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Pictures Compare E3 amiibo Designs To Final Retail Versions

peach_amiibo_comparisonlink_amiibo_comparisonNintendo’s amiibo figures that were introduced at E3 2014 look a bit different from the retail versions releasing next month, according to comparison pictures compiled by Kotaku. The images compare the initial designs of Peach and Link to the final renditions of the two characters’ models. The first 12 amiibo figures are available for pre-order for $12.99 each. They will launch on November 21st alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the first game that will offer amiibo integration.

220 thoughts on “Pictures Compare E3 amiibo Designs To Final Retail Versions”

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      1. Dude, you need help.
        Nothing that your are saying makes any sense. How does the dead of Robin Williams has any relation to the amiibo launch?
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  1. Did anyone actually expect to be able to purchase highly detailed figurines for just over $10??? Figurines of the detail of those E3 designs retail for around $30 or more; I wouldn’t expect it to be possible for Nintendo to sell them for just $13.

          1. What I mean is either you’re “poor” by spending too much money elsewhere and then stupidly complain about not being able to afford a $13 smart toy or maybe he’s trolling about Amiibo being similar to Skylanders.

            1. I’m pretty sure that half the reason why people wanted amiibo was so that they can display it. Everyone was expecting the figures to be high quality ESPECIALLY from a company like Nintendo. People would be spending $13 for essentially a happy meals toy so of course its going to be expensive to them. P.S I’m pretty sure that he/she wasn’t complaining but rather stating their opinion. And what made you conclude that he/she is trolling? You are not in that person’s shoes so you should not be calling them out for that :/

            2. Who’s complaining? All I did was state a fact. That $12.99 is expensive to me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I only wanted one or two of them. But man, this is only the first “set”. I may have to draw the line here.

    1. $13 for a single figure and with such low quality is just a ripoff. Hell, Disney Infinity’s figures are better than these

      1. No they’re not, if you check the Kotaku article on this he references the low quality of Disney infinity figures WITH picture proof.

                1. Looks like someone’s having some strange fanboy delusions.

                  P.S Maybe try constructing proper sentences first before posting

    2. It’s incredibly amusing to see how people say “Did you really expect the figured to turn out as high quality as they were when first presented ??!?!!”, when so many of you were hating on Ubisoft for downgrading the graphics of Watch Dogs compared to its E3 trailer when it was first revealed, lmao. Everyone lost their shit about it, but if it’s Nintendo doing basically the same with their products, it of course is absolutely alright. A bunch of fucking hypocrites, that’s what people here are. False advertisement is NEVER okay, not in this case, not in any other case, end of discussion.

    3. Yes, that is exactly what I was expecting, since that’s exactly what Nintendo showed us. Stop acting like a douchebag. “Oh yeah, I totally knew they would look like this lol” No you didn’t. No one did. Nintendo showed better characters. That is the way it is.

    1. probably in testing the old thiner clear stick was breaking, so they opted to give it a bigger gold stick so its more durable and blends with the stand.

      1. Well, I was kinda hoping they’d design them without a huge-ass, old-plastic yellow stand ! D; And I can’t really think of a product that was unveiled, in which the final product wasn’t higher quality than the announced….

        would transparent plastics?? :(

  2. I’m sorry, but the final product kind of looks like garbage. I love this game and wasn’t planning on getting amiibo, but now I’m more convinced not to sadly..

  3. They still look awesome to me. Not as awesome as the E3 version but still awesome! Plus high quality figurines cost a lot and I’m sure you guys know this better than me so why act so disappointed? Of course they’re gonna lower the quality.

  4. This is pretty much how all action figures work. A prototype is made, some high-quality samples are produced, and then they are sent off to be mass-produced, a process that often isn’t up to reproducing the exact look of those early gems.

    1. These things are also more then just figs, they acts as Ai, flash drives( in terms of bringing stur data to people’s houses) get free updates, and add content to other games. The only ones I see that changed are peach and link. Peach with her hands her (face looks same dunno what people are talking about), and Link with his stand so far do see anything else. Mario , dk and ect look the same and still look

      1. Her face is definitely different though you have to click her pic and zoom a little. Eyes are a little different, even colored a little different and the new face looks a LITTLE fatter. I much prefer the original but I’m not gonna not get it based on that. I’ll not get it if after trying my free Yoshi from Toys R Us, I’m unimpressed with the use or just don’t use it enough to buy more.

