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Aonuma Says Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Was In Development Straight After Ocarina Of Time 3D

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told Nintendo fans on Miiverse that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was in development straight after they had completed work on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Aonuma explained that the team have been working on the game since June 2011 and they would have loved to have been able to reveal it sooner, but they wanted to make sure it was polished before announcing it.

“The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was actually in development almost immediately after we finished working on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which was released in June of 2011. So although we’ve been working on the game for quite some time, we didn’t want to say it was being developed until we were at a point where we could proudly say that this is not going to be just another remake and that it’s going to be worth your time. For a while now, when fans from Japan and around the world would ask me if we were working on a Majora’s Mask remake, I would silently plead in my heart, thinking, “Please wait a bit longer!”

192 thoughts on “Aonuma Says Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Was In Development Straight After Ocarina Of Time 3D”

    1. I call this bullshit. There is NO way this game has a 4 year development cycle. No remake EVER needed or will need that long to develop. The original took 1 year to develop, but it’s remake needs 4? Whoever believes this is completely retarded.

        1. Why would they do that? That makes no sense. When there are such a small number of people, they are only working on concepts, and since MM is already done, there are no concepts to be made.

          It makes no sense at all to do that when the game is coming out this much later…the only way that would make sense is if someone there is retarded, and that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I expect it to have Master Quest, Boss Mode and possibly new areas to explore if it took them 4 years…

                  1. I dunno man. Nintendo would have had all of their own zelda people busy with between worlds, and now wii u zelda game. Grezzo also released another game in 2013 according to wikipedia, so they certainly wouldn’t have had the full team on Zelda for the whole time. (I also didn’t get the impression that they’re that big a studio to start with).

                    I think it is perfectly believable that they’ve been developing Majora’s Mask on the side for 4 years. Certainly not a main project. 4 years with a full team focusing on a single project would be enough for a brand new zelda for 3ds :P

                    To give MM the treatment they gave OoT is a lot of work though.

                    1. Look up what that game they worked on is, then come back and feel like a moron that you are.

                      It’s perfectly believable that the remake for a game that took one year to develop is 4 years?….Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…watafak? Is this community really full of retards? Just full. Not even a single healthy intelligent person here.

                  2. You obviously haven’t been waiting for Half-Life. It’s been 10 years since half life 2 and 7 years since half life 2 episode 2…

                    1. That was a game. This is a remake of a game that took 1 year to develop. Do you even know that HL3 is in development? If it was being made, it was only in concept stages for a long time, this can’t have concepts, it’s a remake. The game is made, they know what the story is like, designs are like, the world is like, dungeons are like. There is nothing to think about. It’s just “take this and redo it so that it looks better”.

                  3. The original game took a year to develop true… but the game ran on a slightly modified ocarina engine with character models recycled and with much of the dungeon and level design taken from Zelda Gaiden or elements that were left over from ocarina. Upgrading and upscaling the graphics, converting it to work on a new system, integrating 3d and miiverse functionality and improving on elements that they weren’t happy with in the original release could avcount for such a delay and given that in this time they have been busy on remaking wind waker, Link between worlds and Zelda u it is entirely possible that this was a back burner project. If they’d thrown all their resources at it then maybe we might have had it a year after ocarina 3d but 4 years is not unbelievable.

                    1. And this one is running on the OoT 3D engine…It’s not the same team, and Zelda gaiden has been in the making after OoT came out, which again means that it has had only year to a year and a half of development.

                      Nothing can prove to me that they have been working on this game for 4 years. Only if they released exactly how the process of development went.

          1. Although there IS a brand-new Zelda for Wii U in the works so maybe they focused more on that for a bit and then shifted to MM3D when enough progress was made?

            Just my speculation. And also, if this is true, I’m glad he waited- it kept the hype train-a-rollin’.

      1. It can if wasn’t a heavy focus. They could have pushed it aside a few times, not to mention they could be adding a master quest. We don’t know really anything about its development progress.

