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UK Charts: Bayonetta 2 Makes Its Debut At Number 6

This week’s individual UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart-Track. The highest charting newcomer this week is the long-awaited return of the feisty dark witch, Bayonetta 2. Making its cracking debut at number 6 this week, the hack-and-slash game just falls outside of the top 5 with FIFA 15 firmly staying its ground on various platforms, along with the ever-popular Minecraft.

Further down the chart, Super Smash Bros for 3DS slips from 14 to 16 this week, while the quirky life simulation title Tomodachi Life moves up to 31 from 35. Mario Kart 8 also makes some great manoeuvres and leaps from 40 to 34. And newcomer Just Dance 2015 makes its debut at 38 for the Nintendo Wii. You can view the UK individual top 40  chart below.

1. (04) [PS4] FIFA 15
2. (02) [360] FIFA 15
3. (13) [PS4] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
4. (08) [XBO] FIFA 15
5. (05) [PS3] FIFA 15
6. (NE) [WIIU] Bayonetta 2
7. (01) [PS4] The Evil Within
8. (03) [360] Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
9. (07) [PS4] Driveclub
10. (10) [XBO] Forza Horizon 2
11. (15) [360] Minecraft: Xbox Edition
12. (09) [PS4] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
13. (23) [PS3] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
14. (06) [XBO] The Evil Within
15. (12) [XBO] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
16. (14) [3DS] Super Smash Bros.
17. (21) [PS4] Destiny
18. (NE) [PC] Civilization: Beyond Earth
19. (24) [360] Skylanders Trap Team
20. (26) [XBO] Destiny
21. (26) [XBO] Forza Horizon 2
22. (11) [PS3] Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
23. (19) [PS4] Alien: Isolation
24. (31) [360] Disney Infinity 2.0
25. (16) [360] The Evil Within
26. (NE) [360] The Borderlands Collection (1&2)
27. (30) [PC] The Sims 4
28. (17) [PS3] The Evil Within
29. (18) [360] F1 2014
30. (29) [360] Destiny
31. (35) [3DS] Tomodachi Life
32. (25) [XBO] Alien: Isolation
33. (RE) [PS4] Watch Dogs
34. (40) [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
35. (22) [PS3] F1 2014
36. (36) [PS4] The Last of Us: Remastered
37. (RE) [DS] Frozen: Olaf’s Quest
38. (NE) [WII] Just Dance 2015
39. (39) [360] Grand Theft Auto V
40. (33) [WII] Skylanders Trap Team

96 thoughts on “UK Charts: Bayonetta 2 Makes Its Debut At Number 6”

  1. People might like the game…… but why is Minecraft (after so many years) being bought? especially the console version?

      1. Then everybody laughs at beardo that he’s greasy and can grow a full beard and still lives with his mom.

        “your old enough to grow a full fucking beard, maybe it’d time to get a job and get laid!!! Fuck you son!!!”

        Listen to your mother, they usually know what’s right.

          1. haha NO, i highly doubt anybodies dad no matter how old you are tells there son to get laid lmao!!

            Im just giving a full beard dude shit who still lives with his mom. You don’t see younger guys with huge full on beards like older men so lmao, needs to move out of his moms house.

            1. No, I’m serious! My dad had never directly told me to get laid, but I’m pretty sure he implied it given all the times he kept asking me did I have a girlfriend. Lol. I would think moms are usually the ones that don’t like talking about that stuff. If your own mother wants you to get laid, that’s how you know you’ve messed up. XD

              1. No, that’s simply just him asking if you have a girlfriend or someone special…… i highly doubt that he’s even implying that.

                You said your only 16 too haha, why the fuck would he care? I think beardos dad would probably e someone like that……


                1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                  I like how he’s a proper troll. Such class. Unlike the bottom feeder who changes his name every day and hugs his pillow and pretending it’s Naruto. He is the outcast who knows not how to troll, nor dress his speech pattern. Poor, poor Obinna.

        1. sunset overdrive always seemed like it would be a fun game, sony is retarded for letting it go.

          Though since xbox fans hate original games the game will probably flop, even after microsoft hyping it up like how so many nintendo frauds hyping up blowing reggie or something over wanting an overall better company but what can you do right?

          Like a shitty racing game called driveclub sold like 300k (not very god for the install base especially) BUT FORZA HORIZON 2 GOT OUTSOLD BUY IT, AND THAT IS ACTUALLY A GOOD RACING GAME!!!!