      2. They store minimal data. They couldn’t possibly have more than 50 cents of memory storage in them. Peach’s face definitely looks different. It’s actually the biggest change and the first thing I noticed. Fox had a lot of detail on him too. I wonder if he’s changed as well

          1. Technically, the awesome prototypes or 1st wave of Transformers Prime figures did release, but in very limited quantity, to little or no fanfare, & the main versions looked horrible, even w/ out a comparison. But every line usually has a pic of the display version on the back of the package w/ a disclaimer about colors & some features being different. But man, those pics look so much better thant what’s in the package…& while the figure is visible, having different forms, some features are still hidden.

            The FF VII TV commercial is infamous for being augmented. & the Kill Zone E3 presentation… & Watch_Dogs…

      1. But it’s just 2 figures and even then they’re not terribly bad compared to the E3 displays. I think you guys are over reacting. I mean, not only have you not seen them in person(maybe some of you guys on here have) but also these 2 are the only ones that look different.

  5. Go look at a few reviews. Projared loves the new amibos and says they are still high quality. IGN also loves them. I personally love the idea of having my own little amibo character to train in Smash and then send off to fight in tournaments. Or if you don’t have anyone to play with, you can fight your Amibo. The quality is still pretty high. If you guys never saw the prototypes nobody would think any different.

      1. Because they are advertising a false product. With the production models mostly done. They need to update the assets on their website and stop displaying “prototypes” as if we were actually getting something that nice

        And in the video, they just show Mario over and fucking over. When they show someone else, it’s really brief, and believe me, they steer clear from closeups on Peach and Link (and Samus)

    1. Their quality is worse, but the photo also looks much blurrier so of course they won’t look as detailed as the E3 ones… Those photo’s were also enhanced to make them look better. People should just wait til they see them in real life because I’m sure they will look more in between these bad photos and the ones from E3.

  6. I would definitely pay up to $30 just to have the E3 versions. I seriously do not understand why they did this… The figures don’t really look “terrible” to me. They just don’t look as good anymore. I was mainly excited about these because of how great they looked. I don’t plan on using these at all in Smash Bros, so yeah. The quality of these things were really important to me seeing as how I was gonna collect them. If anyone is getting these four their functionality in games, then by all means, go right ahead. I’m not discouraging you. But this is seriously disappointing to me. Maybe I need to actually see these for myself to see just how much they’ve changed. But if it actually does look and feel just as downgraded as they are in these pictures, then Nintendo just lost hundreds of dollars from me.

    1. Yea, thats another thing. Wait to see them in person before writing them off. I have heard people saying they are canceling thier pre-orders, which blows my mind. Cancel a pre-order over a low quality picture you saw on the internet?

      1. I don’t understand why you think that’s such a ridiculous notion? I mean if people don’t cancel their pre-orders after seeing these low quality pictures on the Internet, and risk getting the low quality figures in hopes that these pictures are lying to them, and then they actually do get low quality figures, they will have wasted a lot of money on these figures (I mean even if you buy just one you still blew $13 on it). By cancelling the pre-orders they have the opportunity to go into a store and actually look at the figures before wasting their money, that way if they see that the figures actually are good quality they can simply buy them then, without worry of wasting their money.

        1. Well, you have a point. But what if you read on the internet “all dogs now have rabies”. Would you run out back and immediately kill your dog, or would you wait a few days for some facts to come out first?

          1. I’ll counter your argument with a: what if you read online that a gunman was in the same building as you. Would you wait for some more facts to come out first, or would you look for cover? See it’s apples and oranges

            1. Yes, actually I would need to verify that information before hiding away somewhere. Information is power, and without it you would be more helpless.

              The pictures thats causing everyone to cancel thier pre-orders are low definition, fuzzy, and have very poor lighting. Go to IGN and see the HD video of the Amibos and you’ll notice it’s night and day compared to these photos.

              1. You’d verify by taking a bullet. Either way, you’re saying people shouldn’t cancel preorders. If in fact they are crappy they’re gonna have to go through the whole return process, which is a hassle with online purchases. It’s not the lighting, peach’s face looks fucken weird in the second pic.

            2. Well given all the false bomb threats in the world causing police to be called in, I guess the latter is the more popular choice.

        2. Haven’t you learned the one rule yet? Be careful what you read in the internet. Especially about video games since the gaming journalism is going downhill after the last events. If you want 100% correct infos, go to Nintendo’s website or wait until the product is out to see yourself. Pre-Orders are idiotic anyways, because those games won’t run away or go out of order.

