p power down its throat. Poor thing.

  10. Here’s example of PS4 being forced into performing up to the hype. Take a Lion. He is hyped up to go 60mph. Yet he can really go 30mph. So to prevent from looking stupid, they pull the lion to 60mph. That’s what they are doing to ps4. Nintendo lets the Wii U experience power with the developers allowing each software tittle to look better and better over time. PS4 is struggling because of the over hype.

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  12. LOL when jtz and stranga started talking the people in this site that usually talk shit about Nintendo is quiet all of the sudden. But that’s none if my business 😂

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