        1. Well, it’s possible that I’m a dragon. You believe whatever they tell you, don’t you? There is no way in hell that this game was in development for so long, and if it was what you said, that is not development since OoT 3D, it’s an idea that stood there. Developers don’t start one project, go to the next, come back, go to another, come back… It doesn’t work that way. They are assigned to that one project from the beginning to end, especially in this case where it’s Grezzo, a completely seperate team that is doing it.

          1. With as many games Nintendo works on which is quite a bit. We know that they work on games and concepts and put them on hold until there ready to make something of it. They probably had a concept to add to the game and didn’t start “full” development of it until much later. It could be possible, and Aonuma is not giving the “full development” time frame.

              1. There is “no” concept? well I mean they probably added in features that took a while, but I still think my point is valid. Plus they are spread out, it’s not like they focus on one game at a time.

                1. Yeah, I meant “no concept to be made”. Typo on my part, sorry. Yes, you can look up Grezzo’s projects since OoT 3D, there were 2. One was 4 Swords which came then and is the exact same port from GBA and another is a small Streetpass game. Nothing more.

          2. Maybe the game was already done but decided to wait to release it? either way stob bitching and be happy about it or not your choice.

            1. And he’s still waiting? Are you people retarded? Well, maybe that game can cure cancer if you swallow the cartridge, you imbecile. Come on, make more stuff up on how the game has to have had such a long development cycle and there is no way for someone from Nintendo to lie.

          3. “Developers don’t start one project, go to the next, come back, go to another, come back… It doesn’t work that way. ” actually, we do. Quite a bit. It happens, different projects have different targets and priorities, constraints. Not to mention, this is also art. Nintendo’s art. They would not allow a sub-par (in their opinion, not yours) work to be released when it has such a strong connection with their audience. For the big N, their in house IP is worth spending time on getting right. It’s perfectly rational to believe thus has been in development for four years.

            1. No, they don’t leave a whole project alone for a couple of years. They usually either start and during development figure that it won’t be a good game, so they stop, or they stop in the concept stage. They don’t fucking brlbrmrbl that shit. This is a remake on other hand. They have no reason to doubt if it is going to sell or be good.

              Nintendo is art? I’d take you seriously if you said that video games are art, but no. One company is art according to you. Nintendo that is. The same company that released 4 “New” Super Mario Bros games that are pretty much the same. They remade Wind Waker with no bonus content at all. The only thing they did for the harder quest is change the code so that hearts don’t appear and that enemies do double the damage, also they didn’t change the models. A baby can do that. OoT 3D also didn’t have more content except for the Boss gauntlet, and that takes around 15 minutes to complete. Master Quest was made before. They are also the company that released a billion titles with “Wii” in their name. All of them relied on gimmicks. They fucked up Skyward Sword with that shit, they fucked up the 3DS Paper Mario. So tell me again, what is it that Nintendo is? They have some amazing games, but “some” means that they aren’t so often.

              I also pointed out that Grezzo is working on the game, not the main Zelda studio and that the original Majora’s Mask took 1 year to develop and the Wind Waker remake took 6 months to remake.

              Even if they added a shitton of stuff, 4 years is enough to create a fucking behemoth of a game, not one handheld ass remake.

      2. Also keep in mind that just because they started it four years ago doesn’t mean they were working on it for all four years.

        Between OoT 3D and now, Grezzo has also released Four Swords on DSi and that one Mii Plaza game, and maybe they’re even working on something else?

        They have 50+ employees, btw.

        1. 4 swords was the exact same as it was on the GBA, and that released also back in 2011, and Plaza games are small games. Really small games.

          You people have to believe everyone at Nintendo, you will try to excuse whatever they are doing, explain logically how that must have gone just so they don’t come out as liars or bad people. The same goes with their games.

