Activision’s ‘The Voice’ is Now Available On Wii U And Wii

Activision brings the energy and excitement of one of the hottest shows on television to a new stage today with the release of The Voice, an original singing video game for home consoles based on NBC’s flagship, Emmy Award-winning music competition television show of the same name.

Featuring compelling solos, powerful duets and heart-pumping head-to-head Battle Rounds, The Voice video game nails the drama and emotion of the TV series from the Blind Auditions all the way to the Finale. Players can go through a range of single and multiplayer game modes, battling rival singers on the road to stardom. Party Mode lets up to eight friends duke it out over chart-topping classic and modern hits across every genre from rock and pop to country and R&B, including songs from key moments on the show including popular songs like:

·         “Counting Stars”

·          “Apologize”

·          “Brave”

·          “My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark”

·          “You Won’t Find This”

·          “Over You”

While The Voice video game is designed to accommodate newcomers by rewarding passionate performances, its scoring system is sophisticated enough to let creative, exceptional singers shine. Players can even go in-depth to learn professional-level techniques and improve with simple, responsive feedback in Voice Coach Mode.

The Voice video game is now available on PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and Nintendo’s Wii U system for $49.99. It is available for Nintendo’s Wii system for $39.99. Each retail copy of the game will be bundled with a microphone. Digital copies of the game will require a USB microphone to play.



  1. Like Ubishit’s Just Dance, this is also shit that no one will care about. WTF are the fully ported and supported AAA games that’s also going to 360 which has the same architechture as Wii U?


    1. Making games for the Wii is EA & others way of giving a middle finger to those of us that have a Wii U. Simple as that. Even now, the motherfuckers are stabbing us right in the back with every game released to Wii but not Wii U. Good thing I don’t give a flying fuck about their casual games… like Fifa! “Oh no he didn’t just call Fifa a casual game!” Oh yes I did, bitches!


  2. Like Ubishit giving us the middle finger with releasing Just Dance instead of an Assassin’s Creed game, Activision is giving us the middle finger with releasing The Voice instead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If Advanced Warfare was going to refresh Call of Duty instead of the same crap as previous titles, I would have gladly given the game a chance! But now, fuck them! Even if I had a PS4, I still wouldn’t buy it even if it did revolutionize Call of Doody.

    Shame, too, because I’m a fan of some of Kevin Spacey’s roles.


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