          1. *cough* Bayonetta 2 *cough* *WHEEZE* *CHOSE* “AH FUCK I’M DYING *GASP* I’LL MISS YOU ONE DAY PREORDERA! *DIED*

      2. To preorder all of them is about $300. Fuck yes I’m canceling if what I’m getting isn’t what I ordered. How is that not obvious?

        If the product changed, I want to see them up close first. Some of us can’t afford to drop $$$ on a product that’s changing.

        1. Wow. $300 for all of them? If were you I would just get at least 5 you think are good and get the rest later(if you want all of them). Plus the only ones that changed is Link and Peach.

      3. You just contradicted yourself.

        You encourage is to see them in person before writing them off, then razz on us for canceling our preorders so we CAN see them in person first.

        Make up your mind dude.
        (And I cancelled all mine except for a Link and Little Mac)

    2. I agree. I also have issue with Nintendo advertising them as E3 models, when in reality it’s a different model of lower qaulity. I cancelled my preorders from Amazon today. Dissapointing.

      1. Omg. Why in the holy hell would you cancel a pre-order? Go on ign and look at the amibos in HD. They look fantastic. And it was only link and peach that were changed btw. Your cancelling your pre-order over a fuzzy, low defintion picture that some website posted. I have officially lost faith in the human race.

        Biggest facepalm of the entire existence of the Universe.

  7. And to be fair, the pictures on the right are of less quality and lower lighting. There is an obvious downgrade, don’t get me wrong, but if the pictures were of the same qualities the differences would be less noticable.

  8. i am disappointed that the final version looks weak in terms of quality but i expected it to be that way, still looks neat despite the final version losing its quality. i may buy a few but in the future (next december)

  9. I don’t mind so much cause the price and am getting one free. If I like I’ll get some more. Also, unrelated, but I saw a video of people who got to try out 8 player Smash using all new Smash Brothers branded gamecube controllers, and apparently they play just as good, BUT the plastic feels cheap. Not sure if the final ones are gonna be that way, but I’m not taking chances and ordered some from amazon for just $2 more than the logo versions. Free two day shipping for being a prime member and no tax on this item. It’s the white controller only but they are new. From Japan but there are two notes specifically stating that they are region free and work on ANY wii or gamecube and so the wii u adapter should be included in that. I figure once the new ones come out, if they ARE made with cheap plastic, people might try to find the old ones and possibly drive up the price of the non-smash branded controllers. Anyone who may need new ones and doesn’t want cheap plastic go here.

      1. Do you have concrete facts? Are your sources 100% correct? Can you trust them? I highly doubt it, because the internet has one big problem… It is a filthy liar for more than 75% of it. So yeah, go on and trust the internet, I wait and see until the product is out in the stores UNTIL I say a word about it.

        1. I have the video I posted. I didn’t say it was fact, I was just posting what I heard and telling people to be cautious. They said in the video it’s very noticeable that the plastic is cheaper. I’m still getting the controller bundle to see for myself but bought others in case. It’s up to everyone to decide what they want, I wasn’t forcing anyone.

            1. It was meant for gravel3342 lol I might have replied to you on accident or the comments section glitched lol. And yea it’s hard to see who replied to who sometimes on here

          1. ok figured it out, click that video and from there click the 8-player smash preview which is like two minutes four seconds.

            1. Wow thanks a lot for that man. I’m cancelling that bundle pack preorder. Going with the original gamecube controllers.

              1. No problem dude, I’m still getting the bundle pack to see for myself, but ordered 7 of those white ones to be safe. Was disappointed to hear about this too

                1. Which white ones? I have seen many “gamecube controllers”, especially some white ones online, but just letting you know they aren’t official; nintendo controllers. Guess what I’m trying to say is be careful. Buy one and if it’s good, then buy the other 6

                  1. The white ones in the amazon link I posted. It says Official Nintendo Gamecube on the product description, and in the Q & A section someone asked if it was the officially licensed Nintendo ones and someone who had already bought them confirmed that they were indeed the official nintendo ones so I think those are good. And by white ones I meant the japanese only special edition ones that were released a few years back that had longer chords. I will let you know wednesday cause that’s when mine are supposed to come in…although I have to work a double that day so you might have to wait for confirmation on thursday. I just checked and there are only two left though. Guess I cleared them out lol.