          People that work at Nintendo are people….that work in a company called Nintendo…wow, must be hard to believe that they are just human beings that work in a company with another name. They don’t become some higher beings or good people just because they work there, are you people so deluded? So stupid?

          1. You got twenty some odd other people here stating otherwise, and you’re sitting here with your thumb up your ass, ridiculing developers for something you don’t even KNOW???? Whose stupid???

            1. 20 fanboys here. Key word is “fanboys”, they believe anything and so do you it seems. You’d probably believe him if he said “We’ve been remaking Majora’s Mask before the original even came out.” you stupid pieces of shit.

              1. I think a good question to ask is, why don’t you think they started developent 4 years ago?
                Just because development started four years ago doesn’t mean they’ve been continously working on it.

              2. Remember when they were going to make Majoras Mask for the 64DD? It was going to add internet connectivity and something else tht I forgot but the 64DD failed. So maybe they are bringing back the original concepts tht were cut due to the failure of the 64DD. but these concepts are more improved ideas since how tech has progressed.

      3. To be honest it could be true. They could have been throwing around some concepts and designs of other added content and/or mechanics to be added in to the game. Not only that he could have set it aside to work on ALBW and some concepts for Zelda U so don’t be an ass wagon and keep an open mind.

        1. So, what he said HAS to be true. You’ll make up anything in your mind so that it somehow fits with what Aonuma said? It’s not the same team that works on other Zelda games, you retarded shits, read all of the comments, do I really have to explain everything to every single one of you.

          1. hey nothing against your position but why are you so sure that aonuma is lying? just as much as it’s possible that he could be lying, he could just as much be telling the truth. Why are you so fixated on the idea that he’s lying to the point that you are disrespecting other people in the comment section who are just kindly speculating what could possibly be in store for this game? Why are you disrespecting other people who at the moment believe what aonuma is saying? Did these people say they 100% believe what he said? You can accept what someone says and still have a little bit of doubt without just outright claiming they are lying. I understand that you feel like you have some knowledge of the development process in the videogame world, but it doesnt mean one has insight into every single scenario of videogame development. Anything could have happened. Whether he is lying or not is inconsequential.

            1. They don’t seem to me like they’ve given it much thought. They seem to me like the only thing they want to do is rationalize this mysterious “4 year” development cycle so that it makes sense.

              Why am I so sure that he’s lying? Well, because of everything I said in my other comments. I don’t want to repeat myself.

      4. You do realize that it probably wasn’t a first priority.
        They took their time and worked on a NEW LoZ for 3DS.
        So yes, it can take 4 years for a remaster.

        1. I explained too many times that the original MM took 1 year to develop, are you retarded? Are you retarded? Are you retarded? And, most importantly, are you retarded?

          This was made by Grezzo, not the usual Zelda team, you fucking imbecile.

          1. You’re a lot of fun at parties, aren’t you?

            And taking 4 years to remaster, while it does sound a bit much, isn’t *entirely* nonsensical. The original game came out in 1999/2000, and the remake at its earliest COULD have been started in 2011, at that point making the original 11/12 years old. Nintendo has gone through 3 more hardware generations since the N64 and perhaps importing the original files onto newer hardware was impossible, difficult, or a slow, tedious process?

            All speculation on my part- I’m not a programmer/designer and don’t claim to know how it all works, and I am not defending or going on the offense against any entity here.

            1. …What the fuck? They don’t import the files. What files would that be? Only the music from what I can see, everything else is redone completely. Are you serious??

              1. Which part of “I’m not a programmer/designer” did you not understand? I never claimed to know how it was done or what they were even doing- I was merely speculating, and I AM allowed to be wrong when doing that.

      5. Maybe it was already made. Maybe they were just waiting since skyward came out in 2011, then came link between worlds in 2012, then wind waker hd in 2013, then hyrule warriors… Maybe they were saving it so they can have one title in 2015 before the actual Zelda title comes out and to keep us having a zelda title to play…. Though I hate how they are milking the franchise now and I doubt that is even true what I just said lol

        1. ALBW came in 2013 as well…2012 was free, 2015 is when the new Zelda is coming out. OoT 3D and SS came in the same year. LOOK AT THESE SPECULATIONS. WOW!

