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Golden Joysticks 2014: Nintendo Wins Best Handheld Game

This week the Golden Joystick award ceremony took place in London. Nintendo was nominated for a number of awards, but only came away winning best handheld game with Nintendo 3DS title Pokemon X & Y. The prestigious Game of the Year award went to the extremely challenging Dark Souls II. Here’s a list of this year’s winners.

  • Lifetime achievement: Hideo Kojima
  • Game of the year: Dark Souls II
  • Best original game: DayZ
  • Best online game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Best storytelling: The Last of Us: Left Behind
  • Best visual design: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Best audio: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Most played game of the year: Rust
  • Best multiplayer: Battlefield 4
  • Best indie game: DayZ
  • Innovation of the year: Oculus Rift DK2
  • Best gaming moment: The Last of Us: Left Behind – “The kiss”
  • Best handheld game: Pokemon X & Y
  • Best mobile game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Most wanted: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
  • Gaming personality of the year: PewDiePie
  • Studio of the year: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Gaming platform of the year: Steam

133 thoughts on “Golden Joysticks 2014: Nintendo Wins Best Handheld Game”

    1. thats when i questioned everything about this. In what barren wasteland would ubisoft montreal be the best studio of the year? and best visuals black flag!?! are you kidding me?

    2. Ubisoft paid to be studio of the year. Nintendo doesn’t give organizations like this money. This is why Nintendo is not on the list at all, even though every Nintendo game reviews in the 9-10’s. The “best handheld game” was thrown in there (probably at the last second) so they could try and look a little unbiased. They used pokemon x and y becouse it had the most sales. It is not even close to being the best handheld game, just the best selling…

      Award shows like these are sponsered by the studios whose games are on the lists. It’s one giant commercial. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. they must have had a ton of dev money poured into these results because there is no way in hell ubisoft could win shit this year after all the times they gave their fans a middle finger. some of these games arent even from 2014

    1. I was going to say, “Only Nintendo fans, which make up 3%” but I actually believe Watchdogs may be a huge, multiplayform let-down… So I think they unintentially let down every gamer. O.o

    1. What is ridiculous is people are bitching about the list, but aren’t giving alternatives to it and why theirs is better.

  2. Pfft, Of course the most popular gaming personality will win the best. Why wouldn’t he? If you were to ACTUALLY pick somebody worth watching, then you would have the Pewdiepie fanboys raging about “how he deserves the title, and not this stupid hipster shit.”

  3. Those awards REEK of bias and HORRIBLE gaming taste!

    Best visual style AC Black Flag?
    Best studio = Ubisoft?
    GOTY = Dark Souls 2? (great game but get out of here for giving that the title of GOTY)

    … actually I don’t agree with any winners at all, like none at all aside from maybe just 1.

    This is gonna sound harsh but I don’t care….. Microsoft or Sony, ONE of you 2 just leave. I don’t care who (probably Sony cuz of their horrible finances). ANY of those 2 companies, do this gaming industry a favor and leave. Competition? Game wise no I don’t see anything good coming for us because of those 2 companies competing… just look at the games on both systems. For the most part it’s the same dam games!

    Microsoft VS Sony is BORING!!!!!! Any of those 2 companies compete with Nintendo would be so much better. At least that way we would have 2 completely different gaming experiences. Remember Nintendo VS Sega? THAT was awesome!

    The gaming industry should consist of Nintendo, Microsoft OR Sony, and PC.

                1. Booya! >.< It definitely did copy Sony's Eye Toy. Oh the days when Microsoft would copy Sony while Sony would copy Nintendo! Now it's Sony copying Microsoft…

    1. I wish too that either Sony&MS would leave this console business once and for all. Mainly i wish it to be Sony since their IP´s are boring and they are the most likely to step out anyway, but yeah i want Sega to step in the industry again.

      Honestly what i want is that game consoles are made by VIDEOGAME companies instead of Tech companies, because actual videogame companies like Nintendo and Sega always had creativity on their hardware choices.

      1. Yea dude, just because the games of a company don’t appeal to you, a random person out of 7 billion, they should leave the industry. /s
        Also, you do realize that Nintendo didn’t start out as a video company, right ? According to your logic, they shouldn’t have entered the video game business either.
        I don’t see how a company that doesn’t make video games only wouldn’t be suited for the video game market. It’s not like they’re one huge group of people doing whatever. They have individual divisions focusing on their own business and those divisions don’t have anything to do with each other. The Playstation division is focusing on video games, and they’re doing just fine. Saying they lack creativity just because the company as a whole produces other things as well makes no sense. If that was the case, it would be all the more embarassing for Nintendo, as their newest home console is currently getting crushed by the console of the company offering the widest variety of different tech devices, out of the three.