          Those dumbasses don’t even buy one of there biggest named franchises.

        1. Uh, none of those stuff you mentioned have any relation to Overdrive, and why are you comparing an online multiplayer TPS game to a open world post apocalyptic one?

        2. Uh, none of those games you mentioned have any relation to Overdrive. And why are you comparing an online multiplayer TPS capture the flag game to an open world post apocalyptic one?

    1. I like how so many of these people bitch and complain about everything……. stupid drama kids.

      “I broke a nail OMG these video game charts are making my pussy not so fresh!!!!”

      oww…… i got hit by a car….. owwww.

      STOP WHINING LOSER!!!! WE have to clean out are…. you know…… virgina!!!! HIT BY A CAR AND CRY!!! UHHH!!!!

      These guys sound like those drama kids.

  2. Damn people around here have a weird love of football. A part of me is glad when game games like that and not movieish games are at the top even though I dislike games like fifa. I commend my country for having bayonetta near the top in any case.

        1. Yeah, it’s an action game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be both movieish AND action, right? I wasn’t even trying to troll, I was just trying to ask a question, and here you are, this random guy, getting all defensive and jumping on me. Btw, I PREORDERED BAYONETTA

      1. Movieish? lol It’s called “Cinematic” fool and no it’s not all CGI film for $60, not like Beyond: Two Souls. lol

        It’s a highly rated action game that gives Nintendo fans a taste of God of War-like video game.

        1. 1. That movieish comment should have been directed to the guy he was replying to

          2. Why the fuck are you comparing Bayo 2 to GOW. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. If you wanted to compare it with something at least say something sensible like DmC

          1. I’m comparing them gameplay wise and also insighting their own mythologies which DMC isnt majorly focused on but yeah, its a bit similar to Bayonetta also. Chill out Sony Pony. lol

            1. Kamiya himself stated that Bayonetta was the spiritual successor to DmC. GOW isn’t in the sub-fighting genre, it’s a third person action game, the developers of GOW mentioned that the gameplay was inspired by the LoZ seires.

              1. Problem is GOW’s gameplay is more similar to Bayonetta and DMC than LoZ which is a 3rd person, full or top-down view, open world adventure with far less linear nature than GoW even if its inspired from the game.

  3. very good! didnt expect that! it’s also selling very well in the US – Top 10 on amazon charts, just checked it. it seemd that bayonetts 2 is becoming a major sucess in the west. nice!

  4. All things considered, #6 isn’t that bad for a niche game on a platform that isn’t selling that well. I think as long as Bayonetta 2 sells 700,00-900,000 in the United States then I think the game will reach a million units sold. I’m just sad that a brand new game lost out to FIFA 15 and Minecraft which are both old games by now.

  5. Hum, the last soccer game I liked was one from master system which was funny because everytime you got a yellow or red card from the judge you had the possibility of running away of him, haha, and avoid the card. Nice childhood. But I can’t see the appeal of those new sport games anyway, They’re not for me.
    Too bad bayo2 is only on 6..

  6. And people still wonder why EA suckers them every time when they support this crap company. Seriously, how stupid are people to buy the same game over and over again (same goes for Street Fighter)?

  7. pink0crystal0midbus

    If you ignore the multiplatform casual games at the top, then Bayonetta is number 1 in terms of hardcore games!!! :D Wooohoo! Go Bayonetta, all we need to do is sell 1 million copies. Just 1.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      Worldwide? or within eachothers respective countries. I forgot what the details on Operation Platinum.

  8. Number 6 is actually good, for a game on WiiU, not named Mario Kart or DK. Platinum shall make their money back a hundred fold.


    1. I hope it does very well in America as well. At this rate, Bayonetta 2 will see a better success than the first game and the next sequel on Wii U or possibly the next console if so, is imminent. :)

  9. What a waste. I have given up on the U.K. You guys have no taste what-so-ever. Fifa Fifa Fifa Minecraft. Same shit every month for over a year.

    You guys only should get Activision and E.A. games. Thats all you buy anyways. You guys voted E.A. worst company in the world and turn around and buy a billion copies of there same rehashed shit games.

  10. LOL ANOTHER Nintendo game flops in the UK!!
    When will Nintendo learn?STOP releasing their big games in the UK and Europe when rival consoles have huge sports game at the same time!
    Sports games has ALWAYS been huge in the UK and Europe yet Nintendo still release big games at the same time and wonder why they get thrashed by games that have been in the charts for 3 weeks?
    B2 flopped in Japan and has now flopped in the UK and Europe.
    This is why most 3rd party are turning their backs as 3rd party games always sell like cack on Nintendo consoles apart from Monster Hunter.
    EVERY 3rd party Wii U game has flopped big time, about time Nintendo and its fans realise that Nintendo consoles are just for first party games and nothing else.
    Just proves how much of a fluke the Wii really was.