                  2. Yo what’s up dude. Just got home from work and opened up the package and opened up one of the controllers and can confirm they are legit official Nintendo gamecube controllers. The chord is white too, not just the controller, didn’t know that before. But yea the chord is way a good amount longer than my roomates regular cube controller, so definitely happy about that.

              2. Those are also the controllers with longer chords (10 feet) than the originals. Don’t think they stated the chord length of the new ones but good to know we are getting the 10 footers.

          2. You shouldn’t copy the URL of a playlist, even if the video yu wanted was selected. Choose the single link to the vid.

    1. Probably cause they couldn’t use the same plastic that was available back then. I wonder how it actually feels, since he says it feels cheaper. Hopefully it means less lead in there, no I am not kidding all your computers cords and plastics tend to have some lead in them.

      1. I’m not worried about getting lead poisoning from my controllers but that is interesting to know lol. Not sure if they couldn’t get the same plastic or if they just figured they could make more money selling cheaper plastic at the same price. Also, the final editions may have the normal plastic, and the controllers in the video may have just been cheap ones made for demo usage, so we won’t know for sure for another few weeks.

        1. Well, I don’t if they will change, but until I have one in my hands I won’t have opinion on them. Eitherway, I will use pretty much any controller to play the game, I am not super picky.

          I doubt you will get poisoning from the lead, but over the last decade they have made things allot stricter on dangerous materials attached to plastics in the manufacturing process. California and Europe have stricter requirements on this than they did.

  10. They definitely look like the quality got a dump. But how they look is not important, how they work is what matter; and for the look of it, it seem that some amiibos will have more functions than other.
    And that doesn’t sound good in to my ears.

  11. I do remember when everybody was posting videos about the wii u gamepad being cheap and easy to break. There were videos all over the internet about how cheap the Wii U gamepads were. Turned out to be completely false.

    Moral of the story, don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

        1. Hate to break it to you, but… I own one. And yes it does. It doesn’t even have strong rumble in it and yet the controller sounds as if it’s screaming when it rumbles. It is still comfortable though.

          1. Something is wrong with yours, it much stronger than vibrate on a smartphone and sounds no louder than that.

            It feels better than my 3DS and Xbox 360 controller.

  12. I’m very disappointed in the quality of the amiibos. I’ve never thought that Nintendo would stoop this low, but it’s ok hopefully they’ll look better when they’re released. If they’re not I’ll just use the money I would spend on them for a game or two. It’s just sad to see that the quality has been downgraded to such an extent. And what’s with that thick gold bar? It seems so tacky.:(

  13. honestly i think they look great for being mass produced! the ones at e3 were hand paint guys! what do you want them to do, hand paint everyone? cause that’ll cost you more than $13. My only complaint is the stick of urine coming out of link amiibos butt XD

  14. holy fuck you all complain about the stupidest shit !

    you realize these prototypes are handcrafted by artists and then changes have to be made for them to be mass produced…right? considering collectible figurines with a quality similar to the prototype shown here would easily cost $100+ ..

    for a mere $12.99 that’s not a bad replica and the differences you’re all pointing out are so minuscule.. that and amiibos are primarily meant for kids…in other words the prototypes don’t look nearly as durable as the final product xD

    1. No matter how detailed the figures were, they would never cost $100 if they’re as small as these amiibos. Unless they were solid gold or silver etc.

      1. Yes, they would cost around $100. The quality 12 inch mini statues (example: Link on Epona, Ganondorf,) run upwards of $300, sometimes up to $700 depending on quality. A four inch ‘quality’ figure could easily run at least $100. I wouldn’t be suprised if we end up seeing a few of these prototypes on ebay for well over $100.

        I agree with tits. People will bitch about anything.

      2. As someone called the collector you must not collect much. Figures that size can even be TWO hundred dollars or more. Without any electronic device.

    2. YOU realize using hand crafted Amiibos to advertise Mass-produced Amiibos is dishonest, right. Don’t be a sheep. You’ll get sheered, feel naked and embarrassed.

  15. Graphics qualities is a disappointment from Nintendo and now their ammibo quality is a disappointment, no third parties thank you Nintendo for a decade of disappointment.

  16. To get Kochi prefecture sweatshop products, you’ve gotta pay Kochi prefecture sweatshop prices.

    In short: you’re whiny, entitled assholes.

  17. Well what did you expect? All the Amiibos being hand crafted?
    Look at Disney Infinity and Skylanders, the final products always look less as good than the final product.

