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Third Party Games May Also Include Amiibo Support

Nintendo licensing manager Damon Baker has explained to IGN that the company is hoping to open up Amiibo support to third party developers. This doesn’t just include major third party publishers, but also independent developers that are creating games for the platform. So hopefully Amiibo support won’t just be for first party titles. Here’s what Baker had to say about the decision.

“We’re having those conversations and we’re still early on because amiibo isn’t even going to launch until later this month. We’re excited to see how that pans out but there’s a ton of interest from our third-party partners and we’re looking at what makes sense in terms of business models and levels of integration. There are really creative ideas that are coming through and we are working towards some opportunities for next year.”

“Think about our implementation for our products, it’s really developer-centric,” Wharton told IGN. “It’s really about opening up new capabilities and new ways of extending the value of games and bringing the functionality into games. As a company we’re interested in as many different creative explorations of that functionality.”

“Exactly what that’s going to be in the future, not only for third-party but first-party, that story has yet to be written,” he said. “We’ve got a couple of examples of how it’s going to look today — but imagine the future, the sky is the limit.”

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47 thoughts on “Third Party Games May Also Include Amiibo Support”

    1. And seeing how Nintendo is nice enough to let go all of the BS they’ve done and allow them to make games using Amiibo, you’ll understand that the 3rd rate parties are selfish assholes.

      1. Because nintendo is real as fucking shit. They don’t hold grudges. They play the game there way and still come on fucking top.

        1. Can’t say the same for EA after they went butthurt after Nintendo turned down that garbage Origin or Ubisoft growing more retarded with a hit of dementia everyday thinking the fanbase support was never there even though it was from the start and that their stupid ass gimping and delays is all the fans fault. B|

          1. True words. But watch, i believe Nintendo will hand they’re asses to them in one way or another. Especially ubisofts bitch ass. I don’t won’t to see any Nintendo product in none of their lame ass games.

            1. They will in time but by then and when 3rd rate parties decides to crawl back to Nintendo, they’ve already lost their respect and money from fans from this generation esepcially when Xbox brand dies (hopefully) and if Sony goes bankrupt, who is left for them to keep making/selling their garbage?

              1. Honestly i really don’t know. But Xbox seriously need to die nothing but sport whores who play that lame ass rehashed 2k sports shit and call of shitty ass duty. As for sony they can make the crappy shit no one wants and bring all the good shit to Nintendo. Like team ninja, and all the other good Japanese shit.

                1. Microsoft is a PC company but they just deicded to hop on the gaming market as their means to cash in more money on free online play and reporting of the same PC games but gimped as hell. They’re not a gaming company by definition.

                  1. I swear this is my last comment to you for a long while. I promise.. I’ll admit I don’t like the things Microsoft has done and this was before Xbox existed.

                    I surely don’t like the things they tried to pull with Xbox either, but you do realize all gaming started on PC’s. So to say Microsoft was never a company focused on gaming is somewhat out there, when DirectX has been the foundation of PC gaming before Xbox was ever around or Xbox Live for that matter.

                    You can’t just hop onto something you helped push forward, as much as I dislike Microsoft also, as a company, without DirectX PC gaming would never have gotten as far as it has now. DirectX even today is still the best API for gaming on PC’s.

                    You’re right in that they aren’t a gaming company by definition but they did do a lot for gaming when it comes to talking about PC’s. So to say they don’t care about gaming or were just trying to cash in makes no sense, because as I said they’ve worked on DirectX before either Xbox or Xbox Live came about.

                    1. You spewing misinformation is very concerning to me. Something you do in spades.


                      Sorry, I broke my promise… but I kind had to say this as I knew you wouldn’t just own up to your own ridiculous comments or ever find a middle ground. It’s always about you instead, when I honestly have nothing against you personally, but only the things you say. You can’t expect to shit all over others and people not notice or to say something about it… These comments are here for anyone to respond to, me included.

                      You swat the nest, the bees will come at you.

                      Anyway, that is all. Cheerio.

              2. Third parties are not going to crawl back anytime soon. Your being a fanboy with that comment. They weren’t making enough money on the wii u so they left. “If” Sony goes bankrupt, PlayStation will just become its own company.

                1. Its not about not making money from Wii U. Allow me to explain for the billionth time:

                  EA ditched because Nintendo said no to Origin being a default online infrastructure so half of the launch titles they wasted time to port was canceled and also cash in scam like ME3 port being $60 as they made a trilogy edition for other systems $20 cheaper pissing off Wii U owners and they got so butthurt they started talking shit calling Wii U “crap” spreading negative propaganda along with Bethdesa lying about its hardware being “weak” despite the fact making the CPU-heavy “Metro Last Light” demo operational on Wii U during E3 2012. Ubisoft didn’t advertise the anticipated ZombiU enough to sell more than 1/2 million after Christmas and despite doing well for an unadvertised launch title, they canceled the sequel. That’s strike one. Rayman Legends..we all know this story: They delay it for 9 months for other systems, lying that it was gonna be a timed Wii U exclsuive launch title which could’ve done well if it did launch sooner because delaying it for 9 months pissed away half of the fanbase and when they stupidly release the game next to GTA5, there targeted sales from PS3/360 went straight to GTA5 and despite the delay, Wii U version still sold the most of 6 platforms the game is on and guess what? Ubisoft blamed the Wii U fanbase; strike two. Gimping Splinter Cell without patching the game to bring offline back later, gimping 2 AC games without DLC; strike 3&4. Now Watchdogs was their last chance to redeem their respect back from Nintendo fans and was among the top anticipated games on Wii U. Guess what happened next? THEY DELAYED AND GIMPED THE FUCKING GAME AGAIN PLUS LAUNCHING IT NEXT TO SSB4 ON PURPOSE JUST LIKE RAYMAN! On top of that, Sniper Elite 2, a two year old game, Wii U port stripped 90% of the content and selling at $60 is fucking insane. Batman Arkham Origins, multiplayer is stripped and had no DLC so expect the sales to suck because Wii U owner again gets the shit end of the stick for no reason.