    1. The Wii didn’t get third party because it wasn’t strong enough to them and couldn’t produce the type of visuals they wanted. Wii U isn’t getting any third party because everyone just hates it. XD

      1. “The Wii didn’t get third party because it wasn’t strong enough to them and couldn’t produce the type of visuals they wanted…”

        Uh, I have about 60 Wii games (all retail) & over half are 3rd party. Usually, 3rd parties compensated for the lack of “power”, like RE Chronicles for Wii instead of what the twins got, RE 5 & 6; & Ghostbusters Wii had a toon æsthetic (which reminded me of The Real Ghostbusters show). Or games like Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Castle of Shikigami III, & Muramasa: The Demon Blade were multiplats that included Wii. Then there were exclusives like No More Heroes & NMH 2, Red Steel & RS2, The Conduit & TC 2, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, A Boy & His Blob, Mushroom Men, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, etc.

        “…Wii U isn’t getting any third party because everyone just hates it. XD”

        Well, the industry certainly does hate Wii U, or rather certain genres & IPs that usually fit the Nintendo & 6th gen [Wii being the 7th gen exception] demographic. Suddenly, 3rd parties can’t afford to focus on gameplay, both on the software & hardware sides. Then there’s having to include the amount of content that, say, Tekken 3 & Soul Calibur II included on disc; I mean, T3 was like $30 new ($20 Greatest Hits), & SC II was $50, but now $60 is insufficient to include so much content & apparently Wii U owners don’t like 3rd parties’ current business model.

  11. I’m actually upset with the Nintendo fanbase over this. Bayonetta 2 should have been supported. There are enough Wii U’s out there to be able to easily hit 1 million copies worldwide. Not every Wii U owner had to buy the game, only about 1/8th. If this game does indeed flop, which I believe it will, we will never see another game like it on the Wii U. I truly believe it will be the last major third party game on the Wii U. Exclusive or not. Nintendo cannot keep throwing money into these third party exclusive games and not see any return on them. Not to mention Platinum will probably never make another Wii U game ever again. And I don’t blame them. Such a waste.

    If you want the brutal truth,… I’m one of the biggest nintendo fans you will ever meet, but Nintendo fans don’t deserve Bayonetta. We don’t deserve anymore of these type of games.

    1. The only reason most Nintendo fans I know are happy about Bayonetta 2 is the fact that it is a Wii U exclusive. I’m pretty sure most of the same people that constantly praise it have never even heard of it before the Wii U exclusivity. I knew what it was, but I didn’t have the system to play it on, so it kind of makes me sad the original didn’t do well. Looked like a great game. The same kind of situation happened with The Wonderful 101 where everyone hyped it up and all it did was bomb. I’m sure lack of advertising had something to do with it, but that really only applies to people without Wii U’s. Pretty sure there are a lot of hardcore Nintendo fans that knew about all the game releases during that time. Before that game released, I said it would’ve been a system seller, but apparently, it wasn’t. I said the sand thing about Bayonetta 2, but now I guess I was wrong about that as well…

      1. I’m not surprised that Wonderful 101 bombed out. I never thought that game looked interesting. Then again, I just don’t like superheroes.

      2. Sadly, I was ignorant of Bayonetta until Nintendo got involved. I usually keep up w/ @ least some of the games on the other systems (via commercials, friends, store shelves, a system-specific site or 2). But the existence of the original Bayonetta had slipped through my fingers…mm…

        Anyway, the exclusivity is great, but I’m certainly not adverse to buying multiplats. I was especially happy w/ the way Soul Calibur II’s versions were handled. But as long as a multiplat is given a quality treatment & already interests, I’ll buy.




  13. I can’t understand how FIFA or Just Dance can be on ANYONES charts? I just can’t believe that people spend so much money on games like these.

  14. it’s ridiculous how fifa.. basically the same game every year.. is so popular over there
    but then again the brits’ … questionable taste in video games is nothing new

    1. Hopefully next week & the week after that & the week after that, it’s still in the top 10. I hope I can get me a copy of the game Friday. Playing this game for the first time on Halloween night would be fucking perfect!

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