          1. Hey Noa, I personally agree with what you’re saying. It wouldn’t take 4 years to do a port of this title so I think Aonuma is telling a few white lies.
            But on the other hand, stop being an insulting little cunt and fuck off!

            1. As of what has been announced, it comes in 2015, and it is sure as fuck more believable than a remake being in development for 4 years. There is a difference in what is believable and what isn’t.

      6. Your string of insults throughout your multiple replies completely discredits your arguments. Logic would tell you that they either didn’t work on the game for the full four years by spreading out the development process and perfecting ideas and the game itself, or the game has been on the backburner. Even if a development team only has one game to work on (which is not always true), they would still need to await approvals for their ideas and developments, receive and plan funding and schedule meetings during the process…they don’t sit at a computer 24/7 making Zelda games. Businesses very often take a LONG time to do anything…a game being developed in under a year is practically unheard of.

        We haven’t seen much of the game, and there’s no guarantee that it’s exactly on the OoT engine. It’s very possible, even probable, that they borrowed that engine but altered it considerably to make MM its own unique game unlike the original. Considering there is a lot going on behind the scenes, we only have Aonuma’s word and there’s no real reason to be paranoid of him lying. It’s actually more possible he isn’t…he’s pointed out before that he was very aware of people begging him for the game and there’s little doubt they thought of remaking MM immediately after OoT.

        It sounds like more you’re upset that this…Operation Moonfall (which sounds like a rip off of Operation Rainfall, whom actually DO get games released outside Japan) had nothing to do with MM’s release. I recall some article of them basically bragging and taking all the credit for the game’s release. And yet, you try to discredit the man who’s RESPONSIBLE for the series existing? There’s literally no reason for Aonuma to be lying, as whether the game was in development first yesterday or four years ago the fact wouldn’t hinder or hurt sales.

        1. THANK YOU!

          I don’t care what the story behind this is, this is a day-one buy for me and Anouma has proven time and again that he knows what he’s doing with the franchise, so I’m sure the end result will be brilliant.

        2. Ok, what? First of all, I like when people say that insults discredit good points. In what way exactly. If I told you, “You idiot, you fucked up this meal” or “Oh, I’m sorry, this meal is overcooked”….does it make a difference? No it fucking doesn’t, you piece of shit.

          Second of all, It’s the same goddamn engine. Link looks the same, graphics look the same, enemies that were in OoT look exactly the fucking same. Is there a reason to change the engine? No.

          There is litttle to no probability of the game being in development for so long since, like I said, the original was made in a year. Grezzo could’ve been making something else, but if you look at their projects, they’ve only made two since OoT 3D, and those were the same exact port of 4 swords on the DSi and a Streetpass game. Those games are extremely small. The port was made in 2011, the Streetpass game in 2013, so no, they haven’t been doing much.

          I don’t care for Operation Moonfall.

          Aonuma didn’t create Zelda.

          There is a reason. He maybe wants to make it seem like they don’t care for petitions or maybe they want to make the game seem like it was hard to make, so we better respect that shit.

          Anyone else wanna debate me? Yeah.

          1. There’s a difference between debating and arguing. Debates don’t involve personal attacks or name-calling- something you’ve failed on in 96% of your posts.

            No, I won’t debate with you and I certainly won’t ARGUE with you which is what you’ve actually been doing. You’re not worth mine or anyone else’s time anymore.

            1. You can’t. These are not personal attacks since I don’t know anything about the person I’m talking to. You are just names on the internet for me and that is what I am to you. If I knew something about you and used that to insult you…that’d be personal. I always laugh when people call me something. It’s a word, a word that means nothing. I could call you ugly now and you might be the most beautiful person. I might call you pathetic and lifeless and you might be going out everyday and be a millionare. I don’t know that. I could call you retarded and you could have an IQ of 200. Why are people even bothering with that is beyond me.