  18. Omfg… all these comments here, especially the ones coming from Deepsouth is just pure damage control. False advertising is the worst bullshit in the world. You reveal a product, THE PRODUCT STAYS THAT WAY. That’s how you get the customer to know what he gets. Why are people saying that Disney Infinity/Skylanders figures are downgraded to? What does that have to do with Nintendo? That’s their own problem, and if that’s the case, Nintendo shouldn’t even be following their example! What type of excuse is that? $13 is a lot of money for just one piece if you’re in the action figure industry you would know, and this is just too much. I’m severely disappointed in Nintendo, just like what Ubisoft did to shitty Watch Dogs

    1. Theres no damage control. Nintendo said amibos are subject to change in big bold letters. They change two amibos slightly and everybody cancels thier pre-orders. Biggest over reaction of the century. You guys act like Nintendo was intentionally trying to decieve you.

  19. You guys are unbelievable, are you buying them to use with your game or what? “Oh peachs’ face looks different” so you can,t stare at her and whack off…killed all your hopes and dreams huh? Well keep bitchinging then you fucking nerds and get a life.

  20. I don’t think they look too bad, sure the E3 versions like better, but they were promo figures, what Nintendo would even state could change at any moment, these are the first amiibos, depending on if these are popular or not could determine whether there will be more made, Nintendo can’t poor so much time and money into production only for them to be rejected.

    It happened with R.O.B and even then it was significant for the time, but was overall rejected.
    I am still going to get all of them.

  21. Damn I can’t think of any more offensive sasori jokes that hasn’t already been rehashed to death by other people.

  22. They look pretty much the same. I honestly didn’t expect them to stay exactly the same as they were, they looked way too detailed for mass production. The only complaint I have is that giant green plastic bar holding Link up, it’s ugly as hell. The original just seemed a lot more subtle. They couldn’t have kept that same bar or at least still gone with a clear one?

  23. I like the amiibo. I think they are an awesome idea. So I guess when November 21st comes around. I guess I’ll be the only one who will them.

    1. I will probably buy Captain Falcon, but only if he isn’t horribly downgraded like Peach and Link. And Little Mac if he gets an Amiibo too.

    2. The good news is, your Amiibos can play with themselves, so it’ll all be good! Just be sure you buy at least two! :D

      1. Not sure if that’s a joke, but other than training purposes, if even that, I see NO point in having just amiibos fight. I ain’t sitting there watching CPUs fight when I can be fighting lol.

  24. Hello illiterate people, Nintendo stated that the “Amiibo” products shown were not the final product, subject to change. When you preorder on Amazon you get this disclaimer – FIGURES SHOWN NOT ACTUAL SIZE AND DESIGNS MAY VARY. BOOM.

    1. Nintendo shouldn’t have advertised the better figures in the first place then. That cheap disclaimer BS doesn’t make up for it. They should’ve kept them the way they were. No excuses.

  25. Wow. Even though I’m a fan of Nintendo, know that they’re always about great quality and that I wasn’t gonna buy these least not yet, seeing Nintendo going backwards on lowering the Amiibo quality is rather disappointing and this revelation is gonna cost them some sales in a short amount of time. Only children won’t mind this but for hardcore fans excited to buy them after seeing it from E3, its a problem and this is like Watchdogs situation for figurines and coming from Nintendo? WTF?

    1. It’s a scam just like Watch Dogs. Lol I’m laughing at everyone defending this. Nintendo definitely took the wrong route with these. There was no need for a downgrade. This is a major screw up and it better not happen again. This is the first time I’ve seen a downgrade from Nintendo though, so I’ll forgive them. For now at least.

      1. Its not entirely a “scam” since its similarly and competitively priced as Disney Infinity ($13) while Skylanders cost more and being that its own games are the same shit as the last ones (COD as figures) and the fact that now fans will know exactly what to expect from the final version of a product. I’m just saying that Nintendo, being a company that usually serves great quality, has really disappointed us with this change. If it’ll cost $15-20 for the figurines to have that E3 2014 top quality that we wanted, we wouldn’t mind at all and be happy to buy them as a novelty collection and/or wait for that perfect game to use it with Nintendo’s own branded big NFC adventure game where it’s universe of character collide with one another with many different gameplay features aside from Super Smash Bros. being a solo fighting type game that brings a portion of characters together.

