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Dragon Quest Creator Says “Once The Smartphone Boom Settles, Home Consoles Will Be The Focus Again”

Horii Yuji, the creator behind the Dragon Quest series, believes that the current smartphone boom is a fad and that once it settles down developers will return to work on traditional home consoles. Hori was talking about the state of the Japanese video game market which is currently completely dominated by smartphone gaming. Here’s what he had to say about the issue.

“People say that home consoles don’t sell anymore in Japan, but once the smartphone boom settles I think home consoles will be the focus of attention again. It’s true that with smartphones and handhelds you have the benefits of taking them anywhere with you or watching TV as you play, but I think fans of video games are still feeling the desire to play games on the big screen. Also, with handhelds because the controller and the screen is on the same device it makes it painful to play for long periods of time. Playing with a home console controller and being able to move your hands around is more comfortable.”

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68 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Creator Says “Once The Smartphone Boom Settles, Home Consoles Will Be The Focus Again””

    1. I’d sooner stop playing video games than play games on a smart phone. Most of them just seem so disposable.

    1. Really? So the smaller price or time that it takes you to play them doesn’t make sense? I understand that if your a kid you have more than enough time to play and pass a 40+ hour game in a few days, but adults need something smaller because time isn’t something that you have much of, let alone waste.

    2. It’s pretty simple, actually.
      Not everyone has time to sit down and spend a couple of hours of their day on video games. To play games on a smartphone, you don’t need to make time, most of them can be played in a matter of minutes and you can stop + continue whenever you want. Most of the people play them on the bus/train or when they have to wait for something and have nothing to do, I’d suppose.
      Plus, phone games are much cheaper than actual video games. Gaming is a fairly expensive hobby, after all.

      1. That is like saying what about when consoles and handhelds are more powerful than PC’s. You can’t keep making something smaller and smaller expecting more power out of it. All this style and portability comes at a cost.

        And you think they would be cheaper when they aren’t more powerful than PC’s or consoles today and they cost way more money. Don’t make me laugh out loud and wake up my family.

        1. But everyone already has a smartphone, so its not like they haven’t already spent the $700-1000 already and their games are either free or $.99.

          1. Umm, not everyone has a smartphone. Duh. XD

            But the margin is huge though. But most of its games suck ass in quality and the pricing/IAPs is so ridiculous, it should be illegal..literally. You gotta be the biggest fucking idiot on earth to pay hundreds of dollars for a sinple unlock and features you can earn by playing the game.

            1. Let me restate “most” people have a smartphone. And while IAPs are ridiculously high, most people, besides a few hardcore players, won’t purchase them. I know tons of students in my class who have Madden Mobile on their phones and sneak to play it during class with the person sitting on the other side of the room. So while I’m not praising mobile gaming (although there a few great gems on the app store) the convenience, ease, and the low cost of app games is what will continue to keep the app market going.

  1. “Once we stop making big stacks and loads of dollar bills with smartphones, we might start making games for you guys again.”

        1. Nintendo nailed the Touchscreen? When? The 3DS doesn’t even have the most essential touch screen feature (multi touch), how have they even nailed it?

          1. I’m talking about gaming fool, not technology advances. How do you think DS became nearly as successful as PS2 back then and how many mobile games now were influenced by DS’s success with using the touch screen technology for gaming, the same way Wii influenced motion gaming whicch is also applied in current smartphones.

            1. See, this right here Stranga is why I cannot help but reply to you sometimes. Someone has to teach you something around here, now I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I’m trying to help you get your facts together. Again with the copy cat nonsense but you don’t know your gaming history besides Nintendo’s.

              Believe it or not, Nintendo just like every other person on this planet used an already existing idea with the DS and just made it better, so in a weird way you are insulting Nintendo and you don’t even know it.

              I take it you never owned the or the Pocket Pro? Albeit it wasn’t very popular. I bet barely anyone knows what I’m even talking about, but it was the first gaming handheld with a touchscreen and it even had a stylus, which came out 7 years before the DS. In the 90’s.



              I’ve already went over the Dreamcast before also, the Dreamcast paved the way for motion controls long before the Wii was ever even an idea. Again, another thing Nintendo just improved on.

              I can’t help I’ve owned every system under the sun since the 80’s. And that I know a lot about gaming systems, as pathetic as it may be, I just love gaming and computer related hardware.

                1. Sorry, not even close my friend, that would be arcades. Those guns came from very old arcade machines and they started in carnivals actually. They don’t classify as a motion controls, since it doesn’t use any motion control sensor or pivotal accelerometer. Since they don’t work in the same fashion and the guns use light to interact with the game.

                  I’d say it’s more in a class of its own as far a innovation goes.

                  You’d be surprised to know that those guns go as far back as the 1930’s. Should give it a look see if your interested in that kinda stuff like I am.

                  NOW BRACE YOURSELF!! This is going to look very familiar and this is from the 1930’s. I bestow upon you the Seeburg, Ray-O-Lite.