    2. I agree Microsoft needs to stay away from gaming consoles. Sony is not all that bad and actually have decent games, but Microsoft can leave and no one would care. With Xbox gone it would be Nintendo vs. PlayStation which is not as bad as Xbox and PlayStation vs. Nintendo.

    3. Eh, all three are competing with each other. What makes you think Nintendo isn’t competing with the other two ?
      Also, just because the games of a company don’t appeal to you personally, doesn’t mean they need to step out of the business. There are enough other people interested in them. There are people who are not into Nintendo’s games either, doesn’t mean they need to leave the business, does it ?
      And even if Sony went bankrupt, which won’t happen anytime soon, the Playstation brand sure as hell wouldn’t be leaving us, as it’s quite profitable. It’s probably one of the very last things Sony would give up on. Sorry.

      1. Yes. Sony is fine. It’s definitely Microsoft that should get the hell away from the video game industry.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but to get the award “best multiplayer of the year” wouldn’t your game have to actually work most of the time?

    1. Also DayZ is original? I mean I guess, if you want to call one of the most boring games in the past decade “original”

    1. Especially Mario Kart 8, love that soundtrack.
      What’s your favourite song from the game??? Mine is a tie between N64 Rainbow Road and Mount Wario…:)

                1. No, sir. That is where you are wrong. Zelda ALBW OST>MK8. Kirby Triple Deluxe OST> MK8. Mario and Luigi Dream Team OST> MK8. Fire Emblem Awakening OST>MK8. *evil laughter*

                  1. Now I know this is an intentional troll comment so nice try on trying to piss me off or get me into a defensive debate. XD I know you’re simply saying this because you don’t always win 1st place in races.

                    1. I don’t care. I’ve won enough races and I usually come in at least third. Mario Kart 8 got pretty boring anyways. I played through all the cups, beat it, then went back to Assassin’s Creed. Lol.

                      1. Dude, thats the reason why DLC packs are coming. XD I preordered the bundle pack so I can keep playing so if you’re skipping the DLC or stop playing entirely, you’re gonna miss out big time.

                        1. Uh, yeah. Duh. XD That’s why I preordered both packs as well. Not like it matters though anyways since my Wii U doesn’t work anymore.

                            1. Of course not! Why would I ever do that?! I love my Wii U games. It probably had something to do with my irresponsibility and laziness though. Most of the time I just sit my Wii U straight on the floor and then plug it up and play. Then I just leave it there for next time. It literally collected dust and I had to blow it off. And plus, my cousins have always messed with it putting their filthy hands all over it and removing my discs out of the disc drive. That’s how my disc drive screwed up because my baby cousin stuck two discs in their at the same time. Sonic Racing was one of them… It didn’t work after that. And then my other baby cousin grabbed my Need For Speed Most Wanted case, took the disc out, and cracked it in two. I saw her do it with my own eyes, but she literally did all of that in about 5 seconds. I don’t know where she got her freaking super disc cracking skills, but it pisses me off because that costs $60. Then a whole crapload of issues started happening to it like the Gamepad not staying synced to the console, games loading slower, internet browser not working, and freezing at the main screen. Until eventually it just decided to say “screw this” and so it killed itself. I don’t have any plans on getting another right now since I’m still focused on PC, but I still do have my 3DS. Nothing wrong with it yet. Been playing Smash Bros non-stop. :)

                              1. Then thats it. It was poorly handled. Thats why i dont let anyone touch my shit without my direct permission and supervision. It still works to this day. But after yours is fixed or replaced, take care of it like if its your child. lol

                                1. I might just send it to Nintendo so they can fix it again. I’m not doing it anytime soon though because I’m waiting until I can get a new one so I can transfer data. I’m not too bothered by it not working anyways since I’m saving for my PC. But if they announce some kind of limited edition Smash Bros Wii U, I will have no choice but to get it! O_O

                              2. And definitely not Pokemon. Please god no. I’ve heard Lumiose City’s theme way too many freaking times. It’s soundtrack is the same thing over and over. XD

                    2. Maybe this is based on 2013 games and not 2014 games maybe that will be next year, which makes sense, considering not all of the games have been released in 2014, next year, Smash Bros Wii U will get best soundtrack…

                      1. The thing is, I don’t hate Pewdiepie, I’m just not interested in any video of games that he plays, be it from any company. He seems like one of those guys that I would hate, if I was dumb enough to watch any of his videos…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I don’t hate him either, I just can’t calculate valid data to why he is so subscribed by many…

                  1. Pewdiepie was average last time, but he’s been going downhill fast. Idk I just don’t like him as a whole. He comes off as a casual gamer who acts like a retard for laughs.