              But, fuck you, you piece of shit.

      7. Don’t mind Noa, everyone! He’s got it in his head that Aonuma is bad for the Zelda franchise so of course he believes with all his heart that Aonuma is lying & refuses to believe the possibility that Aonuma might actually be telling the truth. I don’t know if Aonuma is lying or not. I don’t really give a damn, either! As long as we get the game fully functional with barely any glitches, I’m good either way.

        1. I’d believe that he’s telling the truth if he showed me what they did for 4 years. I’m not as naive as you people are. I question the status quo and don’t take everything said to me by a higher authority for granted. The original took 1 year, remake took 4 years… how about no. Whoever believes that is an imbecile.

          1. Too bad because you know full well Nintendo won’t show shit til the game’s close to release. You’ll just have to either take Aonuma’s word for it or keep believing he’s lying til release. Either way, your problem.

            1. So what does that have to do with what he said about development cycle? It’s not my problem, I just don’t believe anything developer tells me.

  1. Well they’ve had. ALBW, WWHD, HW and Zelda U on the works too. So I guess that’s why they took a bit longer?

    1. ALBW, WWHD and Zelda U were made in-house, with WWHD being one of the very few in-house remakes made simply so that the developers can get used to HD and WiiU-gen development.

      HW/ZM was made by an outside company, Tecmo Koei (who’s able to release a million games a year), and the 3DS/DSi remakes are made by Grezzo.

    2. ALBW, and WW were developed by Nintendo, but WW was a remastered so it didnt take as long as ALBW. Zelda U is also developed by Nintendo.

      Hyrule Warriors was Developed by Tecmo Koi NOT Nintendo.

      Majora’s Mask is most likely being developed by GREZZO, the same guys that brought us The Ocarina of Time 3DS remastered. 4 years is just too much, even for a small team that only took 1 year to remaster OoT3D. Not to mention that they already had the same engine and most if not ALL character models for the game from OoT game.

  2. Serve this to show two things: 1 Nintendo is probably working in awesome projects that are yet to be announced. 2 Unlike other companies, Nintendo often tend to announce games shortly before releasing them.

    Since not hearing about games does not mean the are not being made I would say that Metroid (or Metroids if 3DS gets lucky ) is probably in development as we speak

  3. Hum awesome, what extra content it will have afterall, i have read that they spent less than 2 Years producing majoras for 64.. If they are since 2011 producing de “new One” I hope it has nice new stuff

    1. No. Its a sequel to Ocarina wich is on the 3DS… Same engine. Id rather have a Twilight princess HD remake for Wii U

      1. I don’t care about it being the same engine. Still wished it was on Wii U. I don’t care if took more time because the new Zelda would’ve filled that gap.

        1. since they probably have alot of other games in dev for wii u I am not surprised these are just for 3ds and I happy enough with that…but indeed I would like it for wii u as well

          1. First of all, I didn’t say that I hated the fact that it was on the 3DS. I’m fine with that and I could understand it since they probably used the same engine from OOT3D. I said I wished it was on the Wii U because this game would benefit from the HD treatment.

            1. I see where HollowGrapeJ is coming from, but maybe since using the same engine from OoT3D (Actually very similar to the first Majora’s Mask which used elements from the first Ocarina of Time, maybe not so much a coincidence as much as a nod to 14 years ago) the Wii U could benefit from a Majora’s Mask HD but considering Majora’s Mask was not even as half successful as Ocarina of Time, Nintendo probably didn’t want to take a gamble and spend too much on a remake and rather use elements from an existing game, just like 14 years ago.

                1. No it wouldn’t have. They would’ve had to REMADE the entire game making the whole “release to fill in the gaps” useless since they would’ve need more time to do it.

