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Level 5 Announces Yokai Watch 2 Shipments Top Three Million In Japan

Level 5 has confirmed what we all knew, Yokai Watch 2 has been a massive success in Japan. The company has announced today that shipments for the title have now topped three million. This includes the physical release as well as the downloadable version. A revised edition of Yokai Watch 2  is coming out in Japan on December 20th.

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23 thoughts on “Level 5 Announces Yokai Watch 2 Shipments Top Three Million In Japan”

    1. Should be noted this is only in 3 months also.. Ouch. The game is pushing a mil a month… If that isn’t enough security to risk localizing the game, then I don’t know what will be.

    2. according to vgchartz it had a 50k opening in eu
      and a 122k opening in us and has 250k ltd
      (due note that these are most likely inaccurate and we wont find out until january and npd)

      1. Pretty obvious it didn’t sell diddly in Japan.

        I would wait to make a judgement call after this year though, I’m sure many people are waiting around for Christmas or Black Friday to start spending money. It did seem understocked also, although I had plenty in my area there were many stores that reported low stock which isn’t something I ever usually see on the first day a game releases.

        With all the other games releasing and the Christmas season coming up, it seems hard pressed to move a lot of copies immediately. So I’m waiting till after Christmas before I say its sales have failed.

        1. I’m worried that Bayonetta 2 might fail even though there’s some hype and the reviews are great. Hopefully Christmas can help the game sell more but only if the key advertisements on it works.

          1. I’m just gonna go for 2m, since the first made it to 1.1m, I’d hope this can do better. I know it isn’t a huge amount but I think that would be sufficient enough. Sadly for these types of games that just don’t appeal to a huge majority… I don’t know why… It’s about all you can ask for.

            I mean for Platinum’s sake I would hope it exceeds my expectations somehow, but I don’t want to disappoint myself.

            1. I think the first did worse because nobody cared for the game and missed out on its potential. I’m sure the holidays will help it sell more copies in shorter time. Nintendo Wii U fans really should give this game a shot. Its a new 3rd party exclusive thats actually good and doesn’t pull BS strings to scam or ruin gamers.

              1. I had just found a lot of articles saying that the first sold that much back in Q3 of 2010, from Sega’s fiscal report. I didn’t know it sold that much either.


                Of course the report was removed but it is 4 years old.

                I think that is why Platinum started working on the sequel but the problem was Sega (freaking Sega lately, still haven’t localized Phantasy Star Online 2), said it wasn’t a good plan and no longer funded the project. So that was when Kamiya started looking for other publishers but he said no one wanted to put in money for such a big title. Until Nintendo came around.

                I agree, a exceptional game and an awesome deal when it comes with 1 for those who may not have played it yet. I mean that shit is cool, I wish more people did something similar. I really hope it does well enough, so we can see more of Bayonetta in the future.

                1. Because they saw that the first game didn’t do so hot so everybody was turning it down. Maybe Nintendo accepted the game’s funding plan so they could get one more exclusive title to serve. I really hope Bayonetta 2 pulls through after Black Friday/Christmas.

                  1. Well whatever the case and how it came about, I’m damn glad Nintendo funded the game.

                    I have a feeling a lot of Wii U’s are gonna sell this holiday, so those people better pick up Bayonetta 2 while they’re at it.

                    Just 12 more days until Smash Bros. Wii U.. *squeals*

                    1. They better if they want this game to stay. As for the haters, they can suck it or give Wii U a chance to see how good it is and the games to try out Bayonetta 2.

  1. wow thats a lot for any game in japan. smash 3ds has reached 1.27 million in japan only to put this in perspective, but its worth noting that yokai watch 2 has been out an extra month.

    1. Me neither, I mean I’ve seen a little of it from Japanese Directs. Apparently it’s like the new Pokemon or something from what people say.

      Be crazy if they don’t localize it. I really want to see what all the rage is about, and not that I have anything against Pokemon, I’m just kind burnt out on the series from being so obsessed with it for so many years. I blame myself for that.

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