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Looks Like Activision Will Be Re-releasing Games Digitally On The Nintendo eShop

Giant video game publisher Activision has begun re-releasing games digitally and is distributing them on the Nintendo eShop. Digital listings for a number of their current games have appeared on the eShop including Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Nintendo 3DS and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark for the Wii U. The company previously refrained from distributing their games digitally on the eShop. You may have heard that the company has just released The Voice on the Wii and Wii U this week.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

48 thoughts on “Looks Like Activision Will Be Re-releasing Games Digitally On The Nintendo eShop”

      1. They aren’t shit. They’re just handled the wrong way. Imagine if all those CoD maps and modes were actually in the game for free instead of being DLC. That’s a crap ton of content.

                1. Its shittier online play. Spawns starts getting terrible, balancing is worse than MW2 and even BO1 plus the story mode could’ve done a little but more of a dramatic scenes like The Battle of Moscow isn’t there and also not resolving Price’s innocence of killing General Shepherd from the last game. Spec Ops mode is the only best improvement including online play and DLC missions in the packs making $15 per pack a bit more tolerable.

                  1. I don’t really care about online for CoD. I’ve only been through the story mode. I liked it to be honest. Especially the ending. But that’s pretty much it.

                        1. I played up to Ghosts. Don’t say that I didn’t. I was suppose to quit since MW3 but I gave BO2 a shot and it was almost improved but still not enough and after hearing Ghosts is beyond terrible and lazy, I didn’t bother with it and now AW takes shit too far and gonna unbalance the game even further.

                          1. I was talking about me. I didn’t play the other CoD’s. BO2 was so boring to me. I also didn’t understand what the fuck was going on in the story. I gave up on that one.

                            1. Oh. BO2 story was as simple to follow but what was unique is that the game allows you to make certain choices that alters the ending, about 5 different endings. It was one of the best stories in COD since MW2.

                              1. Ok, I see. The only thing I really knew was about some old guy in the beginning, some other guy named Mason, and that guy named Menendez. I was confused as to what the hell I was playing when it went to modern war to some futuristic like place. Wtf? Lol.

                                1. Basically its a follow up from BO1 plot resolving Alex Mason’s brainwashing thinking his friend Frank Woods is dead when he’s not and he’s held up in Nicaragua by the main villain Mernedez delivered by Dragovich’s 2nd in command dude from BO1. Thus both sides clash at trying to capture Mernedez alive but Frank ultimately killed his sister, his only family left, with a grenade and thus he lost his shit to seek revenge on Frank, Alex and his son as well as any and all Superpower nations like USA and in the future; China.

                                      1. I don’t care. I always found BO to be the least interesting to me in the series. I like MW3 way more. That’s why I am glad for Advanced Warfare. Looks great to me.

                                2. COD for me reached its peak with COD 4 . Everything after that has just been the same old dribble, year after year. However, for some reason, millions of gamers still buy the crap, year after year.

                                  1. COD4 was the very last best game with the best multiplayer with far less BS unbalancing problems and OP features. People are leaving COD. From between MW2 to Ghosts, COD sales has decreased by 6+ million copies/users so with AW, its gonna continue to drop. I promise you that. COD is in fact dying slowly and AW ain’t gonna excuse itself being “new” again.

                                  2. Oh and not only COD sales and fanbase is decreasing but more importantly GTA5 has broken its sales record by making almost $1 billion dollars ($800+ million precisely) within 24 hours..with just two versions of the game which is fucking insane. ^_^ If Rockstar had released a PC version and maybe a Wii U if possible or ever given a green light by Nintendo, it would’ve been officially over for any and all future games who could ever hope to break that record again, not even COD can come halfway close to touching it. XD

                      1. Don’t waste your time, the game is terrible. This coming from someone who loved Spiderman 2 on the gamecube, Spiderman on Dreamcast, and Spiderman Web of Shadows of 360.

                        1. I haven’t played a spider man game yet, but I’d like to have at least one fun web-slingin game… I can get the game for less than €40, do you think it’s worth it?

                        2. It isn’t terrible. But it’s not really that great either. I’ve had it since it released and haven’t really played it. It’s just really boring imo.

                    1. You know what games they should release? Spiderman and Spiderman Enter Electro for the N64…….now that’s when I will spend my money.

                        1. Sure spiderman 2 movie game was good but come on. Those two spiderman games were gold. Had different costumes, you were able to make your spiderman with different powers, went against the likes of venom, carnage, with a few cameos of black cat and daredevil.
                          Spiderman 2 movie game revolutionized the whole free roam of nyc and swinging around but you didn’t have all that customization or awesome villains.
                          I prefer ultimate spiderman than spiderman 2. But yeah we all have opinions.

                    2. Tbh, if they released COD Blops 2 digitally, I would buy it… As long as they had the DLC with it too, cuz then I know they actually care a little

                    3. I thought they where talking about snes and n64 titles! :’-( i care very little for activision games apart from warcraft and diablo.

                    4. With the thumbnail of Spidey I was hoping for a re-release of Ultimate Spider-Man from the Gamecube days. Oh well.

                    5. Now release Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief video game for the Wii U virtual console and give Nintendo the full game rights since they worked the most on the game.

                    6. Oh. I thought it was going to be virtual console games. I’d gladly pay Activision just to have Spider-Man 2 on my Wii U even though they are being assholes to the Wii U by not giving the fanbase the new Call of Duty when I KNOW it would sell to a couple million people.

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