        1. Either way, it better not happen again. This has seriously dropped my interest in wanting these. And I really, really do not like false advertisement. It’s the exact same reason why Watch Dogs pissed me off. I was going to buy every one of these that I could get but if they end up looking like that. I am keeping my money. Maybe I might get one or two that I really want, but nowhere near as many as I would’ve gotten before. I love Nintendo, but I just will not accept lies. From anyone. I hate liars! But as I said before, this is the first time I’ve seen Nintendo do it, so I’ll just consider this as strike one for now.

          1. Actually, this similar situation was done from their last two console reveals and then the final product showed some changes and may have worked out in the end. But this one, its just the change is underwhelming but its no lie or cheating because nobody spent their money blindly on these to know what changes it has after the fact. At least you people now know what it would look like. I wasn’t gonna buy these anyway because using them in MK8 or Smash Bros. isn’t enough to warrent a thought of purchasing these Amiibos. Now if Nintendo is working on thier own NFC adventure/sandbox game like Infinity, then that would be a good reason for me to drop maybe $50 for a few figures and thats it for now.

            1. Nintendo just lost hundreds from me and several other other people on this site alone. It makes me really sad. :(

              1. You should see them in person first before passing final judgment. I have seen them in person, I feel like this thing has been way overblown.

                1. You should see them in person. I have seen the first set and they are just as detailed as before, don’t go by muddy pictures. If you are in the NYC area go to the Nintendo World Store and check them out for yourself, they have a display by the front door of the current figures.

      2. The “need” for a downgrade might be that the figures would have cost a lot more to make for that quality. Without knowing how much the manufacturing would cost to mass produce that quality, we can’t really say. They shouldn’t have shown the higher quality ones without knowing the price themselves though if they were going to possibly downgrade. But if the cost is really high, they can’t afford to sell them at a loss, and although you and some people may buy them for $30+ there are a lot of people and parents who wouldn’t spend that much. These things are game additions first, figurines second. They didn’t make them specifically for collectors, but as something to use within the game, and maybe they said you could collect them, but that wasn’t the main reason for them making them. That’s the only reason I can come up with to why they lowered them. A few people willing to buy them all doesn’t outweigh a lot of parents buying it at what they deem an acceptable price for a kids toy. I’m not defending them, just stating what their reasons may be. As I said, they shouldn’t have shown the higher quality without knowing they could back it up price-wise. Definitely don’t like Princess Toadstool’s new look as much, and she’s one of my mains lol. Well I have a lot of mains so I guess that doesn’t matter.

        1. I don’t really care what the reason was. It’s the fact that these aren’t what they were originally shown. They shouldn’t have shown that in the first place if that wasn’t what it was going to be. That was just plain stupid and it really isn’t funny to trick people.

          1. Yea I stated that about not showing them if they couldn’t back it up. But I don’t think they were expecting people to buy them so much for the collector aspect as for what they actually are, game addition toys. We’ll see if they change their minds if enough people cancel though.

            1. Well, Nintendo really is to blame for this because they’re the ones that kept boasting about how detailed they are. Except they were holding the E3 versions…

              1. Maybe they did boast them, I can’t say cause I honestly never cared too much about them or what they looked at so I can’t say how much or how often they boasted the detail. Honestly I only decided to get one with the Toys R Us free deal, and now with the 8 player smash it has me interested in doing team battles with 4 teams, everyone teamed up with their amiibo. That sounds sweet to me. I’m not getting it for what it looks like though cause honestly I’m not gonna stare at it too much. If you really like figures though I see your disappointment.

          2. What if they didn’t know it was gonna cost a lot to produce those E3 versions and then they decided to lower the quality? I know it’s pretty stupid for them not to know the price at that time though.

  26. all you spoiled cybabies are still gonna ask your parents to buy it for you this christmas anyway. now go eat a dick :D

  27. All this downgrade talk when Nintendo didn’t promise $&@t. As a consumer we have power. 1- Don’t buy Amiibo. 2- Buy it and enjoy the Fabolous features. 3- Buy higher end collectibles
    For upwards of $30. BOOM.

      1. Seriously, what’s with the tantrum? Are you always this conceited and entitled? Or is it just when discussing collectibles and toys on the internet?
        Keep your money to buy grits, sounds like you had a bad harvest this year and winter’s gonna be a bitch. I had a good year, I’ll make sure to buy the ones you don’t so the Big N doesn’t get sad that you rather feed your family because toys didn’t meet your standards.