                  I love history. :D





                2. Sorry, not even close my friend, that would be arcades. Those guns came from very old arcade machines and they started in carnivals actually. They don’t classify as a motion controls, since it doesn’t use any motion control sensor or pivotal accelerometer. Since they don’t work in the same fashion and the guns use light to interact with the game.

                  I’d say it’s more in a class of its own as far as innovation goes.

                  You’d be surprised to know that those guns go as far back as the 1930’s. Should give it a look see if your interested in that kinda stuff like I am.

                  NOW BRACE YOURSELF!! This is going to look very familiar and this is from the 1930’s. I bestow upon you the Seeburg, Ray-O-Lite.

                  I love history. :D





                  If this posts twice, my bad. It was awaiting moderation for nothing. Played Smash for two hours and it still says the same thing. So screw it, posting it again.

                3. Stupid moderation thing…! Since it isn’t posting my pretty cool comment on the history of the light gun. Anyway, a Light gun does not work like a motion controller or have an accelerometer. The NES light gun is very new compared to how old this technology is, these guns just use a light to interact with the game.

                  It has been around since the 30’s. It originates from very old arcade machines and those mechanical gun games we’ve all played at carnivals at one point or have at least seen.

                  The Seeburg, Ray-O-Lite.



                  Looks like a very familiar Nintendo game huh?

                  -_- I tried. If this doesn’t work that is three of these in moderation, so I guess if a mod does see them all.. Please, if you can, only let one post… Sorry also, I just do not understand why or what is needing moderation. I can make other comments fine.

                  1. So this one finally doesn’t need moderation… WTF… Face palm… Now I just hope the others don’t post or it will be pretty spammy up in here.

              1. I’m not saying nor ever said Nintendo is all original. I always knew touchscreen technology existed YEARS before the idea of the DS was even conceived. I’m also saying Sony is playing copycat (which according to those with a good eye and mind, they are) because they seem to try hard to snag Nintendo’s selling point without even realizing how Nintendo made the idea worked. They just mimic the motion controllers with any decent games to go with plus it looks like a deformed dildo. Then mimicking Smash Bros. and recently Nintendogs with terrible ass voice acting. Now with PS4 being too similar to Lamebox DOne but “slightly” better and without that DRM BS. Sony use to be great during PS2 days for a reason: They beought forth so many fantastic games with less BS. There’s a reason why PS3/4 is flopping in Japan. Sony lost sight of itself of their former glory. Yeah, they’re still just about on top but for a different reason from a different demographic.

                I’m not being an ass. I’m being open minded at least. Microsoft and Xbox are terrible in terms of gaming, consumer trust and such. Nintendo..has some image problems and a few policy choices that may piss off or frustrate users due to their war on piracy but they’re far from being terrible. I love Nintendo because they’re creative, they’re careful (sometimes too careful for their own good) and considerate with the gaming community. Sony..well, they’re a mix in between if you think about it. They’re great but sometimes they should chill out worrying about what the competition does and tried too hard to beat them at their own game without understanding how.

          2. The stylus doesn’t work well with dual touchscreens. The touch screen on the 3ds is really the better option for gaming. The only advantage dual touch has is zooming in and out. I would rather have the use of a stylus.

            1. I agree completely. I have OCD enough as it is, so it sucks having to always clean something when your done touching it.

              The 3DS is great in that aspect, I always use the stylus and the same for the Wii U. I never have to clean it as much as a touchscreen that works better with your fingers. The Vita’s is nice but I hate cleaning that bitch all the time. There are a few games that do make good use of the multi-touch but not enough really to say it makes it superior, for the most part it is never used.

              Then again most developers these days don’t take advantage of what people offer them, so many people could make some really neat features with the gamepad too. I hate that crap.

      1. Seems like it may be far off, most phones don’t even have 3D screens yet. Only a small list as of now do. The cost to create a good hologram is through the roof as well, just look how much those Tupac and Micheal Jackson holograms cost.

        The equipment, projectors and lasers needed are so big and expensive, even small scale ones shown at CES are not anywhere close to perfect or ready for any market. I personally don’t see that happening for many, many years to come. Of course I’m just basing this on the pace of today’s technology in screens. I suppose anything is possible given someone actually figures out easier means of achieving this, let alone a way to mass produce something like this.

        Just seems unlikely to me, knowing how long holograms have been around and the slow progress we have made with them.

        Hell I remember being a kid and stupidly thinking we would have commercial flying cars by now, but nope, not even close and the ones we do have are far from practical. Then again probably best we don’t, people can’t drive as it is, I can’t imagine how many people would be dying or crashing into homes with flying cars.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Well there is a small chance that someone gets an arrogant attitude and puts themselves several steps further than the competition…

          1. True, like I said, it’s always a possibility. Some people have spurts of ultra super mega genius moments. Nikola Tesla would be a good example, although he did say he spoke to aliens and they taught him how to make his stuff… lol… However it happened though, I’m thankful.