                  You tell me that its somehow the fans fault that most of their fucking ports and delusional decisions are half assed BS that the fans couldn’t take it anymore? Use your fucking brain dude. The real truth has been laying right in front of you. They failed to earn their money and respect and none of us don’t care if their other AAA games skips the platform. Looking at how their false marketed Watchdogs and Destiny on what they claim the game was going to be which it isn’t when they launched, 3rd rate parties are now conniving, greedy, lying motherfuckers and thank god almighty in heaven that Nintendo fans are too smart to fall for their BS. We are the perfect examples of the gaming community who use common sense to see their cons and laziness. Advanced Warfare skipping Nintendo? Don’t care, it sucks. Tomb Raider/Minecraft? Don’t care, Microsoft’s monopolistic ass bought it. Division/The Crew? Don’t care, they’re gonna be gimped, overhyped cash in just like Watchdogs was and Ubisoft is dead to us so they can keep their POS Just Dance garbage. Arkham Knight? Sad to see this is skipping but so what? We still got Arkham City which is good and Nintendo is bringing forth many new games to fill the void in 2015 anyway. Nintendo never needed them before and we don’t want them back anymore until they get their retarded, lazy, greedy heads pulled out of their asses and make dcent and fully supported ports again which won’t happen until they start losing money by continuing pissing off people with their lies.

            2. Do me a favor and shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about, make your research first, then comment. Thank you!

              1. Do me a favor and shut your bitch ass up. You go do some fucking research on whats called minding your own damn business.

    2. At least those games are better than the remake bullshit on PS4 and Xbox 3. Oh wait, those are all the good games there. Are there any exclusive games? NO… ZERO. When did Microsoft made a game THEMSELVES? Or Sony? On their new consoles? WHEN? You see, at least Nintendo tries to make the best out of their situation, but what am I talking… all YOU need is COD, FIFA and some HD Remakes like the The Last of Us. Do us and yourself a favor and just shut up. Thank you!

  1. I would like Amibo figures to unlock things on third party games of the type of a Mario/luigi/Samus… clone character playable on stealth 2 instead of the main one, just as an example.

  2. This is brilliant! I’m sure indie developers would be ecstatic to see their characters as toys. That put their characters on store shelves and really treats them like first class citizens.

  3. Nintendo’s still nice enough to allow them to make any game, no matter how shitty or obviously gimped it is which is why mostly everyone on Nintendo side is smart enough to not buy their crap, plus letting them get a taste of Amiibo use and I so bet you they still won’t even bother or if they do, they’re gonna keep making half baked POS games at full price while other versions are cheaper with more content.

    If that’s the case with Amiibo, fuck the 3rd rate party. They’re not even close to being worthy to be part of the Nintendo business and family anymore.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      i hope you know that watch dogs while have all the online features and content. also that didn’t actually say that dlc is not coming to wii u. ctos app will work with wii u version and there is more wii u gamepad features to be announced.

      1. No DLC at full price = BS gimped game scam. Stop being a fucking idiot at justifying this crap so hard. Ubishit failed and disrespected the fanbase for the last time and now no one is gonna buy their shit. Get over it and go jerk off to Lamebox and Call of Rehash.

      2. BTW, all they did with this stupid port’s delay is cramp a fucking map on it. There’s no innovation on using the Gamepad for clever hacking which is a fucking gimmick that’ll get stale quick.

      3. What are you talking about, as pointed out very blatantly… Ubisoft has said this themselves Sasori. It isn’t like people are making this up or being overly dramatic. This is from the horses mouth.

        As commander has said also, there hasn’t been anything unheard of about the gamepad usage that are going to be announced later. Another thing Ubisoft has clarified, all that the gamepad is used for is an interactive map and of course off tv play.

        They apparently “prototyped and playtested many other Wii U ideas but some of them just didn’t work.” More like a lame ass excuse for not wanting to waste anymore man power on a game you have sent out to fail with the Wii U.

        How the hell can you have a game about hacking and not come up with some brilliant ideas with the gamepad… Lazy bastards.

      1. I don’t mind it, it’s not like they can screw us over with it though, it’s a feature that’s there, if they were smart they would take advantage of it.

        Personally I await for amiibos with baited breath, already made a checklist of which ones I’ll get first

        1. The graphics on watch dogs looks shity. I’m not paying full price on a game the developers fail to put effort on. Lego City used the effort. In fact Undercover is so effective to the Wii U off TV mode doesn’t exist on that game. The only difference is one has blood the other is legos. Lego City is sort of funny and has action at the sme time. Honey is one funny dumb ass cop.

  4. lord ghost : king of the federation

    amiibo mario characters customs and gun camo for call of duty. that would awesome. tekken already has nintendo character customs anyway. ubisoft should use this in watch dogs. aiden with mario theme clothes.

    1. Or make it as ridiculous as possible! Aiden with Peach costume, or a Yoshi costume! Or a Captain Falcon costume! Being able to do that would make up for not having any DLC lol

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