        1. Ok, first of all, poverty isn’t funny. At all. Please, get the hell out of here with that BS. Secondly, I can afford these if I wanted to, but why would I spend my money on something that isn’t what was advertised? Why should I let myself be screwed by false advertisement? I was going to march right into the store right on Smash’s release day and grab a few of these, but they tried to pull a fast one on me. Bait and switch. No way in hell am I falling for that. It’s good that I have the internet at my hands because otherwise I would’ve been really pissed if I bought these things only to find out I was lied to. You can buy every single one of these for all I care. You probably don’t even care about the quality as much as I do, so of course you wouldn’t understand. This is a bad move on Nintendo’s part and it will definitely cost them a lot of customers.

          1. This is crazy! It’s just 2 of them. It’s not like Nintendo made all of them out of dogshit or anything. I mean seriously the only thing you guys are complaining about are the Link and Peach figures. I don’t think the other ones have differences.(I could be wrong)

            1. That’s why I said I might consider Captain Falcon if he isn’t horribly downgraded. I already saw his beautifully crafted E3 version, so yeah. I’m going to be pretty pissed if he ends up the same way. Which he more than likely will anyways…

              1. Well we’ll have to see I guess. I obviously won’t be getting any of them or Smash Bros since I don’t even have a Wii U or 3DS :( Maybe next year when I FINALLY turn 16 and I FINALLY start working. But I can tell you for sure that Marth’s sword on his amiibo figure looks bent down…

          2. Videogames are a luxury, Robin Hood. You’re spending money you don’t need to survive on luxury, yet somehow you’re acting like you didn’t get your severance package from Nintendo and can’t afford braces for Lisa anymore.

            Second of all, since the first time Reggie came up with the stupid little dolls, the disclaimer came up. You somehow keep proclaiming it’s bullshit and doesn’t count, but it does, it so, so does. They told you from the start but you bait and switched yourself. Nobody lied to you, and honestly, for 13 fucking dollars did you really expected them to look like the prototypes? That should have been your first clue.

            Let’s see the options here: make perfect $30 figurines and have only you and a handful of weirdos buy them, or make them $13 decent (even in shitty photos they look better than the competition) and loose the creepsters but win everyone else? You’re right, it’s a really bad move.

            So sure, they’re gonna lose a lot of butthurt manchildren who have special shelves on their mom’s home for their Rei Ayanami figurines. But real children and regular people are probably gonna love them and make up for the creep market loss.

            1. How the fuck does wanting a quality product make someone a weirdo? And how are you going to say I shouldn’t have expected them to be like that when that was how they were originally shown?! Stop being a douch acting like you knew they would they would get downgraded. Because you didn’t. You’re just pulling up stuff out of your ass. When you saw the Amiibo’s, you probably thought they’d look like that when they sold. When it said that the designs weren’t final, you’d expect them to probably be improved or something right? Not a FUCKING DOWNGRADE.

  28. I still think they look okay. They could always be better but remember these aren’t just for looks but to be used in actual games too.

    1. If the quality of these two figures were downgraded, I’m pretty sure we all know the results across the board too.

  29. I wonder what age Nintendo is trying to go for, & what the minimum, global safety-standards are if they were to offer just 1 version of detail.

  30. I am putting this out in the wild to all those Downgrade Dudes. If Nintendo didn’t change the “Amiibo” in any way but the price was $25-$30, would you buy it?

    1. Yes. People will be willing to buy products if they’re high quality. But $13 was already somewhat overpriced in the first place, and by lowering the quality of the figures, I’m not sure how Nintendo expects amiibo to do well in the Nintendo community

      1. you know you can achieve a better quality with a good 3D printer? It won’t cost much to produce and giving the price they will make a lot of profits. to be honest it look like they produced those amiibo with a £700 3D printer?

    2. Why would more detail cause the prices to go up? These amiibos are tiny figurines. They’re already barely worth $12.99.

  31. These remind me of McDonalds happy meal toys. I wonder if McDonalds and Nintendo will team up and actually make Smash Bros. happy meal toys? It’s the perfect game to do a promotion like this. Much better than the Mario Kart 8 toys imo.

    I wish McDonalds would make Smash Bros. happy meal toys with the same high quality and detail as the Smurfs figures they had. Those were awesome. So well made.

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  33. to be honest I was not impress with the amiibo concept to start with (otherwise I will have purchase skylander by now) but now even if someone give me one of those I am going to slap him/her.

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