                2. I’m happy for Nintendo, but I’ll never understand how Pokemon can still be so darn popular when every game is like the same old repeated garbage?

                  1. The games look like shit by todays standards, too. It’s truly baffling.

                    I did buy Pokemon Y, but it was such a dissapointment to me. It plays exactly the same as the last one i bothered with (Diamond on DS i think) many years ago, only easier and more dumbed down this time. That was the last time i pay attention to this stale ass series.

                3. What’s so great about Pewdiepie???
                  From what I heard, he’s loud and obnoxious and screams a lot.
                  Screw Pewdiepie, there are many better Youtubers out there that put a ton of effort into there videos. Chuggaaconroy, for example, he’s was working on this Xenoblade Chronicles Let’s Play for more than a year, that’s just preparing it. He’s 3DS Let’s Plays have a ton of effort put into the presentation and he doesn’t scream all throughout his videos, he only screams in shock if something amazingly unlucky happens and screams in amazement when something absolutely amazing happens.
                  Unfortunately, he has suffered an illness that has forced him to stop making videos for the time being, but he said as soon as he gets better, he will continue with Xenoblade and Animal Crossing New Leaf.
                  If someone can explain a good reason to watch even a single video of Pewdiepie’s, then do tell, because I am paranoid about watching his videos based on what I have heard…

                  1. I have a chrome extension that can block video’s and doesn’t show them on the home page on yt. he was the first channel to get blocked.

                    it’s simply called videoblocker for people who want it

                    1. Indeed, I love his videos, I’ve been a fan since his Super Mario Sunshine Let’s Play, back in 2009, subscribed to his channel and TheRunawayGuys channel. I haven’t regretted it yet…:)

                4. it’s funny becouse moest dark souls players consider ds2 bad atleast worse than 1.
                  and how da F is rust the most played game of the year (nothing against the game).
                  pokemon was 2013 retards.
                  how is dayz origional that came out a couple of years back.
                  and how can glitchfield 4 get any prize.

                  PewDiePie……….. PewDiePie….

                  Aliens please take me with you.

                  1. Dark Souls 2 worse than 1? Quite the opposite actually. It built from what made Demon/Dark Souls incredible, and produced a game that sucked me in for a LONG time

                  1. Sadly no, because unlike other companies Nintendo doesn’t pay their way to the top. They know their customers will see quality in their games without having to win awards and gain overrated attention. So no, as long as other companies such as Ubisoft (sadly) and Activision exist, Nintendo will barely ever win what they deserve. Not to mention Nintendo’s cartoony graphics lack of blood, naked women, and guns also reject their chances.

                    1. Trying_to_be_reasonable

                      Sadly they think blood, naked women and guns are the basic standards for the definition of a video game. Did they forget how old games were like? *sigh* it fells now that their new standards are brain washing standards and not video games one’s -_-‘

                  1. Have you played it? Have you seen the plot? If you have no idea what you’re talking about, please don’t even try

                5. Well, this is why calling yourself a “gamer” anymore is meaningless. I’m happy just being a person who plays games, staying as far away from hype and mindlessness as possible.

                6. I predict Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will win Golden Joystick’s Best Handheld game for the year 2015.

                  I SINCERELY HOPE that gamers vote on the “actual best” games for next years awards, because Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros for Wii U DESERVE to win and gamers should definitely vote for them.

                  1. Who cares if the quality dropped a little. Your still getting a fine looking amibo for 13 bucs. All new toys do this btw. Show off a high quality prototype, and then mass produce a slightly lower quality final product. You act like this is the first time this has happened.

                    1. So other people doing it justifies Nintendo doing it, eh? When Nintendo fanboys criticize WD for having downgraded graphics, I don’t see them complaining about this. The epitome of fanboyism

                    1. Butthurt about what? Stop trying to throw words that makes you feel smart (but actually doesn’t even make sense in this context) and think you automatically win the argument

                7. Battlefield winning an award (even if the awards show is a farce) is a joke. Best multiplayer…. hmm i remember people couldn’t even get the game to work. It took a year of patches to get the game running. An award?

