We all know that Super Smash Bros Wii U will certainly be epic in the music department, but just how epic? Well it looks as though the disc will contain over 437 pieces of music to celebrate the iconic franchise. You should also remember that if you register the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U version with Club Nintendo then you’re entitled to a free two disc soundtrack, so it’s well worth purchasing and registering both.

Thanks, Jammi



    • For me, it sounds heavenly.

      The only problem is that I’m going to want to download every single track, and I already have 13,000 pieces of music saved on my phone.

      My 64 GB MicroSD card is nearly full, and I’ll soon have to get myself a 128 GB.


  1. To put that into perspective, Brawl had 301 pieces of music, not including fanfair and SFX. Or 355 total (including victory fanfair).

    So, it’ll have a bit more than Brawl. But, I’d say Brawl’s music selection was very good (each stage having a huge selection of music on it. Didn’t really dig some of the Japanese themes [on WarioWare and the Distant Planet, but being able to turn some music off was great]). A good 70+ more tunes is pretty decent. Good job composers/ Smash team!

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      • Ah yes! Stickerbrush Symphony, along with Aquatic Ambiance, are some of the most beautiful music tracks I’ve ever fucking heard. Along with the Fairy Fountain music and some of the music from Xenoblade “Fucking” Chronicles.

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            • I figured you wouldn’t be happy with the Ridley lol. At least it’s kind of a step in the direction? Maybe next time, little mac started as an assist trophy and now he’s in. Still sucks for this generation with no ridley though. I do agree with ganon having the cloneset, but I think that’s gonna be that way cause I think I read he is Sakurai’s main. No way he is changing his main lol. I wouldn’t say get rid of Falcon in order to do though, cause he has been in since the original and honestly has far more meaning to the smash brothers series than ganon. Not Nintendo or zelda obviously, but he is practically the slogan for the series. Show me your moves is what people think of when they think of smash, and Falcon Punches. So I couldn’t have a smash without that. But I definitely understand your reasons. I doubt they ever expected Falcon to get so popular but I feel he as well as the other originals are series permanents. As for alternate costumes, everyone should have had at least one for sure, and not palette swaps like you said. I’m super happy for the koopa kids but there should have been more for everyone else. It’s funny at first I hated the look when I saw pics of SS Zelda, but playing the game the art style is a little different than the pic I saw, better lighting and stuff and now I definitely like her. She should have a number of costumes. 64 could work too in adult form. Toon Zelda is probably too short sadly. Metroid series does seem to get shafted a lot which sucks for it’s fans. I hope you are right about the U not needing help with sales. It SHOULD sell a shit ton, but I’m still worried.


    • Because there is no way they could fit all the songs onto one CD. They are obviously only putting a few of the songs on each CD.

      Plus, do you know how much money it would be to sell a CD with 400+ songs? That would be like over the price of a WIi U game itself!

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  2. WTF hardware isn’t holding us back devs are. From what I see smashbros is managing to take traditional features you would see in a video game and just blow them out the boundaries of your expectations.

    I’m a video game tester and do you know how many shitty ass board games I’ve had to play in the past month made by Ubisoft? I would kill for something like Smash Tour. At most many games I’ve see have like 20 tracks, This game has over 400! I MEAN HOLY CHET!

    After I see 8 Player smash I’m wondering why the hell do we not have more 8 player games EA that’s why? Basket ball games should all be 8 players minimum.

    That Stage Creator makes me want to see it in a minecraft like setting. It’s amazing that you can free hand it.

    Achievements that actually serve a purpose other than just being there. Difficulty done right, and they even took the time to try out a new feature for their product.

    I didn’t even scratch the surface, seeing all of this I’m thinking wow this game is passion and the people who participated in this project love video games.

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  3. 1gb handling all that music. Sony woould need way more than that to equal the same amount of storage. And they say the PS4 is powerful. Sure. If Wii U is using 1gb to get 1080p 60fps then how much gigs would the PS4 need just to do the same thing? The Wii U is powerful as hell Imagine what would happen if Wii U had 5 gigs for gaming? It would be years before Wii U would need to touch thouse additional gigs for gaming. I bet PS4 already tapped into all those gigs for gaming though for 1080p 60fps. Thats why it struggles. Wii U is comfortable and isnt stressed performing 1080p 60fps. Thats what really matters if the console is stressed or not.


  4. Wow! I just NOW noticed this post. I must have overlooked it yesterday. But….400? OMG!!

    With Brawl, I recorded my own personal CD’s with all of it’s music. Took 6 CD’s. I might do the same for this one. But 400 pieces of music? Plus my CD recorder is being a bit** lately. It needs fixing. So I might not be able to.


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