                  1. *facepalm* Half the people here are stupid…

                    Okay, YES it WOULD have made sense! Here’s why:
                    1: Remember that fake trailer for MMHD? Yeah? BEAUTIFUL!!!
                    2: Developers remake (almost) everything in a remake! The Graphics team, for the most part, puts in all their work. The Sound team has to pick out each melody, tune, ring, and jingle, tweak them to match the graphics, and make sure they work properly in each category of sound files. Even THEN the art team STILL makes new concepts! Look at MM3D Gyorg!!! Fuckin’ proof!!!
                    3: A game with all of that nostalgia and if it were in HD; BEAUTY, would sell out quick like crazy! The only reason Nintendo is NOT doing this, is because it’s a large dice roll JUST because MM’s numbers didn’t look as hot in America. News-Flash, Nintendo: Numbers don’t always mean shit! I know MANY people who’ve played this game and NEVER owned it! I can give FACEBOOK links to them!!! 5 off the top of my head!!!
                    4: “Release to fill in the gaps” is bullshit. Look at Bethesda, look at all the previous Zelda titles that had YEARS of a gap! 4 years in soft-development is TOTALLY believable with all of the above on the plate! Not to mention other titles the Zelda team works on!
                    5: Concluding: A: It’d make sense… and B: You’re an idiot.

                    1. The pot calling the kettle black -.\

                      1) no one is arguing that that trailer wasn’t beautiful, wtf is wrong with you and why would you even bring that up?

                      2) the character models and engine from OoT are used for MM you fucktard. Just as in the original MM they reused the original characters and engine to make the game faster.

                      3) all that nostalgia? Yes its very nostolgic to those that played it, this game has just about 3 million units sold, its one of the worse if not the worse selling Zelda game. They don’t care for the link that you or any retard can link or call at the top of your head. All they care for is profit.

                      3) again, how fucking stupid are you. Bethesda? Who gives a shit about Bethesda, we are talking about what Nintendo said about THEIR games. They said that these spinoffs and remakes are to fill in gaps between their major releases, also OoT wasn’t made by the core Zelda team, and Majora’s Mask wont be either.

                      5) conclusion: it only makes sense to delusional fanboys. B) you are a fucking delusional fucktard.

        2. The only way MM would have come to Wii U is if OoT had done so first. MM is the sequel, and therefore will never be released on a machine that OoT did not come to first. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

          1. There are several sequels of games on other consoles on the Wii U, so that isn’t really a valid enough reason.

          2. Because like there’s two games (OoT and MM) there is two systems (3DS and Wii U). Do YOU understand??? Do YOU know that Aonouma and Miyamoto LOVE to do new things to throw us off??? Apparently not…

        3. Compare to Wind Wake, Mask is a short game. It’s actually one of the shortest games in the series. Putting it on a Wii U is to make a whole game all over.

    2. You can think that all you want. Just be happy its coming. What console its on barely matters. It ran on the n64. Not being re made in 1080p won’t matter to really nintendo fans.

          1. OOT and MM were both on a console first. If OOT was never remade for the 3DS, nobody would be asking for MM3D.

                      1. *FACEPALM* Can you read? I JUST SAID I am fine with the 3DS remake. I only wish they could’ve made an HD version because it would’ve looked nice. How does wanting an HD remake of a game OVER A DECADE OLD make someone a graphics whore? And don’t bring PS4 and XB1 into this. This is not the time for another idiotic console war.

                    1. Just because a game is a decade old doesnt mean they should remake it in hd, the awnser to your question is in your own comment, you WANT the game on HD, even if you’re FINE with the game being on the 3DS, you STILL WANT it on HD that makes you a graphic whore that didnt got his D in HD.

                      1. Ok, so… The game getting a graphics upgrade on the 3DS is ok. But getting put on the Wii U in HD makes you a graphics whore… That’s stupid.