                  I hate these “award shows” that are funded by the “winners”.

                8. Unless you have an actual SOURCE that shows they paid to win, don’t try to spout complete BS. Don’t like a winner? What the hell does that have to do with you? If you enjoy the existing game just fucking play it. People think differently, your opinion isn’t fact, get over it.

                  1. Relax, no one cares about their opinions, just like they don’t care for yours….

                    Bitch, bitch, and complain….

                    You sound like my Mother-in-Law…

                      1. I know, good word choice….

                        Its ok, imposing Shuhei, We all can’t execpt truth and realism….

                        You voted (or would have) for Barrack, Both times!!!…

                        I care for people, but you – you only care for yourself, most people do, which makes you just like the hypocrites you despise…

                        P.S. “Reason for Obama Reference” You are or are equal to any moron who of thought putting for Barrack in office

                      2. Loser…

                        Bitch and a Loser….

                        Whens the last time you gave a woman an orgasm?…

                        Doesn’t say much, most nerds don’t get laid like that anyway….

                        Just love that moist feeling, the passion, the sweat, the just bare raw love….

                        I feel bad for my girl, shes not gonna be able to walk in the morning….

                        Oh yeah, Shuhei, your a loser…

                  2. I never said I didn’t like the games posted. But they are far from the best. Maybe the Last of Us is an exception. Maybe. And I don’t need a source when I have common sense. Rust is the most played? Really? More so than WoW? I don’t think so. But if people think it’s the most played, maybe they will check it out. See how that works?

                    Black Flag for best audio? Black Flag for best visuals? Ubisoft for best studio? Hmmm… You don’t need proof when you have enough circumstantial evidence. This evidence would hold up in court.

                    If you really believe that the big gaming corporations don’t pay to have thier games win “award shows” you are naive. Hell, most of the time the big corporations create the awards show themselves, just so they can advertise thier games. There is no regulations on this type of advertisment. There is big money in video games, and they will go to just about any length to advertise. They do this kind of stuff all the time. I don’t blame them really, but I always take an awards posting with a grain of salt. And so should you.

                    Also, your a big Sony fan. You really think Steam was a better platform than the Ps4? The Ps4 had a record breaking year.

                9. Big deal as long as I know the truth that PS4 doesnt live up to the power it’s supposed to be I could give a rats ass. Thats why “The Last of Us” won best storying telling probably for CGI. It’s easy on the PS4 to handle CGI. But if it’s so powerful why doesnt the gameplay look like the CGI. They should have thought bout 2015 when they made the PS4. Also stupid for thinking of Eco friendly during the PS4 development. Sony is stupid in some ways. Now that I got this truth fuck Sony! They made me think it was Wii U that was weak but it was the PS4 all along.

                10. Retro studios deserve to be studio of the year, Shovel Knight should be the best indie game and best audio should either be DKTF or MK8.

                11. Lifetime achievement: Hideo Kojima
                  Game of the year: Mario Kart 8
                  Best original game: DayZ
                  Best online game: Mario Kart 8
                  Best storytelling: The Last of Us: Left Behind
                  Best visual design: Bayonetta 2
                  Best audio: Mario Kart 8
                  Most played game of the year: Mario Kart 8
                  Best multiplayer: Mario Kart 8
                  Best indie game: DayZ
                  Innovation of the year: Oculus Rift DK2
                  Best gaming moment: The Last of Us: Left Behind – “The kiss”
                  Best handheld game: Super Smash Bros 3ds
                  Best mobile game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
                  Most wanted: Super Smash Bros. Wii U
                  Gaming personality of the year: PewDiePie
                  Studio of the year: Nintendo
                  Gaming platform of the year: Wii U

                12. Ubishit Montreal as the Studio of the Year!? Yeah. Studio of the Year at screwing people the fuck over & telling bullshit lies about why they delayed Watch_Dogs for Wii U. And Black Flag won best audio? xD Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze & Hyrule Warriors had the better fucking audio! And I know this because I played all fucking 3 games! There were definitely a lot of Ubishit puppets on their knees, taking it up the ass without a courtesy reach around from Ubishit, while they voted for their puppeteers’ for those two rewards. I might be pissed with Sakurai with some of the things he’s done with SSB4 but I feel he should have gotten that Lifetime Achievement award since he made the SSB4 games with a broken fucking hand that was mending! What the hell did Hideo Kojima do this year to warrant that reward, anyway? Is he retiring or something?

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