            I just hope in this case smartphones are not the first things with this technology when it does become more practical and easier to produce.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Too bad he didn’t claim it to be his own idea…

              I’m sure computers will be the first things since they are basically the essence of the terran world…

  2. This guy is my hero. And he is not the one deciding onthose crappy phone ports like someone uninformed said thats all SE doing.

      1. SE is the publisher they decide on rereleases of old games, horii decides on new DQ releases and none of those are on phones.

  3. Says the same sellout who has no more clever ideas for video games and instead goes to port the same old shit from DS back in 2007 to cash in on stupid parents letting their kids “accidentally” purchase shit on mobile.

  4. That was the belief too when video games first started being made and we all know how that obviously turned out. I don’t really believe it’s a just fad, even though the whole smartphone market is aimed at casual and young players. There might be a chance it could die down, but that doesn’t seem to be happening soon.

    1. It’s a fad. The touch screen phone is still somewhat new. Once people overcome the ‘neatness’ factor of touchscreen devices, the fad will die. Don’t get me wrong though, phone games aren’t going anywhere. But they have without a doubt peaked. The idea of phone games replacing dedicated handheld devices is just silly.

    1. The cause will be the same thing that killed american consoles. Oversaturation and every game being the same, casuals will get tired soon enough, this can mean 10 years or so.

  5. It’s too bad investors don’t get it. Gamers are what matter more, not the common peoples, because gamers are who buy the games in the long run.

  6. Square Enix will no longer be here when his prediction happens. I don’t know why people are listening to employees of a company that decrees Hitman, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs commercial failures and refuse to localize the one game (Dragon Quest VII) that made them profit.

  7. But the question is, WHEN WILL THAT HAPPEN??? I don’t hope that smartphone games stop existing, my brother and mother enjoy playing mobile games as time pass, but I do hope that mobile games being in comparision to console games end, that’s because console games are for gamers, mobile games are for time pass, something you do if your board…

  8. I said this very thing with the Nintendo Commander, like fanny packs mobile gaming crazes shall pass.


    1. Doubt it, for that to happen Phones would have to go away as well and phones have become very essential to everyday use. I can see this fad dying down a bit but not dying out completely, at least not any time soon.

  9. I really hope he is right. Japan is such a dead market and I would love to see them come back as a huge important part of the industry in terms of sales. I hate what Japanese consumers have become now.

  10. Well, they still buy alot of handhelds. The Japanese market is still the third largest gaming market in the world. Whatever company says they don’t want a part of the Japanese market is either not a very good business person, or just simply lieing to themselves. It’s a key market for Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft would love a bigger piece of it.

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  12. Sorry in advance for this long essay. It seriously might not be this guy’s fault, but it’s terrible that gamers keep on being ignored by SE. I mean this guy decides where the new DQ games come to, and like someone else said none of them are on phones. But SE decides on the re releases of DQ, and various other things and they hardly ever do it right anymore. Both in FF and DQ and other properties. I will make some following observations on what games are fair to put on phones and which ones screw real gamers over. I won’t be talking exclusively about DQ, but will include other SE properties as well.

    It’s fair to put FF I-IV and the After Years on cellphones. FF I and II were released on the PSP, so you can buy it for PSP or download it on your Vita. FF III was remade for the DS which can be played on your 3DS. I believe you can also download it via PSP or Vita, but no physical copy was released for that platform here in the west to my knowledge. FF IV had 2 different remakes, one for DS and one for the PSP. The PSP release is the definitive version of the game, and includes the Interlude and the After Years. FF V and FF VI are downloadable on the PSP or Vita, so I would say releasing them on phones is fair, except they upgraded the graphics. I’m not a graphics whore, but it’s annoying that cellphone gamers get updated graphics for these games and we don’t. FF Dimensions is a phone exclusive, which I hate.

    DQ I and II is another screw over, since you can’t play it on any recent handheld. DQ IV is fair, since it’s available on the DS. DQ VIII is unfair since it’s not available on any current handheld. On top of it, we never got DQ VII localized for the 3DS.

    Chrono Trigger and the World Ends With You are fair since they’re both available on the DS. You can also download CT on your PSP or Vita. I’m unfamiliar with the Chaos Rings series, but I think it’s inappropriate for it to be a phone exclusive. The miscellaneous TCG games they made such as Guardian Cross are fine as phone exclusives, since those types of games seem so cheap anyway.

    Of course most people own a smartphone including myself, but not having a physical control pad or analog stick etc for movement makes these games not fun to play. It’s ok to put these games on phones as long as they’re available on other platforms too. Ignoring core gamers until this fad ends is not a good business move in my mind. Assuming this fad ever ends anyway. Even if adults stop mobile gaming, kids are likely to keep this market open indefinitely.

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