                    2. The fact that you STILL want the HD remake after nintendo confirmed the 3DS remake a few days ago is what makes you a graphic whore

                      1. Lol I like your way of thinking…

                        Not really, I hate it:

                        “Graphics Whore,” as a term, is best used on CoD gamers and shit like that; where EVERY SINGLE TEXTURE just gets carried over and made to look even better. I’m happy MM3D was announced, but I think, and for Wii U promotional sake, it would do better on the Wii U. I’m the opposite from a Graphics Whore… I am a retro-gamer, so I see your bullshit comment and all I have to say is:

                        “String all those words in a line and start crammin’ them up your ass sideways so far to where you can taste it, cuz that’s what DENIAL tastes like!!!”

                      2. Ty, we already know that zelda games arent console sellers. Im a retro gamer too. Im just using a term im sure he understands, anyway. No idea what you mean with denial, 3DS has a larger install base so we already know is gonna sell way better on 3DS. It would “help” wii u, but we all know is gonna sell better on 3DS. GL HF

                    3. It is, but its also more time consuming. In case you hadn’t notice, these games aren’t full remakes, if Nintendo had to completely remake the game completely it would have taken a lot longer, and these games aren’t for that. We have known for a long time that these remakes and spinoffs are to fill in the gaps between major release dates.

        1. yer like that…does not need to be exactly the same but needs to still be original to most first person shooters like they were.

    3. He said “it’s not just going to be another remake.” I wonder what he meant by that? Maybe a new dungeon, or Master Quest? Or maybe he just meant becouse it was in 3d? I have no idea what he meant by that.

              1. First of all, you need the Zora Mask’s fin-boomerangs to hit him, however he moves too fast and never stops, prompting you to go into the water but he moves to fast to target, his attack in which he bites you cannot be telegraphed and therefore cannot be avoided easily

                1. Easy as hell… most annoying boss in MM, but easy…

                  Backflip upon the pillar getting rammed.
                  Retaliate with boomerangs
                  Dive in and damage with magic
                  Jump out upon his recovery

                  So easy…

                2. Actually, you CAN hit him with arrows using the bow as human Link and just quickly switch to Zora form, but you have to get dangerously close to the edge.

                  I agree about the bite attack though- if you screw up getting out of the water after hitting him, that’s it, you’re his chew toy for the next few seconds, no time to try again beforehand. Scares me every time even when I know it’s coming too.

                  I also hope they make an adjustment to Great Bay Temple itself like how they made it easier to find the water switches in OoT3D’s Water Temple. Great Bay may be worse than Water Temple, imho.

      1. From what I read in original majora’s mask on n64, It was rushed sequel to complete in one year so they had to cut out more dungeons and other side quest and other characters. maybe they will add those back in majora mask 3ds since they have been working on it since june 2011. plenty of time to work on it instead of one year. if they do add those cut features back in.

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    5. OOT released Nov, 21st 1998,
      MM released Oct, 26th 2000,
      Total time to make imagine, illustrate, write, design, program, texture-map, de-bug, & translate the game: 644 days.

      OOT 3d released June, 16th 2011
      MM 3d release March, 20th 2014 (giving them the benefit of the doubt)
      Total time to re-texture, & add 3d effect: 1005 days.

      Of course i’m sure there is only a skeleton team working on this & not so much a criticism of them now as a mark of achievement to them then.

      Wonder how many other great Zeldas we would have if they didn’t feel the need to redesign the art-style/graphics-engine every single game.

      Can wait to play this

      1. March 20th, 2014 has already passed. If you mean 2015, that would increase the number of days to 1,373. In either case, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait (:

    6. I’m sorry, but this is an obvious lie, this game couldn’t have been in development for well over 3 years using the same basic resources from OoT3D.

      1. With the other Zelda games we’ve gotten in between time and the one they are still currently working on for Wii U. Yes, it’s very likely it took that amount of time.

        It also is not as easy as people think to just put older games on newer hardware. If anyone uses emulators, they know sometimes it can takes years and years just to get a game working properly on different hardware. So it is basically the same situation when moving older consoles games to a new console that no longer uses the same hardware.

        1. Not if its being made by Grezzo, then the development time is obsurd. All those other games were being made by Nintendo and Tecmo Koi, Ocarina of Time was made by Grezzo and this one is most likely made by them as well. Also, it only took Grezzo 1 year to remake Ocarina of Time.

          1. Well if it is, then the first part of what I said I doesn’t apply. Still though, each game can be very different when you’re trying to put it on different hardware. The obstacles aren’t going to be exactly the same and they could run into more than they did with Ocarina of Time.

            1. True, but that wouldn’t apply to Majora’s Mask since its using pretty much all the character models from Ocarina of Time, that cuts down time by a lot. Grezzo also made OoT3D in about a year. Why would that take them a lot less time since they pretty much started from scratch in that one.

              This just sounds like a bullshit excuse.

    7. Maybe they thought that the game was too short and added some dungeons. Probably not but I’m thinking it’s gonna have some type of miiverse integration. It’d be cool to have more masks and loads of new side quests though. I’d like it more if they’d combine OOT and Majora’s Mask into one HD game.

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    9. I also like the fact they didn’t announce it straight after OoT3D because if they did, for the last 3 years we would have been like “Where is it?”. This way we can’t get too hyped up because it will a MAX of 6 months away but more likely March or something.

    10. Hey. I just had the greatest idea ever. What if, after this, they did another game, using the same engine, to wrap up the Hero of Time’s timeline?

    11. so he pulled a pokemon ORAS on us, that troll and no im not angry at him, in fact i liked that he did that, say that they had no plans to make the game and when its ready, make an announcement. i like that nintendo has done this and i hope it goes the same with smt x fe, keep the surprises up

    12. 4 year development cycle? I find that hard to believe since Majoras Mask had such a short development cycle in the first place. UNLESS some of the cut content was added or recreated to extend the length of the game. Maybe a completely new Masters Quest? If its just a straight up 1 to 1 remake then I’ll be disappointed after hearing about such a long development period.

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    17. Do they realize how many fucking Nintendo games are being developed at the same time as MM3D? They also forget, they need to re-make textures, touch up models, and completely re-do the map to make it small enough for the 3DS. yes, it would take four years because in 2000, there were far less games being made, therefore more people to work on games, making development faster. Anymore, we have Hoenn Remakes, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda Wii U, All those Mario Games, Smash, and so many more games. Of course it would take 4 damn years to make. Plus they want it better than OoT3D. Video games are an art, and they want this one perfected. Patience is a virtue, guys. Real people are assholes that think video games come from thin air. They take time, dedication, people, and (sounding cliche) love. Not everybody can make a good video game.

      1. Okay, total agreement with everything you said EXCEPT:

        The fact that OoT3D and HW were developed by Grezzo and Tecmo Koei respectively… But otherwise, yes, I don’t understand why nobody else understands why it’s hard to remake a game… To all you who don’t think it should take 4 years: I’d love to see YOU reconcept a simple item, wall, or floor, then reTEXTURE that item WHILE making sure it ALL looks good, fits together, AND stays within the limits of the system without breaking it!

    18. FULL QUOTE from joystiq; “this is not going to be just another remake and that it’s going to be worth your time.” He added: “We’ve spent a lot of time making sure the gameplay experience is smoother than in the original version without taking away form this unique world.”

      Not going to get my hopes up about extras but this does sound promising…

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    22. I hope this means they are extending the game to be longer than the original. I’d love it if the credits finish rolling & suddenly a post-game segment kicks off where Link is back in Hyrule having to deal with some evil that is seeping from the Fierce Deity’s Mask. Probably not but I can dream.

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    24. Remember that Ocarina of Time 3D was only released in June 2011, though. It may have been finished several months earlier, so it’s not certain to say that the development of Majora’s Mask 3D begun exactly in June 2011.

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